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your thoughts on hacked pokemon

how do you feel about game cheat pokemon?

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game cheat pokemon (OBTAINED THRU TRADE)

sorry, i didnt clarify that, im not talking about things you do in your personal game, im talking about pokemon that get traded to you

so just out of curiosity, what do you guys care for in hacks? i mean like, why do you care if its thru game cheats or not? is it that you dont want pokemon with messed up stats, and info, or do you actually care about its origin? like taking a smergula and adding 4 hms that it could learn by copying, but just using a game cheat to add them, instead of taking a week scouting out those pokemon. or the same thing goes for a pokemon with all correct stats, origin, ect, but a bunch of rare candy was used on or something.
so im just wondering what you guys care about, is it that it LOOKS legit?
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my personal feelings twards gameshark, action replay, brainboy, ect, are that i

i play pokemon to have fun, i dont mind anyone else who uses them, as long as they arent bragging about their achievements. and as far as battling or trading with ppl, as long as the pokemons stats are possible, i dont care, its not that hard to train a level 100 pokemon, i think battles are about strategy not level, since almost all battles are all lv 100 pokemon, so i think its all about strategy. its not until i play someone whos got 999 all stats and just rapes my party lol.. or their charazard uses blizzard on me or something haah


hacks ruin the fun of the game
what's the point of training if u get hacked pokemon?


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Yeah, my feelings on the subject are interesting. I actually used a friends AR for awhile. Then I for some reason felt guilty sold all my TMs that i got through the AR and all that. I am now very much against them. Plus, why buy the game if you are just gonna cheat. that makes no sense to me.


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My thoughts are twofold:

People who intentionally trade hacks are jerks

But most hackers aren't traders. Why would they want to trade and scam people? They can HACK. Hence, no need.

So my thoughts are most people who trade hacks do so unintentionally.

But I also think sometimes, the responsibility is on your end as well.

When I was heavy into trading, I always closely look over the visible summary including the OT/ID#, combination of egg moves if any, and type of Pokeball it's in, and so on. And I wouldn't trade anything that didn't meet my expectations.

Want to avoid hacked Pokemon? My advice is to only trade with people you know in real life. People you've met face-to-face.

Otherwise, hacked Pokemon are just an occaisonal part of life in the world of global, Wi-Fi trading.


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If it doesn't affect gameplay I really could care less. It's Pokemon, a game, a fake game.


conspicuous absence
When you hack/cheat the game stops being a game, and starts being a sandbox.


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As long as a hack is legal, I don't really care too much.


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I see no point in the game when you hack.
You (probably) didn't train any Pokémon yourself and I think that's the whole goal of the games.
Yep, the whole game loses its purpose when you hack. I don't really care what people do in their own games but it's really frustrating that you have to be worried about getting a hacked Pokémon every time you make a trade.


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I dislike getting hacked Pokemon traded to me because I actually care very deeply about keeping my games as free-of-hacks as possible. I care about the origin of my Pokemon and I really do take the time to sort through all of my Pokemon to make sure that they look good. I understand that people can still trade hacked Pokemon that look ok at first glance, but I put in extra work to get them checked out. I try not to take a video game too seriously, but I like having everything in order.


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I dislike hacked pokemon, especially when made to look very legit. I cant stand when im traded a hack and i wasnt told beforehand. I also wouldnt like getting into a battle and being destroyed by someone's uber hacked max stat pokemon, like what would be the point?


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I dislike hacked pokemon in most cases. I do not mind if someone used a warp to get the a legend, or cloned them, but i do mind when they were stolen from an npc, hacked into the game, or of the like. I also despise pokemon caught in a masterball, almost guarantees it was hacked, unless it was an ingame legend such as a roamer.