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You're biggest FML in pokemon?

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Cat and Mouse
Hey guys. I wanna know what your biggest FML in pokemon is. It could be having a legendary at 1 HP and then realizing you ran out of ultra balls, or it could be you're 10 seconds away from a new town and you get owned by a trainer who has the perfect pokemon to beat your last one.

There are tons of them out there, and I think I speak for most people when I say we all like a good laugh at each other's misfortunes. Come on, admit it.

But rules are rules.
1. Each post has to have a new story if you post twice, or you have to reply to another post. No random conversations like "Omg I hate Garchomp's Dragon Rush" or something.
2. All other Serebii rules apply.
3. Feel free to include your greatest F*** YEAH moment as well, but try not to make it another post.
4. I have said multiple times, you can post way more than one story, they just all have to be different. Whether you have one, three, forty, or more stories, you will always find room in this thread for all of them.

And I've always found it cliche to make a thread without explaining, so I'll tell you mine.

Back on Silver Version for the Gameboy, I was going into the whirl islands to get Lugia. It was an epic battle, complete with fainting, blood, sweat, and tears. In the end, at the very last possible moment, before it killed my typhlosion, I threw my great ball. one shake, two shake, three shake. I caught Lugia with a Great ball. I scampered out of there, only to get to the cliff you have to jump over to get into the cave. I checked my bag for an escape rope, only to have 0. FML! I had to turn it off and revert to my save outside. When I went back in, though, I found another way out. Angered me.
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Novice Expert
I was playing pokemon platinum and I was trying to catch Giratina. I had got it down to 1 hp and was constantly putting it to sleep and chucking dusk balls at it. I used so many pokeballs and spent so long trying to catch it that it ran out of PP and struggled itself to death. FML, but hey I got another shot to catch it later and I didn't fail that time.


Well-Known Member
First time I ever got to Mewtwo on Pokemon Red, I tried to catch it. When I went to use the Master Ball, I got "The Box is Full! You can't use this!".

I ran then, saved. FML.


I think my biggest FML was back in the original Blue version of the game, being my first Pokémon game I clearly lacked understanding of the move "False Swipe" and was left False Swiping at Blaine's Arcanine after the rest of my team had fainted.
Needless to say there was a lot of face palming that day.


Furret <3
My biggest Pokemon FML was when i let someone borrow my only Blue Version, i was 8 and he was eleven(I had to let him borrow it), but anyways the kid who I let borrow my game put it in his swim trunks pocket and went into the ocean!! I have never let people borrow my games again.


Bred a Mr. Mime to get Substitute for a Pokemon once, in my Diamond. Trained it, bred it with some female Pokemon, and released it.....only to realize that it was holding my Lucky Egg. I spent the next two days trying to get a single Lucky Egg *facepalm*

Second "oops," I legitimately contracted the Pokerus in my Emerald game. I remember the day well, as I was falling asleep while playing, and I missed the whole speech "Nurse Joy" gives. Well, I figured out what it did, was overjoyed, and, when I unlocked the Pal Park in Diamond, brought it in. By then, I only had maybe one or two Pokemon with it on...I proceeded to carry them with me, to spread to the others...saved the game, and turned it on the next morning. Well, if you know about the Pokerus, then you know what happens to a Pokemon in your party after midnight.......the only reason I have it now is because I got it through GTS, but that was a MAJOR facepalm for me.

The Benmeister

Master of Magnet
Er, last Sunday I caught Entei in a Pokeball. Then I went to get Latias, ran out of balls, and for whatever reason was under the illusion I had saved and turned the game off.

Alas. Farewell Entei.

I have yet to play the game since.
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Legendary Trainer
I got Mewtwo down to 1 HP, kept putting it to sleep, kept throwing balls. I went in with no less than 50 (dusk balls & ultra balls). Ran out of balls. Had to start all over again. Did this 4 times.

Best Moment: Trying to catch Ho-Oh. I'd spent half an hour doing the same thing I had to do with Mewtwo (above), and ran out of balls and fainted all of my Pokemon. Didn't save, reset and tried again. Right at the start of the battle, threw a Quick ball and caught it on the first try. Sweet!


>Oh yes, I find tons of shinies. They're everywhere. They never seem to like me enough to catch them though...
The safari zone is such a wonderful place.

* I got my dragon dance larvitar I've been breeding for the past 30 minutes. I fell asleep and I forgot to save my DS. it turned off.

* I remember playing Crystal for the first time. When I got to the part of the Red Gyarados I killed it because I initially thought it was a glitch in the game. I EVEN SAVED AFTER. JEEBUS.


Still Dirrty
My biggest FML in Pokemon was my restarting my Pearl version accidentally. I had just come back from shopping, and the night before I recalled having my Diamond version in my DS and I was planning to restart it, but decided to wait until the next day. Anyway, the next day arrives and I turn my DS on and, without paying attention to the start screen, I push the button combinations and restart the game, and then it hit me: I had switched cartridges right before I fell asleep. So, my Pearl version, which contained many events and shiny Pokemon obtained through months of hard work, got erased.

At the time I was still obsessed with Pokemon, so it was disappointment when I found out that I erased my file.


Well-Known Member
Today, I decided to experiment with the infamous ''Missingno Glitch''. I started capturing every single variant of the glitch I could find. Then I released every one of them and proceeded to save the game after getting a specific amount of items I needed.
After a soft-reset, I found that the game was completely glitched and was unable to make further saves or progress any farther. I had my Pokedex completed and spent hundreds of hours on the game. To top it off, the option to delete the save file was glitched as well. FML.
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The Dragon Lord
Once I was cloning my groudon, kyogre, rayquazza, and the regis to transfer to platinum but i did something wrong and ended up deleting them instead of cloning them. luckily I had back up clones of the first 3 but the regis where gone forever.

Phat Man

New Member
I have two, both happened when I was 9-10 years old.

Losing my Sapphire version with my Level 100 sceptile (being 9 years old, it was hard to get a level 100 lol) and my shiny Ghastly, among others.

I never really cloned, but I helped my friend clone on Emerald. I tested with a Zigzagoon.. worked fine. Went to clone the shiny Raquaza.. messed up and the Pokemon was never seen again.
I beat the Pokeathlon in HG and got my third Trainer Card star. Next time I played:

"Data corrupted/damaged. Start over." Goodbye, one of my three Jirachis, Arceuses, and event Pichus.

Tried it again cause I thought it had something to do with turning the game off before it finished saving which I've never done before (It was late, I probably didn't.) Even waited five seconds after the "Ethan saved the game!" screen went away. Next time I played:

"Data corrupted/damaged. Returning to previous file."



Well-Known Member
Critical hits at the Battle Frontier.


1. In I think Pearl when I started a new game for the hell of it, I beat gyms 2, 3, and 4 without saving, and then I did the best thing ever, turned off the game without saving, had to do all the gyms again... ****!

2. The same thing happened to me as the poster above but not as remotely bad. After beating the pokeathlon for my third star, I saved and waited 3 second after it saved successfully to turn it off. The next day, I play the game and it says (guess what?) "Data something, something... Returning to previous save." Luckily, I saved before I did the pokeathlon for the third star, but it had the event which I to redo that I always had trouble getting the new record for... ****!
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