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Your Wish Request Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Sweet May, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Konnichiwa and by all needs, welcome to the Your Wish Request Shop. Where your wish is my command. Here, we'll provide you with things that Sweet May can do here. More to come soon though. =)

    Requests: Open
    (.And always will be.)

    [.Waiting List.]
    (Name - Request)
    None so far.

    [.Banned List.]
    (Name - Rules Broken)
    1. Rezduis - 22/22
    2. kiis - 10/10
    3. IceKerpymon - 3/5/15
    4. nathan11 - 3/4
    5. Moocowsrus - 3/22
    6. kavvie Man - 4/5
    7. Serebii93 - 1/1
    8. Naterio - 4/22
    9. EXDS Espeon - 5/3
    10. Shiny Salamence - 1 [Auto ban]
    11. Eevee_Master - 20/5
    12. DarkWater - 23/23
    13. D3@D W()LF - 18/24

    [.Reply List.]
    (Means reply within 4 days or you fail.)
    Within 4 days:
    Within 3 days:
    Ruler_of_All_Entei's, The Doctor
    Within 2 days:
    Within 1 day:

    [.What I Do.]
    - Glitters
    - Cards (Trainer/Coordinator/Frontier/Magma/Aqua/Rocket/Breeder)
    - Shadow/Golden Pokemon
    - Eggs
    - iPokemon
    - Mini Emerald Team Banners
    - Type Plates
    - Data Forms
    More Coming Soon...

    (.May add more if something goes wrong.)
    1. Don't be rude. I don't have superpowers. And if the shop is closed, it's closed.
    2. Give credit please.
    3. Use the forms correctly. Thats why they're here.
    4. No requests involving the D/P Pokemon or Pokesho sprites.
    5. No double posting or spamming!!
    6. No more chances. You break a rule, you're banned. Once you're on it, that's it.
    7. Provide something when I say to.
    8. You can request up to 3 things per post.
    9. Do not PM/Post me for the templates. Automatic no and ban.
    10. No JPG. sprites. THEY. ARE. TORTURE.
    11. I don't need workers right now so don't ask. Period.
    12. Don't give me a template that was made by someone else.
    13. I will only make edits ONLY if it's small.
    14. No requests involving shadows as your team in cards. It's like 7 requests.
    15. Reply within 4 days after I finish your request or it'll get deleted.
    16. Don't make me choose on your requests. I fail at stuff like that. -__-
    17. Don't request with smilies. It will count as spam.
    18. Do not request things that are not on the list above. No recolors/mixes/etc. I don't do them here.
    19. If requesting, list what the request is.
    20. Check your post before posting or else things will mess up.
    21. Do not tell me to PM you the request(s) nor PM me about your request(s). Period.
    22. The "I'm new" excuse will not help. If you are even able to go on a computer, then you know what to do. Hello, this is the internet.
    23. If your sig breaks the rules, you're rejected.
    24. You cannot request until you have reached the Cerulean Rank.

    (.You have to follow them or you don't get your request.)

    .Trainer Cards.
    Name: Your name here.
    Trainer Sprite: Provide if custom.
    Pokemon: Only 6. If shiny, then bold the name of the Pokemon. If custom, provide a link please.
    Badges: Which generation do you want?
    Background: Backgrounds1, Backgrounds2, Default (arigatou to Varia)
    Extras: (Optional) Fave Type, Pokemon behind trainer, etc.
    Example: 01 || 02 || 03

    .Coordinator Cards.
    Name: Your Name Here. Up to 11 letters including space or other characters.
    ID #: 5 numbers.
    Star Pokemon: Who's the important contest Pokemon. If custom, then provide a overworld pic of it.
    Pokemon: Up to 6. If shiny, then bold the name of the Pokemon. If custom, provide a link please.
    Specialty: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Tough, or Smart. Pick ONLY 1 specialty.(Goes along with template of card.)
    Ribbons: a number or all.
    Trainer Sprite: Provide if custom.
    Example: 01 || 02 || 03

    .Frontier Cards.
    (my special cards i tried to work on - DO NOT STEAL PLEASE)
    Name: Your Name Here.
    Trainer Sprite: Provide if custom.
    Pokemon: Up to 3 Pokemon. If shiny, then bold the name of the Pokemon. If custom, provide a link please.
    Symbols: Which ones or all.
    Background: What color?
    Example: 01 || 02

    .Team Magma/Aqua/Rocket Cards.
    (special like the frontier cards - DO NOT STEAL PLEASE)
    Card: Team Magma, Team Rocket or Team Aqua?
    Gender: Girl or Boy?
    Name: Your Name Here.
    Pokemon: Up to 6. If shiny, then bold the name of the Pokemon. If custom, provide a link please.
    Example: MagmaCard, AquaCard, RocketCard

    Font: available here Pick only 1.
    Text: What you want the glitter to say.
    Color: Self-Explaintory. (May not have all colors.)
    Example: 01 || 02 || 03

    .Shadow/Golden Recolors.
    (Note that the background is black.)
    Pokemon: Is custom, then provide a link of it.
    Turned Into: Pick either Shadow or Golden.
    Example: Shadow & Golden

