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~Your Shipping List~

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Mimori Kiryu, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. cold_katanagirl

    cold_katanagirl Link Master

    Here's my incredibly short list from Naruto... It'll change eventually.

    Sasuke x Sakura.

  2. Typhlogirl

    Typhlogirl keep battling on!

    Okay, here are mine;


    Pokeshipping (AshxMisty) Favourite pokemon ship. I really don't like Advancshipping. I just think Misty and Ash belong together.

    Contestshipping (DrewxMay) Because there is SO much chemistry, and this is the reason I don't like Advancshipping. Because May should be with Drew. Nuff said. But that's just my opinion. You're free to have yr own.

    Eliteshipping (LancexLorelei) Because they just do. It just works, in my mind. Plus I believe its the only Lance ship that works. Bleh.

    Specialshipping (RedxYellow) This is so cute! These two would be so good together!! *rambles*


    YugixTea It works dammit. This is my fav Yu-gi-oh ship. Because. (Man i need to think of reasons...)

    Bleh, will post more when I think of 'em.

  3. mistygurl

    mistygurl I'll fly you there*

    The shippings I like :


    Ash x Misty - It's just obvious! andmy favourite shipping :D
    May x Drew - Okay..They're not really my favourite characters but they're really cute together ^_^
    Marina x Kenta - I've saw the screenshots and I really like them together ^^
    Tracey x Daisy - They're make a great couple ( plus their names rhyme ^^;; )
    Delia x Oak - always together!
    Butler x Diane - from the sixth movie. I really like that shipping :)
    Brock x Suzie - like it? no love it ^_^ I think they make a great couple!

    Harry Potter

    I only like Hermione x Ron. That's so cute!! ^^


    Makoto x her youth friend (forgot his name ^^; )

    I guess this was it.. If I come up with more I'll edit.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2005
  4. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    If it's in the episode that, in the dub, inspired the song Rainy Day Man, I think his name is Ken, which may be his Japaese name. o_o
  5. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Wow. There's so little variety here that it makes my brain die. VARIETY, PEOPLE! JESUS.

    More Pokemon:

    Hyuuga x Tomono- Geez. So cute. <3 They're both really adorable and lost. Aww.

    Chaz x Toshiki- Did I say this already? ....oh well. It's wicked hot. <3

    Eriko x Kanata- I just do D:

    Drew x Timmy- Awww! >D

    Falkner x Lance- This is Mog-chan's fault. XD
  6. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Meh. I wanted to re-do this.


    Anime Shippings

    Pokeshipping: My first and favourite ship. Misty is my favourite character, along with Ash, and I love the arguments and funny scenes. It's just way too cute and I've supported it the longest. ^_^

    Contestshipping: My 2nd favourite ship. I love the rivalry between Drew and May. Drew is an awesome character, and you could tell right from the start that something was gonna go on between the two IMO. They have their moments and I think in the end they'll come out to be great friends.

    Handymanshipping: I've supported this since that one Misty HOSO. XD Tracey and Daisy are pretty cute together. Plus I claimed it. =3

    Ash/Drew Shipping
    Drew/Gary Shipping

    I think thats it from the anime. XD


    Hoennshipping: My favourite game shipping. I dunno why I like it. XD I guess I just do, and yeah. ^^;

    I also like Questshipping and Coloseumshipping (sp?) :D


    Uh... dunno. I'd love to get my hands on some Pokemon Manga, but unfortunately, I haven't. So once I get some, I'll edit. XD
  7. Tales of Symphonia:

    SlyvaShipping (Lloyd x Colette) Hate it or love it, this ship is undeniable. Unless you get the Sheena ending, which leads to...

    Twoworldsshipping (Lloyd x Sheena): Now I haven't seen the Sheena ending, but I heard lines like:

    Sheena: *to Lloyd* I want to be with you.


    Advanceshipping (Ash x May) : They get along well together, rarely fight, and they don't have a dub-made song. *remembers Misty's song and cringes*


    (Name unknown) Yugi x Rebbeca: Pretty cute. A little one-sided though...

