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Your voice?


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Not really discussion worthy, but what does your voice sound like? You can either describe it to us, or post a link, or whatever. I really don't care.

I speak in many different voices, depending on the situation, but my real voice is a little...um...I belive the word is "sultry"? It's also a touch raspy.

My "talking to people I am not comfortable with yet" voice is a bit higher and doesn't have the same tone or rasp.

I'll post a link when I am arsed to.

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Umm... I don't know how to describe my voice. I think it's kinda high-pitched, I don't know... I can hear it in my head, but that was just me messing with voice-acting xD. But I think I just barely have an indoor voice, lol. I don't know, is there a website where we can just record voices and post a link to it? I don't wanna link to one of my old YouTube videos, as that was just my brothers and I messing around, and my voice is rather annoying in that one.

I have great vocal cords it seems, though, both singing and non-singing vocals. I can scream pretty loud naturally and my voice won't crack. But that's another story.


Post a voice-clip thread. =p
why not.

my mic was held a bit too close to my lips but oh well.


i recommend using the above site to anyone who wants to share their voice because you can listen without dling (assuming it's not in a shitty file format like wma). might be a good thing to put in the op *hinthint*
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My voice is neither girly nor boyish.
I'm a girl and my voice is like, wtf.
On the phone I sound like an alien some people say.


I have My English Accent~ well, I AM from England! :D
I ACTUALLY HATE my voice, when I had to do a speach into a mic at school, I thought 'whoa, I sound like THAT!?'


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I have an Australian accent and a very deep voice (I get a *lot* of comments).
this thread is basically useless without recordings.

it's good to know everyone thinks we can imagine their voice by "IT'S DEEP AS ****".


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My voice im told is very high pitched, i have a video on youtube where I am speaking. Thats the way my voice apparently sounds although, the computer might have messed with it.


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I'm a girl, so... my voice isn't low-pitched, but it's not high-pitched either. :/
It's somewhere in the middle.
My voice also changes depending on my current mood, too. :p
I would post what I sound like but, I don't have a mic thus I am unable to

But, I sound kinda geeky.


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Mine is too high pitched for my age. I speak calmly, sweetly and politely voice to strangers. To friends, a happy voice. Either way my voice is a BIT deeper than before but still, I hate that people on the
Phone think I'm a girl. Lol! I just don't react to it lol. When I speak into a mic I'm like, is my voice really that high? -_-