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Your outside the Internet life

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im in 8th grade and i enjoy playing basketball because its the best sport evar! but i got other various forums and read manga

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Outside the internet i play video games and smoke a lot of green

Why would you smoke vegetables? Does it give them some nice flavoring?


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I play basketball, try to do well in school, and play some BlOps here and there.

Cain Nightroad

Looking through this thread, I can't help but be reminded of my own misanthropic/antisocial phase. It's funny, considering that most of the people who consider themselves to be "antisocial" now will probably change within the next few years and find the value of people in their own lives. There are people that simply don't enjoy the company of people and stay that way their whole lives. Considering the volume of the people who have posted something along those lines in this thread, however, it feels like we've got a bunch of people who think it's "fun" and "cool" to be antisocial.

I could be wrong, but it certainly seems that way.


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In the real world my life generally consists of trying to get a job in order to start saving for College or University (Don't know which yet), drawing less then I should be (Trying to become an Illustrator), hanging out with friends and going to movies with them at times, video games, 4chan, the reading of Manga and building models. Also when I can I try to get outside and bike around a bit.


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I am currently studying in food analysis at our equivalent of college and working part-time at an egg sorting factory. I will soon be a tutor for french class and I volunteer as a mentor for a mentally challenged person.
My free time is mostly spent on video games, but my other passion is caring for arachnids and other invertebrates. I have two scorpions, two tarantulas and a phasmid.
I have good friends but unfortunately most of them moved away for college/university. I still see some from time to time and I am trying to make new ones in my classes. But unlike some people, I think making friends online is harder than in real life, so I hope to meet cool people on this forum!


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I'm currently in a private College. Undecided, right now, but I'm transferring to a state Uni this fall. I'll be doing a double major in Anthropology and History, focusing on Mythology and the Occult. I hope to be a professor, once I get my Doctorate.

I really like college. I've made the Dean's List, so yay. What's really cool, is for my Ethics course, my professor didn't like the text book, so she typed up one herself for us. She also gives out candy.

In my free time, I read, write, and play an inordinate amount of videogames. I also like to write videogame mods in my spare time. 'Tis fun. I also listen to music, and am learning how to play guitar. I take five medications twice a day to manage my illnesses, as well.

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I happen to be like the typical high-school boy. I chill with my girlfriend, eat, sleep, and play Hockey and Volleyball.


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ACHTUNG! This post defines tl;dr, proceed with caution. There will be a light reception served afterwards, accompanied by a summary for those who are too "busy" to read this.

I'm big on music, Jazz especially. I've been taking private piano lessons since I was five or six, I've been singing (in church, school choir, etc.) practically my whole life, took up trombone in early 5th grade.

Now I'm a freshie in High School and I'm still loving what I do, though I'm not quite sure if I can put my finger on what it is that I do. I'm really a Jack-of-all-trades. I tend to chill with some of my rather unpopular friends, but I can blend in many places because of my wide variety of interests. (I'm also really into Cross-Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track. A hugely diverse variety of people compete in these so I have acquaintances from all kinds of social groups.) Jocks, nerds, punks, I know 'em all, though I'm not outstandingly popular with any of them. I'm just a nondescript gentleman who's there one second and isn't the next. It's nice to know everyone (ain't never had a real girlfriend, though).

Also, I tend to enjoy sparking debates (the civilized kind, not flamewars. Those require no real-world knowledge whatosever, so it's no fun.) It might be a fault, but that's debatable, and I would gladly argue you over it (and many other things) any day :p. It seems to have actually helped in the past.

Take, for example, one of my best friends. We'll call him X. X is an atheist. X is as far-left as you can go without falling off of the Earth. X is literally a Communist. I am a Christian, comfortably situated about 75% to the right of the center line, so you can see where conflicts could potentially arise. We both love to disagree as much as we love to agree, so it's fun for both parties (except him. I prove him wrong every time, so he's decided to quit and never debate anything with me ever again :p.)

Enough of that, you're obviously quite wearied of my monologue by now. (Who the heck reads this stuff, anyway? Apparently, you do. Pat yourself on the back and fetch yourself a cookie for being one of the few people who gives a crap.)

I'm in all Honors classes, best subjects are definitely science and math. Math is like a game to me, I guess. You'll NEVER need to know most of the things they teach you unless you plan on going into particle physics (I've considered it. It's up there with Human Behavioral Studies), but they make you learn the stuff and they test you on it anyway, so it is kind of like a game in a way. It helps your brain grow and become better at other things because of all the logic that's involved, so that's a plus, too.

I like science because it helps explain all of the things that my overly-curious mind has been pondering since birth, and it involves plenty of critical thinking; most questions can be thought through and solved with only the knowledge of a few elementary principles that apply to everything.

