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Your Pokemon Theories

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by IndigoAir, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. IndigoAir

    IndigoAir Myth Hunter

    Post any of your theories about Pokemon - whether they be legendary, common, insane or logical!

    One that I have personally is pretty obvious, and I'm sure hundreds of people have already thought about it. But the three Pokemon that perished in the fire in Ecruteak that Ho-Oh brought back to life as the three legendary beasts were, originally, Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon.

    Also lots of people wonder why in the games Voltorbs are put in the place of item balls when Voltorbs are supposed to be much larger than Pokeballs... well, I read somewhere that they may have been a byproduct of the first attempts at mass-producing Pokeballs, so if that's true wouldn't it make sense for them to be able to shrink just like the Pokeballs are able to do in the anime?

    And I think that's all I've got for now >.>
  2. Mitja

    Mitja Veteran smartass

    Look. It makes no sense for them to have been eeveelutions.
    Ho-oh used 3 specific elements of the events that occurred and infused the perished pokemon with them.
    Lightning strike, Fire, Rain.
    Are you telling me it was a coincidence that the elements were the same as the elements of the pokemon?
    Of course not. The only way it makes sense is if the pokemon WERE NOT of these types before, but GAINED them because of this event.

    But Eevee has use around Ecruteak as tradition... there is the Kimono girls of course, but also the Protectors of the Tin Tower in Crystal use eeveelutions.
    So who is to say the protectors of the burnt tower weren't Eevee users too?
    Now Eevee evolves into different pokemon depending on the element of the source its exposed to. However only 3 of these are direct elemental stone evolutions:
    Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon.

    When Ho-oh infuses pokemon with powerful elemental sources from nature, perhaps it turns them into something similar to Elemental stones, just stronger.
    Like it exposes them to an overdose of elemental stones..

  3. Wolf Prince

    Wolf Prince Lycan Seraph

    The war that is mentioned prior to the events of Unova, in the pokedex:
    "This Pokémon came to the defense of Pokémon that had lost their homes in a war among humans. "
    "Spoken of in legend, this Pokémon used its phenomenal power to destroy a castle in its effort to protect Pokémon. "
    "This Pokémon fought humans in order to protect its friends. Legends about it continue to be passed down. "
    "This legendary Pokémon battled against humans to protect Pokémon. Its personality is calm and composed. "
    ~Pokedex entries of Terrakion,Virizion and Cobalion.
    If this is true and considering the fact it is mentioned the original dragon followed the orders of the "Hero". And seeing as this dragon split into two to follow the ideals of one hero and the other hero. Not to mention team plasma has a medieval theme. This would imply the muskeeter trio was present to the events of the two dragons, and could relate to the cause they were sealed in rocks(To save the pokemon who were hurt by the two heroes and two dragon fighting).
  4. Blood Red Absol

    Blood Red Absol AquaMilotic's Waifu

    I know this is a crazy one and a major long shot but with the release of the plasma gale series of cards, it features 2 that i find interesting; full art for Colress and Skyla
    sure enough in my fangirl mind i have automatically shipped them together, but the main point is that Colress has no background, so I have also automatically put him in Mistralton city as his home town
    (Don't judge me)
  5. Mr.FusRoDah

    Mr.FusRoDah Well-Known Member

    I have one theory - That Elgyem were up to the same theorized mission Clefairy were up to in the past, but failed a lot quicker at their mission of World Domination, due to the fact that they now reside in the Celestial Tower, where they probably fall victim to predation from the Life-force leeches known as Litwick...Possibly due to massive inbreeding from generations of space travel in their UFO...
  6. IndigoAir

    IndigoAir Myth Hunter

    That theory makes sense as well, but I don't see how one minor difference (ie the fact that the Eevee were not yet evolved) takes it from making sense at all to suddenly making perfect sense :p I'm not saying mine is right, I'm just saying it seems a little unnecessary to dismiss it so harshly.

