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Your Own Manga FOUR

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
There was no reason for me to capitalize the four...

... but, meh, you know the drill. Tell about any manga you are working on.

I've worked on a couple of them but never finished them. (I've planned more than I worked on them.) Now I'm working on one about myself and my friends. It's more exciting than it sounds, despite the fact that I don't have the pictures to prove it. The drawing style is based off of that of Naruto, but my sister says it doesn't really look that much like that style, so I guess I accidentally kinda made my own art style sort of.

Call it, "The Wonderful World of Rex Kamex." It's not really called that, but I just wanted to call it that. One Piece is one of many insiprations/rip offs of this story.

I'm on the last chapter of the volume, but it's left to right. I plan on making it right to left starting with the second volume (which I should've done from the beginning).

So, what about your own manga?

Korobooshi Kojiro

Well, for awhile I've had this idea of a manga that's basically a humour-action manga simmilar to Keroro Gunsou/Gintama that stemmed from this story I wrote this year that (and I don't mean to brag) won a state competition.

Of course my drawing skills aren't the best, so I probably couldn't make this realistically unless I had a whole team of people helping me. But what the hell, I like to post my ideas in these topics for fun:

Title: Professor Kamon Senzu
This stems from the main character's name, which is a pun on Common Sense. Originating as a simple joke in this very forum. At first he was a scientist who built the Infamous DBBKX Mecha, and then I saw a character in the Pokemon Anime who looked like Senzu somewhat, I then developed him into a character who lives in our world rather then the Pokemon world.

The character then appeared in a now famous (STATE COMPETITION D00DS!) short story entitled "Social Satire Through Time Travel" which introduced the main 3 characters (Windy and Roaster, who originated from an idea I had for a RPG) and basically set the tone for the stories. Comical, goofy, with some parodies and references here and there (but not to the Family Guy level), and a satirical view. Also, George Orwell guest starred. The setting of this story was Townburg, a large city that is on the east coast of America near Virginia but not actually Virginia, just...errr...well, nowhere in particular. :p Most of the manga takes place here and involves the colorful townsfolk.

Later I began to bring in characters I had previously thought of (including a 5th Grade creation by the name of Punman serving as a reocurring superhero), Neil and Al, two goofy nerds from a prior idea for a comical series, Leo and Doug, a Dio-esque character and his zombie from said series, and Frank and Oscar, two characters whose design was inspired by some NPC Pokemon dudes, but like Senzu they are of no relation to the Pokemon world nor is the series at any part.

So, here's a run-down on some of the basic characters that inhabit the series.

Professor Kamon Senzu:
The main character, a grumpy old scientist who fails in romance (the Senzu men can never keep women, so his wife is absent) but succeeds in building machines. His most famous invention is probably the first Time Machine, but who uses it just to mess with people. Pretty much all his inventions he uses for fun, but he runs Senzu Labs which builds new devices for customers, often resulting in horrible misuse, and bizarre situations in which the heart of most of his character-based stories lie: his creations inavertadly lead to a mess he must fix.
In the past Senzu explored the globe, and surprisingly excels at fighting (often unleashing parodies of famous attacks in fits of rage) and is quite a genius. Unfortunately, he doesn't use his knowledge to its full extent sadly.


Professor Senzu's first robot, made from a toaster, and various other supplies bought from a shady seller, Roaster is Senzu's "robot butler" and exists to serve him. Unfortunately, Roaster also believes his mission in life is to kill Senzu, and basically anyone. He's sadistic, psychotic, and very morbid...however, he never succeeds of course because then, damn, it'd be kind of a downer. Roaster does however help Senzu between attempted murder, even protecting Senzu from bad guys (because he wants to kill him). Senzu realizes his robot wants to kill him, but doesn't really care.

Winchester "Windy" James
Otherwise known as Windy by everyone, Winchester is a joke on anime traps. He's a high school boy, yet looks, acts, and to most people is a girl until he informs them otherwise. Not only is he a trap in that way, he also is hyper, giddy, and very childish and oblivious. Senzu somewhat is like Windy's boss, as Windy works as his "secretary"/"assistant", although what that means is unclear, and like a father to him since his father hasn't been home for years. He also tends to ignore Roaster's death threats and believes him to be joking. Windy's trademark look is his hairband and roller shoes, and to be honest was my favorite character to write about since he's adorable. Despite his borderline obsession with Oscar, his "bff", Windy does indeed love girls only adding to the confusion.