    Polarshipping (Joey x Mai): The hints are very convincing, Joey's quest so save Mai from the Oricalcos (sp?) beaing the greatest.

    That's all I can think of as of now.
  8. Kyaku

    Kyaku . . .

    I made some.
    Tales of Symphonia:
    Lloyd+Collette:Who couldn't see this?
    Genis+Presea:I thought of this after I read the skits faqs on GameFaqs.
    Genis+Me:Heh. Just a joke.
    Kratos+Me:Why do I start likeing him a of the sudden?!

    Ash+Misty:Yep I know this after I saw the 2nd movie.
    Ash+May:Really I'm not sure with this...
    Brock+Joy=Really, he likes to many girls.
    Pokemon Manga:
    Crystal+Gold: I never read these mangas. So I'm not sure.
    Ruby+Sapphire:See above.
    Red+Blue:See above.
    I will try to get more later.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2005
  9. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    I have some poly ships and some regular ships to add, since I haven't comtributed any since the first post XD


    Tommy x Brawly x Morty: It PWNS. Get over it. PounceonTommyshipping PWNS all. Ask Oos. ^^

    Morty x Eusine: If you watched the episode 'For Ho-oh the bells toll' and don't see this ship then you are oblivious to every ship in the flipping world. :D

    Falkner x Gary: I don't know if this has a ship name, but its hot. PERIOD.

    Todd x Tracey: Artshipping kicks major *** so just get over it and STFU :D

    I'm done.
  10. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Brazenshiping! :D :D :D
  11. megs22

    megs22 Cascade Trainer


    ash x misty:ive liked it since i was 8
    gary x misty: i dunno, they look great togeter plus both pick on ash!

    FF/ KH

    sephiroth x aeris: gah, i adore it!
    sora x kiari: really cute!
    leon x yuffie: i dunno, i just do


    vegeta x bulma: dunno, yamacha and bulma got so... blah and bulma and vegeta were unexpected and a great couple!


    alucard x seras: i dont know what it is abot them but i liked them together instantly
  12. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    Ok, these are the only ones I really care about; if I listed them all, it would take forever.

    Pokemon (anime)

    LeagueShipping (Ash x Richie)
    StoneColdFoxX3Shipping (Brawly x Steven x Wallace)
    FreezeFrameShipping (Articuno x Todd)
    SuSuShipping (Morty x Will)

    Pokemon (manga)

    LeagueShipping (Ash x Richie)
    3ShiShipping (Ash x Richie x Gary)
    RivalShipping (Gary x Richie)


    StepShipping (Noa x Mokuba)
    PolarShipping (Mai x Joey :) :) :))
    Rex x Wevel


    TK x Kari
    LadyDevimon x me (lolz)


    Lan x Chaud
  13. gladdecease

    gladdecease Master Coordinator

    Hn...let's see, shall we?

    Teen Titans

    Beast Boy x Raven (do these even have names?): One of my all-time favorite ships. Which is why I claimed it, of course. ;P I know it's only fanon, but their friendship, if nothing else, has been developing since the beginning of the series. Lots of episodes with them trying to get to know each other...and some hugs. ^^ Raven's hugs are special things, and Beast Boy's got two of four under his belt [Robin and Starfire have the others].

    Cyborg x Jinx: I also like the polyship BeeCyJinx, but I like this one a bit more. It's fairly obvious from "Deception" that there were some feelings between them, and they let each other know it. Since then, I don't think I've seen Jinx really fight directly against Cyborg in battle. Besides, the entire "I love you but I hate the people who are your friends" sort of thing speaks to me, in a twisted sort of way.

    Cyborg x Bumblebee: The lucky robot, he's gotten like five girls after him. *wink* They started off fighting and distrustful, not having any time to get to know one another before they had to save Jump City. Then by the end of the episode they knew each other well enough to work together like a real team. In "Titans East" 1, Bee was just about to disco dance with Cyborg when Mas and Menos found the Gamestation. *ticked* Man, is Cyborg stupid with the ladies, though he certainly is a ladies' man.

