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Your Pokemon Crime Team


X&Y Supporter
Crobat: He's freakishly fast + Hypnosis or Confuse Ray.

Gardevoir: Because every team of crime needs a sexy, backstabbing distraction.

Tyranitar: It's a freaking powerhouse. Break walls and such.

Magikarp: Because I can.


Aipom - Would be my partner in crime. Small enough to sneak around, probably great at stealing stuff. Has a pretty good repertoire of Dark moves like Beat Up and Foul play which fit the crime theme. Also, that happy maniacal joker-style grin.
Rotom - For messing with / taking over enemy electronics. Also can travel through electrical wires and scout without being easily seen. Electrical attacks great for stunning.
Skuntank - Poison gas / smog / smokescreen for getaway. Also can cause explosions to destroy evidence.
Infernape - Interrogation. Beating the crap out of things. Breaking down doors. Burning stuff. Pretty much the brawler/muscle. Can also ignite Skuntank's smog to blow stuff up without Skuntank actually exploding.
Skarmory - Air getaway. Can also deflect bullets if we're being shot at while making the escape.
Empoleon - Water getaway, also a steel type for deflecting gunfire.

I like how my list is pretty much nothing but my favorites with reasons tacked on to use them
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Dragonair: Can wrap the security and takes lots of loot when we escape.
Pelipper: The Beak Bag, the main loot-transporter.
Gloom: Paralyzes the enemies with its stench.
Snorunt: Freezes all the security-systems and makes a big slide at the top of the building so we can escape easily after the crime. ;))
Jynx: An eye for valuable things, putting the enemies to sleep through Sweet Kiss and helps Snorunt making that slide. :D
Samurott: Fighting the people (that are not wrapped, sleeping, paralyzed through Dragonair, Jynx or Gloom) that interrupt us, also he destroys the slide with its two sword when sliding so that nobody can follow.

That's my fast crime team. We should be finnished looting that Diamond Museum in 5-10 minutes. xD
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Well-Known Member
Gallade - Slicing things
Salamence - So I can get away, he also can use Fire Blast
Sylveon - Wraping people up

I can't think of any others...


Kanto Region Champ
me: I'm the trainer and the brains of this here operations.
toxicroak, he's the muscle man and the theif
lucario, the bandit, they'll either like him or fear him
Abra, clean getaway (teleport)

And the 4 of us call ourselves "we're more successful then team rocket".

Terry. T.

One and Only...
Wailord - could pitch a tent on its back until it sees a Remoraid swimming underwater.
Castform - Weather is fun to mess with. Can also fight and is cuddly.
Arcanine - fast, fighty, furious.
Aerodactyl - air transport and can hold its own.
Alakazam - a special sweeper that can teleport and abuse psychic powers on locks.
Luxray - per above.


Link Jokers!
Dusknoir: Can phase in and out of buildings, and can scare everyone.
Rotom: Go into any electronic system and make it work my way, like an ATM spitting out money, or opening an electronic safe door.
Haunter: Make everyone fall asleep when it passes through them.
Armaldo: Tear stuff open, and has armor to withstand hits.
Blastoise: Water escapes.
Dragonite: Air escapes, and can bring almost anything down.
Tyranitar: His Sand Stream would be just as useful as any smoke bomb for a tight getaway--plus he's be able to rip through anything
Xatu: Its Future Sight and Teleport would be very handy in a pinch
Gyarados: Its Intimidate with scare police away and he would be able to ferry me across water
Forretress: Those turrets are for something you know...
Taillow: My inconspicuous aerial surveillance, also useful for general casing
Machamp: He'd carry all the loot!


Well-Known Member
Zoroark: illusion to sneak past people
Loponny: a femme fatle that can lair people into a false sense of safty before she gives the knock out punch!
Kecleon: can blend in with its surroundings to sneak around, plus with it's color change can be any type I need at the moment.
Charizard: for Fire power and fly aways.
Samerott: fighting and get over on water
Miltank: Attract,stomp, Rollout nuff said.