Oscar Senzu
Based off V-Neck, a background Pokemon character who appears alot, Oscar serves as the series straight man. He gets disturbed by the impossible events going on, and all in all confused by the fact he's in a manga which most of the other characters occasionaly point out. He's Senzu's grandson, however hates his grandpa and all the weird things he causes or gets into, and also is freaked by Windy and scared by Roaster (who wants to kill him to). He has a girlfriend named Natasha, who he loves (but sometimes wonders why) and often he hangs out with her.

Frank Senzu
Senzu's son (18) and Oscar's dad, his wife left him like Senzu's did. He too is based off a background Pokemon character, a comical looking construction worker. Here too, is he a construction worker although a nice family man who works to support his son (despite being rich, Senzu doesn't help his son leading to much animosity). He loves Oscar, and works hard for him. He often complains about lack of money, and is a huge penny-pincher to the point of annoyance.

Leo Manfred
A parody of Dio Brando from JoJo, Leo like his base is an eternally young (around 30) vampire and former friend of Senzu, but now hates him and tries to kill him with his zombie servant, Doug. However despite this and his ego, he often hangs out and does normal stuff while not trying to kill Senzu, and like Roaster teams up with Senzu to fight bigger baddies. Not many people in Townburg really are scared of him despite him being a vampire and all.

A reawakened dead guy, claimed by Leo to be an "infamous dark knight" but in reality a normal dead guy, Doug faithfully follows Leo around. Despite being seemingly dumb and only capable of saying "grrrraaa", most characters (not Oscar) can take a "grrrraaa" to mean a number of things and in truth Doug is brilliant. Of course, the reader never knows what he says cuz that's the joke.

A gorilla enhanced by Senzu, he speaks british and dresses the part and is very proper, smart, and a writer. Often he helps Senzu when he is needed owing him for making him smart, while dealing with the fact he's a gorilla which people often discriminate him for (he can never get a good job).

A female knight brought to the present to protect Senzu, she is a stark feminist and very tough. She serves Senzu when he needs her, but dislikes him somewhat.

Natasha Bellish
Oscar's girlfriend, a book smart girl who unfortunately for Oscar is very enthusiastic about things and unlike him isn't bothered by weird events, and likes to hang out with Senzu and co. when possible. Despite this, Oscar loves her dearly even if she drives him insanse sometimes. Her and Windy also share a close bond, and often hang out toghether. Her dad is the mayor, leading to some akward moments.

Mayor Bellish
A smooth and young mayor, he's very kind and just. Unfortunately, he has a habit of believing things to be alot more dire then they actually are (for example believing his daughter to be dating the eldest Senzu at first, not Oscar) and thus runs into problems. His two Men In Black, Agent D and Agent V, often end up in damage control for the mayor's rash actions.

A black kid who loves video games, he's kind of a nerd but a braggart when it comes to video games. He hangs out with Neil, and is in Windy, Natasha's, and Oscar's class.

Al's BFF, a goofy joke off a Narutard, he's a huge weaboo but a nice guy at heart.

Byron Sanders
An innocent and plain by-standard, he's always injured somehow by one of the other characters' actions accidently, and no one ever acknowledges him.
I would make a manga starring David Bowie in some form or another. Drawn by Yoshitaka Amano and a slight rip-off of Pheonix by Osamu Tezuka. Something like that.
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Of course my drawing skills aren't the best, so I probably couldn't make this realistically unless I had a whole team of people helping me.
Finding someone with relatively nice drawing skills and letting them do the handy work is not unheard of. ;P You could be like a gensakusha, or something, instead of a mangaka. I mean, I've drawn stuff based on what my friends requested before. Joint collaborations like that seem to be much nicer compared to the overworked quality of a one-man job. Besides, I'd really enjoy to see some of those ideas of yours come to life.

I've had lots of unfinished projects (usually starting to plan the page layouts and paneling, and then not finding the time to finish), although I'm not planning on throwing away those ideas (most of the manga I draw are doujin, one recent idea in particular being based on a series that I consider to have went downhill and reworked it to make the storytelling better, which I'd really like to see come to fruition).

