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~Your Shipping List~

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Mimori Kiryu, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Mysty

    Mysty Well-Known Member

    Yay! More ways to spout off my ships!

    Pokemon Ships:

    Eldershipping: I just adore Oak and Delia because they are cute together, and they are always together, and they are just cute!

    Rocketshipping: I am a rocket lover. Jessie and James again are adorable.

    A bunch of random cute Yaoi ships: yup. Some yaois are very cute.

    Harry Potter Ships

    Dumbledore x McGonagall (AD/MM): It's like Harry Potter's version of Eldershipping! Yay! [SPOIL]Well, I should say ghostADMM now, shouldn't I *sob*[/SPOIL]

    Hagrid x Maxime: So durn cute. I just love this one almost as much as AD/MM

    Remus x Nymphadora:[SPOIL] I never thought that this one would come true, but it did, and I am happy![/SPOIL] ^_^

    Phantom of the Opera

    ErikChristine: I love Phantom/Christine even if it has been beated to death with a stick several times. Only high-quality ErikChristine will do for me, too many dumb phangirlls have ruined it.

    ErikMeg: So many undertones here that could suggest something. The movie suggests a lot, and the ending of the stage show does even more....i have to make a screenshot.

    CarlottaPiangi: a diva and her devoted oppositee

    AndreFirmin: gay managers *giggle*

    GhostMadameGiryErik: I like this in the past

    RaoulErik: sometimes a good thing, sometimes awful

    Random Broadway ships you won't give a darn about

    GhostClerkshipping from Hello Dolly: Cornelius and Barnaby are so cute in the movie (Young michael crawford = yummy) and they "slept in Vandergelder's hay and feed together" until they went to new york

    DollyVandergelder: from Hello Dolly: Cute. Even if Barbra streisand and walter mathau hated eachothers guts.

    ToddLovett (pieshipping) from Sweeney Todd: I love this one to death even if [SPOIL]Todd did throw mrs. lovett into the bake oven after discovering that crazy prostitute was Lucy.[/SPOIL]

    ElphabaErik (e squared shipping or misunderstoodshipping )(WickedPhantom Crossover): Broadways Unloved characters, even if Elphie is adorable with Fiyero!

    ElphabaFiyero: Wicked's ErikChristine.
  2. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest


    Contestshipping: It is my fave shipping ever! Ok I think it is one sided or somethign as May, never really showed much feelings for him but I've seen awesome pics of the two and drew! I'm a fan of him and May!

    Pokeshipping: Ok, Misty X Ash is the best ash ship ever!

    Daisy X Tracey: those two just have a thing for each other.

    Strange, if I like it.

    Koji X Zoe: That is my fave Digimon Ship, well tied with another! Like Koji has expressed some of his feelings for Zoe and Zoe in turn, pratically has hugged or clinged on to him many times!

    T.K X Kari (Takeru X Hikari): Another fave Digimon Ship! Like they are perfect for each other!

    Sora X Matt (Sora X Yamato): Ok, I quite support this ship! As I kinda like it!


    Ruby X Sapphire: Okay, another version of Hoenn Shipping but different in many, many ways.

    Blue x Green: The two are meant for each other! XD!
  3. Tenten

    Tenten "Just kidding!"

