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Your Wish Request Shop

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Breeders Card
Gender: Boy
Name: Sceptile Master
Pokemon: Beldum, Wynaut, Pichu, Charmander, Togepi, Lapras, Chansey
Pokemon Next To Trainer: Beldum


true love
...And I'm here to make you work again. >;o

*shot for real now, by Shuu* ;O; Buuutt.. it's for the fic! >>; No, seriously, it is. Wtf. Like, a mini TC depicting the teams of each character, and the additional one that Eszett added. Don't shoot me now, for I'm using the maximum amount of requests.. >>; though it's not exactly completed.. *shot again* And, tell me if you want me to do it one by one though, or easier as plain trainer card. Oo; Whichever, use the easier one...?

MINI Trainer Card [3]~

Name: Kayla.
Pokémon: Grovyle, Gardevoir, Manectric, Sharpedo, Ninetales, Shelgon.
Trainer Sprite: D/P Protagonist -- don't have any better ones. :s
Badges: Hoenn; all. :D:D:D!!
Background: BG 19: Magical Pink.

Name: Chelsea
Pokémon: Combusken, Beautifly, Mawile, Pichu, Sealeo, Spoink,
Trainer Sprite: FR/LG [female] Protagonist.
Badges: Hoenn; all.
Background: BG 17: Enchanted Purple.

Name: Mizuki
Pokémon: Marshtomp, Skitty, Roselia, Masquerain, Tropius, Duskull.
Trainer Sprite: RSE [female] Protagonist? >_>
Badges: Hoenn, all.
Background: ...OMG, wtf, I don't know. ;o; Can you uh.. pick one for yourself/your trainer? >> If I pick, I might pick BG 16: Dark Snowflakes..

Once again, thanks a bunch, and sorry for the maximum amount of requests. ;o; Also, is there a time limit between each request?
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.Trainer Cards.
Name: Lati
Trainer Sprite:
Pokemon: Latias,Latios,Entei,Raikou,Suicune,&

Badges: 4th
Background: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/DryBones23/otther/bg7.jpg
Extras: Pokemon Behind trainer is Latias

.Coordinator Cards.
ID #: 00666
Star Pokemon: Latias
Pokemon: Latias,Latios, Raquaza, Raikoiu, Suicune, Entei
Specialty: Cool
Trainer Sprite: Emerald Hero

.Team Magma/Aqua/Rocket Cards.

Card:Team Aqua
Pokemon: Latias,Latios, Walrein, Kyogre,Golem, (put any Pokemon here)

Trainer Sprite: Emerald Hero (male)
Pokemon: any
Background: blue

.Data Forms.
Pokemon: Latias, Latios, Lugia, Jirachi, Deoxys,

I request those

thanks in advance​
*spins around*
Latias_lover: 5 requests eh? Well one thing, I don't see the characters to your coordinator card name and I won't do more than 3 requests per person. REJECTED!

Eefi, how dare you make me work. >O You should've been dead from Shuu's shooting. *works on MTCs*


Frontier Card
Name: Xi
Trainer Sprite: FRLG Male Psychic
Pokemon: Alakazam, Umbreon, Machamp
Symbols: All
Background: Blue

Background dark i mean like black


breeder card please

Gender: Boy
Pokemon: Milotic, Raichu, Espeon, Jolteon

thanks in advance
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The Doctor

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You just don't learn, do you? Latias_lover, you still have problems with following the rules. Here's the rule you broke:
#4: No requests involving the D/P Pokemon.
And it says in the form as well: "No legendaries or starters"; like Manafi. Plus, your custom Pokemon look uber, so...Welcome To Banland!

Sceptile95, you also have Charmander in your Breeder Card, so you're rejected. And Cyn you've also got to add small_dude7 to the ban list as well as the n00b above.

Edit: Don't bother changing it, Latias_lover, the damage has already been done. You're still banned.
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Too bad, Eefi. I changed the background/told Cyn on MSN. xD;

But to remind you because Eefi isn't here just so you know.

Sternklar Eefi said:
Name: Chelsea
Pokémon: Combusken, Beautifly, Mawile, Pichu, Sealeo, Spoink,
Trainer Sprite: FR/LG [female] Protagonist.
Badges: Hoenn; all.
Background: BG 18: Mystical Blue

EDIT: WAIT. How did my Spheal evolve already? Just wondering. o_O; [/omg so off topic]
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<!Seizure Enducing!>
I'm nopt sure where else to post this, so I decided to post it here because these sprite makers seem nice and would at least give me a reply.

I am requesting the male and female, sugimori trainers artwork to be shrunk, and made into a sprite, to be able to be displayed on a trainer card. I think a RSEFRLGE revamp would be the closest or best thing to do with it because it will be placed on a FRLG trainer card, but I do not require the whole trainer card, as of now, but just the sprite for the trainer.

However it does not have to be shrunk, as I know that it is difficult to shrink the artwork then revamp it, so maybe a pixel-over over the artwork would be easier for you. It doesnt matter do whatever, but similar to this please ->

Do whatever you can but anything would be much appreciated.

Oh by the way, this is the artwork I would like the revamp/pixel-over to be done on.


I have tried one request shop but they cant do it and I just decided I would try a few others...


Can i pliz have a trainer card
pokemon- Zapdos, Shiny flygon, Charizard, Shiny swampert, Meganium and Shiny aggron
trainer- emerald version may
pokemon beside trainer- Lucario
badges- hoenn
background- pic of hoenn

hope this isnt too much to ask 4
thanx in advance

The Doctor

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lucario rox, you are in violation of the following rules:
3. Use the forms correctly. Thats why they're here. (you didn't bold the Pokemon you wanted shiny, you didn't use one of Sweet May's backgrounds or provided the picture, you requested 7 Pokemon and you didn't say how many badges you wanted. )
4. No requests involving the D/P Pokemon or Pokesho sprites.

Two rules broken equals an automatic ban. AND DON'T EDIT YOUR POST AFTER READING THIS, THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE.

JuicyPaperclip, WTF? What do you want done? And it's not what Sweet May can do either. REJECTED.


true love
pokemon gamer master said:
i want a shadow and trainer card #1 plz. sorry but im new 2 this web and i dont understand most of this stuff:( sooo, sweet may can we b buddies and u can help me out? when u see thos post contact me whenever u can at kennymilgrom@comcast.net. plz
WTF. I barely understood what you just typed there, but please READ the first post before you post. :(

Each time, you or anyone else doesn't follow the rules, Shuu and Eevee becomes sad and cry. Also, don't ask to be friends like that. Barely anyone can understand what you just said. :(
Name:Kenny (male)
Trainer Sprite:?
Badges:all the hoenn
Example: 01
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