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Your outside the Internet life

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Nonsense, you're certainly better than most juniors in your school, most kids your age who aren't in track probably couldn't even break 6. Plus, you haven't been able to practice as much, and you'd do much better if you were able to.


Like a Boss!
Very True. I suppose I could run in college, as well. But i just have this mentality that i could always be better.


Weather Team Hater
Don't lose that mentality, it's what drives everyone. Without the desire to improve one's self, one will never improve. Don't let it scare you into believing that you will forever be inferior either though, as this may prevent you from growing. Diligence is always rewarded, just ignore any distractions or pain and keep running. That's what cross-country is, that's what life is.


conspicuous absence
I'm at Uni doing computing science.

Here's to the 2011 block! Another simester of scraping through by the bare minimum. Huh-zah!

John Madden

resident policy guy
Let's see, not Internet... let me just type up a wall of text no one's actually going to read while I should be reading about the Canadian political system for one of my courses!

Last I checked I was male, although that might just be an illusion perpetuated by the patriarchy. I'm 19, born and raised in the midst of the 19th most Democratic Commie Lieberal congressional district (and the most Democratic suburban CD, OH-11) in the United States for 18 of those years before going off to Ohio State.

I'm massively into politics like no one outside of IRC would believe, probably evidenced in me majoring in political science and trolling the Facebook pages of conservative media darlings... (and certain PurpleSurge ops)

I play grand strategy RTS games like Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis almost obsessively in addition to Pokemon, of which I've only actually owned games in Gen I, II and the IV remakes. Despite all of that, my favorite game of all time is Battlefield 1942 and I love every single PC game in that series.

Roughly half of the music on my computer is progressive rock or metal (although the other half is admittedly diverse as all hell, which is sort of a requirement for someone whose music folder tops 300 GB). Despite that my most-listened-to artist this side of June '10 is Pendulum (and my most-listened-to genre is house, somehow). The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is probably my favorite film of all time, and I have a ludicrously strong love for Monty Python in general. In the field of animu I'm currently watching (and re-watching, and re-watching...) Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, particularly the second part of the third episode, probably because I greatly enjoy the idea that jizz is sentient.

Also I do things like grammar Nazism and intellectual condescension disturbingly often, which brings me to my next point... for some reason, girls like me. I've been in at least half a dozen relationships and had about as many hookups, all of the former coming before September 2009 and all of the latter coming since. I don't understand how, considering I'm ludicrously socially awkward whenever I'm not surrounded by nerds, and none of these women are nerds! (Granted this might actually change in the next year or so if I take either of the options currently available to me, but one of those would be an Internet relationship until June and the other realistically until March. But enough stealth bragging, onto the next thing!)

Academically I'm alright - finished high school with a 2.9 GPA, got into the Ohio State University with naught but a $1,050/year scholarship to keep me from going into crippling debt. As of right now I've a STUNNINGLY HIGH!!! 2.86 cumulative GPA, meaning I'm one Dean's list quarter from being able to brag about it on grad school applications and resumes. Hoping I can somehow manage to not get anything under a B- for the remainder of my time here (and also into an internship in Canadian Parliament next year) so I can get into a top-tier law school once I graduate...

Also, unrelated to my major or any course I've taken that actually counts toward my GPA: I went skydiving on my 19th birthday. And got college credit for it. And they still haven't billed me for it.

Let's see, what else... I'm a deist, I'm that thing in the last line of my sig, and I'm an utter dick to argue with if the other person comes off as being intentionally obtuse. Beyond that, ask me whatever, I guess.


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im a second year Counselling student, I work in a shoe shop at weekends (i measure kids feet! its awesome!)

I live with my boyfriend. Its full of takewawy wrappers and pokemon stuff!

Apart from internet I read alot of magazines (girly ones and pokemon world) I.... play a bit of xbox, quite a lot of DS depending which games are out.... I watch a bit of TV, (i adore hollyoaks!) And.... I spend all my student loans on clothes and video games :)


Cheese for everyone!
I don't have much of one. When I'm not looking for a job, I'm playing Pokémon. I play other games, of course, but mostly Pokémon.

I'm a 21 year old woman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who currently lives by herself on the northwestern outskirts of the central city (which outsiders to the city would still consider part of "downtown" for whatever reason). I attend the University of Toronto and am majoring in industrial engineering, specializing in operations research because I love it oh-so-much despite the frustrating antics of my current installment to that specialization. When I'm finished with my current degree I'd like to pursue a M.Eng in civil engineering, and then go on to work in public transit efficiency.

My apartment is a fairly-sized basement bachelor's, so when people accuse me of being a basement-dweller I must grudgingly admit that they're correct.