My first original project has been in my head for quite a while now. At least, my first "professional" original project (as in I have enough practice now, in drawing, paneling, and inking, so it won't look crap), and I plan on working on that until the end. =) I'm not giving details about the plot, characters, or concepts yet, because I know that there are probably a few thieves out there that would steal the idea and claim it as their own (I'd probably host it as a web manga on another website, though we have to start small first: anime forum/blog posting ftw!). All I'm going to say is that the genres it'll stem from are fantasy, philosophical, romance (one of the main points in the story, although it should be noted that my manga will NOT be aimed specifically at girls/women), action, adventure, comedy, science fiction, and all that other jazz. Inspirations come from several of the creators and artists of my favorite anime/manga/light novels (Hiromu Arakawa in particular, making my manga have a good balance between comedy and the serious scenes), and Mark Crilley (look him up on YouTube) who helped me, and hundreds of others, improve my art style with his awesome tips. =D I'll certainly incorporate many of their techniques.

I have the designs of both the main characters down and I'm drawing a rough map of where the story will take place (original world with equivalents of real-life countries, of course). The only thing I'm sucking at now is creating a title... All I want is a short, sweet two-to-four-word title that gets the point across.

As you can see, I'm very enthusiastic about it. Ironically, being an artist won't be my career of choice. =/ But it's a fun hobby, to say the least. =)


Scary Faerie♥
I had always wanted to make my own manga, and actually thought about some story lines I could use, but i never followed through with them. Plus, I'm a really bad artist, I could never draw anything like that in a million years. And there's always the factor that I always wanted to make a ninja manga [not trying to copy Naruto, I've ALWAYS been obsessed with ninjas.], but this dream would never be fulfilled considering you can't make a ninja manga and expect it to be good next to Naruto.

One plot I had that I really liked was called "Prophecy" about a group of kids whose names were all food names. "Sue She". "Jenner Ultow". "Terry Yacky". I don't remember what the plot was about, since this was a while ago, but I remember being really fond of this plot.

Korobooshi Kojiro

Anyway, generally Professor Kamon Senzu, my "manga", would be for the most part episodic, but with loosely connected plot points (for example, characters making their debuts, various inventions being brought back, ect.) but for the most part you could read the chapters out of sync somewhat and still get a gist of it. Occasionaly however there would be story arcs, and for the most part the manga would have some battle elements in these segments (however the story arcs would still keep the humour in-tact, and never would fully turn into a battling manga; the fights would be pretty goofy just like the rest of the series). The status quo would usually be restored by the end though, so no huge permanent plot-altering things like a main character dying or anything.

Some ideas for stories:

Basically there would be a short intro chapter set before the story, where the professor moves in to Townburg (Oscar and Frank already live there, so he wanted to as well) along with Roaster. Meanwhile, Windy (who is somewhat lonely) ends up winning the Professor's favor, and thus ends up hiring him as his secretary/assistant. Oscar unfortunately finds out his grandpa has moved in (much to his chargrin) and has already befriended Windy, who he really finds annoying.

Leo Arc
The first "battle arc", basically Leo and Senzu would go "toe to toe" whilst Doug holds Windy hostage. Between this would be flashbacks showing how Leo and Senzu, once friends, became the greatest of enemies and reveals more about Senzu's past.

Golgo 14 Story
Mayor Bellish greatly misinterprets his daughter's dating life, and hires an assasin (a joke off Golgo 13, complete with huge eyebrows and who basically carries an enormous sniper rifle wherever he goes) to kill Professor Senzu. Golgo 14 would be a reocurring character, switching sides often but never actually suceeding in his assasinations (due to him never finding a perfect spot).

S.O.G.G Story
A reocurring plot point would be Beauregarde getting invited to S.O.G.G., society of genius gorillas, led by super-intelligent gorillas where he'd have to decide between killing humans or living with them.

Idaho Arc
A somewhat sadder story (with plent of humour still), Windy's somewhat deadbeat dad (Idaho James, a homage to Indiana Jones) finally returning after being gone for years and at first thinks Oscar is his son (only knowing he had a son), and when he finds out Windy is he immediately is dissapointed. Also, Professor Senzu reveals that he knows Idaho, surprising Windy that his dad and his "father figure" were old pals. From there the plot would turn into a goofy/warm father-son story as Idaho tries to toughen Windy up by going on an adventure to find an artifact. Windy would even fall in love for the first time in this arc (not counting his crazy obsession with Oscar).