    Who knows what was going inside the tower at the time? Maybe it wasn't just a freak storm. Perhaps the lightning strike was caused by Jolteon and the rain was brought on by Vaporeon trying to save the Pokemon before it died. Maybe Ho-Oh's resurrection just enhanced the elemental properties that were already present within the Pokemon. Compared to legendary Pokemon, even the Eeveelutions would not be that powerful, so it still makes sense (at least I think so) for Ho-Oh's power to have boosted them intensely.

    Either way, it doesn't really matter to me :p The legends surrounding Ecruteak are some of my favourite points in the series so it's just fun to think about it.
  7. Mr.FusRoDah

    Mr.FusRoDah Well-Known Member

    This would make perfect sense, that the progenitors of their species were born in this fashion. I do have a theory myself, about legendaries and reproduction - Most legendaries reproduce under very rare or unusual circumstances, in which cannot be simulated in a daycare. Kind of like how Pandas were until recently impossible to breed in captivity.
  8. lovelyteddy

    lovelyteddy Member

    Not sure if this is a "theory" perse, but when I was young, back when Pokemon GS came out I thought Ho-oh would evolve from Farfetch'd. (My reasoning was that a Farfetch'd appeared in the theme song right before Ho-oh and they kinda look similar with their head markings.)
  9. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    Well, let's see, I have quite a few, some of which aren't originally mine but were so good that I adopted them into my own headcanon. One in particular comes from Poliwhirl'sMittens (which I later expanded on myself) and states that Pokemon breeding is not sexual intercourse as we know it, but rather, it involves the two Pokemon pooling their energies together in order to create an egg, which they refuse to do if they are being observed. Additionally, I believe that the pooling process can be influenced by the presence of certain aromas, which is why incenses have an effect on the joining's outcome.

    As an overarching theory of my own that pertains to the "energies" involved in the breeding process, I believe that the Pokemon universe is fully permeated by a fundamental, omnipresent, neutral energy that can affect the environment through its mere presence. I believe that this energy can be channeled or converted into matter by Pokemon through concentration or moments of high energy, which explains where the stuff involved in performing attacks and where the extra mass seen during evolution comes from. I also believe that a Pokemon's typing is inherent to the Pokemon, and that this is what determines the kinds of attacks they can use. The attacks that they perform are fueled by the Pokemon in question channeling this energy, through either Physical or Special means, and forming it into an attack that interacts with the opposing Pokemon's inherent typing (which stems from the omnipresent energy; it works as a base for their typing and can be considered akin to the Normal-type in nature), which explains weaknesses and resistances. I also think that when breeding, the Pokemon involved draw from this energy field in order to create their egg.

    Now, where did this energy come from? Well, I believe that it came from Arceus. I believe that prior to the creation of the Pokemon universe, everything swirled around in a vortex of chaos. Some of the elements within the chaos eventually came together and formed Arceus' egg, and when he hatched, this neutral energy (which corresponds to the fact that Arceus is a Normal-type but can change his typing when exposed to a bundle of specific elemental energy (Plates); he is the only Pokemon that can do this because he is the first instance of this energy and ergo, possesses the "purest" portion of the energy within himself) was released as a shockwave that organized the chaos into a malleable matter (although some samples of the chaos organized into packets of antimatter and were shunted off into a parallel dimension). This was the birth of the universe, and at that time, the Unown came into being as simple manifestations of this power, which Arceus could focus his will through in order to create things. Using the Unown, he then created Dialga, Palkia and Giratina and gave them the ability to control time, space, and antimatter, respectively. Then he created the Pokemon world, while the dragons retreated into their respective dimensions. Arceus created a supercontinent on this planet, although it later broke apart into separate regions. He then created Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit and imbued them with the gems in their foreheads which can be brought together in order to manipulate dimensional gates (hence Cyrus' creation of the Red Chain). Later, other powerful Pokemon started coming into being (Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Heatran, the Original Dragon), and then Mew came into being as well, and over time, gave rise to all of the lower Pokemon. Humans came in at some point as well, and some of them have the power to interact with or manipulate the energy field on their own (explaining aura and psychic powers).

    It's important to note that in this theory, Arceus is not a god. He's exactly what I believe him to be; a very powerful Pokemon with the ability to create and shape matter. He is not a transcendent or divine entity of any sort. Also, he did not create every Pokemon (not directly, anyway), nor did Mew spawn all of them. In this theory, both of those ideas are somewhat right, to a degree, in their own ways.

