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Your Stupidity // One-shot

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MapleRoses, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Your Stupidity
    Ships: Contestshipping
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Rating: PG


    One-shot again. :D the shortest one I've ever written, though. (about 4 pages in Word)
    Enjoy! ^^


    "Oh, May, come on, grow up!" Drew chuckled, "There aren't things like 'Happy Ending' in reality!"

    May wrinkled her eyebrows, while her lips formed an upside U, "B-but this is a novel! And it says it's based on a true story!"

    "Like you've mentioned, it's a novel; a fiction! Moreover, it was 'it says', right? Could you prove its authenticity?" Drew 'so-helpfully' pointed out.

    "U-uh... That... Umm... I..." May scratched her head foolishly and looked down to the novel she was holding. 'My Happy Ending' was printed on the book's cover in curled italics.

    The chartreuse-haired coordinator smirked. He liked that feel; he liked to see her in a speechless state. Although himself, didn't know why he liked to tease her so much. Really, he didn't know. He only knew how to make her angry. Don't ask him to try to stop that bad habit of his; it's not going to work. It didn't mean he hadn't tried it before; he had tried, but no avail. He just couldn't resist it. Everytime they meet, the only word that will appear in his mind is: 'ANNOY-TIME!'

    "D-drew? W-why are you-- staring at m-me?" she hesitantly asked.

    He smiled leisurely to the ground. Where in this point, his 'leisure smile' was a half smile and a half smirk with a small puff of breath blowing out from his nose. And that made May to grow baffled.

    "Now, why are you smiling to yourself?" May asked curiously, her eyes narrowed at him. Was there something wrong? Was there a chili stuck between her teeth? Was there an ant on her face? Or it was something else?

    She pouted and frantically ran to a small river not far from their place. She squatted and checked out herself with the water as a mirror. Hair, check. Face, check. Teeth, check. Clothes, check. No flaws. What was wrong?

    Drew strolled toward her. The whole checking thing made him laugh slightly. She can be really silly sometimes; and it had fascinated him.

    "May Maple," he looked at her with a slight smile plastered on his face, "Have you ever wondered... About... What feature from you that attracted me the most?"

    "W-what?" May stumbled, face flushing vivid red. She didn't expect him to ask her this question. And now, how should she answer him? She didn't even know that he was attracted to her.

    "H-how could I know?" she asked back with a defending manner, her chin raised in the air. Typical May.

    He smiled again, "Come on, it's your most evident feature!"

    "Huh?" May cocked an eyebrow, confused by his hint. Most evident? 'Don't tell me, the answer is... My stunning eyes?' She thought blushing. Drew glanced at her and she cheerily answered, "Oh, my eyes!"

    Drew raised his eyebrows at her before laughing, causing May to glare at him.

    "Eyes?" he laughed teasingly, "Sure, they're pretty appalling to me, but what I asked was the most captivating!"

    She frowned and began to search in her mind again. What the answer possibly is?

    "Give up?" he asked while smirking.

    "No way!" she stubbornly declined. She rubbed her temples, "My body? It can't be!" she thought, laughing to herself. She wondered, considering every possible answer from her body. From legs, curves, clothes, face, lips, and hair.

    "I know what you are thinking right now," he smirked, closing his eyes.

    "Uh?" she blinked in bewilderment.

    "You were thinking, your legs, curves, clothes, face, lips, and hair, weren't you?" he deduced complacently.

    WHAT? Her eyes widened in horror. He can... read my mind? She thought. But it's unbelievable! There's not anyone that can read people's mind, right? But how did he guess what she was thinking?

    "Y-you can read other people's mind?" she questioned doubtfully, secretly hoping he can't.

    "In fact, I can't." he opened his eyes to look at her, "However, there is one person's mind that I could read."

    "Who?" she instantly asked.

    "Who do you think?" he asked innocently, inserting his hands into his pockets.

    May rolled her eyes, "Drew! Why do you like to leave a hanging question so much?"

    "Because I like to see you furious," he simply uttered.

    "Hmph," she ignored his answer, "Back to the first question."

    "Okay," he shrugged nonchalantly. Her mind began to work in full speed again, searching the most likely answer.

    "Maybe, my skills?" she uncertainly asked. Drew smirked again whilst shaking his head lightly; meaning she was wrong. However, she wasn't a type of 'lose-and-give-up' girl, so she attempted to answer again. Who knows she will get the answer this time?

    "My Pokemon?... No? Or... my kind heart? Wrong again? Hmm... Maybe- my cheerful nature? What, wrong again?!" she guessed, but never got the correct answer. With every guess she blurted out, Drew just shook his head casually.

