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Your Shipping List (Updated: September 23rd, 2020)

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♥~♥~♥ Your Shipping List Thread 2.0 ♥~♥~♥

Old thread

Welcome to the brand new Shipping List thread! This thread is not only a place to list and explain the shippings you support, but a place for shippers to keep track of their shippings. If you end up becoming disinterested in one, you can edit your post as well as continue to add more shippings to your list as you wish. This does not just have to be a Pokemon shipping list - it can be from any fandom you want.

This thread can also bring shippers closer together. You may even discover you and other users ship a lot of the same characters, or share the same interest in certain shipping(s), and boom, a new friendship is born. Remember, you don't have to use this thread just for reference, but also as a way to make friends too!


  • All SPPF rules apply!
  • You have to support at least THREE shippings in order to post here. You must also explain why you support the shipping. If you can only think of, "because it's cute!" then please do not list it.
  • Make sure to include the name of the shipping along with the characters in it. Not everyone will know what x-shipping is, regardless if it is popular or not. If you are unsure of the name, ask here
  • Absolutely NO Bashing or Flaming!
    Example: "I like Pokeshipping because I hate May and Dawn!" That is not a valid reason. Any negative comments will not be tolerated!
  • You can list your shippings in any order you want - alphabetical, OTP to least favorite, etc. Please separate your lists/fandoms/shippings in spoiler tags to make your post more organized. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DOUBLE OR TRIPLE POST BUT ONLY IF YOUR LIST DOES NOT FIT IN ONE POST!
You may include images or fan art along with your explanations! Please bare in mind that you may not direct-link (i.e. using the tag) more than 500 kb worth of images in a single post. If you wish to post images that are not your own, please remember to credit the original artist and make sure you acquire permission to use their work on this forum!

  • Be patient! Many of us have responsibilities outside of SPPF. We will add your addition when we can. If you do not want to be added to the list, just let me or another mod know.
  • If you have gotten your name changed, PM either myself or xEryChan and let us know.
The List


Got any questions or concerns? Contact either Meowth City or xEryChan.

Otherwise, enjoy!
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Maya/Franziska (Ace Attorney)

They’re my two favourite girls from the Ace Attorney Game series. You wouldn’t believe that they’re the same age. They both have strong believes and an interesting family background. I love Maya’s cheerful attitude and Franziska’s determination to be perfect. It’s a mixture of opposites attract and similarities spark. They don’t interact as much as I would like to, but I think it would be a mixture of kinkyness, comedy and sweetness. I would consider this to be my ultimate OTP. It makes me happy and gives me a reason to be creative.

Phoenix/Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)
When I got into Ace Attorney I quickly got exposed to this pairing and understood why this pairing is so beloved by the fandom. Their interactions are a sheer delight for people with shipping goggles.

Juniper/Athena (Ace Attorney)
I fell in love with this pair after playing Dual Destinies. Juniper and Athena have such lovely personalities and they're so sweet. I love how Athena declares she will defend Juniper when she is wrongly accused of murder.

Athena/Simon (Ace Attorney)
Another ship that I really like. I like their interactions and I think both characters are awesome. They've been through so much. This is a pairing that I think would be nice if it was canon.

Wishfulshipping: Cilan/Iris (Pokemon)
I haven’t seen a lot of BW anime, but Cilan and Iris in the games are fabulous. I love their personalities and I think the two of them compliment each other in every way to the point where I find it hard to imagine them separated.

Advanceshipping: Ash/May (Pokemon)
This has been one of my favourite pokemon ships for a long time. I think I've written quite a lot of advanceshipping fics over the years and also seen lots of fanwork about it. Some of it still here, some of it not but I always enjoy advanceshipping no matter the skill level of the creators.

Appealshipping: Dawn/Zoey (Pokemon)
There are lots of ships including Dawn that I like but I think I like this one the most. I like their chemistry and they just click to me.

Link/Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda)
I’ve been exposed to the pair for a long time. In nearly every version of the Zelda games, Link tries to save the day and Princess Zelda. Link has gone through hell and back just for her and I love how Zelda always believes in him and comes in many forms to help him on his way. ZeLink is just an iconic pairing in my eyes.

Chisato/Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu)
This ship introduced same sex shippings to me. I started shipping them right from the moment the met each other. I thought it was such a cute pairing at the beginning and loved how they were close friends. After all these years since I’ve last saw it and after the dramatic twist, I still haven’t changed my mind about this pairing.

TK/Kari (Digimon)
This was one of the first ships I ever supported. I have been shipping this since I was nine, I’m 16 now so that would make it seven years now. Well Apart from all the light and hope complimenting each other, I really liked both of their characters and it was kinda cute the way the pair of them seemed close.

Shuichi/Yuki (Gravitation)
I love Gravitation and I think their chemistry is explosive, but when they return to their senses it can be gentle and intimate. I think Shuichi and Eiri would have been one of those rare celebrity couples that would actually go the distance and survive. While it is an unhealthy relationship, I also think they are the most unique and most memorable couple in any other anime I’ve seen.

Tyson/Kai (Beyblade)
I really liked the idea of them as rivals at first and I liked how slowly they started to become friends. Throughout the three series, their relationship with each other went up and down. The battle at episode 30 was highly entertaining, and then all this stuff about the stars and the two of them in their own little world and with Kai explaining why he couldn’t choose Tyson as his partner. I think the scene was perfect and the whole ending was perfect. I used to be a very active member in a Kaitaka forum.

Lorcan/Grace (Vampirates)
If you have not read Vampirates, I strongly suggest you do. The plot is excellent and the relationship between Lorcan and Grace has a lot of tension and makes you want more and more. Even though Grace is hard willed and wants to do things on her own, Lorcan eventually comes overprotective. I think it’s one of the most highly developed couples and relationships I ever read, on top of that it’s a creative book series and I loved seeing their relationship blossom.

Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)
I have a hard time choosing between Jane and Anne with Henry as my OTP, but I feel as if I have made up my mind and I think Henry/Anne is my OTP in The Tudors as I think Showtime did an amazing job with the cast and the writing and made me feel I can ship these two together. I also ship Henry & Anne in other versions as well as the historical version. I just thing it’s a very exciting pair that really keeps me interested.

Cesare/Lucrezia (Borgias)

They are described as being some of the most evil characters in history, but Showtime make this couple look so perfect and dreamy. It’s forbidden love and their siblings which makes this ship very complex as they both cross some very fine lines.

Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)
This always seemed like fate for me. I love their characters and they always seemed to be a perfect match. When I first got into the series, I had a gut feeling they were going to be canon. The epilogue in Deathly Hallows really satisfied me after everything they’ve been through together.

Jon/Dany (Game Of Thrones/A Song Of Fire & Ice)
These two are my favourite characters and even though they are a never-met pairing, I feel that these two could have so much more if they ever met. They are very complex and amazing characters that represent the fandom so well.



Here are my main ones I like a lot though.

Ash/Yellow- I really love this ship, both are so sweet I think they fit together really well it's my OTP for life

Gary/Misty- I know they don't have much hints but I still think it's a good ship

Red/Serena- I don't just ship this because of Ash/Yellow I think they geniunely go well together

Gold/Lyra- Just really adorable I think they got along well in the games and if Lyra had been in the manga I think it would have happened

Jimmy/Marina- it's very forgotten now but I still love it.

Crystal/Silver- This ship is just adorable, I loved the HGSS chapter

Drew/May- Just amazing!! So many hints it was my first ship

Leaf/Brendan- I find this ship super cute, and my friends who roleplay Leaf and Brendan have done stuff with it that makes me like it

Captive hearts of Oz manga

(I've only read the first issue tho)

Kro/Dorothy- I think Kro and Dorothy's kinda on off friendship was adorable

Nick/Hayward- Buddies!

Leon/Locasta- Because of their meeting :) I think Leon thought that Locasta was cute

Kid n Teenagers webcomic

Chris/Betty- It is sooo gonna be canon, I can just feel it. The hate to love~

Nick/Ted- They're so adorable together, Nick makes Ted so happy!

Aiden/Judy- A fanfic made me love it


Please bear in mind that howsoever this list has/will shape up, it will never be comprehensive.

AbsoluteControlShipping (Cyrus/Akagi & Giovanni/Sakaki)
Here's a rarepair with immense potential. One's a man with basically everything he could ever want, the other, one who needs nothing. Both intellectuals who reject the many sentimental things the world has to offer. And although they can't relate to most people, each can relate in many ways to--and on many levels with--the other.

AlphaFemaleShipping (Courtney/Kagari & Shelly/Izumi)
It sort of seems to me that Shelly wants to get Courtney out of her super toxic, one-sided obsession with Maxie. I'm also under this impression that Courtney has this fascination with Shelly's free spirit.

AntiGravityShipping (Colress/Akroma & Ghetsis/G-Cis)
This is easily the most unhealthy, parasitic relationship on the list. Between Ghetsis's perpetual need for physical and psychological reassurance and Colress's blatant disregard for himself and others in the name of science: two humans who otherwise should not be allowed within walking distance of the other cooperating in selfish pursuit of fantastic goals. And that's, well, *giggles*...delightful.

DarkParadiseShipping (Guzma & Professor Kukui)
ALL THE FEELIES RIGHT HERE. The simple suggestion that Kukui was perhaps Guzma's only friend as he endured a childhood rife with abuse? At least Kukui's personality and behavior in-game seems to hint that he still cares greatly for Guzma...

HardenShipping (Archie/Aogiri & Maxie/Matsubusa)
Anyone who played ORAS who'd dare deny this can fight me (joking!). The fact that both had keepsakes in their rooms from their days in Rocket makes this one a no-brainer. (Also, ARCHIE'S COMMENT ABOUT MAXIE'S BACKSIDE was a thing.)

HonorShipping (Falkner/Hayato & Morty/Matsuba)
(This was probably my first true Pokemon game ship.) This ship's entire aesthetic has so much depth and meaning to it. I absolutely love it.

InterimShipping (Archer/Apollo & Saturn)
What do you do with workers who admire bosses you ship hardcore? Lather, rinse, repeat! But in all seriousness, I can picture the chemistry between these two by way of their shared fierce work ethics.

MeanBeanShipping (Mohn & Lusamine)
One of the few new (canon!) heterosexual pairings I've developed a real weakness for. Can you believe that I'd grow so fond of it so quickly that I would be the one to name the damn thing? I wish I wasn't such a sucker for tragedies, but c'est la vie....

PerfectWorldShipping (Lysandre/Fleurdelis & Professor Sycamore/Platane)
Playing XY in Japanese while hardly paying attention to the intricacies of the story line didn't stay the avalanche of emotions this pairing brought crashing down on me. It's genuinely heart-wrenching to see these two trying desperately to exclude the other from being incriminated in their independent world views/realities.

PhaesporiaShipping (Cynthia/Shirona & Diantha/Carune)
This pairing is oh so cute and undeniably cool at the same time! Were these two Champions ever to meet, no doubt they'd hit it off immediately.

PoliceShipping (Looker/Handsome & Nanu/Kuchinashi)
I was open to the idea from the get-go because of the whole Interpol agent-colleague relationship these two had in the past. I can't remember ever saying "no" to some true-blue good cop-bad cop action drama, so why ever would I do differently here?

RirishiiShipping (Nobunaga (Conquest) & Ranmaru (Conquest))
This is mainly due to my predisposition for most any incarnation of Nobunaga/Ranmaru as a romantic pairing. Pokemon--or rather, Conquest--is just one of the better ones.

SeaMountShipping/GaslightShipping (Matt/Ushio & Tabitha/Homura)
So, like, does anyone else remember when Tabitha went full tsundere after Matt referred to him as a "little Makuhita man" and/or compared him to a Skitty? Seriously! If that wasn't enough for me, I always envisioned Tabitha and Matt secretly being buddies: the kind of thing Archie honestly wouldn't care about, but Maxie would outright forbid. At any rate, Tabitha is in need of hugs and Matt's just the big friendly guy to deliver.

Ichimaru Gin/Kira Izuru
I mean, why else would Izuru cling to a creep like Gin? (I never said it was healthy, though.)

Ishida Takeru/Yagami Hikari [T.K./Kari]
My first ship, and one of the few Digimon pairings I will never stray from.

This canon pairing is still among my favorites after all these years. It's as heartwarming as it is hilarious.

Mink/Seragaki Aoba
Either I like older characters too much, or I have a terrible weakness for abusive relationships-turned-caring? (I certainly hope not...)

Let it be known that I love lord-vassal relationships, and this one is no exception.

Higashikata Josuke/Kishibe Rohan
Kishibe-sensei is so tsundere around this Jojo that it hurts. Even after the latter's shenanigans and tomfoolery--and claims of hating him--he doesn't seem to resist him as much as he could.

I think it's cute how an "old" innkeeper like Bardo would open his home to a shunned (exiled, more like) cat like Konoe.

Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka
This was my trademark pairing in high school. So much potential for (albeit goofy) romance and tenderness!

Rob Lucci/Kaku
I practically live and breathe for this ship right now. Actually, it's been like that for the last ten years! These two partners click in most every way imaginable.

Roronoa Zoro/Sanji Vinsmoke
My go-to ship for the series before Lucci/Kaku. I still adore it to bits because it's among my top rival ships.

Capricorn Shura/Leo Aiolia
Shura practically watched over Aiolia at behest of the latter's older brother--I can picture him developing a soft spot for him, no question. There's no denying that Aiolia admires Shura, either.

Oda Nobunaga/Mori Ranmaru
This ship is my Titanic. Wide-eyed Ranmaru is indubitably infatuated with his lord and master; Nobunaga meanwhile affords his young ward so much. C'mon, HE PAYS HIM IN SUGAR CANDY.

Shironuma Tetsuo/Sakiyama Youji
I cried rivers for this pairing after I saw their second (and third) ending(s).

Heshikiri Hasebe/Yagen Toushirou
If you needed more proof that I'm a Nobunaga fangirl, look no further: I ship his personified swords to boot. These two are so responsible and definitely work together better than most.

My current OT3. Japan's finest spears together have a tremendously great dynamic that fit their personalities well.

Kaiba Seto/Jounouchi Katsuya [Seto Kaiba/Joey Wheeler]
My favorite rival ship. Can't go wrong with this pair of foils, no sir!

These two care so much for each other. Hiei's stony exterior falls away for Kurama's sake--he's the only one of the group he shows concern for. Kurama meanwhile displays such warmth towards Hiei...
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Nerdy McNerdface's Shipping List - V2

Right so my previous list is really outdated now so this new thread is perfect for me to restart it. I won't add every Pokemon shipping I support simply out of time consummation, and I will add more from other fandoms now. The layout is also slightly different.

(This list isn’t exactly dated but I’ve gained many more ships that I love nowadays, and it’ll take a while to add them all, so bear with me.)

* means I ship it romantically.
* means I ship it platonically.

OTP - Riley x Dawn - god this is cute. The aesthetics of the designs go together perfectly, and Riley's personality seems like one that works really well with a mostly silent girl who enjoys battling like my version of Dawn in my copy of Platinum. The two of them also work well since they're both powerful in different ways - great trainer and aura user respectively - and that kind of idea really appeals to me. Also bonus for Riley being one of my favourite characters.

brOTP - Steven x Wallace - simple. It's a power-bromance between two of my favourite characters. I mean, look at the ending to the Delta Episode, or the climax of the Ruby/Sapphire chapter of PokeSpe. Nothing, not even death, can separate two true bros forever.

N x Hilda - two heroes chosen by the beings of truth and ideals, who clash against each other with one changing the other's outlook on the world positively? Followed by one leaving, and the other missing them so much that they leave their home to seek them? It's romantic in a really cool and dramatic way. There you have this shipping. God it's beautiful. If only B2W2 could've made it canon!

