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Your Own Personal Game Canon?


The Point of Origin
I am curious to know what is everyone's head-canon playthrough throughout the series?

For example.

I have two different continuities.

1st and 2nd Gen are their own Continuity.

Red is the protagonist from 1st Gen and uses the team he has when you face him in 2nd Gen and does all of the events from that game. My character starts off in Johto(Crystal Version) and does the main events from that game all the way up to Red his story ends there. Stadium is not canon, did not complete pokedex.

Main Team: Typhlosion, Pidgeot, Suicune, Dragonite, Espeon.

The Modern Continunity:

3rd Gen: Kanto is pretty much the same as 1st Gen Kanto except with the Sevii Islands and Stuff. Hoenn's events happen as well but My character is not seen just yet. Colosseum( XD doesn't happen until 5 years later.....so its non-canon in my book for now)'s events happen. Wes gives the Purified Shadow pokemon away to drift(Im debating if I want to include Espeon and Umbreon but that wouldn't seem "in character" y' know?.)

4th Gen: Johto(Soul Silver) is where my Main Character Starts. Does all the events in game up to beating Lance. Becomes champion.

Team at that point: Typhlosion, Pidgeot, Vaporeon, Ampharos, Dratini(not trained) with Red Gyrados and Scyther(National park) as his extra Pokeatholon teammates.

Before his tour of Kanto, he goes to Sinnoh(Diamond). Does all of the events there up to the Stark Mountain.

Team at that point: Infernape, Luxray, Floatzel, Honchkrow, Riolu(never trained just hatched).

Come back home to Johto, integrates Honchkrow and Riolu into the main team. Does the Kanto part of Soul Silver culminating to the defeat of Red and All of the Frontier Brains. Gets Charmander from Oak and Mudkip from Steven.

Team at that point: Typhlosion, Ampharos, Vaporeon, Honchkrow/Pidgeot, Lucario, Dragonite(Extremespeed)

Now this is where things gets tricky. Goes to Hoenn with the Mudkip given by Steven and does every non-plot related event in Hoenn(Team Magma and Team Aqua, Norman as dad, etc.) becomes Champ, beats Steven in meteor falls does not compete in Hoenn's battle frontier.

Team at that point: Swampert, Gardevior, Breloom, Swellow, Ninetales

Decides to see what Orre is all about and circuits the Colosseums(Think Battle Mode not Story Mode. Finds Wes. Adopts the Purified Shadow Pokemon. Uses a couple of them them plus all non-4th Gen pokes obtained in Circuit(Just so it would seem mirror how I played Colosseum)

Pokemon used: Main Johto/Kanto Team, Hoenn Team, A few of the shadow pokes(Suicune and Hitmontop more than most), Charizard

5th Gen: The Events of Black happen without My Main Character. Two years later after the events of Black, My main character arrives to Unova, does all of the events up to the PWT which he is currently participating in. (XD's Events could happen here but idk yet.)

Team Used in 5th Gen prior to PWT: Serperior, Lucario(new one), Flareon, Flygon, Swanna, Galvantula

PWT Team: Typhlosion, Vaporeon, Serperior, Dragonite, Honchkrow, Lucario. Subs: Breloom, Galvantula, Ampharos, Swellow, Suicune, Hitmontop.

And that's pretty much it.


I'm not as specific with the details, but I define the canon as follows:

1) RBYGSC never happened.
2) The universe is actually divided into two timelines or "branches," which are structured as such:

Version 1 Universe
Emerald (takes place 1 year after the end of FireRed)
HeartGold (takes place 3 years after the end of FireRed)
Platinum (takes place 1-2 months after the start of HeartGold)
Black (takes place 5 years after Platinum)
Black 2 (takes place 2 years after Black)

Version 2 Universe
Emerald (takes place 1 year after the end of LeafGreen)
SoulSilver (takes place 3 years after the end of LeafGreen)
Platinum (takes place 1-2 months after the start of SoulSilver)
White (takes place 5 years after Platinum)
White 2 (takes place 2 years after White)

3) All GBA-era events are non-canon (i.e. Southern Islands, Faraway Island, etc.).
4) All spin-offs, including Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, are non-canon.
5) All DS-era events are canon (Darkrai, Shaymin, Celebi, Spiky-Eared Pichu, Enigma Stone, Victini, Zoroark), except for the Arceus/Hall of Origin event in Platinum and the Zorua/Celebi event in BW. The Genesect/P2 Lab event is canon for Black 2, while the Arceus/Sinjoh Ruins event is, for right now, regarded as what I call "composite canon," which means that the information contained within the event is canon, but the events may or may not have actually occurred (I simply haven't decided).
6) The events that take place within any of the Battle Facilities are non-canon, except for the Unova Leaders Tournament in BW2. However, Battle Facilities are regarded as "composite canon," so any information and characters contained within the Facilities are canon; only the events themselves are disregarded.
7) Several elements of Black and White's post-game are non-canon, such as Hilbert/Hilda battling Alder in order to become the Champion. (However, this particular instance of discontinuity was not entirely of my doing; BW2 retconned several of BW's post-game elements, like the possibility of Hilbert/Hilda having caught Kyurem and the Swords of Justice. Although I do think that Hilbert/Hilda caught Tornadus/Thundurus.)

Everything else in question is determined on a "my personal opinion of continuity trumps any other secondary source of canon such as the anime or the manga" basis.


The White Warrior
1)Yellow is canon (how else would Red get all 3 Kanto starters?) and that after the events of Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heart Gold/Soul Silver he goes back home to Pallet and meets Leaf starting the events of Fire red/ Leaf green.

2) 1 year after Leaf green/Fire red the events of Emerald (May or Brendan) take place including the battle frontier.

3) 2 years later events from Platinum (Dawn or Lucas) happen and a new battle frontier opens in the Sinnoh region.

4)During the events in Hoenn and Sinnoh Red and Leaf went through the sevii islands and traveled to Orre and battled in the colosseums using pokemon from Kanto and Johto.

5) The events split into different timelines now. White timeline: Hilbert battles team Plasma and catches Zekrom and Thundurus he then leaves the region with Zekrom for sixth gen region. Black timeline: Hilda travels through Unova battles team Plasma catches Reshiram and Tornadus and leaves Unova for sixth gen region.

6) White 2/ Black 2 occur in the respective timelines and the timelines crossover at Nimbasa city where Nate (White timeline) and Rosa (Black timeline) battle Ingo and Emmet.

7) Red and Leaf go to Unova for the PWT.

8) Sixth generation


1)Yellow is canon (how else would Red get all 3 Kanto starters?)

Well, it's possible that he could have simply traded for them with Blue and Leaf (which might be a more meaningful explanation as for why Blue doesn't have his Starter on his team when he becomes a Gym Leader).