    As a side note, I believe that Legendaries breed asexually, by performing the pooling process on their own (because they have the power to not need a mate), but doing so requires that the rest for a long period of time, which is proportional to their relative power and the energy used to create the egg. Hence, Arceus' reproduction could only occur once every ten millennia or so, meaning that they would have a very low birth rate.

    Also, I came up with the theory that Ghetsis' cane is based on the perfected Colress Machine technology, and that not only can it awaken a Pokemon's latent power, but that it can control it as well.

    *whew* I think I need some Halloween candy to recover from typing all of that; I didn't even go into as much detail as I could have. :p
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
  10. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Cloysters are living Gastlies, and Gengar is Clefables Shadow. Other than that, I got nothing
  11. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    Ash's Pikachu and Ash's intelligence gets reset after every region.

    Oh wait...

    I believe that Arceus's reawakening form is a weakened one so we can trap him in balls. Arceus is still pretty darn strong when weakened, so the full force Arcues... smack smack let's destroy Kanto! xD Jkjk
  12. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    1. That if the OD were to be created, it would be highly unstable and impossible to maintain it's form for long (I had a hwhole rant about this in Original Dragon Math)

    2. Rotom was created by the electromagnetic waves emitted from the TV in the Old Chateau, that elctromagnetism then imbued with Gastly residing in Eterna Forest, the mixture of these two had reached such high temperatures it eventuially created plasma, and Rotom was able to cool itself.

    3. Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza were created due to high pressure in ocean, land, and ozone layer respectively.

    4. Arcues did come from an egg, and created Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Dialga, Palkia and Giratina maintained balnce until Dialga and Palkia started fighting. From the fighting, Giratina quickly joined in, but being more violent than the other two, it was banished to The Distortion World by Arcues, not only because of it's violence, but also because the Distotion World needed Giratina to stay in it to maintain balance between the two worlds.
  13. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    Ash is immortal because he secretly sucks the life force from his companions.

    At least to me.
  14. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Unova could be like a fountain of youth... In the Anime, in all the other regions, he got older, or it seemed like it, and when he gets to Unova, he is ten again, Still has Pikachu, but no other Pokemon either? Plus, at the beginning of bw, he says something about being 10. I doubt a 10 year old could travel through 5 regions in a year. I just think its weird. :p
  15. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Ex-Admiral Insane Wannabe Champion

    Generation V might be the last one (at least in the anime).
    No real reason to suspect this other than that the boss of Giovanni, the original main villain of the series, finally showed up and battled Ash.
    Kinda like the End Boss that teased you in the beginning of a game and you finally defeated in the last stage.
  16. Mitja

    Mitja Veteran smartass

    I have deduced a pattern behind the types of legendary trios.
    Im not sure of its validity myself, however the most recent trio fit its prediction.
    So I am more confident about it now than I was in gen III, but Id still need to see the gen VI to get much closer to confirming or disproving it.

    Here goes my theory:

    Everyone knows the elementally diverse types of the first trio ;144;;145;;146;.
    Ice, Electric, Fire

    I think when Gamefreak started seriously developing GS, they already realized that they should shake the types up if this became a tradition for every generation.
    So instead of using the same trio over and over,
    or maybe completely different ones (which would work for 3 generations, maybe 4.),
    they decided to slowly change the types through generations.

    So they made the first change.
    Gen II
    (I noticed many people think that gen II still followed the "original" trio, but Water=/=Ice)
    Electric, Fire, Ice

    So they left out Ice for this round, but reused the other 2, because it still made a very elemental trio.

    Gen III
    Of course they couldn't use the same types (Fire & Electric) the third time, but Ice was only used once.
    So they made the golems ;377;;378;;379;:
    Rock, Ice, Steel

    Now the next step was the same as gen I->II
    Repeating the "new" two and add one that wasnt used before:

    The musketeers :638::639::640::
    Steel, Rock, Grass

    Thats all we got so far.