    Robin x Terra: One of the smaller fanbases, I imagine. The tension between the two of them in "Aftershock" 1 was enough to make me wonder. "I'll never be good enough for you..." Yeah, I'm taking it too far, but I still like the ship.

    Robin x Starfire (Titanshipping) : Other than BBT, the only canon ship on the show. Some moments are too sweet for my tastes, which is why it has such a struggle in my head against RT. On the other hand, things like "Stranded" are perfect examples of my feeling towards the ship; Robin's an idiot who can't express himself. That in itself is one of the problems the ship faces; I like it. ^^

    Hmm...somehow I figured I had more. Oh, right...

    Slade x Terra: Only a mild supporter of the ship. But c'mon; canon in the comics, and the entire "we are one," master and apprentice, and all of that? There's something there, even if it's just an abusive relationship.

    Danny Phantom

    One of those shows where all my ships are getting confused in the midst of new episodes. So, as of yet...

    Danny x Sam: The first pair of the show, really. Danny's clueless about his feelings, and their relationship is platonic until "Fanning the Flames," when Sam realizes how good it feels to have Danny liking her. She questions her own feelings for him, and slowly begins to crush on him. Therein lies the problem; they've been friends for too long, and she's worried for their friendship. Only when Valerie tries to butt in will Sam most likely do anything. Hard to say what Danny would do...well, I like pretty much all parts of this ship.

    Vlad x Maddie: The poor guy's life was destroyed, and he turned evil as a result. And he was in love with his best friend's girl! Vlad lost everything...and became obsessive over trying to get power...power, and Maddie. It's just bittersweet, because he knows he can't have her. And he really is devoted...just in a slightly creepy way.

    Danny x Valerie: What can I say? It's an up-and-coming ship that's certainly got a basis in the show; each of the made-for-TV-movies has some hintings. Besides that, it will be interesting to see Danny try to hide his ghost side from Valerie if they date. He knows who she is, but she doesn't know who he is. Like a twisted sort of CyJinx, but with secret identities and the like. ^^

    Tucker x Sam: Yeah, the entire DV bonding episode left room for TS bonding...in an odd way. They certainly gave new meaning to "arguing like an old married couple"...and all this fuss over flour sacks? It was cute while it lasted...for one episode. I'm pretty confident it won't last any longer than that, though I'm half convinced Tucker's concealing hidden feelings for Sam for the sake of Danny [he as good as knows Sam's feelings for Danny, and this would give Danny time to figure his own feelings out].

    Rave Master

    Haru x Elie: Just about the funniest one there is, what with Mashima-sensei's twisted pervertedness towards Elie in general...and Haru being the teen boy that he is. *smirk* There are very touching moments, and I live for those. The entire ship is another of my favorites.

    Haru x Celia: Volume 15 or so brought up a good political and racial point--can there be love between the races? In a sort of bittersweet way that reminds me of VladMaddie, I believe in Celia's love, no matter how futile it is. It's sad, really...

    Jeagan x Julia: From what I can tell as of yet, he cared about her enough to force her to see everyone else she knew die just to get her for himself. It's sad that it was all futile; she still lost herself to the monster inside.

    Len x Julia: Even sadder than JJ; Len really believed Julia was dead for years, and suddenly found the knowledge that she was alive, but still lost to him...it's now his main subplot in the series, I think. Julia must have been a wonderful person before the incident happened...whatever that was.


    Ash x Misty (Bikeshipping) : Yeah...probably my number one favorite ship of all time. Why? It was that sort of typical anime humor-romance at first, with the love/hate-ness and the tension...but it mellowed out, and now it's alright, I suppose. Still one the best to me; it just can't be replaced at the top of my list of favorites.

    Max x Misty (Masumishipping : One-sided, this is adorable. Full beginnings of the ship in the Mt. Moon episode...and they really get along well. It would seem fitting for Max's first huge crush to be on an older girl like Misty.