Alain x Mairin - I just adore how Mairin always looked up to Alain throughout the Mega OVA, and how Alain dedicated himself to making her happy after realising how his coldness had indirectly caused Chespie's coma. The two have really great chemistry together, and it really shows when at the end of the XYZ series the last scene of them is the two of them off finding mega stones looking genuinely happy together.

Gladion x Hau - of all the great scenes in Pokemon Sun and Moon, one of my favourites has to be the Aether infiltration scene. And the two characters who prevail within it are Gladion and Hau, two characters with polar opposite personalities and physical appearances forced to work together. And jeez, is it amazing and hilarious. It's a case of "opposites attract" that works perfectly. And not only do their opposing personalities work, but both of them also have missing dads! How convenient!

Curtis x Yancy x Lisia - how could a close friendship not work between three people who are essentially performers in different ways? Curtis and Yancy are both slightly shy, but really kind television presenters, while Lisia is an outgoing contest star. Despite the slight clash in outgoing and shy, I can see all three of them getting along really well and talking about new ideas for performances, television shows, contest routines and the like.

Cheryl x Mira x Riley x Buck x Marley - the chemistry between all the stat trainers is perfect. The kind heart of Cheryl fits very well with the naivety of Mira, while the outgoing determination of Buck works great with the shyness of Marley, and so on and so on. All five of them are so unique yet are so great together that I actually started writing an AU fanfiction where they all travel through Sinnoh together!

Diamond x Pearl - good god these bros in the manga. They may be pretty cute in a three-way bromance with Platinum, but when it comes down to it these two are the ones I ship enough to go in my list. Their comedy duo makes me laugh out of how cute it is, and just like my Pokemon brOTP, not even death can separate them.

Ash x Kiawe - These two in the anime... god I love it. They literally belong together. Also episode 22 is just screaming bromance.

OTP - Ukyo x Heroine - the dedication in this shipping is too much for it to not be my OTP. In order for the two of them to be together, Ukyo ended up travelling through parallel universes, dying in every single one many times and gaining a split personality from all the trauma before finally fulfilling his wish. That's a lot of determination. A lot. The CGs that are in Ukyo's route with him and the heroine are also really cute.

brOTP - Ikki x Kent - Now here we have two people with completely different personalities. One who is extremely outgoing and has dated tons of girls, and another who is slightly introverted and doesn't understand humans that well. What could make them bros? Maths. These two guys are in university and are mostly really serious, yet when it comes to Ikki solving one of Kent's maths problems the two of them just lose all their maturity and it's adorable. What also makes this ship amazing is that it's shown that Ikki feels extremely lonely most of the time since he knows that most of the people that claim to love him aren't actually in love, and most guys hate him for how much he flirts, and it's revealed that aside from the heroine, the only person who hangs out with Ikki as a proper friend is Kent. Also in one of the Spade route's bad ending Ikki and Kent go to the beach together. The ship just sails itself.

Shin x Toma - the two are just great as childhood friends. Their interactions in most of the routes are really cute, with the only exception being the end of the Heart route and the Diamond route. Their personalities also clash quite a bit as well like Ikki and Kent, but they still work quite a bit. One scene that especially shows their friendship is in the Heart route when they try to help the heroine remember her childhood through a game of rock-paper-scissors in which the loser would get slapped with a newspaper. It was a really funny and cute scene :3

OTP - Celty x Shinra - These two are so cute together! Celty may not be a human, but it doesn't stop her relationship with Shinra from not being adorable. The two of them are completely in love with each other, with Shinra being an adorable little dork whenever she's nearby and Celty being mostly calm and composed, it really works for a sweet couple! Also, another example of dedication. Shinra literally prevents Celty from doing her job of being a dullahan just so he can stay with her. As he says, he would "become a villain" if it meant he could stay with Celty.

brOTP - Kadota x Erika x Walker x Saburo - these four are the best squad in the whole anime. They all look out for each other, hang out with each other and work together throughout most of the series, and it's amazing. They also work really well as a team, even if Walker and Erika are obsessed with anime and manga while Kadota and Saburo are really serious. They're honestly just a breath of fresh air in a mostly dark and deep anime.

OTP - Jusis Albarea x Millium Orion - while playing Trails of Cold Steel I went through a lot of different ships for Jusis, who happened to be my favourite character, but I just couldn’t help but settle on this one. Jusis and Millium have a dynamic that I just can’t resist, and their story is incredibly compelling. Millium’s the most cheerful character in Class VII while Jusis is one of the most serious (and snarky too), so you wouldn’t expect them to form a bond - I certainly didn’t - but as both games went on I fell for them completely.

brOTP - Jusis Albarea x Machias Regnitz - I seem to have a thing for characters who are initially enemies that come to see eye to eye and end up as friends (even if they still hurl insults at each other every time they’re in the same room), and I knew from the moment these two started arguing that I’d end up with a brOTP like this. I actually wouldn’t mind if this ship was romantic, but read above.

Patrick T. Hyarms x Elise Schwarzer - now, I wasn’t a fan of either of these characters initially, but Patrick’s huge crush on Elise is part of what kicks off his character development, and it’s just really cute to see his awkward attempts at getting some time with her. Elise never really proved herself as a character I can really like but generally I can get behind a ship if I like at least one character and it’s well written enough.

Duvalie x McBurn - they’re my two favourite villains and are introduced together, and there’s a pretty funny scene in the third game where they’re mistaken for a thing, so I fell for this rarepair pretty hard. They’re another “opposites attract” pairing as well, with Duvalie being incredibly hotheaded and McBurn (ironically) being rather bored with everyone and everything.

All of Class VII - that’s technically 17 people including Japan-only releases, so I’m not gonna list them all off, but everyone who has been in and taught class VII has ended up becoming life-or-death companions with each other, and the way their tight friendship is written always makes me incredibly happy.

OTP - Yamato Hongo x Asahi Tachibana - when it comes to Akiba’s Beat, I was happily surprised at how many of the ship teases were mlm or wlw, and while this isn’t Asahi’s main ship tease, his interactions with Yamato and the way Yamato acts around him pretty much scream “Yamato loves Asahi” to me. The two are incredibly cute around each other, I really just can’t resist it. Funnily enough, even in such a small fandom, I’m not the only one who ships this!

brOTP - Yamato Hongo x Reiji Shinomiya - I love this dynamic to bits. Despite their initial introductions making them seem otherwise, both of them try to act a lot more mature than they really are, while trying to one-up each other on just about everything, leading to some incredibly entertaining scenes between the two. It also becomes rather heartwarming later on when it comes to Reiji’s arc and Yamato’s role in it.

Reiji Shinomiya x Akemi Ecstasia - for a character with whom a romance is part of their backstory, I wasn’t expecting to ship Reiji with another character. However, said romance involved a relatively bland love interest and it was broken up anyway, and that love interest (without spoiling anything) basically tells him to move on and find someone else he can care for. Akemi already has a fun dynamic with Reiji (to the point of giving him a nickname), so I fell for this one big time.

Kotomi Sanada x Saki Hoshino - Not much to say on this except it’s really cute, there are one or two problems I have with their arc but they ultimately share an enjoyable dynamic that I can really get behind as a ship with all the teasing.

Main Seven - For a game with so many flaws, they wrote the dynamic between the whole group of party members incredibly well, and I love all of them a ton. My headcanons also include the three non-annoying-mascot support members, but the game doesn’t really give enough time for proper dynamics to form there.

OTP - Kat x Raven - these two are adorable together. They start off as enemies but plot developments lead them to being on the same side, and although I haven’t yet played the sequel, the animated special highlights how the two are incredibly close to each other (and both love food a lot, which is always entetertaining to see).

brOTP - Kat x Syd - I’m always a sucker for mlf platonic pairings, especially when you can tell that those two people would die for each other without the need for a relationship. The two support each other so much throughout the first game, and although like I said I haven’t played the second one yet, from what I know, the two go through a lot together and it makes their friendship that much more compelling. Bonus for Kat being the super powered one.

brOTP - Alfendi Layton x Lucy Baker - like the previous ship, this is an amazing platonic relationship between a man and a woman that I love. Mystery Room was one of the first games I played and really got into, so I guess this ship has been sailing for a long time. I just love how Lucy supports Alfendi no matter what during the latter’s main arc, and it’s also really awesome whenever the two take down a culprit at the end of each case. This one does get one or two romantic teases, but it never becomes a proper thing, and while I wouldn’t mind if it did me I like it that way.

OTP - Sho Kasugai x Agito Yuuki - for once, it’s a ship that puts me though a lot of suffering! For those who haven’t played it, Lost Dimension’s main gimmick is that you need to erase five of your party members throughout the game as they are traitors. They’re randomised each playthrough, and since I played twice I got two different rosters of traitors both times - the only person who was a traitor both times for me was Agito. This was pretty emotionally harrowing, especially since THERE WAS LITERALLY AN ADORABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AND SHO GROWING. The way Agito speaks to Sho, and the way Sho wants to be his number one priority... you can certainly see why it’s popular in the fandom.

brOTP - Sojiro Sagara x Zenji Maeda - another thing about LD is that thanks to the trust system, character relationships are basically decided by who the player takes out together frequently. During my playthrough I found that doing a Healing/Link combo with Sojiro and Zenji worked well, so when I wasn’t figuring out who the traitor was, I’d always take them together. That led to their trust maxing out, and the rest is history I’d die for them now. Sadly this one also made me suffer - Sojiro and Senji we’re both traitors, but not on the same playthrough. Guess they’re destined to be apart like Sho and Agito...

Marco Barbato x Yoko Tachibana - time for my rarepair in this game! These two fit incredibly well together, in pretty much every way - Yoko is outgoing and sympathetic while Marco is closed off and shy, Yoko’s ability is telepathy while Marco’s is telekinesis, they even use the same weapons. There’s a small story moment that could arguably be tease between them, but this ship is more based on the fact that they kept being paired up mostly by coincidence on my second playthrough. Funnily enough they were both traitors on my first playthrough and neither were on my second playthrough, so these two DO get a chance!

Marco Barbato x Sho Kasugai x Yoko Tachibana - same as the above but with Sho because these three were my main trio by the end of playthrough 2. During that run I ended up splitting my team into two groups for a lot of the late-game quests - Himeno/Zenji/George and Sho/Marco/Yoko. I fell for this one specifically because they all use the same weapon and have kind personalities (although it takes Marco a while to get to that point). Also they can be called the Pistol Squad™ and that makes me irrationally happy.

This list is still under construction, so more is bound to appear later!
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shy shipper
Well here's my list again with a few extras... XP might fix it up later.

(warning: Ash. Ash everywhere...)
Palletshipping (Ash & Gary): So much development from Gary seemed to come from Ash (I guess it like that for most MC's though. They just help change everyone). Also it was pretty funny yet cute how Gary got Ash all riled up. While Ash seemed like the brash, reckless, careless, childish kid he was & we all loved, Gary was calm, plans ahead, is informative, calculating, etc... While when Gary got more on Ash's nerves in the beginning, with his character development they get along much more than before and have always respected each other. While they are different it's not so much that they would argue all the time & they did push each other to do their best. Also the whole pokeball thing.

(Dub? Movies)pokeshipping (ash & Misty): So while I may not be a fan of the anime of pokeshipping... I can kind of like it for the movie version. It's mostly because Misty's personality is a little different in the movies were she doesn't seem as hot-headed nor gets as frustrated with ash, & ash doesn't seem to be as irratated with her like he usually is in the series. While that seems more of a writing issue, i just never liked relationships where all they do is argue & put each other down personally. But besides them not arguing as much, I do enjoy Misty's quote from pokeshippers favorite movie 2000 'ash is never alone, cause he's got...me!' Very sweet ❤ and I also like him teasing ash (with also sounding a little impressed with him) in the Celebii movie 'ash climbs just like a mankey!'

OrangeShipping (Misty & Tracy): Misty seems to go good with more mature and less childish guys & usually seems to want guys that would do stuff for her and wouldn't mind helping out. While after Ash left they were seen to hangout some in some of the special episodes. With someone as nice and sweet as Tracy I don't see what Misty has to complain about in him & with.

IndigoShipping (Ritchie & Misty): While Ritchie is mostly seen as an "Ash clone" due to a similar appearance & pokemon, it seems most forget that he was seen more responsible and less reckless. But there is a little personality similarities as well, so I can see Misty liking him a lot because of that, and due to Ritchies calm & one to think things through personality, I think he would fit real well with her.

UniformShipping (Brock, Officer Jenny & Nurse Joy): Brock was a great and sweet man. While the other characters where all "Huh, Officer Jenny/Nurse Joy didn't we see you in the last town?" Brock knew and can tell the difference between all of them. He can also tell when there's an imposer NJ/OJ when the others can't. While he does flirt with every woman, that is the only thing that he has going on with NJ/OJ. Also, even if it was just a 4kidz thing, Brock had his own song saying that those two where the perfect girl for him.

Advanceshipping (ash & may): I do like contestshipping more, but I've grown quite fond of this ship as well. I usually like ships that involve people having similarities & differences between them. After all, I think balence is the key to everything, like human diet, exercising, sleeping, etc...

Anyways, they are both childlike, love to eat, like to travel, and are a bit neive.
Ash isn't too into shopping or dressing up, never really into contest, always loved Pokemon, immature during hoenn, and was a bit reckless.
May started her journey only to travel and was only interested in shopping in the beginning, got into contest when she learned about them but was never interested in Pokemon battling, disliked Pokemon at first, & shown some signs of maturity.

But besides all that there is more I like about them. Like ash seemed like it was the first time May started to want to open up to Pokemon seeing ash & pikachu's bond, as she decided not to yell at him for her bike like she was going to do in that moment. I also like that May took it upon herself to find another ship even when ash snapped at her in that one episode. From that I can see a very successful relationship.

Contestshipping (Drew & May): It was cool how both of them gained respect for each other throughout the series. Also I do have to question if all those roses that he gave to her were all for May's pokemon. Also, of you think about it, May is the one that trained and worked with her pokemon, so obviously he has to have some respect & admiration for her as well.

Blushshipping (Brock & Lucy): The only girl that returned Brock's feelings from the looks of it (well, maybe there was that girl in DP maybe, but it really didn't last long). Too bad those over-protective sisters or fans or whatever ruined any chance of that working. Still it would've been interesting to see how these two would've worked out.

Abilityshipping (Ash & Anabel): I like Angie with ash too. Anyways, since she is a frontier brain or whatever I'm guessing she's pretty smart and responsible. But at the same time her and Ash get along pretty well. While it's pretty one-sided (like with all the girls that crushed on Ash), she had at least got that while liking him (It's unclear whether Dawn & Iris had feelings for him, not trying to bring those ships down js) and gets along pretty well and they both enjoy each others company (again not trying to bring ships down, it's just that him & Misty arguing a lot turned me away from Poke and him & Serena don't really seem to have much going for them connecting-wise. But really I don't mind Poke & Amour and kinda like Negai & Pearl, just things that make me not care for it as much).

Comashipping (Ash & Paul): It's kinda the same reason as Palletshipping, kinda (thoughtIlikepalletshippingsomuchmore). While Paul seemed kinda interested in Ash (following him), Ash was kinda obsessed with him (even during the first gym as he wanted to watch Paul & really wanted to want him to watch). Also, it seemed even though Ash thought Paul was the biggest jerk on the face of the planet, he still tried to be friendly with him. Also what they have in connecting them is Infernape. While we heard that pokemon are a resentation of their trainer blablabla... it was interesting that Ash took him in even when he was Paul's pokemon first & that they worked so well even when Paul & Ash are so different. I guess I like opposite-attract thing, as long as it can be shown they won't be down each others throats all the time. While that might be the case in the beginning, like said above Ash seemed to have changed Paul & they now both have respect for each other.