    So if there is any validity to them using this logic, I can predict that Gen VI trio will have one Water type and the other 2 some of the following: Ground, Poison, Dark, and less likely Ghost, Bug, Psy, or lol Normal.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012
  17. PokeTimmy

    PokeTimmy Collector

    I know this one is pretty obvious, but here goes. In the original Unova from B/W (two years ago), it is implied that the Unova region is very far removed from the other, prior regions we've explored (Kanto, Johto, etc.). In fact, the development team even stated that Unova is "located far away from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh." That is why you only encounter Unova-specific pokemon for most of the game. For instance, you're not seeing the usual rattata or bidoof wandering around the first few routes. The rivers aren't clogged with Magikarp and the caves aren't swarming with Zubat.

    However, after you reach Routes 11 and/or Route 16 and enter Eastern Unova, suddenly you see pokemon from all of the prior regions. If Unova is so far removed from the prior regions, how did these pokemon get there? And why are they restricted only to Eastern Unova?

    My theory is that the experiments with the Poke Transfer Lab have opened up some sort of gateway permanently between the other regions and Unova. This is allowing random pokemon from the other regions to be transferred to Unova without the scientists even being aware of it. After arriving in Unova, these confused pokemon tended to live around their arrival point (the Poke Transfer Lab) as they are unsure of this new region. This experimental transfer lab is the reason we see old pokemon in this area, and also explains why they are only found in Eastern Unova.

    A more practical answer is that Game Freak wanted to start a new chapter in the pokemon series, and therefore focused on giving B/W the same feel as the original R/B/Y by keeping the total number of pokemon wandering around to a modest 150 for the first half of the game. However, the game developers also wanted to introduce players whose first experience with pokemon is B/W to the other 4 generations of pokemon, so it gave them a bit of a taste during the second half of the game.

    But I really enjoy fan-made pokemon theories - anyone have any theory as to what exactly Giratina did or did not do to be relegated to the Distortion World? I thought that there were no "evil pokemon", only evil trainers?
  18. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    Well it does control antimatter, which annihilates with regular matter upon contact. Arceus probably assigned it to a world filled completely with antimatter so that its presence would present less of a hazard to the material world.
  19. Ex-Admiral Insane

    Ex-Admiral Insane Wannabe Champion

    Well, in the anime it wanted to exact revenge on Dialga (for causing damage). According to the info on Dialga and Palkia, the two have fought before because of rivalry. Quite possibly Giratina battled these two out of revenge and, being the antimatter pokemon that he was, ended up being destructive and thus was banished.
  20. PrincessPeachy

    PrincessPeachy Princess in Training

    I've always had a theory that most people in Pokemon are vegetarians. Or meat isn't a vital part of their diet, it's mostly made up of grains and vegetables, things where their protein source comes from alternative means. Or if there is sources of meat, it comes from things not classified as pokemon like there is an intermingling of fish that cannot be captured by pokeballs such a wild trout who live in the rivers along with schools of Magikarp and whatnot.
    Since it seems really weird for a world that cares about Pokemon so much to advocate going out and killing Basculin because IT'S DELICIOUS TOO AS WELL AS A FRIEND.

    Another is regarding the amount of One-parent families (game mostly) since it seems like everyone has only one parent (excluding Brendan and May). Since we know Palmer is Barry's father, I like to think a lot of parents - whether the father or mother - do as he did and go off to try and make something grand to support their family. So your Kanto father may have gone off to try and either become the League Champion or stake a piece of land to stand on and wait for passing by trainers to challenge and hopefully garner money from, sending back funds whenever they become available. (But this theory is a work in progress...)

    I also accepted the theory that Gym Leaders have a ton of pokemon at various levels so if a trainer first starts their journey in, say, Driftveil City, Clay has pokemon geared specifically for that challenger at levels 12-14. Just like if someone came from the other side of Unova and Clay was last, he'd have an arsenal of 46-48 level pokemon. Since I doubt EVERY trainer who heads for the Pokemon league starts at a small place like Littleroot/Pallet Town/New Bark, etc and makes a perfect journey hitting the gyms exactly as they should.

    I also subscribe to some type of Pokemon War that Lt. Surge faced. : D
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