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You're A Star, Larvitar! (264)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Master Quest' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    You're A Star Larvitar!

    Getting closer to the Silver Conference, Ash decides to start training his Pokémon. However Team Rocket start their stealing and seperate Ash from Larvitar. Can Ash find Larvitar in time?

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  2. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    This episode isn't all that memorable for me, but I did like that we got another chance to see a pre-evolved pokemon evolve, and it was interesting when everyone took an interest in Larvitar when it wandered by them.
  3. lightspeed

    lightspeed Guest

    This episode is not bad, it showed how useful larvitar can be, overall a good episode. 8/10.
  4. Not that good, but not that bad either;), yeah, but we got to see a lot with Larvitar
  5. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    I liked this episode and hated it. Larvitar was awesome in this episode. But Cyndaquil didn't evolve (I hate how that turns out) though Ash wanted Cyndaquil to evolve (at first).
  6. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    This episode was not bad at all.We get to see Larvitar in action and he was truly a star of this episode.Also it was nice to see Magmars preevolution Magby evolving in this episode.

    As for the battle it was entertaining to watch battle against Magby and Cyndaquil.Too bad that Cyndaquil lost but he put up a really good fight.Overall this was a good episode.
  7. katfairy

    katfairy Well-Known Member

    Larvitar was freakin' adorable in this episode, not to mention useful. It was good to see it as something other than a plot device.
  8. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Oh yes, Larvitar was awesome ^_^ Biting the tire off a truck... awesome!

    Cyndaquil lost a battle, boo... I hope it would evolve in time for the Silver Conference...
  9. Igottapoo

    Igottapoo In my nightmares

    Not that good. But it was cool to see Larvitar as part of the main plot for once. Nice episode. Ash should have evolved Cyndaquil into a Quilava D:
  10. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    it was a decent episode, finaly one where larvitar is in the spotlight.
  11. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    It was a good episode, Larvitar had a show on his own whats good
  12. Hibachi

    Hibachi Grass Pokemon Expert

    I thought it was good to see Larvitar risk itself to save Ash. I thought it did a magnificent job too. Biting the tire of the truck was a great way to stop Team Rocket. I thought the battle between Ash and Satchel was good. Too bad Cyndaquil lost. I was glad that Satchel's Magby evolved into a Magmar though.

    If I remember correctly, the Pokemon Center from this episode is very familiar. I believe it is the same Pokemon Center from "The Legend of Thunder." The Chronicles episodes about Jimmy and Marina.
  13. BogleDominic Crazy Anime

    BogleDominic Crazy Anime I love Pokemon!

    Did ash know thare was a Furret in this episode? I cant remember did ash seen that Furret. Nice episode anyway. Magby and Larvitar are awsome!
  14. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    I loved to see Larvitar's courage, how it saved the pokemon.
    And Magbi/Magmar was cool, i think it was very powerfull.
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Well this episode was a pleasant surprise for several reasons. We actually got to see Ash train in preparation for the Silver Conference! I know, I was shocked to see Ash actually train as well. A short appearance by Professor Elm via the videophone was also something I wasn't expecting so that's cool. Ash's battle against Magby on the other hand, was pretty bland. I think Cyndaquil received the spotlight for too long and that Ash should've used Totodile instead since it was largely ignored in Johto. This episode seemed to be, as the title points out, more about Larvitar and it's personality being expanded upon which was good to see I guess. Though that was ruined as Magby evolved into Magmar at the end of the episode, which stole the attention from Larvitar. Too bad. A decent episode to mark the start of Ash's journey to the Johto League. I give it a 6/10 since it showed us some stuff that we would rarely get before this point.
  16. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    This episode was ok... It was cool seeing a Magby again, and seeing it evolve into Magmar for its trainer who was hoping for that. Magby vs Cyndaquil was a very cool battle, even though Cyndaquil lost. It was cool to see Larvitar trying to protect Ash and then biting a tire of the truck.

  17. hever

    hever 022611229PM

    I don't get your grading...
  18. Bulba the Great!

    Bulba the Great! We Do Not Sow

    I don't think it's a coincidence that suddenly shoehorned into these last few episodes of Johto are Meganium, Quilava, and Croconaw. I think the writers had intended to evolve all of Ash's Pokemon another stage, but for some bizarre reason gave up by the league. Ah, well. Not a bad episode.
  19. sereb devil

    sereb devil Banned

    I don't think the writers ever intended to evolve Bayleef,Cyndaquil, and Totodile to another stage,the writers already plan how Ash's team was going to be like. I do find it odd how Meganium,Quilava and Croconaw made their debuts in the final OS episodes of the Johto series. It is a coincidence that Cyndaquil did evolve in the Sinnoh league but i think they did that for the promotion of the HeartGold & SoulSilver games.

    This episode was really good.
    Last edited: May 24, 2012

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