Pearlshipping (ash & dawn): I'm not big on ash x main girl ships, & I definitely ship them with other people. But I've come to enjoy pearlshipping. After seeing how well they do get along & work well together makes me enjoy this ship. Of course nothing implies ether of them have feelings for each other beyond friendship. But I could easily see it becoming more, & it being a good solid relationship built on trust, understanding, and helping each other along (love).

Coldcoffeeshipping (Barry & Paul): Really, Barry is like some huge fan for Paul, & even after Ash beats him he only admires Paul. When Barry did confront Paul, we all probably thought the same thing: he was going to call Barry an obnoxious twit, that he's easily going to cream him, and tell him to get lost, or something like that. But nope he was much nicer. wut? But seriously, only someone like Barry can stand Paul.

LeagueShipping (Ash & Richie): Mix of Ability & Pallet here. They are similar & get along pretty well. But also Richie is more mature and think things through more than Ash. So while they are different to help mix out well with each other, they are similar in personality as well so they won't fight as much.

CollideShipping (Ash & Barry): Both of them are very hyper & overconfident (just... Barry is 100x more and more than Ash ever was). Also, while Ash found him annoying, he did look out for him and they seemed to somewhere in the series became pretty good friends.

FrappuccinoShipping (Ash, Paul, & Barry): Well, I like collide, coldcoffee, & coma, so why not all 3 of them together? Really, I would just be copy & pasting reasons here, but I've already mentioned why separately, and don't want to be annoying be repeating myself over&over&over... But hey we got 3 different characters here that have all been impacted one way or another by each other. While Ash & Barry can for the most part get along, they can be kept from getting into too much trouble with Paul around. And like Barry would take Ash seriously. He would defiantly listen to Paul any day of the week instead of Ash. He idolizes him after all. While Ash wouldn't take Paul's bs as much as Barry would & would also try to keep Barry from being too controlled by Paul so it all works out... Kinda.=x

Pearlshi3shipping (Gary, Ash, & Paul): Well like I said, Pallet & Coma is pretty similar, so why not have all 3 together? Well like above I really don't feel like repeating but why I like them so much is mentioned above (opposite but can get along, changed each other, helped them do better). Also with someone like Ash, I bet it would be nice to have someone else who isn't as hyper and someone good where they can just sit & chat.

Appealshipping (Dawn & Zoey): While they seem different, it helps even out their personality. They both get along quite well, and while Dawn's bubbly & charming personality can mellow out her out a bit, Zoey with her help can get Dawn prepared & has also given her some confidence. I'm usally not a big fan of fem-slash, but I really liked how well these two got along.

CloneShipping (Nurse Joy & Officer Jenny): Both unique girls, both everywhere. There's a lot of NJ's & OJ's out there and some had their own unique & individual character. But what's seen most in Nurse Joy's is that they are nice, caring, sweet, & responsible while most Officer Jenny's are quick to judge, very serious about work, & seem a bit little hard to get to know. So I think they can get along pretty well and while different, can blend pretty well. BBB

Negaishipping (ash & Iris):again not big on ash x main girl ships, but I find this an extremely underrated ship that I've grown to like. I am not a big fan of BW, but I've come to appreciate Iris & see good potential with this ship. There may not be a lot of 'hints' placed throughout the series for them, but there is all lot of things negaishipping has from other main girl ships that I've noticed other people like about the other main girl ships (besides may) with ash.
Iris is quite similar to Misty but got on more friendlier terms with him, as they swang on trees while Cilan was busy and ash ditched Cilan (from a subway boss battle) to have more of a 'date' than any other pokegirl & both enjoyed their time.
Iris got along great with like dawn did (as noted above) and was pretty similar to him as well.
With Serena people actually like some things about it that actually happened with Iris. Fact time: Iris was the one who stopped the bike gag and was the first to be asked by ash to travel with him.

Diodeshipping (Ash & Clemont): My gosh how Ash gets all excited with his inventions and how shy Clemont acts around him itsjustsocuteimsorry! They also get along great despite being pretty different, since Ash is brave & outgoing and Clemont is a bit shy and doesn't have much confidence in himself. But with how encouraging and kind Ash is he's really is helping Clemont get the courage he needs, and they both have some great respect for each other. And dang are they comfortable around each other.

SnapShipping (Snap-I mean Todd & Ash): Mostly at the end of Snap the CotD's episode, I just really like how they got along. It was also funny watching them interacting with each other.

Neoshipping (Cassidy & Butch): They work together so well. I'd say it's much better than RS and seem to really enjoy working together and enjoy each others company. They never put each other down, but say good things about each other from what I remember. Also, Cassidy mostly remembers his name while everyone else in the show angers him by messing them up. So I can really see a relationship working out between the two.

LaserbladeShipping (Clemont & Korrina): I think Clemont is just what she needs, as well as Clemont needs a girl like Korrina. Clemont is mostly mature and nurturing and got her to talk to him about her and Lucario's past, and Clemont needs a laid back but headstrong and outing girl to mix well with his personality.

Aureliashipping (ash & Lillie): I just think would they mix well together. Lillie is afraid of touching Pokemon but likes to learn about them, while ash loves Pokemon and isn't afraid to show it. I could see Lillie being a good influence to ash to study, while ash could impress her with his experiences he had with Pokemon & give her knowledge she might no be able to find in a book.

Blueangelshipping (ash & Lana): I just find their meeting adorable really. With ash being a fool out of himself & them both laughing. In the anime she seems more quiet while ash is brash & loud so I can see them helping each other grow.

Alolashipping (ash & mallow): they seem to get along nicely. Both are very friendly in nature. Plus mallow likes to cook and ash likes to eat.


Namelessshipping (Red & Blue/Green Oak): Well, since Ash represents Red & Blue/Green represents Gary, whats keeping me from liking this? When Blue/Green runs into Red in the games, it seemed he was happy to have him around to chat and brag.

huntershipping (Ethan/Gold & Silver): I swear Silver is obsessed with MC. I know he hates TR from his past & all, but recognizing him/her on spot & FORCING him/her to take off the uniform... what's up with that? Does Silver have some sort of hero-ish view of MC or something & HATES to see that ruined? Also, he's pretty much gets a lot of growth from MC and follows him around, so yea. Anyways, yea you can add Kris/Crystal (not Lyra, sorry) in here since well, MC = Ethan/Gold & Kris/Crystal (butasamoremslashfani'llgowithhuntershippingkthx).

SecondaryShipping? (Green/Blue Oak & Silver): I think it would be interesting if in the games they interacted. Also with Blue/Green's little character development I think it would be a good mix.

HeartGoldShipping (Red & Gold/Ethan): Both have similar experiences with beating TR & both being "mute" (no, they are suppose to represent you, & if they didn't talk, how would Oak get your name, etc...) Also, while it seems Gold/Ethan has a good relationship with his mom (calling her, trusting her with money, and mom helping him get stuff, etc...) Red hasn't seemed to talk to his in like 2 years or so. So I'm guessing Gold/Ethan knows a good healthy relationships, while Red, who just ran away towards the mountains, probably needs help in that department... But since in the games, it's suggested that Red & Ethan/Gold both treat pokemon kindly & with respect shows that they have some common ground.

FirstTrainerShipping (Red & Kris/Crystal): Same as above really. It's really cute, and I'm pretty surprised that its not as popular as Heatgoldshipping =C

TohjoShipping (Red , Blue/Green Oak, Ethan/Gold & Silver): Like all together, so why not all together? They all had a big impact on each other, so I think they'd all be interesting together.

MimicryShipping (Gold/Ethan & Copycat girl): He found her doll. She trusted him to go find it & most the time wasn't just coping someone to help find her doll. We really got to see more of her cause of that, & hopefully, that'll be a start to be just herself around others instead of just copying anyone she makes contact with than laughing at their reactions.

LoverivalShipping (Brendan/Ruby? & Wally): You can add May/Sapphire? in here too. Anyways, Wally got first pokemon thanks to MC, & thanks to that he was able to get better & be happier. Wally really looks up to MC & has grown as a character from MC.

HoennShipping (Bredan/Ruby? & May?/Sapphire?): They help each other out and also grow from each other. Bredan grows a better view of May? if you choose him and I find it nice that May could finally get a friend =3

DualRivalShipping (Bianca & Cheren): Well they are childhood friends & so each other pretty well & get along well. But they are pretty different so that they can mix well with their weakness but they obviously can get along and support each other.

SequelShipping (Hugh & Rosa/White(2)): They did a lot of things together & Rosa helped get his sisters pokemon back. It's also obvious that they are pretty close & Rosa is also close to Hugh's sister as well (since he went on a journey to get her pokemon back in the first place it's obvious she means a lot to him). So they work well with each other & help each other out a lot.

GreySkyShipping (Hugh & Nate/Black(2)): Really, basically same as above, nothing more can be said. Even though I like Sequel better because I think it's cuter, whoever you pick is who gets to do things.

ExpertShipping (Prof. Oak & Agatha): I mostly got into it in R/B/Y. "That old duff was once tough and handsome! That was decades ago! Now he just wants to fiddle with his Pokédex! "-Agatha. Guessing they knew each other when they were younger. Also Agatha seemed to have some interest in him, though it seemed that he was more interested in making his pokedex than noticing her, she got mad? Idk just how I see it. >.> But it does make me wonder what Oak thinks/thought of her.

AntagonistShipping (Lt. Surge & Sabrina): I can see Lt. Surge being attracted to a girl like Sabrina. Lt. Surge seems to have his stuff together to handle her. Also, it's pretty chilling or something imagining them together... or that's just me XC

BrightTomorrowShipping (Calem & Shauna): Fireworks, memories, fireworks... "I never watched fireworks alone with a boy before." Aww I just find them to be a cute pair. Wish that this was a bit more popular.

VanivilleShipping (Trevor & Serena): They just look so cute together. I'm sure Serena would enjoy someone like Trevor and Trevor would enjoy a bright but serious and calm girl like her.

Transceivershipping(Nate & Yancy): I find it cool that Nate finds her transceiver then get to know each other. Also, she gives him special pokemon & rides the ferries wheel with him.

LiveCasterShipping (Curtis & Rosa): Same as above really. Nothing more to say...

SailorShipping (Archie & Matt): Two hot manly man yes! Those two just seemed so close at the end of AS. Just loved their interactions and it just seems so hot.

CommanderShipping (Tabitha & Shelly): Both high admins on opposing teams, and I like conflicting team members to see past differences and get together at the end. With their old design they look good together. With their new? I'd say it's a nice contrast lol

Hardenshipping (Archie & Maxie): While both on opposing teams and the reason I like CommanderShipping even though I like Sailorshipping more. I like how their representation completes each other. Maxie seems like a more calm educated man even more so with his redesign in ORAS and Archie seems like the tough guy that intimidates to get what he wants. But they're both pretty stubborn and go for what they believe in so I think it be a good match. And since they both saw common ground at the end, I can see them going far and working out.

(Hau & gladion): I just loved how they interacted in moon. It seemed liked hay really changed gladion and hau seemed to grow to trust gladion.

(Sun or moon & Lillie): It seemed Lillie really grew to like the protagonist. And she also give him/her nebby, who she really cared for and was like a child to her.

(Sun or moon & Hau): I always thought Hau was just so sweet around the protagonist & liked how excited he gets to see them, and how he goes on to tell him/her everything on how he is feeling.


I'dbeverysuprisedifthisisashipping (Gary Oak, Youngster Joey, & Juggler Erwin): This is just for laughs: kicks & giggles. It all started with a roulette ship thingy & got them in a 3-some mix. Love to see how Gary would deal with a obsessed fan boy & an ego-istic kid who is obsessed with his "Ratatta" (Which is a Raticate).

???: (Red & Gary Oak): I think there more in there league. Gary made Ash look like a joke (Ash only beat him once, the other times Gary beat him. He was also mostly way ahead of Ash and made him look bad in comparison), and Red made Blue/Green look like a joke. Both seem more serious, but also have different ways of training, so I can see them balancing out but not be so different there always at each other.

Other Animation:


stevonnie (Steven & connie): they are just so sweet when involving each other. They want to be there for each other when the other is in trouble, is not bothered if the other thinks differently, and has shown to go to great lengths for each other. They also help each other grow & learn & balance each other out nicely.

amidot (amethysts & peridot): They connect so well when they were on the same side. It seems like peridot liked to make her laugh, & felt really bad about hurting her when she was just trying to be funny (after all, I don't think she realized that picking on the other CG was ok but not amethyst). She could tell something was wrong cuz she asked Steven why was she acting differently. And I was really surprised amethyst didn't yell at her (like I'm sure she would anyone else). And amethyst finds her hilarious and doesn't care that she can't tease her, while peridot doesn't get annoyed or even a little irritated with amethyst's antics or what not. And I found it cute that amethyst really wanted to take her to Funland & tried to win that alien plush she wanted so badly for her.

Lapidot (lapis & peridot): they have a lot in common: both were against CG at first & went against Steven (lapis did when she stole the beach), they enjoy living on earth now, they were influenced by Steven, there was a time when they both didn't trust & like the other CG besides Steven (I hope later on/past the point I'm at lupis will like the other CG...), both were stuck on earth one point in time & just wanted to go home... but they also have their differences. Lupis was stuck on earth just getting accidentally wrapped up in the war, peridot was just checking on earth's process, lapis was freed by Steven, while peridot was only let go by Steven for info on earths doom & became friends with him. Peridot was more open to try & be friends with lapis dispite her pushing her away (understand why that is though). Lapis was a more tragic & sympathetic character while peridot started off as a serious villain. Peridot was captured & stopped, while lapis couldn't be stopped, & was convinced instead.

I always liked characters that balanced some similarities & differences to each other. It makes since that THOSE are the best ships (not opposites attract or clones of each other who won't help each other grow). See, too much of something is always bad, & that includes clones being together or people who damage each other cuz they 'attracted' each other. But also what I like about this is when peridot in the beginning of that one episode talks into her recorder says that she will apologize, lapis will forgive her and will go to /insertbodyofwaterherethatperidotsaid together afterwords.

steven & lapis: this one is just so cute for me. They hangout in the city together and they were having a lot of fun together despite her being a mirror. And he got her to give back the beach water, and convince her that earth was a great place dispite so many bad things that happened there. And in the episode where peridot was trying to make it up to lapis, lapis only responded & came right down when Steven called her, & reassured Steven that 'it wasn't his fault' for the pool gift. I know that Steven & Connie are the ones that'll be together in the (if/when) end, but I think this one is cute & interesting as well. And I think it was sweet of her to trap herself in the ocean to protect Steven.


Zutarra (Zuko & Katarra): Meh, I think it's pretty cute. I think they had some pretty deep moments & would've thought this would've been in interesting end. Not really a fav really. I always really doubt it was going to happen, but Kataang was so bland. Katarrra mostly acted like Aang's older sister or mom, and mostly did not show interest in him besides seeing him as a friend. But I don't think that Zutarra would've ended badly or they would've been a bad couple. They both are pretty mature, and even when Katarra was pissed with him I think her & Zuko fought less than Zuko & Mai.

Sukka (Sakka & Sukki): So angry how unloved this (ex?) canon couple is, from AtLA fans & creators >C! It was the best canon couple in the whole AtLA AND LOK series! Most developed, made most since, they got along best together, wasn't just randomly put together one episode! Sakka grew to saw woman can be strong too through SUKKI. He got some TRAINNING from her. Suki was able to shape him up, while she enjoyed the goofy lovable guy we all love. They where crazy about each other & I just can't understand why this is so under loved T_T

Zukka (Sokka & Zuko): Both seemed to work quite well when they were in the fire prison. While ones funny & goofy, the other is serious & a bit grumpy. Though they've sown to get along pretty well.