    Drew x May (Contestshipping) : Didn't think much of it at first, but have grown to love it. The roses...and May's flattered by Drew's flirting. It's the new age rival ship, but without the bad past Ash and Gary had.

    Tracey x Daisy (Handymanshipping) : Ah, what can I say? I implemented it once into a storyline [never written out] and was hooked. The secret-admirer hoso was enough for me at the time, but I really do crave more for the ship before I really get into it.

    Brendon x May (Hoennshipping) : Never played a single game or read a volume of manga, but the fan stuffs alone have convinced me of this ship's validity. Besides that, it seems like another sort of rival ship...with the bad past of Ash and Gary, but without the competiting for the same goal. I'm not sure, of course...

    Avatar: the Last Airbender

    Zuko x Katara: One of my favorite new ships. If nothing else convinced me, fanstuffs did. The characters in themselves are awesome, and their fighting is cool to watch. Besides that...well, the misleading commercial for "The Waterbending Scroll" was something. But I really don't know why else. It just appeals to me, like so many other fanon ships [though this one may or may not convert to canon]. The necklace sequence was a positive moment for the ship, oddly...

    Sokka x Suki: Sokka, the stuck-up idiot that he is, decides to prance in on an Amazon-like training group and as good as declare them automatically worse fighters than him because of their gender. Suki takes him on and sorely beats him, then trains him in the arts. Who's to say why she did it? In any case, it's the first canon ship of the show, and very sweet.

    Sokka x Yue: The poor girl had such an untimely end...bittersweet, to lose one's love for the sake of a people. It was the biggest supported ship to date, and very cute. Not much more to say about it.

    Fruits Basket

    Kyou x Tohru: Sort of liked it, then fell in love at Volume 6. Just...amazing. Besides that fact, Kyou has admitted to himself that he feels for Tohru. The only question--for any Tohru ship, really--is if she likes the guy in question. In this ship, Tohru manages to accept Kyou, not ignoring his differences like his mother did, but in spite of them. This is what he really wanted, and his temper is slightly soothed by it...

    Hiro x Kisa: Oddly, reminds me of Kyouru. However, Hiro's issue is not in his differences and isolation, but in his inability to...well, keep from harming those around him with his stinging tongue and inaction to save those that need him. He will do anything for Kisa, which is just so sweet...even though they're so young. ^^

    Haru x Rin: Angsty, from what I've seen of it. Isuzu tries to save Hatsuharu by staying away from his side, though this is what's hurting him. She doesn't want him physically hurt because she cares, but is in the process emotionally killing him. So sad...I long for closure.

    Kureno x Arisa: They just automatically clicked, and couldn't bear to forget each other. In one another they found their perfect person...the only thing truly standing in their way is Kureno's inescapeable ties to Akito. One must wonder how it will end...

    Kazuma x Saki: Certainly not one of the most popular for English speakers...yet. Just wait until more volumes with Shishou come out. It's almost funny; Saki cares not about his appearance, but about his waves. And Kyou's freaked out because it would make his "stepmother" his age, possibly younger. ^^ That's funny.

    Yuki x Machi: Machi interests me; we've only seen a moment or two of her, but I want to learn more. I have heard enough about their relationship to know that Machi treats Yuki almost scornfully, like he's a normal person who has not yet earned her respect. She sees through his facade, just as Tohru did. So, when Yuki feels Tohru could not love him in the way he loves her, he turns to Machi. An odd sort of rebound, I think...but the fanstuffs have once again convinced me. And the overprotective Kakeru would be a plus; he's hilarious! ;P

    Miscelaneous Categories

    Seto x Anzu (Azureshipping) : I really don't know what got me on this; I certainly never saw the first moment when Anzu defended Yuugi against Seto...though it may be the fact that she seriously stood up to Seto when no one else really does. Tension...if nothing else. ^^
    Jono x Mai (Polarshipping) : Just...obvious. It's there, and it's cute, what with the slob vs. model, rough background, and quick tongue they have. It's just a really nice break from the tension. Same as the next...
    Yuugi x Rebekah: It's adorable. First time, she's holding herself a teddy bear. Then the next time she pounces on Yuugi, her boyfriend replacement for her bear. She's obsessive; it's so cute! ^^

    Miroku x Sango: There've been jealousy episodes...and Miroku proposed [or the feudal equivalent, rather...], and the lecherous humor is to die for! The moments that are actually serious are sweet too...

