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Your sexual orientation

Your sexual orientation and gender.

  • I am a straight male.

    Votes: 128 54.7%
  • I am a straight female.

    Votes: 24 10.3%
  • I am a bisexual male.

    Votes: 23 9.8%
  • I am a bisexual female.

    Votes: 12 5.1%
  • I am a homosexual male.

    Votes: 34 14.5%
  • I am a homosexual female.

    Votes: 5 2.1%
  • I am an asexual male.

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • I am an asexual female.

    Votes: 6 2.6%

  • Total voters
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7 tyranitars

Well-Known Member
I'm male, I like girls, however you never know how it turns out later..


I had a bisexual phase. Didn't care much for it. I'm as straight as a claymore.


Ash's fangirl
I'm a straight female IMO but I might fall in love with another female if I can't find a guy :p


Infernus Rex
god.. i just dont get that term.... at the end is bisexual u like it or not, well at least that's what i feel, i mean even if someone is transgender or whatever u want to say, at the end they are women or men :/
(just giving my point of view, not claiming im right :p)
weeeell sorta!
I've been told by my bisexual friends that to them it does matter the gender of their current partner, that that is one of the reasons they chose them and w/e. I personally have never cared about that. Ever. o_o

It's like that Fairly Oddparents episode when Timmy wishes everybody was exactly the same and they all turn into grey blobs XD



Bear Inside
It's like that Fairly Oddparents episode when Timmy wishes everybody was exactly the same and they all turn into grey blobs XD


xD, loved that one
and well, i guess im adding that term to my dictionary;107;

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
Look at my sig (IT SAYS IT ALLLLL!!!!!).

(Sorry, that was random......)


Written Insanity~
Bahahah. Never thought I'd see this as a poll. xD That's fun.

Much like a swing, I go both ways. :) Hahahah. And yes, that is a crappy bisexual reference. I couldn't come up with anything witty on the spot. xD
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Shade of Blue
Straight male.

But to be honest, I would be gay for Lady Gaga.


Mr. F
Straight. Does this really matter? (And why am I even posting here?)

Also lmao at MKFC.

dark rift

Well-Known Member
I'm straight I guess... I rarely have sexual thoughts though, even though I'm a bloke.

I am also metrosexual, and sometimes camp (I can just put on an accent and say I'm Italian though).
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Guardiana Cristálica
I'm a heterosexual male, I think knowing your sexuality when you're young is always better than not knowing it and suffer the pain of getting married with a guy/girl you just don't love because your sexual position makes you really don't love him/her.

Yes, I'm actually a furry.
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The Champion Cynthia
I'm bisexual, and have been for many years now. I did go through a period where I tried to suppress those feelings, but that just made me depressed; but now I am old enough to be comfortable with myself and not care what other's think of me.
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