Shadow Caster

Plasma Executive
Well i would obviously get all Pseudo-Legendariezz!!111

Except I would have to be an exceptionally gifted trainer, and we all know that trainers/grunts from crime syndicates, with the exception of the leaders, all suck at battling, and usually have weak Pokemon.

My team would be as follows:

Raticate: Cause it's a Team Rocket classic
Golbat: Another classic
Weezing: Ditto
Patrat: Team Plasma!!!
Skuntank: Team Galactic!!
Sharpedo: 'Cause Team Aqua
This sounds fun
Ditto - For disguising into cops
Alakazam - For his 5,000 IQ
Charizard - For smokescreen and fly
Blastoise - For his nonlethal cannons and ice abilities, along w/ going in water
Zoroark - Illusions
Porygon (unless the evolutions can go into computers) -hacking
I think when it comes to crime flashy and stupid is best.

Rotom - so that he can take over appliances and I can take them home
masquerain - because what is a criminal without a mask
mamoswine - so that I can rampage through cities while using him as my getaway
Smeargle - to graffiti my insignia on places i've burglarized
Cyndaquil - because no one would expect his smoke screen
Ambipom - he's got tail hands so for countless reasons


Liger Zero!!!
Oceans 11 Pokemon style huh?

1) Weavile: My stealthy partner, good for quick take downs and snatching keys

2) Mr. Mime: the Illusionist, can make barriers to trap security guards

3) Weezing: Smokescreen getaways, and sludge bomb diversions

4) Poliwrath: muscle and water escape

5) Ditto: so I could change my appearence

7) Ralts: when in doubt.... Teleport


Toon Leader
I'm glad everyone is enjoying the thread! I'm surprised I didn't come up with some of the pokemon other people listed


Everything stays.
Oh, sweet! This looks fun!

- Zorua ♀ with the ability Illusion: Small and tricky Pokémon. Would be able to play with its appearance and would be useful to have a easier access to locked room who requires identifying codes.
Known moves; Nasty Plot - Fake Tears - Night Daze - Extrasensory.

- Kirlia ♀ with the ability Telepathy: A truthful Pokémon that sense danger with its ability to feel. It can take care of heavy or away objects with psychic powers. Could also be a nice guard and aware me by telepathy if anything goes wrong or if somebody's coming. It can also teleport itself in desperate situations.
Known moves; Teleport - Psychic - Double Team - Trick Room.

- Accelgor ♂ with the ability Sticky Hold: Nice speedy and slim Pokémon that could steal something in a breeze without being noticed. It also could work as a Pokémon that secures the area by either telling me it's a safe trip or kicking obstacles in my way.
Known moves; Quick Attack - Bug Buzz - Final Grambit - Substitute.

- Chatot ♂ with the ability Keen Eye: Useful to send messages or to work as the Pokémon who secures the area by the air; it could easily locate if they are hidden cameras or guards with its Keen Eye ability. It could sing to put people asleep and, as a parrot, could repeat in my language what my Pokémon have to say, passwords or key words it has found to help me in my criminal act.
Known moves; Sing - Fly - Chatter - Protect.

- Rotom with the ability Levitate: Very tricky and playful Pokémon. This one could easily hide and surprise my opponents if I never need it. It can also go in electric current and help me do blackouts or play with the electricity around the area. Can also scare or paralyze people.
Known moves; Trick - Thunder Wave - Confuse Ray - Charge Beam.

- Delibird ♂ with the ability Vital Spirit: It can hide and take with him anything we need for the operation and then I can transport it in its Pokéball without the needs of having big arms. Could also be useful when it comes to freeze something so we can have some time to get away or to do what do we have to do.
Known moves; Thief - Ice Beam - Fake Out - Present.

I had a lot of fun doing this! :D
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Sableye: The most efficient thief you've ever seen. One quick Trick and your jewels or other items of value have been replaced with an apple core or some other garbage. Whatever I have lying around in my pockets, I guess.

Gengar: Stealth missions. This dude literally dissolves its body into shadows, so it has stealth capabilities that are far superior to any ninja. This is advantageous for thefts, infiltrating buildings (Gengar just dissolves and passes through barriers, and is then able to let the rest of us in), strong-arm tactics (how are you going to fight back against your own shadow?), and spying.

