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You're biggest FML in pokemon?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Soroft, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush Well-Known Member

    Wild [insert rare Pokemon here] appeared!

    Go! Mareep!
    Mareep used Tackle.
    [insert rare Pokemon here] used [insert random move here]
    Mareep used Tackle. Critical hit! [insert rare Pokemon here] fainted.

    ^I cannot believe how many times that has happened to me.

    EDIT: Oh, and one time on Platinum, I was trying to beat Thorton in the Battle Factory. This was his team: Regirock, Regice, Regigigas. I lost. And then I look on Serebii, and according to the website, Thorton's team is completely random. I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? HOW THE HELL DOES A TEAM CONSISTING OF REGIROCK, REGICE, AND REGIGIGAS CONSIDERED "random". That was kinda annoying, especially when I finally reached Thorton again and this time he used random Pokemon.

    But still... Regirock, Regice, and Regigigas. Are you serious.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2010
  2. SapphireGeno

    SapphireGeno Silver forever <3

    Okay, well last night when I was playing HeartGold the biggest F*** YEAH moment happened...

    I won a Masterball in the Goldenrod Lottery.
    All 5 digits matched on the ticket I drew matched.
    This is the first time ever in all my years of playing Pokemon that I got a second Masterball in-game.

  3. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    biggest **** yeah moment was that I catched HO-OH with 1 pokeball

    biggest FML moment was probably when a shiny aron used roar
  4. Generic Pokemon Trainer

    Generic Pokemon Trainer Bible Thumper

    When I was seven I was playing Pokemon Ruby in the bathroom (dont ask why >.>), and I ........................ Dropped my freaking GBA down the toliet, I win
  5. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    Okay guys, I had another F*** YEAH moment this weekend. I was SRing for a shiny Rayquaza, and it was about 11 at night, I was about to pass out. For no reason when I pressed A in front of him I just yelled at the game "YOU WILL BE SHINY D*MMIT!" and I think you all know what happened. Master ball away, and I caught myself I shiny Rayquaza. The nature's Naughty so it's pretty decent, making me a very happy camper. Not to mention after only 120 SRs.

    Anyway, I'm back from a lengthy vacation from the internet, so I can keep track of the thread better.

    Fail away, Pokemon fans!
  6. Kerech

    Kerech Shinigami...CHOP!

    Kinda F-YEAH moment: went looking for a Larvitar yesterday. In the Safari Zone. Literally spent a couple of hours trying to catch one. They kept running when I threw a Ball, kept running when I threw mud, the Ball wouldn't even shak sometimes, accidentally threw a Ball at a Golbat (who ran), got to my last one, female Larvitar pops up, threw mud twice, threw the Ball, caught it. Level 42 Adamant Larvitar, female. Win.
  7. thaldore

    thaldore Events<Shiny Events

    A shiny beldum used take-down after i false-swiped it resulting in- Wild Beldum Was Ko'd or whatever XD
  8. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    I have a "F*** Yeah!" moment.

    Sweeping Brock with only my Tauros, which at the time had the attack Return, Giga Impact, Zen Headbutt, and Blizzard, after getting its Anger Point activated.

    Considering that Rock types resist my two best attack (Return and Giga Impact), it was awesome and hilarious.
  9. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    Hey Kerech, thanks for the Shedinja advice XD
  10. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    Go ahead and get KOed by the sand storm.

    My biggest **** yeah! I was at whirl islands trying to catch Lugia. I was down to my last Pokemon and I ran out of Dusk and Ultra balls I only had 2 poke balls left. I threw the first poke ball and it wiggled 3 times and broke out. I said to my game "I swear if you do not stay in the ball i will flush you down the toilet and I mean it!" I threw my last ball and I caught Lugia with a normal Poke ball. :D
  11. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    Lol more game-yelling wins!

    And Kerech suggested to me that I bring a Kyogre for that so that I could use shedinja's false swipe without killing Beldum. I can see why now.
  12. fubufubu

    fubufubu Well-Known Member

    i ran into a mankey in i think firered or maybe it was leafgreen, but anyway....a couple minutes after it appeared i realized....."OH MY GOD A SHINY MANKEY HOLY CRAP!" but then i found out....I HAD NO POKEBALLS! **** my life......
  13. SapphireGeno

    SapphireGeno Silver forever <3

    Lol I just love how when some people who play Pokemon, when they run into shinies, they all think it's an epic moment, until they realized they have no Pokeballs xD It's kinda sad because you missed your chance on getting something super rare, but it's funny at the same time because having no Pokeballs is just a letdown xD
  14. hitoshura0

    hitoshura0 Well-Known Member

    And this is why you always have 20+ Pokeballs of every variety on me at all times. My current stock:
    148 Net Balls
    162 Dusk
    6 Master
    138 Quick
    30 Nest
    198 Lure
    255 Heavy
    162 Ultra
    183 Love
    131 Level
    146 Fast
    3 Great
    16 Poke
    222 Moon
    1 Timer
    396 Friend
    1 Repeat
    2 Premier

