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Your Smashbros playing style

What's our approach to Super Smash Bros.? Do you use speedy characters like Fox and Pikachu or deal out heavy damage with DK, Bowser, or King Dedede? I use the big slow people and crush them in a few shots.


I use the well balanced characters. You should have just put this on the Offical SSBB Thread.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
I only use Fox, Falco, Marth, Peach, and Shiek. Everybody else is a lower tier and completely worthless. If you use any other character, you officially suck at SSB and should never be allowed near a game system again. In addition, Final Destination is the only decent stage. It doesn't have any lame gimmicks that cheapen the gameplay. It makes it more like a REAL fighting game. Did I mention how much items suck? They are worthless, zero-skill features that prove how even a baby can beat a professional player. Items are for people who can't play video games worth jack. Smash Bros. is serious business, people. If you can't play competitively without cheap game-ruining gimmicks, I suggest you re-evaluate your status as a gamer and your life in general.

I'm kidding, obviously.


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I'm a floating character fan myself. (Kirby, somewhat Jigglypuff)
Also, this probably shouldn't go in the SSBB thread, as if I understand Master Gatr correctly, he's likely referring to Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

zonic the hedgehog

My most used characters are Fox and Pikachu, and I like to attack quickly and dodge attacks rather than use powerhouse characters and constantly attack.

My friends say it's annoying, but they can't even play REAL fighting games properly (they just mash buttons), so forget them.


I preffer all out offense, also I like air fighting characters like Kirby better then ground fighting characters.
my only character is Marth and I'm alright with Link and Falco I guess. I can use a chain throw combo with Marth so thats why hes my main.


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Hit-and-run with Fox. Stay on the move constantly, stay airborne and attack from above (or below if the stage allows it), jump around and stay outside of melee range, rack up damage to your opponent, then rush in with a strong smash attack and send your opponent flying. Sit back and listen to the twin screams of your opponent's fighter flying into the background and your opponent cursing you for being a little [female dog] in your combat style.

Game, set, match.
I specialize in Speed, but I tend to take a liking to every character at one point or another, so I end up playing pretty equally well with every character.


The Grotto's Requiem
i prefer the big guys. but something gives me a feeling that i will switch when i get brawl


insert joke so dated I don't even remember it
Lightwieghts. I use Kirby the most. I basically use the same strategy as BCVM22.


I like using Link, Peach, and Bowser the most. They're all different and require different methods, so who I use really depends mood. I guess I perfer a character with a lil' balance(Like Link I guess), but I'm not afriad to use someone underused(like Bowser I guess) to shake things up.

*shrug* As long as I have fun, I don't care what/who I use. =^_^=


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Well, my style varies with who I play as.

Luigi: Grab, throw off edge. When they've done their recovery move, I attack them mid-air. Sometimes, whilst they're down, I use Luigi's taunt. Just to humiliate them.

Cap'n Falcon: Keep them up in the air, and then do an ariel attack to KO them.

Marth: Use dancing blade (or whatever his B-> is called) to knock them around, then hold and charge B to attack and normally KO them.