Nega-Senzu Arc
Senzu creates one of his many inventions (inventions of his would often come into play as either the catalyst or the solution of stories based around him), the Negative Camera, which changes everyone it snaps into negative versions of themselves. Leo steals it and accidently changes himself into a nice Leo, and Professor Senzu into Nega-Senzu, whose actually not that different but nonetheless evil. Things get really bad when the super nice Natasha is changed into Nega-Natasha. It's up to Oscar and Nega-Leo (a good guy) to save his girlfriend.

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
I'm on Volume Two for my "manga", but that's after working on it for two years and not doing every single panel...

Here's a question: if your manga became a TV series (I'm not talking to any person in particular)... would you like people at a Japanese studio to animate your series? I personally would, not to fool people into thinking it was a cartoon that someone in Japan thought of (even though many of my ideas are similar to cartoons made in Japan) but to keep from distracting people from thinking it's an American cartoon that looks like an anime (like Avatar, although I like that series).

Korobooshi Kojiro said:
the fights would be pretty goofy just like the rest of the series

When you said that I thought of One Piece. Not that I'm complaining.


Here's a question: if your manga became a TV series (I'm not talking to any person in particular)... would you like people at a Japanese studio to animate your series? I personally would, not to fool people into thinking it was a cartoon that someone in Japan thought of (even though many of my ideas are similar to cartoons made in Japan) but to keep from distracting people from thinking it's an American cartoon that looks like an anime (like Avatar, although I like that series).

I wouldn't really care, so long as I like what the studio can offer me. I don't mind it if it were just to be called a cartoon or anime, cuz when it comes right down to it, its just animation by the end of the day.

Though, I'm more interested in cartoony things anyways.


be your own guru
I wouldn't really care, so long as I like what the studio can offer me. I don't mind it if it were just to be called a cartoon or anime, cuz when it comes right down to it, its just animation by the end of the day.

Though, I'm more interested in cartoony things anyways.

.....how ironically true for many.....

Anyways, my manga idea is much different! It has reason! I am depressed teen.

My story takes place during the middle ages, a time of stupidity where you rarely got in trouble for anything (except in front of royalty, then you would be beheaded). It starts off with a depressing 15 year old named Drake who breaks his sword's blade in his usual training (chopping down trees because he's always in a bad mood). He tells his grandpa (who thinks the world will soon end which it is) about his misfortune and is forced to his aunt and uncle's house (which Drake’s grandpa truly does not like the idea but thinks it is the best) to train.

Why his uncle? It is because his mother died while giving birth to him and his sister and his sister was slaughtered by a dragon and his father was then eaten by the same dragon (which also ripped out Drake’s left eye). So, on his way he teams up with his cute 14 year old cousin Alex (which he rivals with since he teases her often). They then find their grandfather’s student, a black 16 year old who goes by the name of Remus. Then they get to his aunt and uncle’s house and the story truly begins.

The threesome later team up with a baby half dragon (which I still do not understand how such is possible), Alex’s long lost albino sister and an elf princess (who keeps her identity secret while ruling over humans).

I plan to have a brilliant and moving maniacal tale of torture, violence, blood, oddity, morbidity, racism, love, comfort, death, more blood, cannibalism, people not fitting in because they are weird, cuteness, laughter, pain, emotion, even more blood, swordplay, archery, magic, and reasonable amounts of blood.

My final words, I stand up for those in need and those who are made fun of! Taunting someone because of how they look or who they are (in other words, I find racism discusting) is just plain evil! I hope it gets published.


Candy Apple Red
I thought that threads like these weren't allowed? Since it's basically about your own OEL manga. Oh well. *confused but jumping in anyway*

So, like, I gave up that "your own manga" dream four years ago when I realized that 1) my art was no good, 2) my stories weren't either, 3) I had very little time, and 4) I'm too lazy to do anything more than a half-baked job.

But, over the course of this past year, especially over this summer, I've been taking an interest to drawing manga again. And I just don't mean manga art like the stuff you've seen in my signature, but the actual OEL stuff again. I've got a couple story ideas in my head, none that I feel like sharing atm 'cause they're not well-planned out yet, but here is an unfinished character design for one of them:

Wren - That story's going to be about "people in make-up doing fun things."

ALSO! A few months ago I did a couple pages for an original character battle (collaborating with another artist) on the website MangaRevolution. It's really lazy, really terrible, really awful, but I got so giddy after I posted them:
Page 1
Page 2
Eh, it's a little more cutesy than my usual style (and look how bad I am with digital lettering, lol). But if I could churn out these two pages in a day and a half, what could I do if I actually applied myself?
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Midori Chi

Miss Chi Motosuwa
I've been making manga since the 6th grade, with a total of 6 series completed and am working on my lastest one, in volume 2.

