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You're biggest FML in pokemon?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Soroft, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. EpicTurtle42

    EpicTurtle42 The Epicest Turtle

    I laugh at you guys....


    Battle Tower

    Aiming for 100

    You should know the rest...
  2. EpicTurtle42

    EpicTurtle42 The Epicest Turtle

    I laugh at you guys....


    Battle Tower

    Aiming for 100

    You should know the rest...
  3. Trainer_Jason

    Trainer_Jason New Member


    my biggest flunk out was when I beat the Elite 4 in Platinum and then faced Cynthia's
    last pokemon (at that time it was Milotic) and had only my Torterra Lv.81 at 26 HP, no Healing Medicines, and 1 Leaf Storm and 6 Giga Drains, while Cynthia's Milotic was at full Health, and she had the type advantage because it knew Ice shard and Ice beam.
    Next turn, I used Leaf storm, and Milotic's HP was at yellow. Milotic used Ice beam and
    I was FINISHED!
  4. LudicoloGuy

    LudicoloGuy ludiludiludiludiludi

    When I first played Sapphire, I ran into a Shiny Spinda. I was young and stupid at the time, and I took it's Pokedex entry the wrong way. By "no two Spindas are alike", I thought it meant different colors, not different spot placements. So, I ran away from the blue Spinda. I realized my mistake a few days later when I told some of my friends about it. FML
  5. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    My little brother walks into my room, late at night...

    "Oh [name], I hope you don't mind, but I caught Groudon"

    "and saved"

    - sassy nature

  6. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Each one of these sections of text is a problem I've had.

    I rented Red- my first Pokemon game- from Blockbuster, went through Rock Tunnel without using Flash, lost a battle in the Pokemon Tower, and had to start back at the Pokemon Center before Rock Tunnel.

    I later got Red for Christmas and thought I had to buy the HM for Strength/Surf at the store. I spent so much money that I thought I wouldn't be able to get enough money for the games. So I started over.

    I got really far in the new Red game, possibly to the Elite Four. I lost to Lance. Then, I beat Lance with my Pokemon all worn out. I was so happy that I beat the Pokemon League. And then I found out I had to face my rival. I lost.

    I think that was the game my sister (accidentally) played over when she wanted to try Red for herself.

    So then I started Red again and couldn't beat the Elite Four. I went out of town and went to some place and let some random guy start a new game. I told him not to save. And he saved. DANG IT. I was in tears... (I was younger...)

    So later I caused a Snorlax in Red, eventually traded it to Gold, and gave it some awesome moves. It was beast. (I think it ended up being lv fifty-something) I later went to trade it back to Red in exchange for that lv 5 (?) Magikarp in Red that I bought near Mt. Moon. Due to some problems with the link cable, I turned off both my Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color. When I turned them back on, I discovered that my Magikarp was on both Red and Gold and my Snorlax was nowhere to be seen. So in a sense, my Magikarp cloned itself and my Snorlax died. I was in tears.

    Oh, the joy of Pokemon...
  7. o00oo00oo

    o00oo00oo New Member

    I bought a used pokemon game and there was already a saved file on it. I went into the saved file and looked in the pc boxes and found really good pokemon in them. I erased the game forgetting to trade the pokemon over to a diff game.
  8. Electric

    Electric Well-Known Member

    I just spend over 3 hours chaining for a shiny Mightyena, and it used Roar. Well its gender was female so I didn't mind too much.
  9. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!


    I might sig this, except I don't think you were trying to be funny.
  10. Lbsweet96

    Lbsweet96 &#32

    Shiny Chansey at the Safari Zone. Guess which one of us fled.
  11. Champion Lance

    Champion Lance Penis Used Harden

    Well when the Silver and Gold games came out I was only about 5. Being 5 and loveing Pokemon I literally played it non-stop. After a week or so I found myself training in Victory Road and up pops a Donphan. I didnt have one so I went to catch it and not knowing I was out of Ultra Balls I just kept pressing A and threw my master ball. I couldnt exactly just turn it off as I had played it for the last 4 hours and would lose so much of my game. It then took my 6 hours to catch Ho-oh.
  12. Reserved

    Reserved New Member

    Buying SoulSilver and putting into my DSLite and then walking out into the grass for the first time. Running into a Shiny Geodude (First and only Shiny i've seen so far) and had no pokeballs =[
  13. celibi88

    celibi88 robochu=win

    back a while in emerald ago i ran into a shiny silcoon
    I had no pokeballs
    and to make it worse it happened again with a smeargle a few weeks later :(
  14. Mewkachu

    Mewkachu Sexuality is a cult.

    Worst moment(s): Losing to Lance after a long struggle on the Elite Four, and finding a shiny Geodude, then making it faint.
    Best moment: Getting Umbreon, Getting to Lance in the Elite Four.
  15. Kyukon_Mars

    Kyukon_Mars Well-Known Member

    Just now while rebattling Bugsy:

    Feraligatr used Ice Fang!
    The foe's Heracross is frozen solid!
    The foe's Heracross thawed out!
    Heracross used Counter!

    That would have easily killed my Feraligatr if his level wasn't so high. But really, every time I freeze an opponent they immediately thaw out. :/

    Oh and on the first of only TWO random encounters on all my Pokemon games, which was on Silver a long time ago, I came across a shiny Hoothoot. I don't think I realized the rarity of shinies back then so I either ran or made it faint. Only caught one random shiny ever since then.
  16. Mezz

    Mezz Uniquely Rebellious

    One day I was playing Silver, and I decided to go explore a cave (the name is lost to me.) I didn't have a Pokemon with the move Flash learned, and none of them could have learned it. So I decided to walk blindly through the cave, guided by the bum-bum-bum that sounds when you walk into walls. Eventually, I got stuck. It seemed every way I turned I would hear it. After a good while of being stuck, I had to create a new game. I lost everything! The next file I created, I named myself 'Loser.' (Oh, self-esteem.) (I then beat the game afterwards on that file, restarted, and named myself 'Winner.' Just in case you were wondering.)
  17. Rainy_Day

    Rainy_Day Swimmer

    I did that with Rock Tunnel in Blue, except I actually managed to make it through. It was extremely frustrating and I couldn't believe they'd put that in the game. I felt pretty stupid when my friend told me about Flash.
  18. Ghost_Hunter

    Ghost_Hunter Well-Known Member

    Accidentally killing a Shiny Weelde in HeartGold in the Bug Catching Contest.
  19. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Actually I think I never used Flash in RBY, because you could see the walls. Next versions though needed that annoying HM. I remember not using Flash because by that time I rarely had 10 Pokémon (I'm not the "Catch'em All" type) and I wasn't in the mood of going through Diglett's Cave to get Flash... xD

    What about finding a Shiny Milotic in the Battle Pike in Emerald? Arrgghh xD
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2010
  20. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    Don't get me started. I have thousands. For example, I've got palmer's milotic, his last pokemon, to very low hp. I have dragonite in flight. I blinking miss. You can guess what milotic did.

    Also, once, I found a Keckleon in the safari zone in emerald. He flees 1st turn.

    I rwally don't have the time to list them all.=(
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