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Your outside the Internet life

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i'm 20. i drink. i go out. i'm in my last semester of college. i'll be graduating april 30th with 2 degrees, and not the slightest idea of what i'm going to do with my life. #whitegirlproblems.
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Let's see..

I am a senior in high-school. Besides studying for my classes, and doing homework, I try to find a job due to lack of money. Since all the industry in my city left within the span of a day, all the old unemployed people have taken jobs teenagers usually work at. So that's nice.

I sometimes go out with friends. I generally don't like to. I have severe IBS, when I get just a little bit nervous about anything, I get severe stomach cramps, diareha, and I begin to vomit. I also can't eat anywhere outside of my house because food also causes that to happen, unless it's just fruit. Fruits are the only foods that don't both my stomach. Kiwis are so sweet though that they burn my mouth. :/

So..that's my basically non-existent life, thanks to IBS, a relatively simple and general non-harmful disease.


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I'm 16 year old Girl and lives in Sweden.
In my free time I play games, training in the gym and being with my friends. I also have a lizard that I take care of and loves :)
I also got Epilepsy and that's not so very fun. I pass out from time to time and that's not so very fun, but I have medication that helps me out. I'v got good friends and family so I guess my life is good ;D
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well, im a girl, but im a big tomboy, i suffer from leg problems, i play alot of video games, i love lord of the rings and all that... im a bit of a geek, i wear caps alot and jeans, zip hoodie and T shirt or shirt and jeans etc

I love retro too :) i get along alot with older kids, not naughty ones, mainly ones who play video games! :)
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I am a 16 year old boy who lives in Sweden. I'm not the most social human being, not beacuse i'm shy or anything it's just that i do not feel like to put up a conversation to people i don't know or like for that matter. Well i will be out of School later this summer.
Then we will see how my life will get. (Hopefully I will get into the gymnasium i want to)

Besides that i practise kickboxning 3 days a week and rest of the time i hang out with friends, and just chill out. That's it i guess. :p


I'm in my second year of uni and have so far travelled to lots of incredible places such as South Africa, India, Japan, California, London and France.

I'm a part-time Accountant too. Stressful job but the pay is good.

I find the social side of uni life very fun - Going out, clubbing, drinking etc. My room mates are legends.

Currently I am so obsessed with working out, have been for about 3 years now. - I go for a run around the lake every morning and night, practically live in the gym but only if I'm not bombarded with lots of assignments and studying to do.

I never used to but I have recently started going to more gigs. So far I have seen: Beyonce, Drake, Jessie J, P!nk, Chase & Status, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Script and the rest I have tickets for are: Katy Perry, Katy B, Rihanna and Lil Wayne/Nicki Minaj.

I'm not much of a video games person anymore but I preordered Pokemon Black anyway.

Shadow XD001

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I'm a 13 year old boy (14 in April :D), and of course I go on Serebii, play video games, study for schoolwork, so I have a good life when I get older, and I hangout with friends, and we play video games, and go outside and stuff (well.... usually when the weather is better).

Yeah, pretty generic teen. :)

pokemon491 FTW

During the school week,I usually work on any homework that was leftover during the day.(I have the last lunch at school,so I do classwork while eating.)I have band and I have to practice a lot of percussion pieces.Then on Wednesday afternoons,I go to Drumline practice.I go ride my bike after school and I come back on the computer until dinner.
For 18 and under:
I am a 20 year old gay male, living with my parents. I am a die hard metal head, although I like some trance techno (Infected Mushroom FTW). I'm also really into computers, and would love to go into a field working with them. I am also a huge zombie junkie, and am currently on book 31 of the popular zombie comic The Walking Dead. And I'm definitely a hardcore gamer. But not with those boring mainstream FPS games. I'm an RPG w.hore. IMO, you are not a gamer unless you are willing to put dozens (if not hundreds) of hours into a single game to see it through to completion (that is, single player mode. Online multiplayer hours do not count) I do like Halo, and COD don't get me wrong, but take 90% of the people that play that game, and sit them down with a great RPG, say Tales of the Abyss, and they'll be lost within 20 minutes.

I am a bit of a stoner. It's fun and relaxing. I'm also a bit of a hacker. Nothing too major, mainly just messing with friends computers, it's all in good fun. I'm against all religion, except for three. Buddhism, Satanism, and Shinto. Try and guess which is mine!




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19 year-old Australian living in Brisbane, QLD (yes, where it flooded last month). Starting my second year of study in Mechanical Engineering at the Uni of QLD (ranked number 43 in the world last year ^_^).

