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Your very first Pokemon


burning it down
Turty the Turtwig (original, huh.) in Diamond. Now a Level 100 Torterra and I still have him - he's my pride and joy :D First Pokémon I caught with a Poké Ball was Starro the Starly, now a Staraptor high up in the 80s I think. Yes I'm a late fan :p

Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
My very first Pokemon was a Cyndaquil in Silver. To this day it's still my favourite starter, and it's the only time I've ever chosen a non-water starter.


The Original Master
Bulbasaur in pokemon blue. I must have only been about 8 or so. I remember, I had no idea what to do so I leveled him to a level 40 Venasaur before I even got to veridian city!! haha that took me so long.

Although when I realized I could travel for some reason I reset my game and chose a squirtle instead. :p


Creaming in PAIN!
A Krabby.In my cousin´s LG.I was begging he to give me a pokemon.He gave me the oportunity of catch one.

*uses _____ Rod*
Wild Krabby appeared
*catch it with Ultra Ball*
*Nicknames it*


Ghost Fiend
Pikachu! December 25, 1999.

My first game was Pokémon Yellow, obviously XD


Electric trainer
Bulbasaur! Blue was the first game, great whent bulba evolved to ivy then venusaur :)


Maid of Breath
I was a little late to jump on the Poke'mon bandwagon when it first came out, so my first ever Poke'mon was a Cyndaquil in Silver. Called him Cyn (original, I know XP). Currently level 100 and my lead Poke'mon when I decide to play my retro Poke'mon Stadium 2. X3​


Well-Known Member
My first was a piplup in Diamond. Funny thing is, I was an adult gamer by the time Diamond came out but had never played pokemon before. I'd dismissed it as "kiddie" stuff over all these years but finally decided to give it a try on the advice of a friend. I've liked it ever since.


Pokemon Ranger
Mine was a Mudkip in Ruby and to this day I still always keep it with me! (Now it's a lvl 100 Swampert though)


Mine was a Cyndaquil (Named Fireball o_o) in Crystal, I think I was 8 or something.
This was my first video game ever, as it came with my game boy advance.
I didn't know ANYTHING about pokemon. It took me half an hour to get out of my house. :\
And I thought that when you pressed a pokeball, that pokemon was the pokemon you HAD to get, so I didn't even see the other two choices. xP
First pokemon I caught was a Rattata.

But now that game died, and it doesn't save anymore. RIP lvl 86 Fireball. ;__;


Need a ditto BAD!!


Ghost Fiend
This is gonna sound sentimental, but what I wouldn't give to see a child Pokémon fanatic catch their first Pokémon in Black/White.

I would smile, laugh, and just be all "Yup! I remember when I was like that!"


Aspiring Author
Pikachu from Yellow. Got the game from a good friend of mine on Christmas, still remember the days of not understanding how to beat Brock with Pikachu.

Ahh...the days....


Charmander, My first caught pokemon..... hmm don't remember. Do remember catching a metapod or a kakuna and being bummed when It only did harden.


Well-Known Member
My first game (back in 2000... I think...) was Pokémon Yellow, so Pikachu is/was obviously my first Pokémon. Same as the user above me (edit: I mean GalacticMagmortar), I wasn't able to beat Brock very easily. Luckily, an army of Pidgeys and their "gust" attack helped. xD


Aspiring Author
Luckily, an army of Pidgeys and their "gust" attack helped. xD

I believe that's what I ended up doing, or maybe it was different. I think it actually was a Level 22 Pikachu and a Level 10 Pidgey that did the trick. xD