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You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

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Banned cause I reported him twice. Once for annoying and insulting us and the other (I saw it after my first report) for ban evading.

I hope the mods will solve it ^_^
banned because he'll probably get ip banned.


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Banned because I hope so too ><


You're all banned.

And oh good, look at that. I got to close this thread before taking my happy butt to work.

*sighs* Lord have mercy, you all drive me nuts.

I gave you all a second chance with this stupid thread and you blew it. Well that's it. NO MORE. I hereby decree that the game "You're Banned" is never to be made again.

If you try to make it again I will delete it.

If you beg me to re-open it I will ignore it.

If you take your whining to another mod, I will deal with you personally. Get a life.

Have a nice day.
Not open for further replies.