My degree is a fairly demanding one (despite how we do get flack from all the other engineers for being in the supposedly easiest discipline) so for employment I've taken to working only on Saturday afternoons as an instructor for a weekend program which my school's outreach office hosts for students aged 10-17 consisting of mini-lessons and workshop activities geared toward fostering their interests in science, mathematics, and engineering. The subject matter is interesting and I have fun teaching it, the students are fantastic, and my bosses and coworkers are all lovely. I love my job.

As for other commitments I'm a weekly volunteer at the Centre for Women and Trans People on my campus, where I generally do odd jobs around the centre, help out in the resource library, and will soon be organizing materials for pro-choice advocacy. I'm also involved in my school's chapters of Engineers Without Borders where I'm a general member, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers where I'm the director of communications (we took a trip to Montréal last week for the IIE's annual conference, it was a blast despite me getting the flu partway through).

As for hobbies, I'm a fairly decent programmer, supposedly, but most of what I write falls under the category of "miscellaneous" (chat room tools, error correction programs for my parents' company, .jar files that just consist of an applet containing a video I made from sprite edits, etc) and I've recently gotten into web design. I've also recently gotten into the hardware side of computing and built my first box a few days ago. It's pretty awesome. In my final undergrad year I'm going to pursue a TA position for a java programming class. When I'm not writing code or making an *** of myself in the Serebii chat rooms I can usually be found riding Toronto Transit for no real reason. I'm a streetcar fanatic.

I used to be into drawing, but since I got a diploma in visual arts in 2007 I've fallen out of practice to pursue more left-brained endeavors. Occasionally I play video games, though I'm kind of an "idiot savant" gamer in that I can pull off some fantastic accomplishments from time to time but usually manage to beef up my playtime with embarrassing mishaps. My favourite genre is platforming. I collect Earthbound merchandise -- for example, my apartment currently has 15 plush Mr. Saturns, one of them being approx. 1.5' tall, which sits on my couch most of the time.

For some reason people IRL tend to like me, so I spend a lot of time doing silly low-energy things with my close friends (futurama marathons, brawl fests, an umpteenth playthrough of Earthbound, etc). My family does not live in Toronto so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, unfortunately, but we are still very close.

Probably something I should mention since everyone associates me with it, is that I'm 6'2" (188cm) high. Since I already stick out like a sore thumb, I try to have fun with it by decorating myself with a billion sparkly accessories and obnoxiously-coloured outfits. Sometimes a bizarre article of clothing I'm wearing is a conversation-starter when I'm making my rounds through the city, which is kinda nice since people in Toronto are usually too shy.

Other stuff... Music-wise, my favourite artists are Beck and Lupe Fiasco, and otherwise I mostly listen to game audio rips from 1990s titles. I just came out of a long-term relationship which has been weird, but being single is nice too, I guess. Not really looking, but I don't tend to stay single for long for whatever reason. Maybe this time things'll be different. Religiously speaking I'm grossly apathetic and have no real personal stance on anything related to religion or theism, but take on the role of the skeptic when it comes to challenge and argument. I'm kind of a "personality sponge", my mannerisms and behaviour will change depending on who I'm surrounded by and how close I am to them, but I guess versatility is good, or something.



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I'm kind of a "personality sponge", my mannerisms and behaviour will change depending on who I'm surrounded by and how close I am to them

That quote sorta describes me, too. People influence my personality, and I notice it considerably although it doesn't happen voluntarily.

Mars Girl

Outside the Internet, I do things that don't involve playing stupid retarded nerd games 24/7. Mainly shopping and occasionally some volleyball. Oh, I also attend college to get an education because that's what being an upstanding member of society truly means!! I'm very productive with my time!!! ^.^;;;


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i got 2 kids, ones finally old enough to be playing a DS so got him one but he prefers mario bros over everything =/

i work like any one else, taking a semester off of school, japanese major for interpretation, my main hobbies r collecting manga (over 300 volumes) and im a huge DS gamer (like 85 ds games in my library)

besides that i obviously play pokemon like crazy, my avg cart has 600+hrs since R/S/E and i own at least one copy of every version...

Dr. Pepper

Not Mr. Pibb
I'm a 17 year old high school student, no job, and I'm what one would call a hipster (although I hate it when someone says that about me) but nonetheless I love Pokemon and maintain a fairly nice social life outside the internet.
Well outside the internet im a first year Pharmacology student at a local uni. I'm just your average 19 year old girl so I like shopping and such and going to the clubs on the weekend, so I suppose I maintain a very active social life. No job though because i'm at school like all day everyday and my studies take up most of my time. Live at home with my dad and im usually locked in my room with a good book or playing loads and loads of video games, especially Pokemon :p


"Just... stuff."
In the real world I'm a stand up comedian and cartoonist. Basically I'm cool as ;089;

My links are in my sig. But that's me. I'm at uni doing Animation & Illustration in London. My best friends are my brothers, my boyfriend's a long distance one and I spend most of my time drawing or watching TV or drawing and watching TV.