Sokka & Yue: It was pretty cute. The way he made her laughed and what he all did for her. I felt really bad when Yue became the moon, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Jetko (Jet & Zuko): They have some similarities like they both lost a parent(s), both are serious & were set on a goal. Maybe if Jet could see that, maybe they could've at least been like bros and he wouldn't... =C

Taang (Toph & Aang): There elements are opposite yes, but there are some similarities despite that I think. Both are a bit child-like. Aang also put faith in her even after learning that she's blind. While Toph, call's him "twinkle toes". I think they complement each other quite nicely and I bet she'd love to have fun with him, while at the same time holding him back from doing something stupid.

MaiLee (Mai & Ty Lee): Yea Ty betrayed Azula for Mai's sake. Also for being opposites, they can get along pretty well.

Tyzula(Tylee & Azula): Ty's fine with getting dirty for her (she went into the sludge to try to capture the avatar, while Mai was like "no way"). Also, Azula seems very honest & friendly towards her. Defiantly a healthy relationship here.



Harry & Ron: Thought they got along the best. They also watched each others backs and helped each other out more than anyone else.

Harry & someone in another team (mostly Slytherin): It seemed like for the most part, house teams marry people in the same house. With how separated most houses seemed with each other, I was hopping Harry would end with someone from another house, even if it was just a Hufflepuff. Though best would be ether Slytherin, since that Hufflpuffs & Griffs get along for the most part, & that they've got a feel for Ravenclaw's with Luna on their side, and with Hermione seeming having Ravenclaw characteristics.

Neville & Luna: Both underdogs, nice to see them rise up together. They seem to be a bit simular, but with Luna being a bit odd, and Neville being into some odd things but being a bit more calmer than her. I think they'd make a cute couple.

Black & Lupin: Lupin being able to recognize him all those years, but know he's not bad. They also balance each other out quite well and work well together.


Sora, Kairi, & Riku: They all mean so much to each other. Kairi & Sora are just so cute together, and it seemed like Kairi really knows Riku. Like when he noticed he changed in KH(1) & knew he was Riku even though he looked like Xehanort's heartless. Also the ending with Riku & Sora was really sweet, and how Sora didn't stop his journey till he got Riku home was pretty cool.

Roxas & Axel: While I like Xion & Namine to be more like a sister to Roxas, Axel seemed to really care about him and tried to do everything he could for him. What really made me like it is that he said Roxas made him feel like he had a heart.

Axel & Demyx: For a fire user & a water user, they have some similarities. Axel seems pretty lazy, Demyx is too, and they both seem to like to have fun. It would've been pretty interesting to see them interact.

Terra & Aqua: Aqua seemed to really trust Terra. She told that sensei that he won't fail. When he feel into darkness, she went to save him even when she heard that he killed their sensei. And it was pretty cute what the two did when Ven handed them the tickets to... Disney Town? XD

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Reposting with a couple of new (old?) ones. In fandom order (ships may not be in favorites order):

Li/Sakura – Besides being canon, it's a cute, innocent little ship. I'm not too big on rival ships, but there was enough chemistry between the two before the second half of the series that even as a kid, I thought they were good together. This is probably one reason why Meilin was written into the anime, but I like Meilin anyway, and I don't think she truly counted as a “rival in love”, if you ask me, despite all the love dodecahedron that ran rampant in the series.

Chrono/Rosette – They were basically official from the start, but this is one of the tragic ships I like. But the ending-aside, I loved how they bounced off of each other in the anime (still gotta read the manga, I am aware their relationship's actually different in the manga), they were a lot of fun together, and it was sweet watching their relationship from a mere contractual bond to more romantic and loyal. I don't believe I watched the series subbed first time around, it had to have been dub all the way, and Hilary Haag and Greg Ayres worked well together. They're probably one of my favorite voice-acting duos out there, not going to lie.

Tomoya/Nagisa – Canon-aside, opposites attract. Nagisa, being the foil to Tomoya, brought out the good side and his real potential as their relationship progressed, and he indeed became a better person because of her. She changed, too, showing she was a strong person despite her weak countenance, and Tomoya was the catalyst. The meeting at the bottom of the hill was no coincidence. And also, on a personal level, I see a lot of my parents in Tomoya and Nagisa that it's kind of scary. (And then Grandma went on to say she's a lot like Nagisa, although I'll have to take her word for it at this time.)

But if I had to choose another ship from CLANNAD, I think Tomoya/Kotomi could've worked. It's not just because of the childhood friends angle, but because a lot of what he did for Nagisa also comes to light here with Kotomi, just done differently. I feel the reconcile at the end of her route/arc was too open-ended that I wish there was more in the visual novel to show they can be happy as a couple.

Wizardmon/Gatomon – Similar to Pokémon, I kinda have a history with this one in that it grew on me over time. I think back in the day, I may have been more for PataGato (which I still have a soft spot for), but the more I was on the Internet and discovered more Digimon fans (because I was literally the only one in my classes who liked Digimon), the more I realized shipping was a thing. And there was a small group of people on YouTube, DeviantArt, and FanFiction.net (who are no longer active anymore) who had a love for WizGato. They had many, many good points to their claims, and it's all-but-officially-canon at this point going through it over the years. This is also possibly the most tragic ship I support that it kinda emotionally gets to me. These two's relationship goes down pretty deep, although I think it's much-more deep on Wizardmon's side that I have a headcanon that it's possibly engrained into his coding. His death remains the most poignant in Digimon history for a reason: he died for Gatomon, not for the DigiDestined, or the fate of the Digital World. It was all for Gatomon, for her happiness. As long as she's happy, he has no regrets, no regrets that he may never be reconfigured although the Xros Wars manga proves he does return in the future. And even if he came back, he'd still sacrifice himself without a second thought as long as Gatomon was safe and happy.

Tai/Sora – Yes, I was heartbroken when they didn't get together. No, I'm not mad about it anymore. But I still like this pairing since they have great chemistry as friends that it can't be ignored. They have enough similarities and respect for each other that even when Tai got on her nerves, Sora still trusted him. And even after she got together with Matt, because Tai's best friends with both of them, they still get along very well that I think it would have been nice if T.K. and Kari had gotten together so they could've been a tightly-knit family. It could work.

Matt/Sora – I had to grow to like this pairing over the years, and I've been fine with it for a few years now. I still don't see the chemistry in the first season like I did with Tai and Sora, but she must've grown to like Matt when they got older. My guess is her being a big sister to T.K. may have helped with this, but it was pretty subtle that I don't know of many people who had actually caught on to it until they went looking.

Also, the dub made a (pretty good) song that's hilarious in hindsight. I wonder if they even knew, but what a damn lucky guess.

T.K./Kari – The pairing is too perfect, but I don't care, it's adorable. Whether-or-not they liked each other as more than friends is still up in the air (and I doubt tri is ever going to answer this), regardless of their character songs. They're very good friends anyway that I can't see them going their separate ways for long periods of time. (I mean, seems to be a thing as DigiDestined anyway that they need to be able to be in contact with each other.) Also, I think only Kari could put up with his collection of hats.

Davis/Kari – Probably my most unlikeliest pairing ever, but this one had to grow on me as well, though more on Davis' part. I seriously had to come to like Davis in order to appreciate his relationship with everyone, especially toward Kari. His infatuation fades over time, but they still remain good friends despite how awkward it might be with that knowledge there was a one-sided crush at one point. I feel like Davis is the kind of guy who'd be the bestest of best friends anyway, so even after moving on from Kari, he would still be there for her. It's still my least-favorite of the Digimon pairings, honestly, but I don't hate it. I personally don't see it working out, in all honesty, though it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Izzy/Mimi – The Internet got me into this pairing as the years went on, and tri has only made it stronger. They're not going to get together, but they bounce off of each other nicely that it would be great if they did get together. Also, it would definitely help in that Mimi would be the one to dress up Izzy because the boy doesn't have a lick of fashion sense (bless his heart that he's been trying), yet we love him for it anyway.

Ken/Yolei – Canon, but it was kind of forgotten for a while until the series ended. It was a nice surprise, in all honesty, and I don't think they're bad together at all. They appear to be very happy in the epilogue, so however Yolei had matured to get Ken's attention that he wanted to pursue her must be some pretty damn good character development on her part. She definitely had to grow up in the series, but she still had wriggle room. Hopefully, the Zero Two kids show up in the future in tri so I can see exactly how this pairing may have come to being.

Renamon/Impmon – Internet, again. Kind of a strange pairing, honestly, but there's respect between them that I can see them being at least awesome battle partners. Renamon's shown the most connections with Impmon anyway, especially when they were in the Digital World and she sensed Beelzemon's presence and knew who he was before anyone else caught on. For all I know, she's just that attentive to detail, but she had attempted to take the time to get to know him prior to the Digital World that his change basically shocked her when she first saw him.

Kyo/Tohru – I liked this pairing over time as I was reading the manga, there was just something about this grumpy redhead guy getting all worked up over this optimistic girl that made me giddy. Watching the story as a whole unfold and just how intertwined the characters actually were was a real treat, and it made me worry this was going to go down a tragic route because it was such a cute story and it just got darker as it went on. While I can't say much for Tohru since while she does have a personality she's just incomplete on her own, I do like Kyo's personality, and watching him grow up I think is one of the best experiences I had with a manga. That reason among others is why Fruits Basket still has a special place in my heart. In fact, Fruits Basket is basically the reason I have a grudge toward Tokyopop to this day, it took me a long time to be able to complete this series for myself. By that time, I already knew about the ending, but my God, I wish I had been more resilient in keeping up-to-date on the series better as it was publishing out here. It would've made the ending that much more special to me while also making collecting the manga less of a hassle.

Edward/Winry – I like their dynamic. I seem to like a lot of childhood friend romances even though I don't consider myself a fan of the trope, but this one I thought worked very well. The original anime made this a lot sadder than it actually is, but Brotherhood definitely touched upon it better especially when it came to Winry's character. Also, when I read someplace that an official artbook or something had a mention that Ed and Winry went on to have many children, I squee'd. Hard. (Meanwhile, it doesn't look like Al married anyone :(.)

Hamtaro/Bijou – It's one of my first childhood ships. For whatever reason, I latched onto this ship from the beginning. Kind of sucks Hamtaro's completely oblivious to love, and I think Bijou's crush fades eventually, but I thought it was cute. I was also a bit of a little shit about this, too, when it came to Boss, so there's a bit of a black mark on this pairing that prevents me from enjoying it to its fullest.

Keiichi/Mion and Keiichi/Rena – I seriously can't choose between these two at all, because both of them have extremely good validity due to their great chemistry, and I love all three of them as characters. The series itself teases both ships rather equally, so it wouldn't bother me either way who Keiichi ends up marrying. I think there's enough hints that Keiichi will end up with Mion especially since her grandmother took a great liking to him episode three of Kira notwithstanding, but again, I don't mind either way, hauuu~

Ryuko/Senketsu – No, I don't humanize Senketsu. Weird as it sounds, I love the amount of respect they have toward one-another by the series' end that I'm glad a lot of theories that were going around about who Senketsu was turned out to just be fan speculation. There's also something crazy about a girl being best friends with her article of clothing that I really took to it after a few episodes (I did laugh pretty hard in the first episode, though, their first encounter was bloody hilarious). Also, their personalities clash sooooo haaaaard, and I love that in a relationship.

Meta Knight/Tiff – Probably one of the strangest ones outside of Ryuko/Senketsu, and it may have a lot to do with the May-December aspect to it. Meta Knight is hundreds of years old, that I can gather. Tiff (Fumu, whichever you prefer) is probably at most middle-school age. She's still budding, and she gets random crushes on knights like your typical preteen girl, but the two are kind of like kindred intellects. Tiff seems to show some respect toward Meta Knight for this reason, although him sometimes swooping in to protect Tiff didn't hurt. But this all stemmed back to someone I follow on DeviantArt who really likes this pairing, and she made it work somehow while still keeping to canon (she always aged Tiff up when it came to the romance parts). I guess I was so impressed by it I just came to like it. And other people seem to like it as well, so I'm definitely not alone in this.

Mewtwo/Mew (MewShipping) – Do I have to explain? Everyone here who knows me, or of me, knows of my love for this pairing. This is the name I have made for myself on Serebii, and on FanFiction.net (and maybe DeviantArt). And yet this was a pairing that had to grow on me in order for me to fall in love with it. I can give credit to pokeplayer984 and Zerodius (and to an extent Knightblazer) for drawing my attention to their love for the pairing. Their stories varied in quality, but something about them clicked with me. I was probably just that easy to impress as a 13-year-old, and yet it's stuck with me for all of these years. There were times where I was nearly (or actually) obsessed with this pairing, and that's probably evident by how much I advertise it everywhere I go. I am clearly not ashamed of this pairing, and I'm always ready to explain myself to those who point out that it's "incest" or "not natural".

Ash/Misty (PokéShipping) – I think this might've been my first pairing before Hamtaro/Bijou, but I really adore Ash and Misty's chemistry. Their bickering is so natural, it's not hard to see why people latched onto these two back when the fandom was simple and not as… complicated as it is now. 4KIDS-influenced or not, I like to think Misty came to eventually forget about her reason for why she accompanied Ash in his travels the more she got to know him, and Ash stopped seeing her as some tagalong and became good friends with her. It's sweet that Misty visits his mother whenever she goes to Pallet Town, it shows her character's much different from how she used to be back in the first season. Kind of a shame we don't get much more of this.

James/Jessie (RocketShipping) – It's practically all but canon at this point. They've been through thick and thin together, and their bickering is more legendary than Ash and Misty's. How is it there's so little evidence there's more to their relationship? I bet Meowth has quite the stories to tell lol. Although I think Meowth is the key ingredient to their relationship, to be frank. They're a joke trio, but they're a memorable, lovable trio who clearly can't stand each other, but can't live without each other because they're all they have.

Darkrai/Cresselia (LunarEclipseShipping) – There's something... special about this one I can't seem to really pinpoint outside of "opposites attract", but I really do like it. While I do like Darkrai/Alicia when it comes to Darkrai in the movie, I think when it comes to the species itself in other forms of media (or even still in the mainstream anime), this is the go-to pairing for a duo. There's something bittersweet about it that I think fits this pairing well, although in most cases, I see it more as "sweet" than "bitter", but I suppose it depends on the circumstances.

Nova/Luluco – My most recent ship from the recent TRIGGER anime. It was summed up best in this quote: “A middle schooler in love for the first time is invincible.” And by God, that sounds amazing. And it was amazing in the anime. It's adorable and innocent like Li/Sakura, I just couldn't help falling for it. The ending was just as perfect as CLANNAD's when it came to making a pairing canon.

Bowser/Peach - This is actually rather low-key since I kinda swing back-and-forth on this one, but I was kinda won over with this pairing learning more about Bowser and that he liked Peach for years, and he wanted his son to have a mother. (Unless I just imagined this one.) I find that to be pretty sweet in some weird way, but given that Bowser usually treats Peach with hospitality shows his affection for her. Whether-or-not she returns it seems to vary from game to game, it looks like.

Blumiere/Timpani - From Super Paper Mario, this is another tragic ship I like, but this one at least ends happily (maybe, but let me believe it to be happy). The game's a lot of fun, but the story behind it won me over. This is pretty romantic, though the tragedy of it is why it's romantic and attractive to me. We may never know what they looked like or how long they knew each other prior to the game, nor of their future, but I think it was left vague on purpose. I have a bit of an affinity for vague backstories since it gives some elbow room to come up with scenarios on your own, and try to piece everything together with what we have.

Donatello/April - This is a weird one because I was kinda more of a Raphael/April supporter here and there. But even before I started watching the 2012 cartoon, I saw there were a lot of moments where Don and April got along very well pretty much throughout the franchise (or from what I have seen). They were never going to get together, though, so I never thought much about this until the 2012 cartoon came on. Then suddenly, it just started to be adorable, and in this series, I'm trying to not get my hopes up since the status quo and all that, but hnnnnngh why is it so cute. It's because Don's dorky, isn't it? I bet it's why.