My latest series is called "Fireflies."
Summary: There are 3 legendary witches every generation: the healer, the cursor, and the inventor. Emiri, the main character, is a girl who lost her parents from a disease, and wants to become a healer with, and her older sister is already a legendary witch, so she helps her. The sun is loosing its light, and the lost light is formed in fireflies, that Emiri has to catch to become the next healer. Ofcourse, her magic school has chosen six other girls to catch all the fireflies as well, rivaling Emiri.

Korobooshi Kojiro

Star Eighty-Eight

Macaulay "Mac" Kepler, a young American college student whose descended from Johannes Kepler, awakens January 1st, 1988 to discover he has a strange creature emerging from his birthmark shaped like the constellation Crux. Mac, weirded out by this, touches his pillow in fright and watches in horror as the pillow literally comes to life.

Not just him either. 88 other people around the world with birthmarks shaped like other constellations are awakening with simmilar creatures and powers as well. Mac, unfrotunately for him, finds out that a group of these people aim to exterminate the rest...and he himself now must worry about surviving. Luckily for him, not all of the other people want him dead and many other people with "Constellites" join him in hopes of sticking together.

In the series, the fights are conducted using "Constellites", creatures based off the constellations. There are 88 in all, each with unique powers...but they can be roughly divided into two types:

*Direct Attacker: These Constellites can become tangible and attack with a variety of powers.
*Power Giver: Such as Crux, the Constellites do not fight, but rather bestow a power upon the user.

Some of the Constellites I've thought of:

Crux: Allows the user to bring to life an object by sacrificing the use of an arm or leg for an hour or less. These objects gain sentinence, yet obey the user.

Libra: The user "kisses" another person on the face. For the next 5 minutes, any and all damage done to the kissed ends up hurting the kisser instead. If kissed on the lips, then until the kisser dies all attacks hitting the kissed will go to the kisser instead.

Ophiuchus: The Constellite can emerge from any hole (even if it is not that deep) about the size of a pipe that is in 10 square feet of the user. The snake-like Constellite can then bite enemies and spread a slow, but paralyzing poison.

Vulpeca: The User can transform objects into rhyming objects in their native toungue. For example, one can change a Cat into a Bat, and then into a Hat.

Sextans: The User can locate in great detail other Constellites, anazlyze their powers, and if they kill them, can take their power.

Gemini: The User can split into two halves, both half the age, height, and weight of the user. The two move like mirror images of each other, and if one is attacked, the other counterattacks.

Pictor: The User can draw a simple 2D figure on the Constellite itself, which then projects the image in 3D.

Scorpius: The User must first touch the opponent on the nose, making them a "target". The Constellite will then chase after the target for a 24-hour period, in which it will either kill the target, or if it fails to kill the target, will kill the user.

Triangulum: The User can pinpoint three objects within sight to form a "triangle". The traingle becomes the "3rd zone" in which any damage done to themselves or others triples. For example, if one is punched once, they feel the force of three punches.

Indus: If the Constellite attacks a person with it's spear, the attacked becomes temporarily "animal-like" and will rely on basic instinct over logic or emotion. If it attacks an animal, the animal "transforms" into an even more primal beast (such as a Sloth becoming a Giant Sloth).

Telescopium: Using the Constellite, the User can zoom in on objects up to a mile away. They can then launch a high-powered beam attack if they have a clear shot. Unfortunately, the beam cannot pass through shadows.

Microscopium: The User can zoom in closely on things to pinpoint weak points. Microscopium itself can then attack that weakpoint, doing effective damage.

Musca: The User can control flies by using the Constellite to lead them. The flies are able to "bond" toghether to pick things up, or attack.

Fornax: The Constellite can increase the heat in a small area around it. The longer it stays in one place, the hotter it gets.

Libra: The User can turn into a young girl. In this form, they can deflect any physical attacks delivered upon them.

Antlia: The User can form vacuums through punching a non-organic object. The object will then begin to slowly collapse in upon itself drawing things into it until it is no more.

Lacerta: The User can climb up walls, extend their tongue, regrow body parts, and other powers of a lizard by eating a bug (one bug gives them two minutes of this power). However, they also become cold-blooded.

Caelum: The Constellite can break objects into pieces and rearrange them into an armor worn by the user.
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