G-Rank Hunter
I'm 14, 15 in may.
I'm In Grade 9
I like to Bmx, Swim, and Snowmoblie.
I guess I'm what you would call a player, because it only takes like a day to find a Girlfriend... which AM NOT proud of.

I like to make youtube videos, though my channels videos are still being edited...

I love Chess, and I work for My City, Doing cleanup and Maintaing their Machinery..

I love to write songs and Sing, And I'm what you call a "Nice Guy"
And yes, My life is already showing that I'm going to finish last :/

.:Lemon Tea:.

Crystallized decay
I'm 17.

A senior in high school living in California in the U.S. of A. Aside from the brief Santa Ana winds and abrupt winter-spring storms, the weather here is indeed lovely. Well, lovely discounting the fact that it becomes downright scorching and makes everything incessantly desert-like-with the whole cactus, rattlesnake, and coyote theme and all. I'm quite average. I am an Asian living in white suburbia, attending a sports dominated school which I'm not exactly a huge fan of, save some sports that really don't have anything to do with football (not that I have anything against it).

Aside from that, most would just think of me and probably label me as a typical studious Asian for a glance. But of course, looks don't exactly match and if they were looking for someone who spent all their time looking at cute Korean girls singing a high-pitched, alarm squeeling sounds along with getting good math grades; they really are looking for someone else.

Most people have obviously realized that.

I'm more of a liberal arts person than your average nerd. I geek over many things. I'm not a Wapanese, overly hyperactive person. Pretty much, nobody would expect me to go on a Pokemon website and be ranting about my life. I'm just your normal, lazy, incompetent, overachiever. I do artsy things like creating art. I have friends. Along with aquaitances. Friends are people I actually value and value me back.

...Aquaitances, not so much. Anyways, I enjoy the beach. I like fish tacos that have actual fish and fresh guacamole. I'm pretty active in school. Tis all


Water Trainer
I feel like my internet life and my actual social life are two completely different things. lol No one really thinks I'm super into video games and play Pokemon religiously, just because I don't really fit that stereotype. I'm really into fashion, I guess, so I go shopping with my friends a lot... And just look really good a lot. It takes me awhile to get ready in the mornings. I'm also pretty OCD about being clean. Let's see... I currently go to a University, where I'm a double major studying Culinary Arts and Behavioral Science (not sure about my emphasis yet, deciding between Sociology or Psychology). In my free time I'm a high school tutor for math and chemistry, and I'm working on getting a job at this local tutoring place kind of like Sylvan. I'm also a mentor to my high school culinary team, which I was on for two years. I've done about six cooking competitions, all placing in the top three. I'm also really into art, and I'm constantly sketching and I paint almost every day. I'm currently working on a children's book trying to get it published. *fingers crossed* Somehow in all that I also manage to juggle hanging out with my friends. I'm with them all the time, because I have a group of friends we're we are all closer than close. I think that's about it for me, I'm a pretty busy person. lol
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Wow, after seeing other ppls acomplishments i'm a little intimidated. It will be hard to follow up what you guys wrote but I'll give it a shot anyways. I'm currently studying to be a software engineer at Guadalajara University. It's my second semester, so I only know the C language so far.

I guess I can say i'm a movie buff. I go to the movies and film festivals on my spare time with friends. I almost met Quentin Tarantino and Danny Trejo at the International Morelia Film Festival, but they were on their way out when I realized they had sneaked in the cinema to avoid the media.

I've been an avid reader since middle school. I read mostly sci-fi and fantasy. I'm going to write a novel some day. I had not known about fics untill I came to this forum. I finished reading a couple fics and decided it would be good practice for RL writing. So now i'm writing a fic. I do consider writing as RL btw, it has real world advantages. Anywho that's really all there is to know about me at the moment.


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Wow, after seeing other ppls acomplishments i'm a little intimidated. It will be hard to follow up what you guys wrote but I'll give it a shot anyways. I'm currently studying to be a software engineer at Guadalajara University. It's my second semester, so I only know the C language so far.

Hey, that's a pretty big accomplishment in and of itself! :)

I've been a music education major at Eastern Washington University for a couple years, but seeing as how life is always changing, that kinda got thrown to the wind--I'm currently engaged, living in Oregon, managing a restaurant and going to school for computer information systems.

So most of my time is spent working, being in school or spending time with my fiance--makes me very much appreciative of my quiet internet/Pokemon time :)
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