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You're biggest FML in pokemon?

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Battle Tower.

Floatzel outspeeds Infernape. Uses Waterfall.
I send out Latios.
Floatzel outspeeds again and uses Double Team. Latios Misses.
Latios can't land a single hit, so I switch to Metagross for Bulk.
Metagross starts losing a lot of HP, so I switch back to Latios.
Latios finally kills it with Thunderbolt.
Trainer sends out Garchomp.
I laugh, thinking "A single Dragon Pulse'll kill it!"
Garchomp was holding Brightpowder. Latios missed. And died.
I send out Metagross.
He gets Earthquake'd to death and not even a Shuca Berry could save him.

Oh, and f*** enemy OHKO moves always hitting.


Cat and Mouse
Found a Shiny Baltoy :D

It used Selfdestruct... :(
This one honestly made me lol.

To most of yours I can somewhat relate to, like when I was facing Ho-oh and it's very low level PP he kept struggling.

My greatest achievement though, would have to be against Ho-oh as well. I own SS so as many of you know he was level 70. After so many troubles and so much anger, I was on the rope. I had just thrown my second to last Ultra Ball to no avail. My last two poke-balls left? My last ultra ball, and a Poke-Ball...GO! Pokay-Ball!............Gotcha! Ho-Oh was caught!

Ever since then, Poke-balls have been my go-to ball for anything. I completely underestimated their power.


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Mines along those lines. I just got done fighting Ho-oh in an epic, drag-out fight until he struggled himself to death. Round 2 consisted of my Typhlosion's Flamethrower and a Quick Ball for the lolz. It worked.


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Whenever I'm at the Battle Hall and I'm doing well, I end up with Shedinja appearing as the Ghost type. This wouldn't be bad if the Pokemon I was using, my Feraligatr, actually had a move that could hit it. With any other Pokemon that could get past the Wonder Guard Shedinja never shows up. But no, it only appears to ruin my winning streak.

I've probably had worse happen to me but this is the most recent thing I can remember.


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well one time in my ruby version i caught a random zubat... found out later it was a "special zubat" my cousin wanted it badly and offered me any pokemon for it... so i took Registeel and gave him zubat... only to find out later he got a pink crobat


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My most recent FML happened not too long ago. A few weeks, I think.

I was playing Pearl, and I'd gotten myself to the Great Marsh. I paid all those Pokédollars just to get my Defog HM, so I figured, "meh, while I'm here, I might as well catch some Pokémon."

A shiny Quagsire appeared. I threw some food, one ball, and it fled. Had it been ANYWHERE ELSE in the whole game, I'd've nailed that sucker. I even had a Master Ball on me...

This is why I never go into the Safari games. They always end in sorrow.


Haha so many Struggle stories! Ack, but if I read Soroft's rules right, then I've got to post another story. So here's a F*** YEAH story that's somewhere else on this forum:

My two best friends play Pokemon, and I introduced them to Serebii. One of them saw and fell in love with shiny Metagross (I wonder why). So anyway, I ended up doing wrong with something IRL, and so I decided I'd apologize with a shiny Beldum. I own Diamond btw. If you've ever tried to chain for one, then you know it's not easy. I researched how to snag one, bred a Magnemite, got out the suggested team, and went on my way. Chained 3 times, with the max being 13 in a row. And the 4th one in the 4th chain had a shiny patch. I went it, and had the most nail biting time ever. Took down the sandstorm with Kyogre, Hypnosis with Crobat w/Wide Lens, then switch to a Scarfed Spiritomb with Hypnosis (BIG mistake). Beldum wouldn't stay asleep, and you only have 24 turns to catch it if it's awake. Switched to a Banded Shedinja with False Swipe. Anyway, got it down to 1 HP, Spiritomb put it to sleep again, and I got maybe two Dusk Balls off that didn't shake before it broke out. When it used the 19th Take Down, I switched to Mismagius. Threw a Repeat Ball, shook once no luck. Quarter of its HP from Struggle, so I used Pain Split, which brought it to over half. Switched to Crobat, put it to sleep. Threw a Repeat Ball, shook twice, nothing. Threw another, caught it. Hands down THE most frightening battle I've had in a very long time.

PS got a good Magnezone from that actually, and my friend forgave me for my transgression when I showed him the Beldum. Nerd power FTW!


Cat and Mouse
Nice Kerech. Honestly, that's a pretty selfless story, but hey, life takes some crazy roads. I remember my very first shiny, it was in the Emerald safari zone. I was walkin' along, just looking around for places to use the different bikes to get to. When the Teddiursa popped up. I honest-to-god thought that I was having an adverse reaction to Dr. Pepper overload, so I quickly started trying to catch it and see if it was real. Sure enough, it was. the same Teddiursa is in my Diamond today.

