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You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

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banned because mmmbien
Banned cause unfortunately I know people who dropped out of high school and became owners of successful businesses. That's one of the things I don't like about the good ol' US. Cheaters thrive while good, hard-working people struggle
banned because we have a papa johns downtown, and i didnt notice till like, last month. but a better pizza is pizza roma, like a block away. me and my friends chill there and i bought fatty some pizza from there monday. ;_;
Banned cause it ain't scary it's funny.

Like the one where he found that dead guy XD
Banned because it's easy to infer that it apparently stems from Newgrounds based on the ongoing conversations. Probably a flash video or game, I'm not entirely sure either.
banned cause your on the rate how well the user is game and this one at the same time.
Banned cause I like Blockhead more though.
With his little Weevil XD

Beat it's banned here?
Lol, they misspelled "inquire."

Banned because I found that a lot less disturbing than I even expected it to be (which wasn't much at all).

Should have been longer.
Banned cause you should watch this. The 10th Blockhead episode XD

Btw, the old guy is his consciousness.
Not open for further replies.