Leonardo/Karai - 2012 cartoon again, and it's still rather low-key, but I can see this working out. Weirdly enough, I've noticed this pairing for a number of years, but it seems to be only just now that it's being explored as a possible relationship. Similar to the Don/April pairing, I'm trying to not hold my breath over this, but the chemistry's pretty good that it may actually have a chance.

Tora/Mayuko – My newest favorite that quickly climbed its way to the top. By all definition, I shouldn't have liked this pairing. Hell, Tora shouldn't have been likable. And yet he is. And Mayuko is precious, with a lot of hidden depth to her that was revealed over time. And she helped bring out a lot of good traits from Tora, who is a big tsundere, by the way, and he's very "dere" toward Mayuko. No matter how much he claims she's his dessert after he eats Ushio, it's obvious he cares. I do not blame Mayuko for coming to love Tora--in fact, it's downright adorable despite being weird because, well, Tora is a 2000-year-old manbeast demon, and she's in middle school.

Ushio/Asako – I like this enough to put this up here--next to the fact it is basically canon. Again, it's a childhood romance, they have great respect for one-another. And although there was a love-triangle until about half-way into the series, Mayuko willingly bowed out because she loves both of her friends and knew Asako well enough to recognize that Ushio was special to her. I'm not sure if Ushio loved Asako from the start, but when he matured on his journey across Japan, and Asako got more involved with what was going on, he came to realize he loved her. The ending seems to imply they're more like friends than boyfriend/girlfriend, but I think that's important to show they see each other as good friends before they're ready to pursue a romantic relationship.

Van/Hitomi – I didn't get to see the TV series until 2013, compared to when I saw the movie in 2005. It probably wasn't the best way to be introduced to the series, but I had just turned 13, I hadn't seen a mature anime at that point, I was just blown away by everything I saw on-screen. And that included the romance even though there was no kiss, let-alone hand-holding or even an actual confession, but it was obvious Hitomi cared for Van, and vice versa (was more prominent in the series, though―it felt more one-sided in the movie in which Van probably realized he loved her at the end just before she went back home). I think their hopeful message of “we can still see each other again if we wish it” fits the tone of the series, and especially the theme of eternal love.

Yugi/Téa (Anzu) and Yami/Téa (Anzu) - I kinda go back-and-forth on this one, and it's not one I'm active in, but it flares back up every time I check back into Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I can't help loving it. It was never the main focus, and it died down just before the Battle City Tournament (I think the date was anime-only filler, but who cares, it was a sweet episode), but I still liked the pairing. Seeing Darkside of Dimensions and being so proud of little Yugi growing up to be just as tall as Téa and just being Yugi got me to coo over it again for the first in quite some time.

But in terms of the Yami/Téa pairing, it's probably as one-sided as it gets, but there's something about the whole "sharing a body" part of it that makes things a little interesting. It's quite possible Yami just doesn't see Téa that way and he'd rather encourage Yugi to pursue her if he wants, but it still wouldn't surprise me if he found her attractive in some way or another. Again, since it wasn't focused on a lot after a while, it leaves a lot to the imagination to see how it is they could interact outside of being each other's cheerleaders, and I like the freedom in that.
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Wow look back to my old list....
Good times Good Times.
Amourshipping(Ash/Serena): Well What can I say about this ship. Well One I view this one as a ship because one I liked the fact that Ash and Serena knew each other before Ash even went on his journey. Serena gained a crush on Ash after he helped her. Shows her that he was a truly nice guy. She kept his words to heart to the day they reunited.Another thing I noticed is how much easier Ash is on Serena. He even tried to cheer her up with shopping the one thing he hated. Even giving up a gym battle for her Master Class....There I was asking "Who are you and where the real Ash Ketchum? XD This is my Top Tier Ash ship. "Never Give up Until the Very End."

Pearlshipping(Ash/Dawn): Ah the first ship I actually fell in love with. This ship got me into shipping. Ash and Dawn sure do have a strong friendship. They literally have helped each other grow As trainers. The high fives, High Touch, The double Battles they shared together made me enjoy them so much. And the teasing feom Lyra put it over the top. They literally push each to be better. And they have too much similar thing together like Piplup being outside its pokeball, Them seeing a legendary on the start of their journey...etc

Jetshipping(Hilbert/Skyla):I actually fell for this ship by looking at fanart. I know they had little bit of interaction but I enjoy What I got. Skyla is cheerful while I believe Hilbert would even her out.

Agencyshipping(Black/White): What can I not say about these two? Ship tease was over the place in the BW arc. With White getting asked if Black was someone special to her? To Black's overprotective over White's safety during the N encounter. And then boy Black didn't get a happy ending that is all I can tell you. And during BW2 arc...Prove that White is still hurt by what happen.

Ash x Harem: What I mean Ash and Harem....I mean Ash and his female companions. I always thought that every region Ash travels to he adds more girls he meets to his massive sized harem. And me being a major harem fan I of course I have to ship it

Yu Narukami x Rise Kujiwaka: Again we do I begin. At first when they met....They had a netural meeting. But after that she got sent to the tv world and Yu and his friends went to save her. Afterwards she began real flirty around Yu. It seems Yu don't mind her flirting on him.

Issei Hyoudou x Harem(Rias,Asia,Akeno,Koneko,Xenoia,Irina,Rossweisse,Etc) That is Issei's dream to become harem king. During reading the light novels...Issei is willing to put his life on the line to protect these girls and they willimg to be there for him. And after reading the 22nd volume He really going to be a great harem king and love each one of them.

Yoshimori x Tokine: Reading the manga...Hints that they liked each other were a treat at most. Yoshimori's vow to protect Tokine. And Tokine worries so much about Yoshimori's rashness. Even at a time she worried about him so much that She gave him the silent treatement. And that chapter where Yoshimori had a girl liking him....Tokine had a slight jealously even though she pretended that she didn't care who he dated. She mostly spied on them on said "date" Even characters in the series know how these two like each other.

Yusei x Aki: Now this one is tricky for me. They didn't have a great meeting at first. When Yusei helped out Aki not once but twice. She began to fall for him. Even Yusei might have liked Aki. He helped her become a turbo duelist just to understand Yusei better. And their ending together screams shp tease.

Yuya x Yuzu: Childhood Friends or Lovers. At first it seems that Yuzu had a crush on Yuya and Yuya was dense about it but as Arc V kept going on....They grew more intimate together. As Yuya traveled to dimension to dimension to save Yuzu. Shows how much he truly cares about her. Now only the final episode had them hug but I'm not complaining much.
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PokeShipping - Ash x Misty
I support this ship, because of the several hints they have together. I especially like how even though they fight a lot, they still show to care a lot for each other. Misty even made the hard choice of choosing to pursue Ash, even though Rudy had many things to offer Misty a happy relationship.

ShoppingShipping - Brock x May
I really am in love with this ship, stemming from Brock being a great cook, and May's love for food. I don't think it's completely Farfetch'd for the two of them to be in a relationship one day, when they're older. I'd imagine once they're older, Brock might notice May a lot more as a woman, rather than seeing her as a child anymore.

CavalierShipping - Gary Oak x Dawn
I absolutely love this pairing! Gary is an intelligent, yet slick Pokemon researcher, and is also a great battler. Dawn is a pretty Pokemon coordinator, and she shows a great interest in Gary for his relation to Samuel Oak. Since she's ten, it makes sense for her to be a bit silly about the idea that Gary could be a poet. After several confused reactions to Dawn, Gary in the end seemed really amused, actually giving Dawn a poem later on. I feel like that once they're teenagers, and more mature, they could really hit it off well.

RibbonBadgeShipping - Ritchie x Sakura
Okay, I really have this fantasy of an alternative side story in the anime, where Ritchie and Sakura meet up, and travel together. I like the thought of them traveling different regions, and possibly developing feelings for each other. I think Ritchie and Sakura could really get along well. I feel like they would start off as rivals, traveling separately, then meet up in Hoenn by chance, where they would then start traveling together, no longer rivals as Sakura may become interested in Pokemon contests. If you want to discuss this further, feel free to PM me. ;025; ;196;

ChosenShipping - Blue (f) x Silver
Just to clarify to new fans: Blue and Silver are not literally siblings. Anyways, this is one of my biggest OTPs! I know Silver called Blue his sister for a while, but I imagine that his feelings for her could change. I love that they still care so much for each other, even long after their escape. And I think Blue's feelings toward Silver definitely have changed to a possible romantic interest in him.

TeaShipping - Bill x Daisy Oak
Okay, this is my biggest OTP ever. I absolutely adore these two together. From Bill shielding Daisy with his own body, to Green making him nervous regarding Daisy. And they even have a nightingale moment in the ORAS chapter. These two need to date!

FeelingShipping - Green Oak x Yellow
I know Yellow is in love with Red, but I really like the idea of these two together as well. I think that over time, Yellow could begin to develop some feelings for Green, seeing as they live close by and can visit each other more often. I feel like Green had a little unrequited thing for Yellow, though Green being the way he is, would obviously not show it. If a sexy every-guy's-dream Blue doesn't seem to attract Green, perhaps a more modest and cute,
sweet Yellow would.

If anybody would like to discuss shippings with me, please PM me. I'm mostly looking to discuss manga ships, but I'll discuss anime ships as well. ;428;

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Been meaning to post this but kept forgetting and it's finally time I posted this. I do support a lot of other ships but these are the main ships I support and I can't even see another ship coming along and that one topping any of these. These are my favorite ships and I will go down with them.

Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
Why: This is the first ship that I ever truly fell in love with and it is my favorite ship involving Ash still to this day. I started supporting this pairing before DP even aired in America. The friendship that Ash and Dawn shared is what turned me into the hardcore Pearlshipper I am today. And there's High Touch, which is just the Ultimate Pearlshipping hint, if you ask me. I mean, there are lyrics in that song that friends would not say to one another. I just Pearlshipping so much and I can't see any other ship with Ash or Dawn even topping it.

Amourshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Serena)
Why: I love the fact that Ash and Serena are childhood friends and also that Serena developed a crush on Ash after he helped in the forrest after she got lost and injured. I wasn’t sold on this pairing until the last episode of XYZ. Serena telling Ash that he is her goal was adorable but the fact that she kissed him made it even better. It was nice to see her gain the courage to lay one on him. Although I am Pearlshipper and I think Ash belongs with Dawn, I will always have a soft spot for this pairing and Serena would obviously be my next choice for Ash.

Agencyshipping (Black x White)
Why: This is, overall, my favorite ship from the manga. So many reasons why I love this ship. It's so cute and they could not have made this ship more obvious in the manga. That last scene when White left to go to the Battle Subway was just the most adorable thing, I swear. I just love these two together.

Transceivershipping (Nate x Yancy)
Why: This is totally one sided on Yancy's side, she clearly had a crush on Nate. She was always blushing whenever he called her. This ship is so cute and is definitely one of my favorite game ships.

SnowLilyshipping (Hau x Lillie)
Why: Not gonna lie, I am fully convinced this ship is one sided canon on Hau's side. Look at how distraught he was when Lillie left to go to Kanto. I hope she comes back in USUM and there are some more moments in those games as well. I just love these two together.

Cavaliershipping (Gary x Dawn)
Why: I literally do not understand why Ikarishipping gets more love than this pairing does. Dawn was literally fangirling over Gary and his poems, it was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. I would be perfectly if this ship became canon pver Pearl, not gonna lie.

PreciousMetalshipping (Silver x Gold)
Why: This is definitely my favorite ship involving both Silver and Gold and I hate that it gets overshadowed by MangaQuestshipping. No matter hard either of them tried, they just simply could not ignore each othet. Plus, when Gold saw that Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver had been turned to stone, he ignored the rest of them and went straight up to Silver, held his petrified hand, and basically promised to free him. What els could I say? I will go down with this ship.

LagoMorphshipping (Pikachu x Buneary)
Why: No, it's not because I'm a Pearlshipper. It's because Buneary had a big crush on Pikachu and I think, secretly, Pikachu was loving every minute if it. He never complained about it at all. I love this ship.
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Oh yeah, I'm in! I ship in a lot of shows/movies/books/manga/etc., so I'm just going to list Pokemon, plus stuff I'm currently invested in. Let's see what I've got:

[SPOIL] Pokehipping (Ash/Misty): One of the biggest OTPs of my life. Seriously, I was stuck on them for 10 or 12 years. What do I like about it? Well, they have good chemistry, and their bickering is cute. Like, with some couples, it comes across as mean and annoying, but Ash and Misty are actually pretty funny. I love how they end up becoming friends in spite of themselves. They really do care about each other and help each other grow as people. And... I felt it really strongly from Misty's side, especially. I saw her as having a very real and strong love for Ash. She saw him as pure-hearted, and she looked out for him and was devoted to him... And I got the impression that she knew he might never feel the same, but it was worth it to her to stick with him. Why is it no longer my OTP? Because I made up a daughter for them, and someone to ship her with for fun, ended up developing those characters, and got obsessed with that instead. ...Yeah. I'm writing a fic about those characters, though I always take forever to update.

Rocketshipping (Jesse/James): Yeah, it's pretty cute, especially in that one early episode where James is supposed to get married. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, actually, but...

Contestshipping (May/Drew): I'm not gonna lie, I mainly shipped this because I was low-key anti-Advanceshipping (as in, I just really, really did not want it to happen), but it's cute on its own, too. You've got the bickering aspect going on, but it's a little different, since Drew seems more teasing with May than Misty was with Ash.

Backdoorshipping (Tracey/Gary): I see this as one-sided on Tracey's part, because I really don't see Gary being into guys. But here's what I see happening: Tracey still works at the lab when Gary takes over, and he respects him in a way similar to how he admired the original Professor Oak (only not so fan-worshippy). Gary depends on him a lot, and respects him, too. He even uses Tracey's illustrations in his writing. They know each other very well, and... Tracey teases Gary about his ego sometime, and Gary goes along with it, because he's more self-aware now. Kinda has elements that I like in Pokeshipping, like Tracey's selfless devotion. In any case, even though Gary never feels that way about Tracey, it doesn't mean he cares about him any less, and they're life-long best friends.

Cavaliershipping (Gary/Dawn): So, I definitely see the appeal of Palletshipping, but like I said, I don't see Gary being gay. But! Dawn's a lot like Ash, and I could see her and Gary having a similar chemistry. Only, it'd be different, because Gary's grown up a lot. So I see him teasing Dawn, but she doesn't really get that it's teasing. He enjoys getting her worked up, but one day he goes to far, and she really gets mad. He apologizes for being a jerk and says he didn't mean to hurt her feelings, he just thinks she's cute when she's mad. Dawn doesn't know what to do with that at all. She starts feeling nervous and flustered every time he's around, and finally, he tells her to just forget he ever said anything, since he doesn't want her to be uncomfortable. But then she finds that she doesn't really want to forget... Yeah, it's a head-canon for me.[/SPOIL]

Hey Arnold!
[SPOIL]Arnold/Helga: So I'm rewatching this series right now, and holy crap. How was this never my OTP growing up? Helga's deadly obsession with Arnold starts out played for laughs, the way she bullies him but is actually madly in love with him, how she stalks him and builds shrines to him... But then about halfway through the first season, in "Arnold's Christmas," she makes a sacrifice for his happiness that he'll never even know about; that's when you realize that she really does love him.

They have good chemistry, and they actually make total sense together: They're both sensitive, intelligent, artistic, and romantic, have a strong sense of self... Arnold's a humanitarian and a dreamer, and Helga has the soul of a poet. Sure, he's more idealistic than she is, and she's more cynical, but it's the kind of difference that's complementary: he makes her a better person (seriously, he acts as her moral compass throughout the show), and she makes sure no one takes advantage of his good nature (again, happens more than once, and sometimes when he's not even aware of it). In "Arnold's Valentine," you see that they totally click when they're both being themselves (which is kind of ironic, since Helga's posing as someone else). Oh, and in "April Fools?" This takes place after... a certain important development, and Arnold starts messing with Helga right back, even flirting with her, and oh my God, do spark ever fly!

