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Yu-Gi-Oh! C (Rated PG)

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Rex Kamex, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Yu-Gi-Oh! C
    (遊・戯・王 C)
    By MJC CartoGuy

    © 2004~2005 by MJC CartoGuy (Well, it's not really copyrighted, but you get the idea.)

    This story is rated PG for some violence and phrases like "Shut up" and "moron", but there are no curse words in this story. Also, I don't own any Yu-Gi-Oh characters, or characters from other TV shows.


    Okay. This is Yu-Gi-Oh! C. The C stands for comedy. This story is about the famous Duel Monsters card game that has gotten completely messed up, as this stange guy comes along and uses a chemical that changes the cards by turning the monsters into comedians! Can Yugi and his friends change their cards back to their original form? And why is this guy changing the cards in the first place? Find out, now!

    EDITED NOTE: So far, I have ideas that will give me at least 30 chapters, and I'm not stopping there. If I get enough positive reviews (so far not so good) I'll think of a saga after the cards get changed back sometime. Don't count on this, though, as I can't think of any kind of second saga. There are currently 25+ chapters, and for those of you who have just begun to read this, do not be intimidated at the large chapter quanity. Take your time as you read this.

    Brief Character Descriptions: This story is for both fans and not-fans of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but it would be best and more convenient if you already have a basic idea of what Yu-Gi-Oh! is.

    Yugi- someone who plays Duel Monsters, who has an artifact called the Millenium Puzzle
    Joey- Yugi's best friend, another person who "duels", or plays Duel Monsters
    Tristan- another duelist, only he doesn't really duel that much
    Tea- Yugi's best female friend, who doesn't really duel that much
    Bakura- a duelist who owns what's called the Millenium Ring
    Yugi's Grampa- Yugi's Grampa
    Duke- a friend of Yugi's who invented the game "Dungeon Dice Monsters".
    Kaiba- a rich,stubborn, and grumpy duelist that Yugi had beaten many times
    Mokuba- Kaiba's nicer, younger brother

    Ishizu- an Egyptian friend of Yugi's, who used to own the Millenium Necklace
    Marik- Yugi's friend, who use to be Yugi's enemy, and who owns the Millenium Rod
    Shadi- a mysterious Egyptian with the Millenium Key
    Odion- another egyptian, who serves Marik's family

    Yami Yugi (Yami)- the spirit of a Pharaoh from 5000 years ago, inside Yugi's puzzle
    Yami Marik- the real bad side of Marik, in the Millenium Rod in this story, and who wants Yugi's puzzle
    Yami Bakura- the evil spirit of Bakura's ring, who wants Yugi's puzzle also

    ???- the guy who's responsible for changing all the cards...


    “Kaiba Corp is under attack!”

    That was what the giant supercomputer of the famous brown-haired wealthy dude named Seto Kaiba was trying to be told. It was a cloudy night, and Kaiba was trying to solve this crisis. Well, he wasn’t trying to solve the problem of Kaiba Corp, his company. No, Seto Kaiba had an even bigger problem to worry about…

    “Where’s my deck?” he yelled as he searched around the secret underground room near his house. “I can’t believe I had misplaced my cards!”

    “Kaiba! Your company is being under attack, and they don’t know what to do! They want you to tell them what to do!”

    “But what about my cards? I can’t find them anywhere!”

    “What’s more important? Your company or your cards?” asked the computer, as an emergency alarm was heard from the KaibaCorp crisis.

    “Is that a trick question?” asked Kaiba. (I got that from Arthur.) It turned out that Kaiba had his cards on a desk (that he kept repeatedly passing) the whole time!

    “My cards! Thank goodness!” shouted Kaiba as he kissed them endlessly. But something was wrong. The back of the cards had a blue color instead of a red one. And then Kaiba read the fronts of the cards. “What? ‘The Blue Eyes Comedian Dragon’?! ‘La Ginn, the Mystical Clown of the Lamp’?!” he shouted, in confusion. “All of my cards have names of comedy in them!”

    “That is a problem,” said the computer. “Now about Kaiba Corp…”

    “Do you know what I’m gonna do?”

    “What?” asked the computer.



    CHAPTER 1: “The Spread of Comedy!”

    Morning came. A boy with a star-shaped pack of black hair- red on the very edges and yellow streaks at the bottom- named Yugi Motou yawned and stretched and loved this day-for it was real sunny outside. This was a perfect day. He had recently gotten back from a tournament that Seto Kaiba made called “Battle City”. The tournament was on a game called Duel Monsters. In it, you have a deck of at least 40 cards. You have monsters fight each other, and, well, I’ll explain the rest pf the rules later. Even more recently, he had gotten back from another tournament of Kaiba's called the KC Grand Prix, and that was after saving the world from an evil man named Dartz, but that's another story. Now, Yugi has a gold item called the Millennium Puzzle. In it is the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh of the country of Egypt. But let’s get back to the actual story.

    “Grandpa! I’m going over to the arcade with my friends!” shouted Yugi after he finished getting dressed into his blue school uniform. Oh, but this wasn't for school, you see. In fact, he almost always wore his school uniform. That was just the kind of person he was. Actually, all of the schools had closed down, anyway. He didn't seem to care why, so he just continued with his life. After all, when schools close, people don't necessarily care why they're closed because their so busy thinking of how school is closed! Hah!