    Looking at that, my Quick ball Stock is a little low.
  15. Frog Of Steel

    Frog Of Steel Quirky Nature

    Oy, I've got a few...
    Firered was my first game. Already a very slight FML since I wanted ruby for Christmas, but as it turned out it was no longer being sold. Since I was a noob, I let my friend get me to Zapdos and put a pokemon in my party that would help me weaken it (I had no pokemon strong enough to actually fight Zapdos). It was a Diglett, under level 20. I ended up KOing Zapdos somehow (maybe my Pokemon were stronger). I got really mad, shut off the game, turned it back on, and caught Zapdos with my Masterball. I had no idea one of the beasts started roaming after you beat the elite four. Trying to catch Entei took me possibly a year (sometimes I didn't actually try). My friend caught his Suicune with his Masterball. Also, I traded the only Chancey I had (from the Safair Zone) and never got another. A good "**** Yeah!" in Pearl was not only catching another Chancey (meh by itself) but this particular Chancey ahd a Lucky Egg, which served me to no end in pearl.
    I don't know why, but In sapphire, I either KOed Kyogre or ran away from him. I regretted that so much once I realized what I had done. Kyogre being in HG was definitely one of the main reasons I got it.
    My friend had pokemon silver, which he LOVED. We're younger fans who grew up with the 3rd gen games, but he still played silver over anything else. He even got his Typhlosion into the 80's (we're not really the level 100 type). I got gold from him, since he was borrowing it from my friend who didn't want it. I was very excited. I ended up beating Clair by only using my red Gyarados's dragon rage over and over again. When I faced the elite four, I was crushed by Will. I never beat gold and ended up selling it to pay for Pearl.
    This is going to sound pretentious to people without Shinies, so I apologize, but I have a sort of lament with the shinies I catch. They're never good beyond being shiny. I caught a shiny Phanpy in firered, but its nature is poor and it's hard to train it (now it's a donphan). I also caught a shiny Pikachu in Pearl in the mansion backyard, but it's level 16. I don't like Pikachu to begin with and this Pikachu just isn't that good. They were both caught after I had already beat the game, so there was no chance of adding them to the team.
    As a sidenote, shiny pokemon is my **** yeah! for Sapphire. I caught a shiny Cacnea (out of luck-my pokemon were too strong to weaken it so I had to use pokeballs and such) and it became part of my team, I caught a shiny Spinda, and my friend caught a shiny wismur while he was (is) borrowing it from me.
  16. TyranitarFan

    TyranitarFan Professional Badass

    In PBR i had a 62 win streak in coutyard until... DODRIO!
    Anyways fog was on and i managed to get him to 1 HP (focus sash) and my Garchomp was faster so i used Outrage... it missed. Dodrio used Flail and killed him.
    I send out Gengar. He's faster and i use Thunderbolt. It missed... Dodrio used Drill Peck and got Gengar to 1/4 health. I used Thunderbolt again and IT MISSES!! Gengar dies.
    I send out Weavile and i used Ice Punch... it missed, Dodrio used Flail and killed Weavile.
    I now send out Starmie and uses Ice Beam... IT MISSES!!! and Dodrio used Flail and Starmie dies.
    I send out Electivire. He turned out to be slower and so Dodrio killed him with Flail.
    Now i use my last resort, Mewtwo used Ice Beam... it misses. And can you guesses what happened next? God swept by a freakin Dodrio i nearly threw the wii out the window and broke the tv with the wiimote.
  17. Mye

    Mye Someone has to win..

    Lol....I was in the diamond Double-Battle BT....was down to 2pkmn against an enemy who only had one....thought I'd use earthquake on my electivire to kill my opp's magnezone (other pkmn is skarmory). Magnezone outspeeds both my pkmn, uses magnet rise. My skarmory uses roost...recovers some hp. Electivire uses earthquake...kills skarmory. Magnezone then finishes off electivire w/ tri-attack.
  18. Champion Lance

    Champion Lance Penis Used Harden

    I had'nt played my Diamond game for a while because 1. I had serached for Mesprit for hours and hours without success and just got frustrated and gave up and 2. I had played SS and replayed FireRed. So I turn on my DS go into the game and click my file and I am standing in the middle of a grass patch. First step I take a wild Pokemon pops up. And ironically its a Mesprit. I trap it and get excited and go into the bag and click on an Ultra Ball and as I go to put the stylus back into its little hole thing I shove it straight into the power switch and off goes the game. FML.
  19. sweeney123

    sweeney123 Eevee Trainer

    i ran into a shiny graveler and it used explosion. i was almost crying
  20. About 4 or 5 years ago, I bought a used Pokemon Gold from eBay. I've never previously owned any 2nd gen games. I put it in my GBA, and firstly decided to check out the Pokedex. (It already had a save file on it)
    I saw that Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Entei, Suicune, Raiku, Mew and Celebi were all listed with a POKEBALL next to their names (indicating that the player has captured them). I went :O and said "Wow! Cool!!" So I rushed into a PokeCentre and looked through all the boxes... -_-
    The previous owner had traded ALL of these good pokemon off the game, including other Pokemon I like, for example Tyranitar, Feraligatr, Typhlosion etc.

    I played the game for a ltitle longer with a -_- expression. Then got bored and turned it off. Lol.
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