I get the impression that they're both lonely at heart. Because Arnold doesn't have his parents, which does bother him. He has his grandparents, but... I noticed that he idealizes sibling relationships, and this is something I did. For me, it was because I was the only child of older parents, and I worried about ending up on my own, without any family. Could it be the same for Arnold? It'd make sense. Also, could that be one of the reasons he was resolved to reunite Mr. Hyunh and his daughter in "Arnold's Christmas?" Anyway, it's more obvious why Helga's lonely: her family pretty much ignores her. This is something you see throughout the series, but then you get to "Helga on the Couch." This is where you really see how it's affected her, and you finally see how she fell in love with Arnold, and oh my God. Like, it's kind of how you thought it was, but seeing it is just... it's just the sweetest thing ever. One thing I love about it that, I think it's really beautiful that Arnold's small, thoughtless acts of kindness ends up changing both of their lives for the better. I mean, I totally see the two of them finding the family they've longed for in each other.

I especially want that for Helga, since... Well, Arnold's family is non-traditional, and he's had to grow up fast because most of the adults in his life act like kids. But even so, at least they always show him they care about him. Helga's been neglected for so long, but you just know that when Arnold gets to know who she really is, he'll love and treasure her so much. It's interesting, because after that certain development I mentioned, you do see him start to look at her differently, albeit on a sub-conscious level.

And besides all the reasons why it's a great ship? It has a lot of personal meaning to me. Because... Well, I've been an obsessive shipper since early childhood, but I grew up before the internet was wide-spread, so I didn't have any way of seeking out people like me. It was always very beautiful and meaningful to me, but at the same time, I realized it was odd and that the people around me would probably think it was weird. I didn't want something so important to me to be thought of that way, so I told no one. So there I was, an elementary school girl, carrying around these intense feelings that were at the same time awkward and meaningful, hiding an important part of myself from the world, and... You see where this is going? Yeah, I'm not sure I was wholly conscious of it at the time, but I identified a lot with Helga and her secret obsession with Arnold. I'd never seen a character my own age before who I could relate to on that level.

So, that turned into kind of a shipping manifesto... But I can't help it, I'm absolutely in love with this ship! The Jungle Movie is finally coming out on November 23! I actually get to see them get together! Even though it's only recently become kind of a COTP for me, this ship stuck in my head for all those years; I'd occasionally have dreams that the movie was going to happen, but I didn't think it actually would. So it's literally a dream come true for me.[/SPOIL]

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
[SPOIL]Starco (Star/Marco): Star is just... Well, she's Star-- enthusiastic, hyper, wild, just kind of out of control, but with a cheerful outlook. Marco is more grounded, and I like how sarcastic he can be. I like how close they are as friends, how they know what to say to encourage each other, how they'd do anything for each other. For me, friendship is the most important part of any ship. And they have good chemistry besides that, I think. In the episode "Blood Moon Ball"...Its not the dance scene that I liked the most, but afterward, when they keep saying the same thing at the same time, and then they were all awkward about it... That was what made me think, yeah, this is gonna be canon. And after that, developments in season 2! Star trying to reconcile her feelings for Marco while still supporting his feelings for Jackie! And the beginning of season 3! Can't wait to see where it's going.[/SPOIL]

Miraculous Ladybug
[SPOIL]Marinette/Adrien (Adrienette)/Ladybug/Chat Noir (LadyNoir): It's interesting, because... Well, they're superheroes, but don't know each others' secret identities (somehow; it's really freaking obvious who they are, and the biggest flaw in the show is that it makes no sense that they haven't figured it out). So, Marinette is a sweet but kind of awkward girl. She's in love with Adrien, but she's too shy to talk to him very much. He's cool and kind, but seems kind of lonely. Because his rich dad is so controlling, he doesn't feel free to break out and be himself, so that's where a lot of his reserved nature comes from. He's in love with the superheroine Ladybug, whom he works alongside as Chat Noir. Marinette is much more confident and brave as Ladybug. And Adrien feels much more free to cut loose as Chat Noir, joking around a lot, coming onto Ladybug... But she's having none of it. Even so, they're close friends and work well together. Ugh, the whole thing is just awkward and adorable.[/SPOIL]
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Ery's Shipping List
Because yo girl is a shipper too, just so you know

While I do support many different pairings, these are the main ones I always find myself going back to. I basically can't ever see myself not supporting these ships. I'm only going to include ships from Pokemon because it is the main fandom I ship in and there will be ships from all genres of Pokemon (i.e anime, manga, games.. you get it, right?)

I'm only going to include my top ten favorite ships from Pokemon. I do support a lot of other ships but these are my favorite ones so they are the only ones worthy going onto my list.

So, let's begin. Shall we?

There will be spoilers so read at your own risk.

Pearlshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Dawn/Hikari)
This is, to this day, still my favorite pairing involving Ash and my anime OTP. I'm not going to lie; if it weren't for this pairing, I would not be here now. It's because of this ship that I got back into the Pokemon anime. It seemed like Ash was a lot closer to Dawn than he was with any of his other traveling companions *gets bricked by angry Amourshippers*. I mean, Dawn wore a cheerleading outfit to cheer Ash on in some of his gym battles? Need any more proof? I love this pairing and no other ship involving Ash will ever top this one.

Contestshipping (Drew/Shuu x May/Haruka)
Say what you want but both Drew and May clearly had a thing for each other, May even went to Johto because she heard he was going there. Drew was giving her red roses, which were totally not for her Beautifly. Seriously though, they could have not made this ship more obvious in the anime if you ask me.

Amourshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Serena)
Yes, your eyes do not decieve you. I actually am very fond of this pairing. It's clear to see Serena had a crush on Ash, the only reason she even left Vanville Town in the anime was to meet up with Ash again. And that scene in the airport where Serena told Ash he is her goal and kissed him was seriously adorable. Pearlshipping is, obviously, my top ship for Ash but if I was unable to pair him with Dawn, my next choice for him would definitely be Serena.

Luckshipping (Brock/Takeshi x Lucy/Azumi)
For once we get a girl who has actually shown affection towards Brock and what does Max do? He pulls Brock away from Lucy by the ear instead of letting us get more hints. Seriously though, Lucy is the only girl who has shown to be attracted to Brock in the anime. It's a shame Brock never got to find out Lucy felt the same way about him.

Transceivershipping (Nate/Kyohei x Yancy/Ruri)
My favorite pairing from the Gen. 5 games overall. To me, it is one sided on Yancy's side. Whenever Nate called her, she always seen blushing and it was adorable. What else is there to say?

BrightTomorrowshipping (Calem/Calme x Shauna/Sana)
That scene with Fireworks when Shauna said she has never watched fireworks with a boy before did it. Never understood why FerrisWheelshipping got so popular when that scene with the fireworks was ten times more romantic to me. My headcanon is that after that scene, Shauna developed a crush on him but was too scared to tell him. Seriously though, this is adorable pair and I really like it.

SnowLilyshipping (Hau x Lillie/Lilie)
This is totally canon on Hau's side. He was so distraught in the original SM games when Lillie left to go to Kanto, I actually felt bad for him. That was so adorable.

Specialshipping (Red x Yellow)
This my OTP and I will go down with this pairing. Yellow is in love with Red. I mean, her whole chapter in the manga is about finding Red after he went missing. And his facial expression after finding out that Yellow is a girl still never ceases to make me laugh. This is my favorite pairing and no shipping will ever come close to topping it.

PreciousMetalshipping (Gold x Silver)
Aside from Special, this my other favorite ship from the manga and there are so much more hints for this pairing than there were for MangaQuestshipping sorry, not sorry. Gold and Silver had such a heated rivalry and neither of them could ever seem to ignore each other. Plus, when Gold saw that the Dex Holders had been turned to stone, he ignored the rest and ran right up to Silver, basically promised to free him, and even held Silver's petrified hand. What else can I say?

Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
This is like the ultimate opposites attract pairing. I mean, they could not stand each other when they first met but ended up getting along really well. And, um, it's practically canon. I mean, they confessed. What else can I say?

FullMetal Alchemist
Royai (Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye)
I’ve always been a fan of these two. Riza has a lot of loyalty to Roy and it is not hard to see that she really cares about him. She was always there for him when he needed her. When it was revealed that Envy had killed Hughes, she was there to make sure that Mustang did not do something he would eventually regret.

LingFan (Ling Yao x Lan Fan)
This is another one of my favorite ships from Brotherhood. Lan Fan is Ling’s bodyguard and she is set on protecting him, no matter what. When Ed and Al confroned Scar to lure out the Homonculi, Ling and Lan Fan ended up fighting Wrath and Gluttony. To ensure that they would not be able to track Ling, she cut off her own arm. Just goes to show how much she cares about him. This is my second favorite pairing from FMA, behind Royai of course.

AlMei (Alphonse Elric x Mei Chang)
There is quite the big age diffrence between them but I still really love this pairing. She really did seem to care about him a lot, she was crying over him so hard after he sacrificed his soul to bring Ed’s arm back. It is an adorable pairing and, while it was never confirmed like EdWin was sadly, I still strongly believe they ended up together.

Meowth City

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Meowth City's Shipping List


Phoenix Wright ♥ Maya Fey

My OTP! From the very first moment they appeared, I shipped them and then grew to love them more and more with each and every case. I know most people see them almost like siblings, but I think their love for one another falls deeper than that. The fact that Pearl, Maya's cousin, ship them with adoring eyes makes it even better. My favourite moment is either when Phoenix walks over burning flames for her or when he chooses to honour her wishes even if it means losing her. My hearts could not handle those FEELS. I always hope for Maya's return to every new game that comes our way. I will go down with this ship any day.

"You'd do anything for Mystic Maya, right? Even walk over burning coals, right!?" - Pearl Fey

Miles Edgeworth ♥ Franziska Von Karma
Another OTP! Similar to the above, they do share a sibling-like bond, especially given they were raised together. I love Franziska and how she secretly hides this vulnerability behind this cold, whip-happy façade. She longs for his respect and approval, so much so that it drives her to get revenge on Phoenix. This means more to her than what happened to her father. Edgeworth also finds it hard to express himself, which they share in common, so I want to see them open up to each other more.

"Today, you chased after me, after I had left you behind all these years. And that's why we're standing here now, side by side." - Edgeworth

Phoenix Wright ♥ Miles Edgeworth
Like pretty much everyone else, I also hold a special place in my heart for this ship. The story of Edgeworth's past just pulls at the heartstrings and never lets up. The Ace Attorney anime had a special flashback episode which told the story of how Phoenix, Edgeworth and Larry Butz became best friends. From the game, we know Edgeworth and Larry defended Phoenix in a class trial after he was wrongly accused of stealing Edgeworth's lunch money. We know why Larry believed in Phoenix's innocence, but Edgeworth didn't have to and yet he did anyway. The episode then go on to show how they bonded over their love of Signal Samurai, which I assume is a prequel to Steel Samurai. Larry won three key chains, each one representing a different colour samurai, and gives two of them to his new-found friends while keeping one for himself. Red for Edgeworth, Blue for Phoenix and Yellow for Larry. These become the symbols of their friendship.

Unaware of the reasons behind Edgeworth's sudden departure, Larry believed Edgeworth had given up on their friendship after seeing Edgeworth's Red Signal key chain discarded on a trashcan. Phoenix, on the other hand, refused to believe this and chased after Edgeworth. This is the best episode of the anime and just goes to show how much Phoenix believed in Edgeworth. He became a lawyer because of Edgeworth and when they finally met again in the first game, not only did Phoenix save his life, but also his heart. They are easily the best attorney/prosecutor duo to ever grace this series in my opinion.

Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings." - Edgeworth

Dick Gumshoe ♥ Franziska Von Karma
Franziska loves to whip Gumshoe more than anyone else, it seems. I just love how this big guy is scared of a girl in her teens. The final case in Justice for All has some of the best moments with them.From the tracking device hijinks to Gumshoe's coat "accidently" ending up in Franziska's belongings at the very end, it was a wild ride of emotions. The anime version even has Franny wearing Gumshoe's coat. You've got to admit, without them, that case would not have had a happy ending.

"Hey! Don't you dare run away, Scruffy McTrenchcoat!"- Franziska

Dick Gumshoe ♥ Maggey Byrde
Gumshoe's crush on her is just so adorable. He always believes in her, despite what the evidence says and, often times, the evidence is very damning. In the Tres Bien case, Gumshoe storms into Phoenix's office demanding an explanation and a retrial after Maggey's wrongful conviction. He then goes out of his way to help Phoenix, something he usually doesn't do, and even goes as far as making lunchboxes for her. He is so worried that she's not eating properly, but from what we know, isn't Gumshoe's salary so low that he has to make do with discount ramen noodles. The guy can't even afford regular ramen and he's making food for Maggey - that's got to be love.

"He's such a wonderful guy, sir! I'll never forget what he's done for me!" - Maggey

Miles Edgeworth ♥ Kay Faraday
Kay is a self-proclaimed thief, so Miles always has to caution her not to steal or commit any other crimes in his presence. It becomes a running gag in the Investigation series, and reminds me a little of Phoenix and Maya's relationship, as Maya tends to conveniently take "evidence" when the duo investigate crime scenes together, much to Phoenix's horror. But more than that, they both know what it is like to lose a father, someone who in their eyes fought for justice. Because of this, they also fight for the truth and will stop at nothing to get that. Whether it's by being a prosecutor willing to play dirty or by being a Great Thief willing to "steal the truth", they both have a lot in common.

"I feel a certain shared fate, a common bond between us." - Edgeworth

Apollo Justice ♥ Athena Cykes
Seriously, what is it with me and shipping title characters with their assistants? I just can't help it! They have great interactions with each other and share a few things in common. They are both young, rookie defence attorneys. They will fight to save and or avenge their friends. And I think it was the moment when their trust in each other was really put to the test that made me ship them even more.

"I want to believe in Athena. I really do." - Apollo

Simon Blackquill ♥ Athena Cykes
What he does to protect Athena goes above and beyond anything else. The fact that he would give up his life to save hers is just beautiful, and Athena fights just as hard to defend him in return. The final case of Dual Destinies is a rollercoaster ride with Athena using her powers to prove his innocence even if it means she may be indicted for murder.

"I wanted to prove Simon's innocence personally. I wanted to do it so bad... Even now, I want to fly out of here and go save him!" - Athena

Apollo Justice ♥ Clay Terran
This is just bromance heaven! They both share the pain of losing or never knowing their parents. After catching Clay crying by himself, Apollo tells him about his personal motto, ("I'm fine, You're fine") that he uses to get through tough times. It then becomes their secret thing and they become best friends. What happens in Dual Destinies is so heart-breaking... And when Apollo puts on Clay's jacket, all the feels happen.

"Whenever something's troubling one of us, the other can just feel it. That's real friendship." - Apollo

PokeShipping [Ash ♥ Misty]
My first ever ship! I still like them, but I don't ship it as much as I used to.
To a lesser extent: PalletShipping [Ash ♥ Gary]

"You and I will be married someday, too." - Misty

RocketShipping [James ♥ Jessie]
Another childhood ship of mine! I think I will always ship them no matter what. Whenever they split up or disband Team Rocket for one reason or another, they always come back to each other. It's clear that they belong together and I just can't imagine them with anyone else.

"You two don't need the opposite sex because you have each other." - Meowth

ContestShipping [May ♥ Drew]
They are rival Pokémon Coordinators, but I think Drew shows way more interest in May than anyone else. He appears cocky at first, but as time goes on he starts to see May's talent for contests and even compliments her on her style. He gives her roses to show his affection.

