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Your opinions on life


you know life just happens and im okay with that because even though ive wasted alot of it i dont really fee bothered abot it cos most of the time when i make a choie i dont give up anything else, but thinking if i wasn't born like literally is impossible. there is only one thing that is determined and that is birth. if you think about it if i wasnt born i would be in someone elses soul, right?


Guess I'll jump in on the whole pseudo philosophical stuff.

Life is like a video game.

Except you can't access the options once. What you see is what you get. Where you land is where you end up.

You don't know how to win this game. You don't even know if this game needs winning.

The controls take time to learn. You start off basic by learning how to walk and talk. Then you get more complex as you grow with things such as grammar and algebra.

You will have your individual boss battles both physically and mentally no matter what character you play as. Whether he is rich or poor, black or white, Christian or atheist, male or female; we will all fight our individual battles within ourselves.

Luckily, it's a massive multi-player game as well.

And you'll truly never know when you'll get game over; all you can do is play for as long as you can.

So, go buy your copy of Life: the Video Game today!

I like that one!

I think that for the most part, life is a struggle. Whether it's struggling to better yourself, struggling to do right by others, or struggling to achieve happiness. Anything that makes life worth living you actively have to fight for, it never magically appears before you. It's the moments when you have the upper hand in that struggle that makes life worth living.

Ace Of Keys

Me and My sketch pad
Life is a miracle to me. It could be because I almost died at birth, that I'm a religious person, or other things that have happened in my own life that has made me come to appreciate life. It's possible that because of my upbringing, I see life differently, not that everyone's views on life are the same, everyone has their own opinion on life. I just feel blessed about life that I look forward to the day because of it. I may be sad or upset at things, but I generally have an optimistic view on the world around me. I may be (almost) a full-grown adult, but I feel I still have this innocence about life that others may have lost over time. I consider myself a naïve person at times, but I think it's this naïve nature that has carried me on through the years. I'm such a happy person at heart, whenever I show it, people notice there is something different. The evils of the world are everywhere, it always has been, but I can still see the good of the world, few as it may be, and that is where I find the beauty of life.

Life is wonderful, you just have to know where to look.

It sounds like you took a leaf out of Albert Einstein's notes ;) I agree. Especially after spending hours playing The World Ends With You. Learning to enjoy the moment, the power of Imagination and doing what we can all of that has made me realize my life is something special and I'm happy and proud of that ;)


life gives me shitty cards, I play them lose my bets, get cheated, and then cheat back

in short, i'm unlucky and life for me is too fucking unfair
When I think of life, I think of YOLO, but by that I mean that you should always be careful with life and cherish it. I mean once you die, what happens next? No one is certain of that, so living it safe so that you can enjoy life to the fullest before dying and heading to the unknown.


Harem Seeker
Life is out to screw me over, but I refuse to let that get me down. I'm going to be chipper and happy no matter what just to spite Life.


in short, it's a trip


I smash your Boxes.
Hmm. Never thought about this before...

I think life isn't what we would think life is.

Life isn't what we make of it, it's what we perceive of it.
You might do something, but the output is the same if you were indifferent about it, like it never happened. If we did care about it, it would be because we perceive it differently.
Whatever we do, has no input. It's what we think of it, that makes the difference.

NOTE: If this made no sense, well, then you understood it.

Haunter ゴースト

Well-Known Member
NOTE: These are completely my own opinions, and I am in now way insulting/bashing anybody elses opinon.

Life is messed up and corrupt, thousands of terrible things happen every single day and the world is genuinely ruined because of the people controlling it. Saying this however, Life is also a wonderful and amazing thing if you appreciate the natural things and look on the brightside of everything.

Religion in my opinion is the key factor that has ultimately ruined the world. People can say 'Jesus' existed/happened, but it's clear to me that a couple of stories from back in the past has travelled so far that it's seperated the world's cultures and people into wars and fighting.

There is no god. If there was a god and he was 'all and powerful', there would be no horrendous and horrible things happening (such as 9/11) ever. People murder everyday, people commit suicide everyday, people get abused everyday etc. If God was real, he's really ****ed up no questions asked.
I've had **** moments in my life (not as bad as those) so i can understand anger, frustration and being upset, but i know full well if 'God' existed, people shouldn't have to feel misery, depression and others alike. On top of that, there is no way at all ANYBODY should have to deal with ANY disability or health problem. I truly feel sorry for anybody in a wheelchair, or diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. Hundreds of terrible things happen to the best people, people who have never done anything wrong, and good things happen to bad people who do everything wrong. I don't believe for a second that a god exists if a genuine nice person at a young age dies.

Heaven and Hell? We've travelled into the clouds and beyond, there is no Heaven. The Earth from the inside is the earths crust and molten lava, there is no Hell either.

I'd like to state that i'm not bashing on other people's beliefs. I'd like to imagine there is 'something' out there, but it's hard to imagine when all I see it hate, crime and violence all of the time.

Saying all of this, I do actually enjoy life and am a very positive, popular and appreciative person. I look on the bright side of things and really do try and live it to the full, but that doesn't change the fact that bad things happen in life, and it makes me sad to think so.


Sunlight, sunlight~
^ I must agree at one level, but Religion can do good, at some times...*thinks*...umm...Oh dear... ><


I guess...life is what you make of it.


Like a champ.
I like to look at life "the cold and logical way" and just think of it as you're born, and then you die. Life can be what you make of it (depending where you live) where you could be a bum, or somebody with power, or somebody that's just happy doing something that isn't a big deal or anything influential. Personally, I find life pointless as no matter what, the sun is going to explode eventually (way past our life times) so there isn't much use of doing anything important. We live (on average) 80 years out of the billion years on this Earth, so you might as well enjoy your insignificant life.

I just want to enjoy myself. I'm not going to be stupid and drop out of school, leech off my parents, and do nothing but play videogames-- that's just stupid-- I want to be successful so I can have money and not hate where I am. Money so I can buy my guilty pleasures, be able to enjoy myself with friends and family, ect. I don't intend to waste my time here, but I don't plan on "changing the world" or anything of that scale, because I don't think it's all that big of a deal; it might be cool to make a groundbreaking innovation, and I hope they continue, I just don't think it's worth my personal time.


I smash your Boxes.
... Bossk is right, I halfly agree.

Other half of my mind still thinks life is not what you make of it, it's what you perceive of it.