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~Your Shipping List~

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Mimori Kiryu, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Roses Ablaze

    Roses Ablaze ??*????

    • Ash/Misty - Interesting story, this one. When I was new to the Internet, I was trying to think of last names for all the characters. I came up with Mizuno for Kasumi (Misty), so KasumiMizuno became my screen name and that somehow meant Misty was my favorite character. I became a PokeShipper from there. I do like Misty over a lot of the female characters, though. The other girls are all either too girly or all have the same personality.
    • Ash/Melody - I don't know why, but Melody's personality just appeals to me. She has enough spunk to keep up with Ash and she's femenine, but not annoyingly so. I also think it's funny that she scolded Ash in the movie.
    • Jessie/James - I don't know, I just like it XD

    Sailor Moon (manga version)
    • Kunzite/Mamoru - Actually, the main reason I support this ship is because I'm sick of all these Shitennou/Senshi fanfics out there that consistently neglect the friendship between Mamoru and his guardians. I'm starting to really not like Shi/Sen as a result. Also, this (<--WARNING: Shounen-ai, though nothing explicit) fanfiction had a pretty strong hand in pursuading me.
    • Mamoru/Usagi - Normally fairytale relationships annoy me, but for some reason this one doesn't.
    • Helios/Chibiusa - I kinda feel sorry for Chibiusa in that arc of the manga (which is much better than its counterpart in the anime IMO), so I think it's nice that Helios gives her the hope of finally growing up and finding love. I also really like Helios.

    • Joey/Mai - I usually don't like strong girls falling for dorky guys, but I think it's cute how Joey really cares for Mai.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2005
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Hmmm...I haven't posted in this thread have I?

    From Pokemon:

    Ash/May: Probably my favorite ship ever in the Pokemon anime, and to think at one point I didn't even LIKE shipping in general! Ash and May are adorable together, their interactions, chemistry, their naivete, and mentor/student status. The two have loads in common, it's almost as if the writers have purposely tried to turn May into Ash's soulmate. I usually don't care for main guy/girl ships in shows, but for Ash/May I'll make an exception. I don't think it's possible to find a more compatible pair than these two.

    Misty/Max: This ship rocks. To see Misty going for May's little brother would be friggin hilarious! It even had one episode with a bonding moment for the two. That and I can see Max easily getting a crush on Misty, as besides May and his mother, Misty is the only other girl that could be a "revelation" to him. Seriously, there is so much comedic gold for a Misty/Max ship. The age gap can be damned as far as I'm concerned, heck Misty likes younger men.

    May/Kelly: HAWT. The BEST yuri pair in all of Pokemon. Kelly and May are so damn cute together, everything about these two girls are so squishy and curvy. They just melt into each others arms. That and Kelly seems to have some fascination with May's chest, as proven in the show and has multiple fanart about it. Kelly seems like a groping kind of girl, poor unsuspecting May being groped by another girl unsuspectingly. Of course May seems to dig her too, and the two girls already have a great friendship. Kelly has been pretty much the first and only girl in the show to hit on May, and May seems open enough to like girls as well as boys. They're both coordinators, and they both seem open enough for a little experimentation. Heck, Kelly is the kind of girl to just tear off May's clothes in public and start feeling her up.

    Ash/Misty/May A great threesome pair. Ash is worthy enough to have both girls at once. Ash has shown a connection to both of them, and why should he pick one over the other? You don't, you take BOTH of them. And I'm sure Misty/May will enjoy each other while Ash isn't around. May already seems to be fascinated by Misty as well, and the two girls can have a wild time together when Ash is battling or whatever.

    That's basically it for Pokemon. I like some other ships as well but that's my big 4.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2005
  3. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Les Miserables:

    Feuilly x Joly- Feuilly is an orphan who paints fans. Joly is a psycho-hypochondriac. ...dyuu know how much a boy like Feuilly could worry the crap out of Joly? XD "Ooh look! Bread on the ground!" "DON'T TOUCH THAT YOU'LL GET TYPHOID!" "But I haven't eaten in a week, Joly! ; ;" He'd totally get fawned all over and Joly would like....nurture him and take care of him and then they'd fall in lurve. Yes. :0

    Combeferre x Joly- The rival 'ship. XD Combeferre and Joly are both med students, both have spectacles and both try to be their version of reasonable. They try to be logical and stuff, and I bet if one got sick the other would be all 'COOL! I WANNA SEE!' :0

    Combeferre x Courfeyrac- Courfeyrac is a little ball of energy. Combeferre is relaxed and philosophical. Yay for interesting. :D

    Courfeyrac x Feuilly- Hnn. No idea why. I read a ton of fics on it though, and it seems pretty cute. :D

    I'll come up with more later, I'm tired. XD
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