Zoroark: To conceal our hideout and to act as a spy/decoy, Mystique-style

Ditto: Similar to Zoroark, but it seems Ditto are better at concealing themselves as objects as well as people. Could definitely be handy to have a henchman that can pretend to be the gun some idiot police officer or rival criminal thinks they're going to shoot me with.

Rotom: Let's face it, I know nothing about how to steal cars, and if I'm turning to a life of crime, then I probably don't have enough money (yet!) to afford a series of getaway cars and the like of my own. With Rotom, however, I can just look at any vehicle with a motor I fancy, be it a car, a riding lawnmower, a tank, a helicopter, an airplane, or Bowser's flying clown machine, ask Rotom to possess it for me, and voila! I've just acquired some free transportation! Best of all, possessing it means I don't have to use gasoline, and thus I'm not polluting the environment. That will be a point in my favour if I ever get hauled into court.

Eelektross: Well, every criminal needs some form of intimidation, and so far, the most intimidating thing I have is a smiling gas-bag and a bipedal fox. Scary, but not the sort of thing that makes people tremble in fear and lose the will to ever challenge you. That's where Eelektross comes in. What's so scary about Eelektross? Check out that sucker mouth. They're based on real-life creatures called Lampreys, and specifically carnivorous lampreys. That mouth really isn't much good for traditional biting. What that kind of mouth does is slowly cut into the victim's skin until it finds some fluid to drink. So, sure, you keep your gun (which is actually my Ditto) and try to threaten me with it while dodging dark energy that is shooting out from your own shadow. I'll just order my mutant lamprey to bore a hole in you. There may be a bit of a mess to clean up, but I'll just have Zoroark create an illusion of empty space where your mangled, drained out body is so no one will ever find out what happened.
Or you could just run and not bother me. That's probably a better choice.


New Member
1- HONCHKROW- my primary sidekick, has an eye for valuable things
2 .DRIFBLIM- pretty fast air transportation + can be invisible
3. GARDEVOIR-teleport but mostly because of hypnosis and it's psychic powers
4. ROSELIA - stun spore, grass whistle and toxic can come in handy
5. EMPOLEON- to cover water areas
6. SERPERIOR- my powerhouse


The only dendenne
ohhhh yeah yeah

My team would be audino because who would suspect a pokemon used in pokemon centers?

Amphoros for flash getaways.

Ditto for morphing into a get away vehicle.

Cofagrigus for scaring people away and wrapping people who suspect us up.

Infernape for fire power and punching abilites .

Samourott for water escapes and swamping with surf.
If you're excluding legends, why include Psuedo-legends?

Because in the lore Legendary pokemon tend to have low populations of each one's species as well as in game while Psuedo Legendaries like Metagross and Salamance have their pre-evolutions running in the wild in the mass like other pokemon but take a long time to evolve into those forms.

anyway, my list would consist of
1) Ditto, the amount of fraud you could pull as well as having something for every situation would be fantastic.

2) Tyranitar, strong monster that can take on a ton of stuff and has the benefit of Sand Stream which can make it difficult for people to catch up with you.

3) Bilssey. Softboiling to heal any injuries in a pinch would be great.

4)Smeargle, YOu can fly, surf, and throw rocks out of your way as well as use Dark Void to knockout anyone chasing you.

5) Ghastly. Seriously, made of gas that knocks people out? Able to just fade in and out of a place? YOu wouldn't even need to start a fight most of the time.

6) Metagross. Super Computer brain with bulk? Yeah um that 50 digit password is gone and we are going to carry off your stuff now, bye.


Well-Known Member
This is a really good idea!

Scrafty- He can hit quick, hard, and then steal the treasure. He's the leader of the group.
Honchkrow- A lookout and if I need a surprise attack, he'll come from above.
Alakazam- He could pretty much just psychic away anyone who interferes. Also, Teleport for a clean getaway.
Porygon-Z- Hacks into electric inconveniences, to make the mission easier.
Weavile- The ninja.
Ditto- The last resort. He is only for extra tight situations, and for fun!

Together, we'd be unstoppable.