    Sighing, she made her last attempt of guessing, "My bandanna?" And she dreadfully hoped it was right.

    "No." the word rolled off his lips effortlessly. What? May widened her eyes. It was her last hope and he said it was wrong? What the hell?

    "Curious?" he teasingly asked, and she nodded curtly.

    "The answer is simple, really simple." he revealed, giving her a pretended innocent stare. The way he said it made her... really annoyed.

    She sighed angrily, "Cut the crap and tell me the answer, Drew."

    He closed his eyes, "The answer is..."

    "Hm?" she moved her head further to him. If he was going to tell her, she wanted to listen to it correctly.

    Seeing her keenness, he held her shoulders, which had surprised her very much. Her sapphire orbs continued gazing at him widely. "I have been so captivated by your--" he said, leaning in forward. She stood there blankly, too much astounded by their closeness. And finally, he gently kissed her, which seemed like eternity for them although it wasn't.

    When he pulled off, her cheeks were as red as rose's petals. He had just kissed her a moment ago, right? It wasn't her dream, was it?

    Meanwhile, Drew walked away, raising his hands as a farewell sign like he normally does. Flicking his hair back, he threw her a rose. "If you're smart enough, you would have guessed it." he smirked.

    May caught the rose with no trouble, staring at him walking away.

    "... But, if you aren't... Then I will reveal the answer in our next meeting." he smugly said without even turning back to her. But, although he didn't, she could see he was smirking through the smugness of his tone.

    What? He didn't even bother tell her the answer? 'I guess, I really have to wait until out next meeting.' But God knows when they will meet again. Maybe they won't. At least, she had his rose in her hand. Looking at the rose's petals, she smiled slightly. Roses. Were they supposed to be his trademark flower? She laughed quietly to herself. That was before she noticed there were two words written on the rose's petals. How did he manage to write those words on the petals? No one knew it except himself, of course. When she read what the written text was, her eyes widened. She immediately looked up only to find him nowhere in sight. He was gone.

    Until the next meeting, he said? So, that was why he left so fast... What a smart scoundrel, indeed... However, she swore that she won't let him live if they ever meet again. Never will.

    She furiously breathed while stomping back to the Pokémon Centre angrily. Too much for her happiness, huh...

    Little did she know, that he was there all along, watching her. Watching her angry expression, apparently. He chuckled quietly. 'Mission accomplished.' he smirked contentedly.

    Meanwhile, her rose dropped onto the ground. She squatted and picked the red rose, reading the text on it once more.

    "Your Stupidity."


    How was it? ;P
  2. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    I liked a lot of things about this one - the dialog, the suspense, the right amount of detail. Did I mention the dialog? :p It was very well played out and the back and forth between them was just very smooth, I must congratulate it. ^^
    You also gave the reader an air of suspense and put us right in May's shoes, which was cool.
    I especially LOLed at this part:

    The only thing I didn't like about the story was the ending, essentially Drew's answer. It just kinda...offended me, maybe since you put me in May's shoes for the whole story? Don't really know how to explain it. ^^; Though the execution of this ending was well-constructed, its meaning just threw me off, negatively.

    Great writing, though, as said. ^^
  3. Yuraenia

    Yuraenia Call me Qooky :)

    Wow, I love ur fics! Haha these are awesome, and I'm not kidding! :D
    May's stupidity? Wow...so what's Ash? Even dumber?? lol jk jk
  4. Lexiebee88

    Lexiebee88 Bleeding Black Rose

    hahaha that was a good 1. i wish u would make a sequel. u seem like a very promising writer!!!!! love ur thread!!!!!!

  5. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    @Encyclopika: Thankies for your "congratulations"! I must say I'm so happy that there are peoples who love my fic :3

    No, no! Don't feel stupid like May! I didn't mean to make the readers feel cheated! XD
    And maybe you meant you disliked it cuz I made it like Drew was just toying with May and he just wanted to see her angry, am I right? No? (you have put me in suspense, too... XP)

    oh, the meaning of May's stupidity is umm, not really stupid, but she is like a "slow thinker". Her brain is not able to digest informations quickly.
    Actually, I'm putting myself in Drew's shoes, so, I felt it's cute when May's angry. (which means Drew felt the same with me)
    Did that confuse you?

    @yuraenia: XDDD
    May isn't stupid, but she's just slow :p (I have explained to Encyclopika, btw.)
    Ash? Well, who knows? -insert mischievous laugh-

    @lexiebee88: thanks. If you like my fic, why don't you try to write? :) who knows, maybe you have a hidden skill :)

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