I'm about 5' 9" or 10", about 128.5 lbs as of a few days ago. I have totally awesome red hair (that's why my avatar is Poddo atm). I'm slight-yet-muscular and both agile and somewhat tough because of this. Have glasses, probably getting contacts as soon as I get a good job.

I do Boy Scouts, though I haven't had much time or money so I can't do a lot with them. I absolutely adore biking and swimming as well. And pogo stick-ing. And playing basketball. And shooting hoops basketball while going no-hands on a pogo stick. That last one is rather difficult. I have a Ripstik too, though it hasn't seen much use this winter.

So yeah, that's basically my spiel, not much more to say. If you actually read the whole thing, I salute you.

Summary: 5'9"-ish 128-lb redhead, love music, social chameleon, lots of sports, rolling stone, good grades, like debates, christian conservative, SCIENCE.
Teensy-tiny summary: I'm a weird kid and I love it.
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First off, I'm a guy, or at least I was the last time I checked.

I'm a Senior in High School.

I've been teaching myself C++ and the SDL API with the goal of making some video games (I've made some really amateur games so far, but they're made completely with a programming language, not some game maker program).

Fav game is Team Fortress 2. 'Nuff said.

I love to read good fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones.

I'm not shy in real life (no one's shy on the internet), though I'm not the flamboyant, popular type either. I generally just like to keep a few close friends, though I'm friendly with most of the people in my classed.

I have an average physique; I'm not obese, though I don't work out much, so I'm not very muscular.

I'm pretty geeky, though I (fortunately for my social life) don't have the habit of constantly correcting everyone.

I'm going to be totally honest and admit that I haven't had a serious relationship with a girl, though I've been on a few dates. They never really went anywhere since there's really no geek girls at my school that aren't anime-obsessed emo snobs, so it's hard to share interests with potential girlfriends. I'm not particularly in a rush to get into a relationship anyways, as I'd rather avoid a shallow relationship in which I'd have to constantly pretend to be interested in sports and dancing (I can't dance to Pop music. I feel stupid and I guess it shows lol).

I help repair computers at my school (I'm not allowed to touch the domain servers/network switches for obvious security reasons, though I can help out with individual computers), the technician works two schools at once so he really doesn't have the time to do things such as figure out why the computer in the RM 203 is constantly booting Ubuntu (more like who keeps installing it :p).

No one (IRL) knows that I still enjoy the pokemon anime. I'm not ashamed of it, but in High School, it's simply not worth the trouble of people sneering at you because of it. I doubt my parents would understand, though at the same time they wouldn't give me a "Son, I am disappoint." conversation because of it.

I have a little brother who I alternate between being friends and enemies with.

I hate the "I'm a Mac" ads from Apple. You can probably guess that I'm a PC.

Studio Ghibli makes my favourite movies, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Whisper of the Heart, Spirited Away, Pom Poko (lol racoon testicles, before you ban me moderators, look up "Pom Poko" on google images) are all some of the best movies I have ever seen. Whisper of the Heart and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind are my two favourite movies of all time. Whisper of the Heart is probably the only romance movie I have ever and will ever like, it was incredibly touching (in a metaphorical sense) though the writers showed incredible restraint and did not ruin the innocence of the relationship between the two characters with a cheesy kiss scene at the end.

Sorry for the TL;DR post ;)
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*deep Breath* :p

I attend high school as a junior in high school, in a very rugged, small town. Having moved from a large city, it pretty much sucks. But its been eight years since so i've gotten used to it. I do Cross country. I placed 52/170 in Class B state this year. Also, I wrestle. I am pretty decent at it, having only done it my sophomore year. This year however, I was taken out from sports because of my horrible grades. A shame. Everyone who talks to me about it says I would have placed at state.
Last Year's Varsity record
Not that great, but eh, It was my first year after all.
This year I was 9-3, before I was taken out. I had just taken first in a tournament in the adjacent state.
I guess in terms of popularity i'm pretty popular. But its hard not to be in a tiny school like ours unless you're really shy or a complete douche. I always try and make friends with the shy kids.
Besides that, i'm a huge geek, ranging from Halo to Pokemon. Haha. I'm such a big geek i'm getting a pacman tattoo :D
Besides that, typical teen problems. Angst, girl trouble, etc.

tl;dr: Small towns suck. Good at sports. Big geek. Teen problems :p


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I wish i would have stuck with it my whole high school career. Those two missed years cost me. :(

Stuff happens, just don't give up and you'll (most likely) compensate for anything that may have happened.


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I've only got one year left of it. But hopefully running track this year will improve me alot. Just curious, avg mile time?


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Around 5:50 ish, I'm only 14 though.

Also, you don't have to stop running altogether just because you're leaving High School. There are plenty of clubs and teams outside of school.


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Bleh. Well thats good for only being fourteen. Makes my 5:30 look bad, for being a junior. Haha
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