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You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

Not open for further replies.


I'm a /tr/ainer.
Banned because bye! I have a few favorite flash artists. ScottFalco, Wonchop, and Kirbopher to name a few.

Yes, I love Newgrounds.
band cause dragonite rules

beat banned cause you stole the post from me
banned cause there's no need for name calling =(
banned cause i don't know what the weevil part was for
Banned cause a weevil is just a weevil. You can find them in the wild in some cities and they're cute =D
banned cause iknew what it was just not why you used it in your sentance
banned cause i wasnt dont worry=)
banned cause these dont count towards post count =)
banned cause i lol'd at that
Banned because the Blaine avatar guy's join date doesn't come close to the 3-year span that he supposedly has posted for, unless he has links to older accounts.
banned cause you bothered to look that up >__>
Not open for further replies.