    Pokemon: Is shiny, then bold the name. If custom, then provide a link of it.
    Example: 01 || 02

    Pokemon: If custom, then provide a link of it.
    Text: what you want it to say. Max is 4 letters.
    Example: 01 || 02 || 03

    .Mini Emerald Team Banners.
    (Portable and good for FB or something. ^^)
    Pokemon: Using overworlds for this. The color of each panel will be depending on it's type. Bold if shiny. Up to 6 Pokemon.
    Overworld Sprite: Optional. Provide if custom.
    Example: 01

    .Type Plates.
    Text: Self Explaintory.
    Color: Only one color. I got no imagination when using 2 colors for this. D:
    Examples: 01

    .Data Forms.
    (Just learned but doesn't mean I suck. :p)
    Pokemon: If custom, provide link. Can be a trainer if wanted.
    Examples: 01

    .Breeder Cards. --NEW!!!
    (For those who love breeding. =D)
    Gender: Boy or girl? (goes along with color of card)
    Name: Your Name Here.
    Pokemon: Up to 6. No legendaries/starters. Provide if custom, but if it looks uber, then no.
    Pokemon Next To Trainer: Self explanitory.
    Example: 1

    p2K// for the sprites.
    Alana// Glitter gifs.
    Carrelyn// Glitter gifs.
    Spriter's Resource// BF backgrounds and Pinball sprites.
    new001// R/S Pinball sprites and everything else.
    ???// Trainer/Coordinator card templates.
    Shuu// everything. <33

    ok request <3
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2006
  2. Icey

    Icey Guest

    I'll be your first costumer!
    golden pokemon: Lugia
  3. MM13

    MM13 Seestra

    can i have a glitter please?

    Font: Baby Block
    Text: Pikablu
    Color: Hot Pink

    Thanx in adv :D
  4. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

  5. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    I would like to have a TC.. *cough* Annd, the examples for trainer card and coordinator aren't working.. unless it's just me? o_O

    Name: *edited* Kyuukon.. the 'right' spelling of my name. (Wow, Ninetales is now
    Trainer Sprite: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/frlgemtr/frlgemtr078.png Like that?..
    Pokemon: Milotic, Lanturn, Sceptile, Espeon, Swampert, Latios.. ;p (Yes, I have a Legendary.. omg!!11 >_>)
    Badges: The Johto one.. er, do you want the names/pictures of it? ._.
    Background: Uh.. elaborate? Well, I mean I found a tutorial or something with it, but all the images of backgrounds were on one page.. or you want us to upload it elsewhere? Sorry..
    Extras: (Optional) Well, though it's optional, maybe Espeon behind the trainer.

    And yeah, the downtime.. ;x
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2005
  6. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    omg they're not working D:..... i'll fix them but thanks for the 411 <3, but the name could be anything, and for the background, well it can be anything, but you need to provide a link, unless it were one of the LF/FR backgrounds.... > >
  7. I would like to request an iPokémon.
    Pokemon: Mudkip
    Text: iMud
  8. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Well, I'll keep the name as my username though I missed a 'u' in there.. coughcough. I'll edit my post on that, and I don't know any backgrounds to use.. so I guess it's one of the FR/LG ones.. the middle one of the last row of scenes. Hehe..
  9. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o


    and what background is that?

    enjoy <3
  10. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    In FR/LG scenes here? The last row there, and the middle scene.. and you probably noticed, but the trainer name to be Kyuukon, to .. uh, avoid confusion, etc.
  11. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    One please!
    Text: Shadow Bankotsu
    Font: Smooth
    Color: Darkness inferno flames
    Effect: waves

  12. MM13

    MM13 Seestra

    thanx i luv it
  13. blueaquadog

    blueaquadog Elect./water master

    Can I have a christmas Pichu?
  14. Why'd you close your old shop?

    Anyways can I please request a Frontier Card?

    P.S. This time I'm not making mistakes!!

    Name: Fenris
    Trainer Sprite: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b189/raanswordie/sdadas.jpg
    Pokemon: Farfetch'd, Skarmory, Ninetales
    Symbols: All
    Background: Orange

    Yay! No mistakes!! (I hope)

    Thnx in advance!!
  15. I got a little request.

    Could you convert the pokemon in this card into christmas version? Keep the background the same, and if possible add "Merry Christmas" in the space just above the badges. Thanks.
  16. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o


    Shadow Bankotsu: theres no smooth font and i dunno where to get that effect > >



    sorry ShadowAlakazam....... too hard to invert the Pinball sprites.....xP\

    sorry for the delay.......> <

    enjoy <3
  17. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Thank you, I will credit you for it. Better than anything I could do.. lol, though I don't know how it works. But thanks a lot..
  18. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    lol its ok Kyukon ^^;
  19. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    But I do have a question.. before really putting into the signature.. I thought the signature picture had to be 200 x 200 pixels? And um.. the TC are larger.. or that applies to other images?.. Sorry, just.. um.. wondering.
  20. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    teh Tcs don't apply.. at least i don't think so.... but all TCs are like a bit larger than 200x200 so i think that its ok about them...... xP
    otherwise i wouldn't be making them... > >
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