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You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

Not open for further replies.
banned because :b
Banned cause it IS tasty.

But then again, I like almost every eadible sea animal. Fish shrimp, sea snails, clams, etc.

Except for oysters.
Banned cause I'm a bit bored too :/

And I've posted the worst picture ever in the picture thread. We both smile in such a retarded way.

Well it was on purpose, but still xD
Banned cause I hope it'll be better than mine ^_^;
Beat, yep, because Medea hates us.
Banned cause I'm fine.

*sigh* going to highschool when you're till so young.

Don't tell me you'll finish your school when you're 18.


Banned because doesn't she have to read every page of this thread anyway? I'm pretty sure posting here is less time consuming than moderating...

Anyway, I'm good, nothing much happening though.

Beet sauce.
Banned cause you can almost do nothing here if you finish school if you're 18.

You can work at the supermarket, or become a builder.
Banned because you're more likely to be caught in a shipwreck than get a well-paying job without an Undergraduate Degree, around here. :p
Not open for further replies.