    MarinaxKenta-I saw the Special, and they obviously love each other. However, Kenta is the one hiding his feelings, not Marina. Finally, a twist! ^^;;
    MayxDrew-I just love their "love-hate" relationship because of their rivalry.
    JessiexJames-They've been together for who-knows-how-long. They seem to be showing steady feelings towards each other, so why not?
    Yu Yu Hakusho:
    YusukexKeiko-A basic childhood friendship that turned into love over time.
    KuramaxBotan-My favorite YYH shipping! These two are meant for each other.
    Youko KuramaxKoto-They're both foxes. Also, Koto called him "sexy". It's least likely to happen, but I don't care.
    RubyxSapphire-Very similar to Hoennshipping, but still different.
    GoldxCrys-This one wasn't too obvious until near the ending. It may be "mangaquestshipping", but it's not even close to being like questshipping.
    BluexGreen-Why not? These two somehow fit together.
    Kaiyako-My favorite shipping!!! I have no clue why, but I prefer the Digimon Kaiser to be paired up with Miyako. Maybe it's because he's cuter...XP
    Kenyako-I know, it started out as a regular school girl crush which died quickly when she realized he was the Kaiser. That's what makes it interesting, because it came true. They also married each other (which made me SO happy!) later in the series.
    Takari-Very obvious hints are shown for this one. I'm beginning to lose support of this shipping, though. Don't worry-I like it enough to still support it.
    MaixJoey-The ONLY shipping I like in the show. Their love for each other shows a lot during the Battle City Tournament.
    TysonxHilary: Ehh....they annoy each other a lot, so I thought it might hint shippy-ness.
    KaixMariah-Ray/Mariah is too cliche and I needed another Mariah ship to support, so I tried this shipping! Very strange shipping, yes, but I can't imagine Mariah with anyone else after Ray.
    LinkxZelda-The basic Hero of Time saves the Princess of Hyrule, who is also the Sage of Time. Probably the main shipping in the LoZ game.
    MarthxZelda: What? I thought it was a cute crossover pairing! (FE/LoZ)
    RoyxMalon: Another crossover! They're both red-heads, so I guess this could work out.
    LinkxSaria-If I pair up Zelda with Marth, then I'll have to stick Link with this one! Saria shows most of the hints in this pairing.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2005
  4. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Okay never posted in this thread yet...

    Ash x Misty
    Drew x May
    Oak x Tracey
    Brock x Ivy (it was bound to happen :p)
    Richie x Gary
    Jessie x James
    Meowth x Wobbuffet :p


    Yugi x Tea
    Joey x Mai
    Rex x Weevil
    Tristan x Duke


    InuYasha x Kikyo
    Miroku x Sango
    Koga x Ayame
    Hojo x Kagome


    Wedding Peach:

    Yosuke x Momoko
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2005
  5. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~


    Brock X Susie (I can't remember the shipping name ^^;)
    Max X Vivi (Once again, can't remember name)


    Inuyasha X Kagome
    Sango X Miroku
    Koga X Ayame

    Wedding Peach:

    Yoshuke X Momoko

    Peach Girl:

    Momo X Kiley

    Love Hina:

    Keitaro X Naru

    Fruits Basket:

    Kyo X Tohru
    Yuki X Tohru
  6. Lovely May

    Lovely May Guest

    I'm not a huge fan but I like some shippings.


    Ash x Casey - I think, its Baseballshipping or something. I don't remember well. I like them together because.... they are good rivals and always play together very well. Casey would be a great girlfriend for our Ash. They had many good moments and I think, Ash likes Casey as good pal, rival and maybe maybe... ^^ She got a pokemon from him, they caught Elekid together... I liked it.

    Chikoshipping - Chikorita had a crush on Ash and was jealous of Pikachu.
    It was sweet. She was blushing because she saw him^^ I liked when Chikorita kicked Pikachu.

    Altoshipping - Latias and Ash - nice couple. Latias is a pokemon but has good personality. She was a first girl who was liked by him anyway.

    Contestshipping - sorry, but I see May only with Drew. No Ash, No Harley.
    I think, they like each other anyway. They are rivals but drew has a little crush on her. I hope, she likes him too.


    Well, not a lot.


    Usagi x Seya
    Rei x Mamoru


    Inuyasha x Kikyou
    Sango x Miroku

    That's all.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2005
  7. Cerberus

    Cerberus One Love

    Pokeshipping: Yep, my first and favourite

    Advanceshipping: My other favourite, I like were its heading

    Altoshipping: Real sweet

    Luckyshipping: My favourite from the manga

    Specialshipping: Has its sweet moments

    And TraceyxOak shipping :D Just imagine.
  8. Cable Guy

    Cable Guy Guest

    I support a few ships:

    Altoshipping - What can I say, it's a ship between a human and a Pokemon! That makes it different from most other Pokemon ships, and it's uniqueness is one of the reason why I support it. Besides, I think they make a cute couple...

