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Your Opinion On The Hardest Colosseum

Hardest Colosseum?

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Ruby Blue

Well-Known Member
When it comes to that colleseum, it doesn't take strategy or skill. It all differs from the team you enter it with. I won by using ubers.

That saps the fun out of it for me :S

I did Stargazer with a limit of 2 ubers per team.


The one where you have to pick from a selection of Pokemon. =(
I'm unsure of the name but the one where the wheel spins and you stop it.
^^ That...man that one is annoying...And I'm always unlucky and get the opponent kakuna/metapod...
Sunset. I hated that place. Look at the other comments and you'll see why.


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This is awkward. I just recently relocated my copy of PBR and finished. I hated Dusty. Hate, hate Hate HATE HATE! He would be a piece of cake if I had my own team. Evil, evil Vigoroth....


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It gives you the worst pokemon possible, and then the opponent always chooses the same ones as you! :mad:


Rearing for a WIN
To this day I haven't beaten Waterfall, mainly because I'd have my legendaries, and the other person would end up with them, XD


Praise the Sun!
Yeah I'll go with the majority and say Neon.

Enemy Trainer ending up with my 'Mon ftl.


Supreme Overlord
My most difficult colosseum is Neon. Many have said this already, and for good reason. That roulette wheel is difficult to control sometimes.

Unlike others, however, I actually did good on Sunset colosseum. Why? Because I first learned to play Pokemon by using 6 rental Pokemon from Pokemon Stadium 2.

Here's a trick to win the Sunset Colosseum: it's not about the Pokemon, but about the movesets on the Pokemon that bring a victory in that colosseum.
I've seen a friend play this game. He said neon was the hardest too,although i've never played it though.


Sky Trainer
Either Sunset or Neon. I'd say Neon though. It's not too bad once you work out the roulette but it's still pretty annoying. At least in Sunset you could just choose the pokemon, albeit rubbish rental ones.


Gone Mon. to Thurs.
If I ever lose my Gardevoir, Scizor, and Typhlosion at once, my balance is completely thrown off.
I only did it twice, once for the required visit, then again for the Roserade Costume and catalogue update.

Sunset isn't too bad, especially since it's comparable to Emerald's Battle Factory.


master of disaster
neon and sunset are basically based on luck, and for people like me...luck tends to go in favour of my opponent. i do like sunset colloseum though, but i hate neon. but for me it simply has to go to stargazer colloseum, i feel like 492 pokemon have just been insulted to see a parasect ranked on the team of the 2nd to last trainer in the stargazer colloseum, still a tough trainer though as are all of them ... mysterial is just immense, i cant tell you how good it feels when i beat him.
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