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Yu-Gi-Oh adv.- Reptilianne deck

This is the list from my new Reptilianne deck:

Monsters: 21
Reptilianne Scylla X3
Reptilianne Viper X3
Venominon, The King of Poisonous Snakes X1
Razor Lizard X3
Evil Dragon Ananta X1
Oshaleon X3
Reptilianne Medusa X2
Marshmallon X1
Reptilianne Gorgon X3
Earthbound Immortal Asilla Piscu X1

Spells: 10
Swords of Revealing Light X1
Reptilianne Spawn X3
Savage Colosseum X2
Molting Escape X3
Double Summon X1

Traps: 13
Offering to the Snake Deity X1
Damage=Reptile X3
Snake Whistle X2
Defense Draw X3
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow X1
Embodiment of Apophis X1
Magic Cylinder X1

Extra: 13
Brionac X1
Flamvell Uruquizas X2
Armory Arm X1
Reptilianne Hydra X1
Iron Chain Dragon X1
Ancient Fairy Dragon X1
Black Rose Dragon X1
Power Tool Dragon X1
Red Dragon Archfiend X1
Stardust X1
Mist Wurm X1
Majestic Star Dragon X1 (I figure that if my opponent uses Majestic Dragon, I can easily take control of it and use it myself)

Please rate and comment. As you can see, there are many cards that I recycled from my old Venom deck. I know that there are far too many monsters, especially considering that there is a Trap-monster and three copies of a Token-Summoning Spell. What monsters should I take out? I know you will all say Asilla Piscu, but come on; I need at least one bruiser that isn't a Synchro or my Evil Dragon Ananta. Venominon can potentially get really high attack and Ananta is almost guaranteed to be super powerful if I wait long enough to use it, but there are none here but Asilla Piscu that have base attack worthy of being called a "bruiser."


Better then you
Reptile decks need Alien Shocktrooper, a 1900 attacker in the form of a Reptile, c'mon now.
I hadn't thought of that. As I said, it already seems to have too many monsters, so if I added any monsters at this point, I would want to take out some monsters first. What monsters would probably be best to remove to make room for an Alien Shocktrooper?


Come along, dear
Allure would probably help. Also. What of the support coming out in Absolute Powerforce that will make this deck way better?


New Member
I run a Reptilianne deck and I think Dragons work vey well with them and also 2 more cards that are good is anthing that can revmove its self from play from the feild and Zero Force I use Skystarray as my remove from p;lay monster


Water-type Fan
I'd recommend an Equip Card called Molting Escape. It's made for use with Reptile monsters. It lets you keep some of your weaker monsters on the field longer, which is great for Reptilianne Gorgon. Also, there's a REALLY powerful Reptilianne monster called Reptilianne Vaskii. I think you might be able to find one on eBay, but it's pretty rare.

EDIT: I just noticed you already have Molting Escape. Whoops...
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Mr Spaz

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I would NOT suggest running a "Majestic" Synchro unless you have your own Majestic Dragon, especially seeing how few people actually run Majestic Dragon, and even if they do, they usually tend to summon it during the turn they Synchro Summon with it.
But that's just me.