    Ok, I only support Altoshipping. :D
  9. tactlessdarckcloud

    tactlessdarckcloud 2 sweet hell n beyon


    they are all from pokemon,cuz I don´t know the names for another animes shippings :p

    commandershipping(HomuraXAngie):I think they´re sooo cute ^^
    dragonshipping(LanceXClair):Clair cares too much about Lance,right?
    unnbalanceshipping(MaxieXArchie)-actually,I don´t know if this is the correct name-:I just support the idea they use to be together,then they broke up.
    sacredshipping(MortyXEusine): ooh,I just like it,they look nice together.
  10. Devilrose

    Devilrose Super Coordinator


    Advanceshipping: May and Ash just look so cute together :) Plus they're my two favorite characters.

    Minamoshipping: I can SO see Kelly making a move on May and not being shy about it either...Kelly doesn't seem like the shy type >.> <.<

    Leagueshipping: Richie needs to make an appearance again *nod* He's another of my favorite characters :)

    Altoshipping: Given the way Ash is currently...Latias is his type. A pokemon. Not to mention the thought of her taking a human form and...uh...I should end off there *nod*


    Celes/Terra: Celes and Terra are two of my favorite FF characters. They're second only to Rydia. I actually played a version of FF4 where Cecil was replaced with Celes and Rosa with Terra XD
  11. cold_katanagirl

    cold_katanagirl Link Master

    Oh yeah.

    Yu Gi Oh

    Yu gi x Rebecca
    Duke x Serenity
    Mai x Joey

    Tis all. =0
  12. It doesn't hurt to have more than one thread, does it?


    Wallace x Winona (PokeSpecials) - Kinda obvious that I'm a die-hard supporter because of my sig. But it's soooooo obvious that Winona has those more-than-friends feelings towards Wallace despite her "what we had was over" speech in Vol.19. Nagi-chan looked so cute when her defense broke down before [SPOIL]they went off to fight Groudon/Kyouge[/SPOIL]. The fact that both of them were my favorite Gym Leaders also adds bonus points XD

    Ash (Red) x Misty - Is she really following him SIMPLY because of the bike? Would she leave the group if her sisters didn't call for her rescue? Nuff said.

    Brendan (Ruby) x May (Sapphire) - Sapphire was soooo obviously crushing over Ruby in the PokeSpecials. Plus their mentors were a couple too, teehee.

    Mahou Sensei Negima

    Setsuna x Konoka - I don't care if Akamatsu is treating Konoka as invisible or those AsuSetsu/EvaSetsu hints in the recent chapters. They. Should. Be. With. Each. Other. Both of them would throw their lives away for the other [SPOIL](in the School Field Trip story, Vol.5)[/spoil], they've knew and accepted everything about each other [spoil](same story, but in Vol.6)[/spoil], and Secchan had [spoil]openly admitted that she was feeling That Way towards Kono[/spoil]. Even a ten-year-old bratty magician-in-training agreed, so there.

    Asuna x Iincho (Ayaka) - Typical trying-to-kill-each-other ship. But they genuinely cared for each other as demonstrated by their actions in episode 15/23. Typical, but their relationship is more solid than many other floating ships in the fandom.

    Detective Conan

    Takagi x Satou - One of the less well-known couple in the world because of the slow rate of release on the North Americn continent. At first, all seems to be a hopeless case [spoil]since Satou was older and had a higher rank than Takagi, and she already had a fanclub that extended to the neighboring prefectures.[/spoil] But gradually the feeling become mutual, and now these two are the more established couple in the recent stories, yeepie!! You can't find that in Shin'ichi/Ran or any other couple, I tell you!