I am a musician, specialising in keyboard instruments, although I used to play guitar years ago and I enjoy drumming and the idea of the bass. My musical interests are jazz, blues, rock and roll, classical music and folk/world music, although I like any song which is musically interesting in some way (i.e. not any song which is on commercial radio). I don't own a piano at the moment, but I do have a Hammond XK-3 drawbar organ which certainly brings you back to the days of black gospel churches :D

My hobbies include computers and recently automobilia, I drive a silver 2006 model Honda Accord Euro that I acquired recently and I have grown to like it very much ^_^

I am not religious, although I am the organist once a month at a local church near where the rest of my family lives.

As for my Pokemon interests - well they have died down a bit in recent years. I feel like the franchise is a bit of a runaway train-wreck to be, with episodes and games and new Pokemon being made for the sake of it. Personally I think improving on the stuff they had in the first few generations would be better. And, a pipe dream of course, the anime remade into a funnier, less adventurous comedy where the focus isn't on Ash being delighted as his journey towards becoming a Pokemon Master draws one step further as he catches his 20th Pokemon in Episode 490.

I am not much of a gamer but the games I do enjoy are strategy based, such as tycoons. I also like Gran Turismo and any other racing game with realistic driving physics.

I have a facebook too, just in case ANYONE has bothered to read this far :p


La Melancolie Noir
Oh, I've bothered to read every post on this page! It's so interesting to see such variety in people's everyday lives.

Well anyway, I'm 22 and still have one year left to go in college, due to getting a late start on my biology major. I live in a dorm which overlooks a large meadow, so I can always tell when a group of students decides to have a party there.

Right now I'm more active than I probably ever was--I go to the gym once or twice a week and am taking four different martial arts classes on top of that (if you count aikido and fencing as such). And I enjoy taking walks in the large forest area on and near the campus (hence my Location). I guess all of this is because one of my spiritual goals for this year is to discover what it means to be a warrior.

But I also write songs and compose music for them--though the only instrument I play is a keyboard. Sometimes I perform at open mics, and am still in the process of finishing my first album. I like to sing and dance--though nowadays my dancing happens either in my room or in the meadow under a full moon.

...Which brings me to my spiritual beliefs. I'm a bit more religious than most of my peers where I live, but I'm also pagan, meaning I don't practice a very common religion. In a nutshell, this means I worship nature and hold a belief in magic, in a way. And I'm part of a small pagan community off-campus as well. Still, I like to be flexible and eclectic when it comes to spirituality.

I still enjoy playing video games, but nowadays I don't have much time to play anything besides Pokemon. For some reason I stick mainly to the Nintendo-based games anyway. And I won't mention anime here because A) I don't watch it very often, and B) when I do, I watch it on the interwebz, which are taboo here.

Though I live in California, I speak in an accent that sounds somewhat British. I get quite a few questions about it, but always provide the same answer: it comes from absolutely nowhere, without any explanation.

And yes, that pretty much sums up my rather unusual real life--at least what I choose to reveal of it. ;)


Merely A Puppet
I'm an 18 year old sixth former in the UK studing 4 topics (although i'm focused mostly on History as it's my A grade topic :) ) and preparing for university to study archaeology in october - although i'm still unsure of where i'll end up going as i have all my offers back and am trying to decide where will be best for me!

Outside of education, I spend most of my time going out with my friends, or going to the pub with them for a drink or two at the weekend :) I like to read a lot though as well as being a keen pianist. I'm a fan of most music although i'm not big on R n' B (the new poppy type from the 80s onwards) rap, really heavy metal and screamo, and country :)

Video games wise i'm a PS3 man, although of course i play pokemon haha - been playing ever since i had blue version as a child and remained a fan to this day :) Aaaand that's me in a nutshell pretty much! (although nutshells are a no no as i'm allergic to peanuts and tree nuts haha :p)

Replace 18 year old with 14 year old, pub with friends house and pianist with guitarist and you have me. Well, except for the university thing.


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I'm currently enrolled at the local Community College getting my basics done, and plan on transferring down to California sometime soon to finish up my Bachelor's degree as an Animation Major.

I doubt anyone read my introduction on the welcome thread, but I plan on becoming an animator at Pixar Animation Studio. They have put out a few little movies called Toy Story, UP, and the soon-to-be Cars 2... Maybe you've heard of them?

I mainly focus on Lacrosse when I'm not in school and exercising. On occasion, I participate in the local league.

