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You're banned Game Version 2

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Zero Nexus

Stand up, go for it
Banned because that is a pic i have not seen before!

Zero Nexus

Stand up, go for it
Banned because Tingle is annoying and ugly. I have been told by many girls (and a few boys, actually) that i am quite good-looking.

Seen that pic.

BEAT: YOU WANKER!!!! Thanks for wrecking the funny bit, you stupid moronic moose...
Banned because bruce lee killed chuck norris!

Banned for beating me!
Banned because who didn't know chuck norris before going on here?
Banned cause I never saw or heard anything of him before. (Seriously, is he an actor or what? All I hear is "Chuck Norris pwns" and stuff but no one ever says what he ACTUALLY does).
Banned because chuck norris can't pwn crap.
He is a martial artist, action star and television and film actor.

Basically, he is famous like any other actor....
Banned because why? < _________________ <
He's just a normal person like every other actor.
It pisses me off when they just say random thigns about him.
I asked a question about finding the iv's of a Pokemon and some guy replied "Did you know Chuck Norris has 31 iv's in all of his stats?"
Not open for further replies.