    Heiji/Kazuha - Another childhood shippy (the first being Setsuna/Konoka), but they even got a better part: [spoil]Kazuha is Heiji's "forgotten" first love in the 7th movie[/spoil]. Weee!!!
  13. +Yuffa+

    +Yuffa+ Guest

    I just wanted to squeeze in another couple in my list, which happened to be a few pages back... XD

    Sousuke x Chidori from Full Metal Panic: One of a kind. Need I say more? :D Ok.

    This pair is anything but boring. Seriously. It's awfully fun to watch a feisty Chidori restrain a war-freak bodyguard. Especially since, Sousuke treats the school campus like a battle zone. XXXDDD HOLY COW! He's twisted, insane and uber paranoid most of the time.

    [spoil] When Sousuke thought that the love letter in Chidori's locker, was a threat letter. XXXDDD He even have to blew up her locker with grenade because he thought there was a trap of some kind. Geezzz, it's only a harmless love letter! [/spoil]
  14. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    all are from Pokemon.... =P

    Masato x Vivi

    and i think thats it....... =P
  15. Eefi

    Eefi ::Aura is with Me::


    i have more, but it would take up the whole page ^^

    but this is my favorite from pokemon, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2005
  16. Meganium Ex

    Meganium Ex Banned

    These are my favorite ships, all from Pokemon! ^_^

    Advanceshipping:Ash and May look just so cute together!

    Orangeshipping:After seeing all those great specials of Misty and Tracey together...how could I not like it?!

    Kawaiishipping:I may not support Pokeshipping, but the paring of Pikachu and Togepi...I just love it!!
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2005
  17. Ashfan17

    Ashfan17 Guest

    Let's see ships I do support;

    Danny Phantom:

    1. Danny and Sam: How can you not support them as a couple is the question ever seen Fanning the Flames? That will answer your question of whether or not they like each other deep down. Plus all of those other tiny hints in other episodes. I shall support this couple till the end.

    2. Tucker and Valerie: Ever since that episode Parenting Bonding or whatever it's called I've sort of had a soft spot for this cough couple cough there are some little hints here and there that says Tucker likes Valerie or the other way around. Take Shades of Grey for incident they were a couple in that episode. Something happened I guess causing them to break up, you can kind of tell Tucker still likes Valerie but whether or not Valerie likes him is the question.

    3. Valerie and Danny Fenton: This has to be my second favorite Danny paring why? The whole love/hate relationship thing it kind of reminds me of Ash and Misty only Valerie hunts Danny's super hero side down that's the difference. But heck in the TV movie Reign Storm Valerie admitted she liked Danny Fenton more than a friend and was willing to challenge Sam for him. Also there was some hints in The Ultimate Enemy such as Dan Phantom saying do to our relationship we've had in the past I would let you live but I don't work that way. So there must have meant something happened at least in the dark future any ways. Than there was the fact that Valerie said she thought his younger version was kind of cute. So I can see this pair becoming an item.

    4. Ember and Danny Phantom: I could see as a one episode type of thing but that's all I just find it cute for no reason lol. Maybe because there both my favorite characters and I like paring up my favorite characters. Will just have to wait and see.

    5. Vlad and Danny: The only gay couple I support on this show. Why? They both are half ghosts and would understand each others feelings.

    6. Sam and Tucker: Life Lessons any one? The kiss...Yah, yah I know it didn't mean any thing is what you’re going to say but it could have. Sam ignoring it was probably just an act. I mean can you imagine how Danny would feel if Sam and Tucker his two best friends feel for each other. Wow I mean that would just hurt the kid, so Sam did it for that reason probably. It sounds like Tucker sort of likes her, Butch Hartman is sot of hinting at the fact that he does. Such as Parenting Bonding he liked how Sam looked in that black dress he was speechless in fact. Than there was Memory Blank where he was flirting with her when he didn't know who she was meaning he might actuality like her. Than there was Life Lessons where Tucker kissed Sam on the lips we don't know if it was by accident or on purpose, will have to see...Also there are those little hints in other episodes, but there all coming from Tucker not one hint that Sam likes Tucker back. So I don't know about this cough couple cough like I said before will just have to wait and see.