I'm prying myself away from Video Games, and have promised the Generation V Pokemon games and Batman: Arkham City games are the last I'm buying for a LONG time to come. I have better things to spend my money on than Video Games. It's really not an important thing in my life anymore, and there are much better things I can find to do with my time.

I've also been referred to as a kid genius, as I have taught myself how to do many different things, such as code a webpage and Algebra 2.

That's impressive if you're 20 and graduating with two degrees.
I'm actually going to end up graduating when I'm 20 as well, and have yet to decide if I'm picking up a Double Major yet.


Why yes, it exists
Everybody's so interesting. =3

Well anyway, I'm 17 and homeschooled, and dual-enrolled at the local community college working on an Associate of Science degree, and graduating high school this May.

One day after I graduate, I'm off to a Boy Scout summer camp for 5-6 weeks to work as a lifeguard. Best summer job I could ask for. :)

I'm working towards getting my driver's license, hoping to have it sometime this March; I don't know how many of you live in Tennessee, but the laws for going from one's permit to driver's license are seriously convoluted. Soo it's taking a helluva lot longer than I'd planned.

I'm on a swim team and have been on there for about five years, which is how I got the lifeguard job in the first place. However, swim team really is not as fun as it sounds. I'm going to drop out to focus on academics after this summer. I'll take up cross-country to stay fit.

Physically, I'm kinda small. At 17 years of age, I'm 165 cm and 54.4 kg (5'5" and 120 lbs, for the metrically challenged). So that puts me at about a head shorter and 15 pounds lighter than most guys my age. I'm not skinny, but I am quite slim. I've been told that I have a feminine figure, so I guess that's a plus. I just eat healthy.

I play piano/keyboard and adore electronic music software. (There's links to my music in my signature, if you want to hear some) I'm not in a band ~yet~ but I have a friend who plays drums and his brother and several of his brother's friends are musicians as well, but outside of one hour-long jam session, we've never really played together. So I'm really just a solo artist as of now. I've got one eight-song album and one additional single so far on SoundClick, with styles ranging from ambient to hardcore industrial, so I guess you could say I produce a very eclectic mix of electronica. Outside of keyboard and software, I an play just about any string or percussion instrument you place in front of me; woodwind and brass are just not my thing at all. It's actually kind of interesting though; my family has virtually no musical background but I can pick out odd time signatures and can learn a song of moderate difficulty by ear in an hour. It's something I think I'd like to make a career out of, or at least a side job for extra money if I need it later in life.

I'm single and gay, which is kind of an awkward situation when you live in Tennessee, the homophobia capital of the USA. I guess you could kinda say I'm bi, but only in the sense that I'd only be in a relationship with a girl to go with the flow of things. She'd just be a close friend who I'd call "baby", I guess.

As for video games, I'm trying to focus my energy and time on other things that I find enjoyable. Plus I can spend my money on other things, seeing as I'm the one earning it now. The last games I'm probably ever going to get are Pokemon Black & White. (I'm buying both, but about a month after the initial release when the local Gamestop does a slight markdown) My friends bug me about getting them sooner, but video games just aren't a huge priority for me anymore. I get caught up more in the music and art style than the actual gameplay. XD I suck at any and all shooters, be they first person-third person, and multiplayer RPG games, so just about the only video games I have any experience in at all are Pokemon, Metroid, and CastleVania. So yeah...I can definitely be spending my time elsewhere. XP

I'm in a Venturing crew also. Think Boy Scouts, but co-ed and youth-run as opposed to boys only and led by adults. It's a very fun program; we do all kinds of activities from rock climbing to whitewater rafting and camping. I've also made a ton of friends through Scouting; at least as many as all my other activities combined if not more. So yes, I'm hugely social. :)

So that's me. :D Glad you could take the time to read down this far. Take care~

Peace n' love,
~Ryubane/Starlit Ocean


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I'm long done with school, but have recently finished some at-home GCSE's so I can get in to teaching. Apart from that, I'm getting married by the end of the year and am kept busy with mine and fiancée's son too.
I have epilepsy and can start learning to drive now as I've not had a fit for year. I work in retail, but we have redundancies coming so I may not soon. I play a fair bit on my portable consoles and the Wii. I'm usually busy with my iDevices and other gadgets.


Is really not that great. It's just school.... work.... and then back home to enjoy myself for five hours, go to sleep, rinse and repeat.


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Really just school only and some XBOX live (but that's internet too :/)


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ATM my outside the internet life involves me being off school *HUZZAH*. I've got a lot of homework to do but I'm having a sleepover with a few friends tomorrow - so it's all good :)
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