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You're biggest FML in pokemon?

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Been trying to get a rapidash for an hour now. Crobat's wing attack get's 'em to seriously low health. Then... boom! It uses takedown to kill itself. Every. Single. Time.
I give up and go to the pokecentre to heal and look for any pokemon I can evolve. First thing I see in box three is a ponyta I caught from the safari zone. FML.
At least I have a good stock of rare candies.

Now my F*** yeah moment. Caught Diglett cave Snorlax in one Quick Ball. Then I found out it was Adamant with better than average IVs.
I remember when I had Crystal, I had started the game over one morning and played all day long and I was already ready to catch Lugia in the afternoon.
While battling Lugia, for some reason, I forgot I could just use a masterball to catch it.
Instead, I tried to weaken it first, but it beat me.
I was mad and I turned the game off...but then I remembered that I hadn't saved since I first got my starter.


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I tried for like four hours to get a shiny shinx, after a chain of almost 50...I saw the shiny grass patch. three steps away, and I would of had it. however, my dad came in my room and put his hand on my back...scaring me. I then pressed the button to go sideways instead and ran into a budew. FML.

however, i caught the little shiny rascal this morning :) so all is well.


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One F*** YEAH moment I had was when I was in Route 11 in SS trying to get the Apricorn and an item. Walked into the grass, found a Shiny Magnemite, caught it with a Dusk Ball (it was at night).

Others include catching Zapdos and Latias with my first Ultra Ball(although I had already made an attempt at Latias the day before).

FML moments I had include my Blue version becoming permanently corrupted and having to restart my Silver Version because a glitch made it impossible to deliver the machine part.

I also made it to Factory Head Noland on my Emerald one time, but he managed to beat me. I also lost to Darach at the Battle Castle on Platinum Version.
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I decided to restart my Leafgreen game one day and chose Bulbasaur. I entered a battle with the rival, and he gets 2 critical hit scratch attacks on me in a row. I use the potion you get from the PC. He then proceeded to attack my Bulbasaur with 2 more critical hits and I lost.

Then on LG(another new game), I soft resetted for 4 days to get a shiny Charmander. Eventually, I get one, evolved it into a Charizard, and turned it off to migrate it to my Pokemon Diamond. The file deleted itself. Bye bye shiny Charizard.
- I got one in Soul Silver now, though-



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Just had a F*** Yeah moment in an old Pearl game. When I first went on it I found out I hadn't played on it for 19 months. Looked around my boxes for any worthwhile Pokemon then decided to go for my Swarm. On the way there what do I see, Shiny Mesprit staring at me. Looked in my bag hoping to have some good PokeBalls. I had:

286 Quick Balls
401 Dusk Balls
13 Master Balls
111 Ultra Balls
669 PokeBalls
100-150 other Types

I was in shock. Attempted to catch it in about 30 PokeBalls. Gave up. First heal ball. Rock. Rock. Rock. Poof!


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This isn't my FML, its my brothers. He was EV training in Emerald, because we are planning on having a huge 3rd gen battle by the end of summer, and he completely EV trained an Alakazam and was super happy but then his game froze because he got to excited and bumped his GameBoy.


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So one day I was at my brother's baseball tourtament and some guy who was the older brother of some kid on the other team had his pokemon game there too. Apparently he knew how to clone pokemon and had a box full of Arceus. He traded me one. I was very happy. Later that day, for no apparent reason, my brother gets his hands on my Pearl version and releases the first pokemon in my party, which happened to be Arceus. I never saw the guy who traded me Arceus ever again. And to this day I still don't have an Arceus. FML.


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When I was seven I was playing Pokemon Ruby in the bathroom (dont ask why >.>), and I ........................ Dropped my freaking GBA down the toliet, I win
I did that to my cell phone a few months ago...

Anyway, I've heard many fails involving "Shiny (Pokemon) used Selfdestruct!" Well, a while back in Diamond, while training on Route 210, I encountered a shiny Geodude. Immediately I thought, "Oh no, what if it uses Selfdestruct?!?" So I threw a Quick Ball, and that caught it. I guess you can call that a WHEW moment.


I haven't had many FML moments in pokemon, but I heard two really good ones from a friend of mine...

1. Way back in Gold, when he battled Ho-oh, it was a shiny. At this point in time, he didn't know about shinies. He was just thinking "weird, it sparkled like Gyarados." and noticed that it was golden. He knew it was special and had to catch it. He weakened it down and after 50 ultra balls (and every other ball in his bag) he didn't catch it.

2. Another friend, when playing Ruby, ran into a shiny Wurmple. No big deal. He just happened to run into it during tht short period of time when you don't have any pokeballs yet. He was depressed for a week. lol

As for my FML (not much, but whatever): my bro asked me to catch a Snorunt for him in his Ruby. While looking around, I ran into a shiny Spheal. I bagged it no problem. A few days later, when I was fixing to trade it over to my game, he told me that he restarted his game. First shiny I ever caught (even though it was in his game) was gone.


Cat and Mouse
Pretty decent F*** YEAH a week ago.

FireRed, and I'm running around Viridian Forest with 30s, and I'm looking for a Pikachu to add to my team. SHING sparkle sparkle. Shiny Caterpie. I throw an ultra ball, showing my superiority to the nearby Bug Catcher's inferior net. I move on nonchalantly with my Charizard to beat him, realizing I never took the time to beat him. Needless to say, that was superior as well. Found my Pikachu later on, and moved on with my life.

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I still don't even know what an FML is.


I suppose my biggest one would be looking for a Growlithe on FireRed I think, for five minutes then realising I only had my Masterball and thinking nothing of it, I caught said Growlithe in the Masterball. A few days later I had already caught Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno without noticing and then reached Mewtwo. I was ready for an easy capture and scrolled through the bag and couldn't for the life of me realise where my Masterball had gone, then I remembered. I didn't catch Mewtwo until after about a week of trying.


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My mom, while waiting for the dentist, deleted my brothers pokemon saphire, which had everything in it. When my brother got the game back all it had was a level 5 torchic named "cutie" ...

he was devasted


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my spanish cousin came too vacation in canada, and he knew what crystal version was(hes a trouble maker),he deleted my bros crystal version, i was laughing!!!


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On Heart Gold the first time I challenged the champion I got his last pokemon in the red, looked like 10 or less hp, and he was able to knock out my last pokemon


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FML moment, in Gold version, you know how those Tangela by Mt. Silver tend to flee? Yeah, well I found a shiny one. My Ultra Ball failed. Guess what happened? Luckily I found a shiny Sandshrew not long after in Union Cave.

My F*** Yeah moment was my first playthrough of Pearl. I had just gotten to Palkia, and was planning on using a traditional weakening then Ultra Ball strategy, maybe Timer Balls if the battle drew out. My little brother's friend said to use a Quick Ball on the first turn just to see what happened. It worked. Easiest Legendary to catch ever.
Biggest FML would be an unfortunate critical hit in Fire Red on a shining Ghastly that knocked it out. Funny thing is I was of course thinking "Please don't be a critical hit" over and over.

However if I get stuck with this Darkrai I got that it turns out is hacked and can't get the Gamestop Entei back I traded for it that might take it's place <.< D:<


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ok, probably when I had to use my only Master Ball on shiny Azelf, i wanted to save it for Mesprit

When I bought Platinum and realized all the events were over
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