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You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

Not open for further replies.


Oh look at this...a new one for you people. Be grateful I gave this place a second chance. I was this close to never creating this thread and refusing the whole thing.

01. This is how the game goes.

Poster 1: You're banned for being in love with an esper.

Poster 2: You're banned for kissing rocks.

Poster 3: You're banned for having Ichigo in your sig.

Poster 4: You're banned for liking One Piece.

In other words, you simply state the words, "You're banned" along with a reason why they're banned. Don't get much simpler than that.

02. No flaming/insulting members in your "You're banned" post. Do so and a moderator will come and infract you.

03. No obscene words in your "You're banned" post. That includes obscene phrases, sentences, etc. Keep it clean please people.

04. Try not to overuse smilies. Keep the smilies to about an 8 or under limitation. Hey, someone's gotta be the bad guy here!

05. Have fun.

*will add more rules if I feel they're needed*

BANNED from the game
*MarkVader - BANNED until Sarah Palin becomes president!
Commence with this crap! - The official ban!
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Banned cause I'm glad it's back, really thanks Medea.

And I'll surely follow the rules ^.^
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Banned cause I remember the Roughneck Kirby.

It's hilarious.
Banned because c'mon guys, lets start a conversation?
Banned because can we talk about what we were talking about in the previous one?
(Yes Drake i'm talking to you)
Banned cause it won't if we have proper conversations.
Thus following Da Rulez.

Beat, banned cause we can if we follow the rules (so no swearing, insulting, your favorite subject, etc...)


Guess who's back
Banned because I was dying for this thread to be re-made, I practically lived in the old one. :p


Stop laughing...
Banned for having more than 200 posts.
Banned because we can't talk about (Starts with 'p' and ends with a 'n')?
Banned cause your Rayquaza adoptable is at level 163 o_O

Beat banned cause we can't, and if you do, I'll be here to send a nice report...
Not open for further replies.