And Kerech, I stated in the OP that you can have an FML and a F*** YEAH story, you can state both. I just said try not to double post right next to each other. But stating more than one is perfectly fine.

So blast away, and laugh away, fellow FML-ers!


Silver forever <3
HeartGold Version.
Wasted ALL my ultra balls on Ho Oh.
Sent out a Poke ball.
It gets caught.
The end.

Oh. And when I first started playing Sapphire, I see a shiny Aron in Granite Cave, I think it was.
Didn't know what the heck shinies were back then.
I then killed it.
And I regret that moment ever since.
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Oh dear, then I read wrong. *facepalm* my apologies for spreading lies, Soroft haha. And thanks, he thought so too.

Anyway, I've had some FML moments with TMs.....when I started my Diamond, I knew absolutely nothing about Pokemon other than it was (is) a fun game. So I did some silly and childish things.....like giving Grass Knot to a female Carnivine, like giving Flash Cannon to a Bronzong I don't use, like giving Stealth Rock to a Bold natured Garchomp (though in my defence, I needed it for PBR's Little Cup), like giving Thief to a Pokemon that doesn't seem to exist in my box (Poison Jab too), like giving Roost and Dark Pulse to a Honchkrow, like giving Attract and Captivate AND Pluck to Pokemon, then deleting the moves.....when I realized what horrible, horrible nonsense I had done, I almost cried haha.

Oh, the worst TM mistake though was Skill Swap AND Charge Beam.....to Alakazam. Fail. Sadness.


Sun God ☉
Well when I met the first shiny, a shiny random golbat in FR and i only had one ordinay pokeball in my bag. I always have atleast 20 ultara and 1 masterball with me now.

And just to say it, in Ruby, when I first saw lairon in Victory road, I though it was really rare and i tossed my masterball at it -_-"


Unorthodox Trainer
Me and my 2 friends were playing through blue version only during school hours. It felt so awesome when we got to the grass before the pokemon league building. It didn't feel awesome the next morning when we turned it on and there was no save file.

Another one is when I got to red in SoulSilver. I knew his pikachu was in its 80s, and I thought my level 60 pokemon could beat it (mind you, I saved before battling). The pikachu used volt tackle and killed my entei. I freaked out. The end of my first battle with Red.

A F*** YEAH moment was when I was trying to hatch and egg south of goldenrod. I accidentally went into a patch of grass on my bike, and thought "dang, I don't have time for this" It was a shiny ditto. I had time for it :)


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my FML moment here is the seen i have 2 boxes of pokemon to evolve sent a weekend evolving about 16 monday come home ds on bed dead and you guessed it i didnt save.
I wish i could put all 4 of these but i guess my F*** Yeah moment was catching giritina in pearl 25 ultra balls he has 1 hp outta of pp for all moves except heal block i throw a heal ball by accident and caught him i stared at my screen for 5 mins


When I grow up
My best moments:
-Beating Cynthia after weeks of trying. And trying. And trying.
-I thought i lost my Platinum game, but it had somehow gotten in my SoulSilver box. I don't remember how, but either way, i have my game back!
Lots of people are posting about not being able to catch a shiny. My problem is not seeing them in the first place. Aside from the Pikachu colored Pichu from the gamestop event, and the Gya-red-os (that's actually what i named it) from the lake of rage, i have never seen a shiny at all. I'm also horrible at chaining, so that lowers my chances even more! Another unlucky moment related to shinies is catching the Sudowoodo in HG/SS before remembering about soft-resetting. And i don't have Diamond. And i saved many times afterwards. I'm just not lucky with shinies at all.


From Zero To Hero
Playing underground all day to get the flags for the star. My DS light turns red at 47, I figure it'd make it. At 50, right after I finish, it died...


How can you hate it?
My fml moment was running into a shiny without any pokeballs


College graduate
One day I was trying to capture Moltres in FireRed when I thought I had enough Ultra Balls to capture it. When it was near defeat I opened my bag and noticed I didn't have any, so I ran and saved after it fled. FML.


Artistic Nerd
This has gotta be a huge FML...

I was chaining for swellows and started reseting for the shiny patch at 30 (since swellows are kinda rare and hard to get high chains on) I got the shiny patch after only 10 or 15 minutes and really excitedly ran over next to the patch. In my haste to catch the shiny, when I was switching my jolly synchronize abra to the front of my party I accidentally clicked teleport instead of switch. I was teleported to the front of the pokemon center. I cried ;-;
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