    Harry Potter series
    Viktor x Hermione: For once, I actually like the ship that leads to jealousy. Go figure, eh? Well, I found their relationship to be sweet, in an odd sort of way. Viktor sees her once, and follows her to the library another day. He goes again and again, each time trying to get his courage up enough to ask her to the Yule Ball. He's a Quidditch World Cup Seeker, and can't find enough nerve to ask a girl to a dance. How cliche, yet adorable. Seeing the attempt from the other side, instead of from the asker's side, was a nice change of pace...it was a very sweet ship, all in all.
  14. Tenten

    Tenten "Just kidding!"

    Here are my favorites from Naruto:

    SasuSaku (SasukexSakura)
    NejiTen (NejixTenTen)
    NaruHina (NarutoxHinata)

    ...wow. O__o
  15. Swifty

    Swifty Well-Known Member


    Ash x Misty - This ship has always had a special place in my heart, despite the fact that it had been five years since I had watched the show.
    Drew x May - Pairing rivals up had always been a good idea. However, Palletshipping just wasn't the most likely rival pairing to actually become canon. Contestshipping seems to have a better chance of two rivals hooking up. That and Hoennshipping. It seems like in both the games and anime, they meant for May to fall in love with her rivals. It's quite sweet, really.
    Gary x Leaf Green girl - Since a character like Gary is in the first game GBA remakes, this makes this sorta another rival ship. This is a ship I've created that would offer hilarious results if I had my way with the show. I'd introduce the Leaf Green girl and give her a quirky and goofy personality we seem to see in the Pokesho comics. I'd make her fall madly in love with Gary to the point that she drives Gary nuts. Gary tries to avoid her. The result? Hilarity.
    Ash x Drew - I'm a guy, but this yaoi pairing is comedy gold. Ash and Drew have such opposite personalities that I would just love to see them bounce off of each other. Ash's genki personality mixed in with Drew's mellow and cool attitude? Oh exploitable!
    Ash x May - It's such a cute teacher-apprentice pairing. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much between the two in the show that would buttress my further support of this couple. :(

    The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
    Johnny x Jessie - This was my first pairing before Ash and Misty. In fact, Johnny and Jessie's relationship was quite similar to Ash and Misty's which is why I got into PokeShipping. Both couples drove each other crazy but deep down, they cared for each other significantly. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled but at least we saw Jonny and Jessie kiss... Albeit, they were possessed by ghosts so it doesn't count... Sorta. ;)
  16. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    I support

    Hoennshipping (Brendan+May)
    Colosseumshipping (Wes+Rui)
    Egoshipping (Gary+Misty)

    Cardcaptor Sakura
    Cardcaptorshipping (Syaoran+Sakura: MY FAVORITE SHIPPING OF ALL!!!
    Observantshipping (Eriol+Tomoyo): Hey, I just can't see Eriol with Kaho.

    Kodocha No Omocha

    Fruits Basket

    Taiora (Tai+Sora)
  17. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Ash x may
    Kenta x Marina
    Red x Yellow
    Ash x Bianca
    Wes x Rui

    Megaman NT warrior/ Rockman.EXE
    Lan x Maylu
    Lan x Jasmine
    Megaman.EXE x Roll.EXE
    Megaman.EXE x Medi.EXE

    Tales of Symphonia:
    Lloyd x Sheena
    Genis x Presea
    Kratos x Anna

    Final Fanstay:
    Cloud x Tifa
    Tidus x Yuna
  18. Scourge

    Scourge Guest

    Shippings I support:


    AdvanceShipping-Well cause I think they look like each other's type. Plus its cuter with May than with Misty.