    1. Orangeshipping: I've been supporting this since the first special, I've never seen one but I can tell by the pictures and what there doing in them. I also have read the episode guide and from what I can tell it seems to me that there sort of liking each other back. So what if Misty liked Ash you can grow out of a crush, and like someone else it's easy to fall for someone especially if you've hung around with that someone for a while now cough Tracey cough.

    2. Pokeshipping: I was a fan of this from season one to three but now meh.

    3. Contestshipping: Yay for roses Drew gives May a rose that has to mean something plus they argue a lot and share some shippy moments that seems like lasts an eternity lol.

    4. Advancedshipping: I think that's the name sorry if I got it wrong. Any who Ash and May I just find it cute is all.

    Harry Potter

    1. Hermione and Harry: I love reading moments between them...I've been a fan of this cough couple cough since the fourth book which is odd. My favorite hint and what got me into being a fan of them was Rita Skeeter writing an article about them being a couple that was so cute awe than that kiss in the end of the fifth book that made my heart swim with joy.

    2. Ginny and Harry: I guess I don't mind them as a couple it's sort of cute, the crush thing you know.

    3. Luna and Harry: I just thought it was right from the fifth book yah know.

    Ed, Edd n Eddy

    Double D and Sarah: I've supported this couple since the beginning of the series. There has been so many hints between them such as Double D with hearts in his eyes over Sarah and than her falling for Double D when he gave her that flower. We find out later she still has a crush on him when they read her diary and such. So yah I hope they get together soon if possible.

    May and Double D: Ever since the Valentine’s Day special I found them cute that's all. That and the fact that Double D stuck that love note from May under his hat it was so cute it made me go awe.

    Marie and Double D: I just they look cute is all...

    Few that was along list I'm warn out from just typing all that lol but now I'm done and shall go play.
  18. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Okie! I have some <3 These are the ones I support RABIDLY.

    Susushipping (Morty x Will)- Holy sh*t. ****ing hot. And their personalities seem similar, they both seem a little dark. <3

    Hottieshipping (Morty x Brawly)- The name says it all. SEXY. And they're both pretty laid-back, too.

    Elitistshipping (Eusine x Will)- ...they're brothers. :D Hot brothers going at it = WIN.

    Thundershipping (Eusine x Kudou)- Because how else would Eusine know him, huh? ;D

    Artshipping/Voyeurshipping (Tracey x Todd)- My OTP at the moment. They're both artsy, both really sweet, both report to Prof. Oak with their work, they're BOUND to know each other. And they would be really sweet together too, awww <3

    ??? (Tad x Tracey)- Aesthetically pleasing. >3

    I'll put up more when I can think better D:
  19. Ember

    Ember Guest


    Advanceshiiping- My fave. Ash and May are so adorable together and they have so much in common.

    Orangeshipping- I just think that theyre are really great match for each other.

    Questshipping- Kenta and Marina are so cute and perfect for each other.

    Harry Potter-

    Hermione and Ron- I've loved this shipping practicly ever since I started reading the books.

    Harry and Ginny- I just started liking this pairing in the 5th book. It really appeals to me, and is now my fave.
  20. Dark Nemesis

    Dark Nemesis Guest

    Haga X Ryuzaki (Yu Gi Oh): I greatly enjoyed their love-hate relationship. It was most entertaining.

    Rita X Katherine (Power Rangers): Holy ****. Talk about hot. A lot of nice hints for it, too.

    Shampoo X Ukyo (Ranma 1/2): We all know neither of them is going to end up with Ranma, so why not pair them together? Plus, it would be sexy beyond belief.

    Dumbledore X Harry (Harry Potter): I liked the way their relationship developed throughout the series. Shame Dumbledore's dead and Harry's going to end up with Ginny. That pisses this one off a great deal.

    Kikyou X Kagome (Inuyasha): Watch "Kikyou & Kagome: Alone In The Cave." There's a lot of sweet evidence for it there.

    Nojiko X Nami (One Piece): They're both really hot and shared some pretty good chemistry during the Arlong Arc. Love it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2005
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