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Youtube Messages Won't Appear or Dissapear!

Alright. I sent a guy a message on Youtube about an hour ago regarding a game, and he responed a few minutes later. I got the e-mail saying I got the message, and I read it in the e-mail. So I went to my inbox so I could delete it, and to my surprise, IT WASN'T THERE. I must have tried everything. But for some reason, the message wasn't appearing, but it still said I has 1 new message. I then deleted all the messages I had saved. Then I figured it was over and done with. I went to my channel so I could watch a video, but there was still a 1 next to my name signaling a new message. I went back, all the messages I had deleted had re-appeared! I must have repeated this cycle ten times, but they kept re-appearing! And it still said I had one new message, even though there was no message there! GAH! HELP ME!
Did you try deleting it from your deleted section? Sometimes, even if you have read it it still appears that you have a new one.


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did you try it again