    Tales of Symphonia

    Lloyd/Colette-Well cause its so sweet between them. Theres not much fun in it but thats what makes it really good, cause its a combo of friendship and love.
    Genis/Presea-I have to say this is my favorite out of the ToS ships, its very funny to see Genis with his crush on Presea through about half the game. The whole Protecting her thing was cool and cute.
    Zelos/Sheena-Well I don't really know why I like this but I do know that they would really be starting fireworks with each other. :D

    Golden Sun

    Isaac/Jenna-This one is the most obvious one in the games. Its cute too especially when you find out in part 2 that Isaac was worrying about her non stop. and how Jenna turned pik when Sheba said. "Don't you mean Isaac."

    Piers/Sheba-Well this noe is kinda hard to notice but when Sheba asked piers his age I kinda thought of this and when at the ending preview Sheba was near piers' side. :D


    Knuckles/Rouge-Well cause there are a lot of clues in SonicA2battle. Plus I think it would be really great to see Knuckles with her on a date.

    Shadow/Amy-Not much people support it so I feel alone supporting it but this is my favorite ship in the world so far. I think with Shadow's depression and Amy's cheeriness it would be good for Shadow to have a life of happiness. Plus I like the sceen where Amy reminds him of his past and He says "I gotta keep my promise to maria and YOU" :D
  19. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member


    Ash x Misty: I'm a romantic sap, and I love the idea behind it.
    May x Drew: Not a big thing, but it was the first time I ever really noticed a rival shipping of sorts.
    BrockxSusie: It's nice she's the first girl I remember not getting embarrassed at his behaviour, or Brock being deadly serious about.
    Charizardx Charla: It's canon, it's cute, and Charizard's cool.
    LatiosxLatias: I share a theory with Zerodius on this one. It involves them NOT being actual brother and sister.

    JoeyxMai: If you can't see it your blind.
    YugixRebecca: Nice in a stalker way.
    YamixTea: She likes him, you can tell. I mean, HOW much time did they spend together between Duelist Kingdom and Grand Championship?

    SakuraxLei: it's awesome, it's like Pokeshipping 'cept this time it's the by instead of the girl, and it's canon. Very subtly, it's canon.

    CloudxTifa: Supported this from day 1. I mean, they are all they've got left in the world. I even went on GamesFAQ in order to find out how to fairly make Nibelshipping as I call it the main shipping in FFVII. The bit after his speech was way to supportive to ignore.

    TidusxYuna: I know it's canon, but before it went canon it was obvious.

    HaruxElie: Pokeshippingly obvious. And awesome too.
    MusikaxWhatshername: Y'know, it's that girl who he grew up with and gave his first piece of silver to. Can't remember her name though, but I belive it was in Blues city or summit, after the whole "Elie wiping out existance by accident" thing. Wish Toonami would hurry up and show the new episodes.

    More to come when my homework headache wears off.
  20. Revolutionary Destiny

    Revolutionary Destiny snoitome eurt deen I

    Here's my shipping list:

    - Brock and Misty (Gymshipping) ~ Rarely argue, have a great connection with each other, and they seem to care about each other a lot.

    - Ash and May (Advanceshipping) ~ Same as above.

    - Commander Tabitha/Harlan (Team Magma) and Commander Shelly/Isabel (Commandershipping) ~ Whenever they talk to each other, it seems like they had some sort of relationship with each other in the past.

    - Jessie and James (Rocketshipping) ~ I'm a semi-Rocketshipper. I very rarely think about it, but whenever something does happen between them, I think it's really cute.

    - Inuyasha and Kikyo ~ To me, they even each other out personality wise and we already know that it can work out between them.

    - Miroku and Sango ~ It reminds me a lot of Gymshipping and it's really funny watching Sango slap Miroku upside the head:p

    That's all that I can think of for now. I'll add more eventually.
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