"I think since he's been watching you grow stronger in your performances, he's gotten feelings for you." - Soledad

SoulSilverShipping [Silver ♥ Lyra]
The fact that Silver can't help but get up in your face every dang time in HGSS tells me enough.

"I'll train my Pokémon and...my own heart, too. I'll come back as the toughest challenge for you!" - Silver

SequelShipping [Hugh ♥ Rosa]
When his sister's Purrloin is taken, you would think that Hugh would have left Aspertia City to chase down Team Plasma as soon as he could, but not before he helps out his childhood friend. He appears throughout the journey, threatening Team Plasma whenever he comes across them, but always offering to help the player get stronger. It goes to show that while he is quick to anger, he is a nice guy when it comes to the people he cares about.

There's something I have to do! And to do that, I need someone I can trust besides my partner Pokémon. A person I can trust! That's right! I'm talking about you!" - Hugh

SommelierShipping [Cilan ♥ Burgundy]
I love ships where the two characters clash and seemingly don't get along, but eventually fall for each other... well, we can only hope. Cilan is the gentleman trying to help Burgundy and she is not having any of it. What's not to like?
To a lesser extent: CafeMochaShipping [Ash ♥ Cilan]

"Cilan won't let me down. At least, he better not." - Burgundy

KalosShipping [Calem ♥ Serena]
Before the release of XY, I loved the idea of Calem and Serena as a couple, so much so that I was inspired to write a fanfic based around them, and I'm not the type to write many Pokémon fics. Also, how many characters can say they survived the potential destruction of the world? While the game pushes the whole friendship between Calem, Serena, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor, it is Calem and Serena's rivalry that captures my attention the most.

"You're not in this alone!" - Calem

GeekChicShipping [Clemont ♥ Serena]
I like a good case of unrequited love, so while Serena was too busy crushing over Ash, who is oblivious as always, I immediately thought what if Clemont was into Serena. Something about being in love with someone who is in love with someone else is relatable and why I think this ship is great. He's a geeky guy and she's a pretty girl. It's an adorable ship.

"Oh. So Clemont's finally found himself a beautiful girlfriend." - Meyer

AmourShipping [Ash ♥ Serena]
I was not an Amourshipper until recently when I started watching XY and that episode were Ash and Serena go off on their own to get gifts for their Pokémon changed everything. When Serena starts getting nervous as she tries to hold Ash's hand was so adorable. Then, there's that (off-screen) kiss. I love how Serena got so ballsy and laid one on him. Ash's reaction was perfect. I will say that I am a Pokeshipper/GeekChicShipper first and foremost, but Amour would probably be my second choice.

"Wow. Ash and I are all alone. It's... it's almost like we're out on a date!" - Serena


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Moonlilyshipping: Lillie and Moon Well, the game hints that Lillie has feelings for the main character which i think is returned taking account everything the playable character does for her, and I always considered Moon as the protagonist, as she has a more interesting design and I always played with her

Ferriswheelshipping / Isshushipping: N x Hilbert/Hilda My Pokemon otp and the first time I really cared for a Pokemon ship.

Riley x Dawn: Ironwillshipping
Cheryl x Lucas: Druidshipping
Marley x Lucas Vyktoreeshipping
I like the concept of the stat trainers with the main character in the gameverse, they have chesmitry and plot relevance, and they make much more interesting pariring than the MC with the generic rival or opposite gender.

HanadaShipping: Red x Misty: I mean, every version of Misty has a platonic crush on Red's counterpart, so i like to think that at least on the game verse she had a happy end lol

I also i'm fond of MeanBeanShipping (Mohn and Lusamine), Hoennchampionshipping (May and Steven), Folkloreshipping (Morty and Lyra), Soulsilvershipping (Lyra and Silver), , but not as much as the first ones.


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AmericanPi's Shipping List (Incomplete)
Very much under construction

Hoo boy. I ship a LOT of ships, including multiple ships featuring the same character (especially Dawn - she's my shipping bicycle lmao). Male/male, female/female, poly, whatever - if it catches my eye I'll ship it. The only kinds of ships I don't like are human x Pokemon, incestuous, abusive, and/or underage ships.

From Pokemon (my main fandom), I've listed my top ten ships. From every other fandom I've listed my top five ships, unless I don't have a top five. My Pokemon ships are listed first, and after that, my fandoms are listed in alphabetical order. Within a fandom, my ships are listed from favorite to least favorite (although the least favorite ships are also really cute! :3).

Beware of spoilers.

DualRivalShipping (Cheren x Bianca/Bel): This is my Pokemon OTP. I love everything about their relationship. They have excellent chemistry and manage to be great friends despite their contrasting personalities. Or maybe it's because of their contrasting personalities - after all, opposites attract. I love how Bianca's bubbly optimism contrasts with Cheren's serious, contemplative personality, but they're both really sweet characters at heart with a passion for Pokemon. They both followed their dreams and I like to think that in BW2 they're still great friends, and maybe more.

AppealShipping (Dawn/Hikari x Zoey/Nozomi): To be honest when I first saw Zoey in the anime (it was one of the later DP episodes, I believe), I thought she was a guy and was Dawn's love interest. The music that played in the background and the way Zoey and Dawn talked to each other happily really made me believe that Dawn and Zoey were in love. When Zoey was revealed to be a girl I was pretty disgusted by my assumption that she was a guy, to be honest. Back then I was pretty homophobic, which I am now ashamed of. Now that I've opened up to non-heterosexual pairings I love this ship a lot. It's obvious that Zoey and Dawn really care for each other despite being rivals, and they learn from each other as well.

FatherlyShipping (Falkner/Hayato x Janine/Anzu): I didn't like this ship at first because when I was younger I had a massive crush on Falkner and wanted him for myself, lol. My first game was HeartGold, and when I saw the two of them in the Celadon Department Store my first thought was, "Oh my gosh, they're on a date." This turned out to be half true - they were just arguing about whose dad was cooler haha. In HGSS Falkner and Janine argue a lot and have some sexual tension, but I think deep down the two really care for each other, not to mention that they both have daddy issues. I started shipping this a lot more after I read the Pokemon Adventures manga, where Falkner and Janine definitely have some shippy moments.

SoulSilverShipping (Silver x Lyra/Kotone): At first I hated Silver because he was a huge jerk to everyone and mean to his Pokemon, but after his character development in HGSS I started liking him a lot. Since Lyra is the player character and I inserted myself into her shoes, I started shipping Lyra with Silver. I've always thought of Lyra being a happy all-loving hero character, and I think she goes really well with Silver's brooding anti-hero character. And let's not forget Vietnamese Crystal, in which Silver is totally yandere for the player xD

PokeShipping (Ash Ketchum/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi): I actually watched some Original Series episodes when I was really young, so Misty was the first PokeGirl I got to know. I shipped her with Ash before I even knew what shipping was, because I liked their relationship. Even though they argue sometimes, you can see that they really care for each other. My love for PokeShipping grew even more when I randomly found some PokeShipping videos on YouTube. Now my headcanon is that Ash is aromantic and asexual, but that hasn't stopped me from still shipping him with Misty.

FeudShipping (Seviper/Habuneku x Zangoose/Zangusu): When I found out that Seviper and Zangoose could breed despite being listed as bitter rivals in their Pokedex entries, I immediately thought of a cool forbidden love scenario. My love for this ship mostly comes from a few Zangoose and Seviper OCs who are in love, haha.

ContestShipping (Drew/Shū x May/Haruka): I've watched a few Advanced Generation anime episodes, and I couldn't help but ship Drew with May in every episode he appeared in. I love how Drew calmly teases May, who gets adorably flustered. The roses Drew often throws to May are a huge hint, too. I mean, come on, everyone. Those roses have got to be a romantic gesture.

BusterShipping (Georgia/Langley x Iris): Like many people, I find Iris to be my least favorite PokeGirl, but I still think she's a solid character whose relationship with her rival Georgia is honestly charming. Georgia may be a huge dick, but she encourages Iris to be her best self, albeit in a rather brash and rude way. The over-the-top way Iris and Georgia argue is pretty cute too.

KeeperShipping (Falkner/Hayato x Lyra/Kotone): Yes I multiship Lyra lol. I originally shipped Lyra with Falkner for the same reason that I shipped Lyra with Silver: because I saw myself as Lyra and had a crush on a fictional Pokemon character. Falkner was my second Pokemon crush, and even though I've come to ship him with Janine more than with Lyra I still like Falkner with Lyra. If you do a mono-Flying playthrough of HGSS, you're essentially turning Lyra into a happy girl who is passionate about Flying-types, and that personality complements with Falkner's perfectly.

IsshuShipping (Hilbert/Touya x N): I've always liked this ship more than FerrisWheelShipping, which is N and Hilbert's female counterpart, Hilda. Most of it was due to overexposure of FerrisWheelShipping and my confusion over why fewer people liked IsshuShipping when Hilbert and N have the exact same ferris wheel moment as Hilda and N.

Ever After High
Dexven (Dexter Charming x Raven Queen): Most people actually hate this ship despite it being semi-canon - Dexter and Raven went on one date but haven't been really interacting since. A lot of people think Dex is boring, but I personally think he's adorable. He's this dorky little guy whom the fandom thinks is a loser but is actually quite competent. The awkward way he tries to win over Raven is cute to me.

Appling (Apple White x Darling Charming): The thing is, Darling kissed Apple… well, sort of. Basically what happened in Dragon Games was that Apple passed out, and Darling performed CPR on Apple, but it very well could've been True Love's First Kiss like the fairytales in the EAH verse go. Besides, everyone likes to think Darling is lesbian, which is pretty likely because she isn't looking for a prince. Apple is probably lesbian too, because she doesn't want to be with Daring Charming. So why not have Darling and Apple get together?

Rapple (Raven Queen x Apple White): Oddly enough, I like both Rapple and Appling, even though I don't like Apple x Darling x Raven as a poly ship. Rapple is cute because Raven and Apple, despite disagreeing on many things, actually care a lot for each other and get along fine.

Blonde Hearts (Blondie Lockes x C.A. Cupid): They had one scene of interaction, but that was enough to make me ship them. I think it's really cute how Cupid encouraged Blondie to make her own choices and not think that she was worth any less just because she aligned with the Royals.

Faychess (Duchess Swan x Faybelle Thorn): I love how Duchess and Faybelle are both kind of mean but not exactly malicious or evil. Well, technically Faybelle wants to be a villain, but she still finds it in her to care about and encourage Duchess, which is cute.

Harry Potter
Romione (Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger): Ugh, I knew these two dorks would get together in the end. I love their friendship and the way they've been through so much together. Eventually they're still friends and they bring out the best in each other. I especially love how the eighth movie showed the scene where they destroyed Hufflepuff's cup using a basilisk fang (and had a big damn kiss), a scene that wasn't present in the book.

Wolfstar (Remus Lupin x Sirius Black): I've always had a feeling that Sirius Black was gay. As for Lupin, he eventually got together with Tonks, but that was only after Sirius died. These two guys have been best friends since their childhood, and I love the chemistry between the two of them. Sirius is bold and reckless, while Lupin is quiet and thoughtful. They complement each other perfectly.

Lileverus (Severus Snape x Lily Evans Potter): Snape's story makes me so sad, man. He had a really sad childhood, and Lily was his only friend. He really, really loved Lily, but he fell into the wrong crowd and with a Freudian slip lost her forever. Snape was Lily's first wizard friend, and Lily obviously cared quite a lot for Snape, too, until Snape accidentally called her a Mudblood. Snape is such a complicated, tragic character. His story makes me cry. :(

Bellamort (Lord Voldemort x Bellatrix Lestrange): Okay, I don't exactly ship this ship in the actual sense of the word "ship". I mean, they're both totally evil and crazy, and incapable of true love. But both are such interesting, well-written villains, and I think Bellatrix definitely had a kind of lust for Voldemort. Her portrayal in the movie just confirmed this. Besides, Voldemort calls Bellatrix "Bella", which is so uncharacteristic of him. It doesn't prove anything, but still, the two of them are just so deliciously evil together. Mwahaha.

Luneville (Neville Longbottom x Luna Lovegood): They're both so adorable and lovable. I thought the two of them should end up together, especially after Neville literally confessed his love for her in the eighth movie. I still don't understand why J.K. Rowling decided not to pair them up in the end - she said that Neville and Luna dated for a while, but then broke up. But maybe they've always been in love despite their attempt at having a relationship didn't work out.
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Mizz Nikki's Shipping List
This list is still under construction as I'm typing this
Just so you guys know, I support a lot of ships. Majority of the ships I support involve Nate sorry not sorry, he is my biggest fandom bicycle to date. There are a lot of male/female ships but I also do support some male/male ships and a couple of female/female ships.

I only included my top favorite Pokemon ships and there are eleven of them. I wanted to go with ten but I ended up with eleven. A lot of the Pokemon ships you will see on the list are from the anime but I do support some game ships and manga ships as well. Also, I have my Pokemon ships listed in alphabetical order, that was not planned. I just did them in the order that I could think of them. I did not realize it until I finished putting the list together. Ironic, ehh? Just thinking about that cracks me up.

Now, without further ado, it's time to get into the list. I mean, that's why you're reading this, right?

AmourShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Serena)
Yes, I am one of those people who jumped on the bandwagon immediately after Serena debuted in the anime. She was shown to have a canon crush on Ash. She even left home to find him so she could return the handkerchief that Ash used on her years ago after he saved her in the forest. And then there's that scene in the airport where she kissed him. I admit that I fangirled like crazy because it came out of nowhere but it was adorable. I loved the fact that Serena gained the courage to confess her feelings to Ash but the fact that she kissed him made it even better. I just love this ship.

Cavaliershipping (Gary/Shigeru x Dawn/Hikari)
My OTP in all its glory. I strongly believe that Dawn had a crush on Gary because he is Professor Oak's grandson. Plus, the fact that she was fangirling over Gary and his poems was so darn cute. What else is there to say?

ContestShipping (Drew/Shuu x May/Haruka)
It took me a while to warm up to this pairing, mainly because I was an Advanceshipper until Serena debuted. I fully believe that both Drew and May had a thing for each other but neither wanted to admit it. May always felt as though she had something to prove to Drew. Plus, they could never seem to ignore each other. Drew also gave her roses and not just roses but red roses. You know that means, right? *inserts evilly smirking emoji here* Of course, Drew would claim they were for her Beautifly, which everyone knows was a lie. I just love this ship.

FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
This is like the ultimate opposites-attract pairing. When Ruby and Sapphire first met, neither of them could stand the other, especially Sapphire. I also love the fact that Ruby and Sapphire were childhood friends who ended up forgetting about the other until the scene where they confessed their feelings to each other.

GreySkyShipping (Nate/Kyohei x Hugh/Hyu)
I've always been a sucker for ships involving rivals. Hugh always seemed to be relying on Nate throughout his journey. Plus, they are childhood friends. I just love this ship.

IsshuShipping (Hilbert/Touya x N)
I always preferred this ship over FerrisWheel. I guess it is because the popularity of FerrisWheelShipping completely turned me off that ship and made me like this one more. Also, I'm not sure if a lot of FerrisWheelShippers realize that Hilbert and N have the same moment in the FerrisWheel that N does with Hilda.

LuckShipping (Brock/Takeshi x Lucy/Azami)
For once, a girl returned Brock's feelings whenever he did usual act with a pretty girl. Okay, I digress. Lucy returned Brock's feelings, that much was obvious. I was constantly getting annoyed with Max for pulling Brock away from Lucy when we could have gotten some ice Luckshippy moments from that episode. I like to believe that Brock is dating Lucy and that happened after he left to become a Pokemon Doctor. That would be so awesome.

PearlShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Dawn/Hikari)
I will always have a soft spot for this pairing. Ash and Dawn seemed to be incredibly close during DP. Plus, yet another female companion of Ash's has done anything for him like what Dawn did when it comes to dressing up like a cheerleader just to cheer Ash on in his gym battle. I would love it if Ash returned the favor when Dawn was competing in the Grand Festival. If I was unable to pair Dawn with Gary and Ash with Serena, my next for them would be each other.

PreciousMetalShipping (Gold x Silver)
I always preferred this one over MangaQuestShipping, not going to lie. Gold and Silver had such a heated rivalry like Ash and Paul did from the anime. Neither of them could seem to ignore each other whenever they would run into each other. Plus, when Gold first saw the PokeDex Holders were turned to stone, he blatantly ignored the rest of them and went up to Silver and promised to free him. Shows Gold cares about Silver. I just love this ship so much.

SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)
My all-time favorite Manga ship. They could have made this ship more obvious in Adventures. Yellow developed a crush on Red after he saved her from a Dratini and even helped her catch her first Pokemon, yet he had just met her. Her whole chapter in the manga was about finding Red after he disappeared. Also, his face when he found out Yellow is a girl was pretty darn funny; he looked like he had just found out his entire life had been a lie. Cracks me up every time.

TransceiverShipping (Nate/Kyohei x Yancy/Ruri)
My favorite ship from the games. I always preferred this one over LiveCasterShipping, which is Rosa (Nate's female counterpart) and Curtis (Yancy's male counterpart). It's pretty clear that Yancy had a crush on Nate, she was always seen to be blushing whenever he called her. It's an adorable pairing and I happen to this one a lot.

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Master of Chaos!
In my post Sun and Moon fanfic series I have a list of pokemon ship's that are in three categories.

Category 1: True to what canon implied.

Elio x Lillie. (Elio being the trainer who inspired Lillie... and after the year time skip Lillie became a rather strong trainer. The romance develops more and more!)

Wes x Rui. (Partners in Colosseum and thus stay together!)

Kukui x Burnet. (Default since they are married!)

Nate x Yancy! (Got together because of a lost phone!)

Brendan x May. (ORAS made this very canon.)

Cheren x Bianca. (Child hood friends!)

Lusamine x Mohn. (Mohn disappearing was what drove Lusamine crazy. Event's from the fanfic Alolan Rescue Team, Exploring The Mind made this pairing back again... in a rather bitter sweet way considering everything leading to it in both canon and fanfics.)

Category 2: Because I can. (Not implied but I pick it because it seems fine to me!)

Lucas x Candice. (Player Character paired with a Gym Leader.)

Ethan x Whitney. (Player Character paired with a Gym Leader.)

Calem x Hex Maniac. (Player Charcter paired with a trainer class. Gave the Hex Maniac the name Magdoline. It is a bit complicated with how the two met... but it involves the ghost in one of Lumious's buildings being related to Magdoline.)

Another one since I am messing with alternate time lines. Where instead of Elio existing it is Selene!

Because of this. Selene x Gladion. (Because Gladion needs some love and it was flat out stated! Elio time line Gladion however rejected Selene because she is a complete stranger!)

Hau x Lillie. (Just because in the Selene time line Hau had no one to stop him!)

Category 3: Other. (Could work, but it is just going to be a sad ship!)

Hilda x N (By the time Through The Sands We Go was made.... Hilda is already 20, so age gap doesn't mean much. But N has the mentality of a growing child among a lot of problems he has, relationship with Hilda at best is in very good friend category at the moment.)
Hmmm... I may have to come back and add stuff to this later....but for now...
My Shipping List(s)

(Not in order)
Specialshipping (RedxYellow)- my all-time otp, and one of my first ships!! I just love this pairing! Yellow has a crush on Red because he saved her, and the feeling seems to be mutual...(I hope)

Oldrivalshipping (Blue x Green)- They didn’t have many hints but their relationship would be hilarious

MangaQuestshipping (Gold x Crystal)- Their back and forth arguments were so cute, and Crystal totally cared about what Gold thought of her outfit in heart gold/soul silver!

Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)- it’s canon. And they were so made for each other

Agencyshipping (Black x White)- I kinda feel like Black had a crush on White, I mean he would blush whenever she took his hand, and he even did the whole sponsor thing.

Bill x Daisy- They became so close after the GSC arc, it just makes sense!

Gracefulshipping (Wallace x Winona)- They both have feelings for each other....
Pokémon Anime:

Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)- first female companion with a canon crush on Ash...

Contestshipping (May x Drew)- I recently got into this ship when I wrote a Drabble for it, but come on! He gave her a red rose! Red roses symbolize romance!

LaserBladeshipping (Clemont x Korrina)

Pokémon Games:

Gladion x Moon- He said they weren’t friends, but I don’t believe him! I’ve read too much fanfiction with this pairing!!!

Snowlilyshipping (Hau x Lillie)- Hau soooo had a crush on her! Also he was devastated when she left!

Hoennshipping (May x Brendan)- They’re neighbors! Omg it’s perfect! Also they had so many adorable scenes in the post-game of ORAS

SoulSilvershipping (Silver x Lyra)-

Dualrivalshipping (Cheren x Bianca)- I just love ships with childhood friends!

Skullshipping (Guzma x Plumeria)- Okay, Plumeria clearly cares about Guzma, even if it’s only a little. I mean, she was so concerned!

(Can’t think of anything else for now..)

MariChat (Marinette x Chat Noir) my otp for this show! I feel like these two can really be themselves with each other, without blushing or stuttering!

Adrienette (Marinette x Adrien) Marinette has a crush on him...also they’d be cute together. Aaand Chat Noir and Adrien are basically the same person;;;

DJwifi (Alya x Nino) this one’s pretty much canon, and they are so great together!

JuleRose (Juleka x Rose) I like their contrasting personalities, and they’re always hanging out with each other

*minor spoilers* (also not in order)

Renora (Ren x Nora)- otp for RWBY! Ren saved Nora, and now she sort of hides her feelings out of fear of them ruining her relationship with Ren. Also it’s kinda canon now I guess...

Rosegarden (Ruby x Oscar)-

Arkos (Jaune x Phyrra)- *sobs* they were perfect together! Also it’s canon

BlackSun (Blake x Sun)- Sun stayed with Blake when she was having a hard time, and he never left her side! I think Blake likes him back even if it’s only a little.

Roman x Neo- RWBY chibi finally convinced me to ship them. They (were) always together, and they made a great team.

SnowBird(Qrow x Winter)- Ha ha, these two probably couldn’t go a day without fighting, which makes this ship even more appealing!

Recently got into this show~

Tomstar(Star x Tom)- Star and Tom are so cute together! He always tries his best to help out Star, and it’s pretty progressive considering he’s a monster. It’s my all time favorite for this show, but I know it’s not gonna work out.

Jarco(Jackie x Marco)- *sigh* I really wish this pairing lasted longer than it did, but oh well... Jackie was such a great person/girlfriend, and her relationship with Marco towards the end of season 2 was so adorable!

Starco(Star x Marco)- I ship this one platonically. Like, I dunno, they make such great best friends! and this would be great for my other ships hehehehe

Huh. I thought I had way more ships than just these. •.•

IzuOcha (Izuku x Ochaco)- The purest ship. Omg they are my otp too! This ship probably has the highest chance of being canon, so that’s a plus!

KamiJirou (Kaminari x Jirou)- awww I love these two! Their banter is so cute and I love their dynamic!

TodoMomo (Todoroki x Momo)- I mean, I kinda ship these two, but not as much as the other pairings. (My friends forced me into this ship SAVE ME) I guess they are cute together though..

Tsuyu x Tokoyami- hehe I kinda only ship this for that animal aesthetic. Also they were really good teammates for that final exam.

Ojiro x Hagakure- Okay I reeeally like these two together! They seem like such close friends, and it would be so sweet for Tooru to find someone despite being invisible!!

Kirishima x Bakugo- My brOtp. Their friendship is beautiful! But I’d totally love a romance between them too lol they’d be cute

Bakugo x Camie- I know, they had like half a moment in the manga, but she made Bakugo laugh okay?!

Aizawa x Ms. Joke- this is a really funny pairing, I personally find it hilarious how she just casually asks him out at random times

Hawks x Fuyumi- oke these two haven’t even met, but the sheer potential of these two as a couple..! Also, they kinda reminded me of Gold and Crys :D

Ye that’s all I could come up with at the moment I love this show/manga so much omg I can’t even

I read a LOT of webtoons so I’ll just list my ships from different webtoons in this category

Blyke x Remi- Otp. Blyke cares about Remi so much that he would put himself in danger just to help her! ;-;

John x Serafina- I like this ship, but I’m fine if it doesn’t happen. Their dynamic is more of best friends to me

Sirens’ Lament:
Shon x Lyra- They both love each other!!!! Just let them be happyyyyy

I Love Yoo:
Kousuke x Shin ae- I get why people are ‘jumping ship’ but I will stay here till the end!!!

Gourmet Hound:
Lucy x Graham- I’m waiting till they get more development, but their personalities complement each other nicely

I read more webtoons than this but I’ll have to edit this later;;;;

Okay, I know this isn’t a romance anime, but hear me out -Also Spoilers ahead-

EreMika (Eren x Mikasa)- He saved her! And now she fights to protect him! Also the scaaaarf ;)

LeviHan (Levi x Hange)- I feel like these two have become really close after going through all these hardships together!

Levi x Petra- I think they could’ve ended up together if Petra had lived...

Sasha x Connie- lol the junior high series made me ship it. They seem to hang out a lot

Ymir x Christa- In all honesty, who wouldn’t ship this? They’re perfect for each other;;;

Annie x Bertoldt- Bertoldt seemed to be more affected by what Armin said in comparison to Reiner. Also junior high spinoff kinda confirms it lol

-Kinda Spoilers???-
MC x Seven/Saeyoung/Luciel- Seven’s my favorite, and it kinda seems like his route is the only one in which he ends up happy... :(

KarManami (Karma x Manami)- This prankster-chemist duo is so cute! They’re so comfortable around each other

Kayano x Nagisa- Kayano canonically likes Nagisa, and he did save her that one time

Irina x Karasuma- awwwww these two are so cute! They even end up getting married!

Hayami x Chiba- The sharpshooter duo!!!! These two are always seen hanging out with each other and they have similar skill sets

Sugino x Kanzaki- Sugino has a crush on Kanzaki! Also Kanzaki seems comfortable around him too
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Even though I’ve mostly given up on shipping in the Pokémon anime, there’s still a few ships that I can’t help but cheer for..

Pokeshipping: My otp. This ship really holds a dear place in my heart because it was the first ship I ever supported, way before I knew what shipping was. I still rewatch the OS saga and get happy when I see all of their scenes together. I’m mad Misty never confessed her feelings, but eh, as a shipper I’ll always have hope lol. I like the teasing and the banter between them, when I was younger everyone really did tease the ones they liked so it seems fitting. Most people I know who quit watching Pokémon when they started to grow up (genwunners?) always assume that Misty and Ash end up together and I hate to burst their bubble and tell them it hasn’t happened...yet. Lol I’ll forever hold onto that “yet” as long as this series is running.

Contestshipping: Drew is truly one of my favorite characters from the anime and it really has a lot to do with this ship. May is also one of my favorites, so this pairing really is so perfect to me. Subtle teasing but not as extreme as Poke, but with a more romantic touch to it (roses.) I mean, come on, this ship is just too cute! How can one not support it? When I ever get the urge to rewatch AG episodes, I always go for the ones that I consider to be the most “contestshippy.” If May ever makes another appearance in the anime, I reaaallly hope she brings Drew with her.

Ikarishipping: I know it lacked in hints or chemistry, but this is my favorite ship to support via fan fiction.

Penguinshipping: I think it was pretty obvious that Kenny has a crush on Dawn and Dawn possibly returns those feelings.

Cavaliarshipping: Dawn’s excitement over Gary being Professor Oak’s grandson was cute, and when he said that Poem at the end of the episode, I instantly started shipping them lol.

Egoshipping: Another ship that I like to support via fan fiction.

Tracey/Daisy: I think this is handymanshipping? Not sure, but Tracey’s crush on Daisy is cute. This is the only time I found him to be an interesting character.

Wishfulshipping: They’re quite different from each other (nature vs science) but I still really like their dynamics.

Okay..I guess that was more than a “few.” :p
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The Smug Pikachu
Time to show my own list but only for Pokemon for the time being at least:

Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn): My very first ship I started to really like in the series. Dawn since today seems to be the girl that Ash was truly the closest to. Dawn being his cheerleader during his gym battles, trying to cheer him up when he was down and how Ash looked affected too when Dawn became depressed for her contest losses... just so many heartwarming moments that I could keep going on. So many reasons to like this particular pair. High Touch!

Aureliashipping (Ash x Lillie): I'm actually quite surprised that this made it here since I wasn't planning to ship Ash with anyone else ever again plus my overall apathy towards him nowadays. I guess it had to do with the fact that I really like SM Ash's personality and how he tried to help her despite not being around her all the time. He also felt bad and responsible for her temporary relapse and tried to cheer her up. Those two look adorable together.

Luckshipping (Brock x Pike Queen Lucy): If Brock ever gets with someone that has to be Lucy. She crushed on him too so it felt mutual and was pretty cute. I wish we could get to see more moments with those two.

Cavaliershipping (Gary x Dawn): It was kind of funny yet adorable to see Dawn excited for meeting Prof. Oak's grandson. I found her thinking of Gary being a poet hilarious. Those two could possibly look pretty good together.

Sunflowershipping (Sun x Lillie): The person who managed to make an abused girl more confident and build up the courage to confront her mentally ill mother in a different dimension. I really liked this pairing and it was pretty heartbreaking to see Lillie leaving at the end of the SM games but it was for a good reason and also part of her development too.

Luckyshipping (Red x Blue): My OTP in every Pokemon media. While being quite neutral during the first chapter of Pokespe where Blue was just flirting with Red only to scam him then FRLG happened and made me really love this pair. Red being depressed after losing to Deoxys to the point of arguing with others and then crying and apologizing to his injured Pokemon alone something that never did before. Then Blue appeared and instead of trying to give a peace of her own mind as he was intially expecting, she just thanked him for fighting such a dangerous enemy for her and protecting her when she had fallen into a coma after her shock, something that made him smile and slightly boosting his courage and confidence. I really love those two together and it seems that they are getting even closer as they get older as ORAS showed too.

Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire):
The ultimate "the opposites attract" and best written romance in the franchise period. Really loved how different those two always were since their childhood and how close they ended up being despite their constant quarrels. Even if Ruby can be quite a jerk from time to time, it seems that those two won't be looking for another partner anytime soon.

Commonershipping (Diamond x Platinum):
Those two are really adorable together. I like that while Diamond is an apathetic person has a small crush on Platinum and always finds a way to make her giggle and laugh with his jokes even though she doesn't like admitting that to Pearl. Overall, the DP trio has to be my favourite travelling group I have seen in any Pokemon media so one more of a reason to like this pair.

Agencyshipping (Black x White): Those two are really made for each other. They relationship was really strengthened after all the time they spent together in the BW Agency and how Black tried to help White after the Ferris Wheel incident. Why cannot B2W2 just end already and finally let those two reunite once again? Both of them deserve happiness.

Teashipping (Bill x Daisy Oak):
So underrated. Bill has been protective of her and when Green asks him if he is with her he gets pretty embarrassed. I swear those two might be secretly dating already.

Laverreshipping (Xavier x Yvonne Gabena): Yvonne was the person who managed to help out Xavier to finally face the world once again after turning into a shut-in after being harassed by paparazzi and was overall the first person he felt he could actually open up to. Xavier despite being quite of an introvert due to his past was always there to help Yvonne during a crisis and it seems that he eventually fell for her at the end of the series once she left to attend the Sky Trainer Academy again.