    “Grandpa?" called Yugi. "Grandpa!”

    “Down here, Yugi. Come look at the news!” said Solomon Motou, Yugi’s grandfather. Yugi rushed downstairs to see what the news was about. Perhaps it was on why schools had been closed.

    On the television, the news reporter said, “This is Chet Ubetcha (It was National News-Reporter-Cartoons-Change-Shows-For-One-Day Day, which is why Chet Ubetcha is in the city of Domino instead of at Dimmsdale, city of the show “The Fairly Oddparents”) warning everyone in Domino that there is a person that is making all of the Duel Monster cards look funny! He has actually changed the color and pictures of the cards to turn all of the monsters into comedian monsters! If you see him, contact the police immediately, but not today.” (It was also National Policemen-Day-Off Day, but at least the police-women’s day off wasn’t until later in the year.) Yugi was a little worried, because the people at the news went straight to the sports without bothering to show a picture of the bad guy! Still, he went to the arcade.

    Well, Yugi beat his best friend, Joey Wheeler, 5 times in a row, at the arcade’s pinball machine. “Man, I never win!” Joey said. “I thought I was a whiz at pinball!” He started to cry, and his brown-haired friend Tristan said, “Dude, you’re a whiz at LOSING pinball!”

    “WHAT?!?” yelled Joey. Joey was a lot taller than Yugi, but then again, Yugi was real short for his 10th grade age. Joey also had blond hair.

    Yami Yugi (or just Yami), that spirit of that puzzle that Yugi wears around his neck, who also had hair similar to Yugi's, said to Yugi, “I wonder how good I would be at pinball…”

    “I don’t know, Yami,” said Yugi. “Being the spirit of a 5000-year-old Pharaoh, I don’t think you would know how to play pinball. But maybe I can teach you how to play pool.”

    “Okay, I’d love to swim!”

    “Uh, never mind,” said Yugi, whose attention was captured by a Dance Dance Revolution dancing machine a few yards/meters away. “I’ve got something better in mind…”

    Yugi went over to the dancing game. When it was his turn to dance (which was conveniently when he came), he stepped on the red spot where a player would dance against an opponent. The goal was to simply outdance your opponent in any way possible before time was up and the music ended. “You’re gonna dance?” asked Yami, interested.

    “Well, not exactly me…” said Yugi, as the game machine's mechanical voice said, “It’s time to make some noise!” Then, Yugi turned into Yami. You see, whenever Yami turns into Yugi, Yami goes into the puzzle, while Yugi goes into the real world. Now Yami was in the real world, and Yugi was in the Millennium Puzzle. Yami realized that he was the one that was going to dance!

    “Why, you little…” he said. Eventually, he was forced to dance like crazy! To make matters worse, nobody was dancing against him because the random people in front of him were all laughing at how poorly he danced. Ironically, even without any competition, he still lost the game.

    Afterwards, Yami was walking out of the arcade, looking down at his Duel Monsters cards he was holding and trying to think of something to do to Yugi for revenge for forcing him to dance in front of so many people against his will (even though Yami won the dancing game). He didn’t have to long, because all of a sudden-

    "Excuse me, sir, but is it permissable for he to see those Duel Monster cards you are holding?"

    Yami looked up to see a mysterious-looking man with an afro and a moustache. He was not much smaller than Yami, and he was almost fat, but not too fat. He also had round glasses on his face, and he also wore a light-red suit on with a dark-green bow tie. This man also wore yellow shorts. The man wanted to see the cards so badly! Thinking that the man would steal Yugi’s cards, he gave them to him as revenge! The man grinned, and he pulled out a test tube with the new element that he had discovered- Comedyous! He poured the blue chemical on the cards. The cards glowed, and the red on the back of the cards had turned blue. Then, the man gave the man’s deck back to Yami, and left the area.

    “Ooooooookaaaaay…” said a puzzled Yami.

    “Um, Yami?” said Yugi. “I’m sorry for what I did back at the arcade. I just wanted you to play an arcade game.”

    “It’s okay, Yugi,” said Yami. “What I want to know is what that man did to your-OH MY GOSH!” Looking at the deck, he noticed how the card at the bottom said “Funny Magician” instead of “Dark Magician”! All of the cards had comedy-like names on them! “That chemical that guy put on your cards must’ve done this!” yelled Yami. “That guy we just saw must’ve been that mad criminal that makes Duel Monster cards a funny excuse for serious-looking cards!” said Yugi. “Then let’s get him!” yelled Yami.

    Yami ran after the mysterious guy and finally found him in the park. “You change my cards back!” shouted Yami to the man.

    “No way!” said the guy. “They look funnier that way. There needs to be more humor in this world, and my goal is to make every single Duel Monster card look hilarious. But I’ll change your cards back if you can beat me in this game of comedy.”

    “Name it,” said Yami.

    “Why, it’s a simple game of “Make Me Laugh,” said the guy. “I have a watch. Now I have one minute to make you laugh, and if I fail to do that, then I will change the cards back. Guhuh guhuh guhuh!” (A funny man should have a funny laugh!)

    “Alright then, I’ll accept your challenge!” said Yami.

    “Good idea,” said Yugi. “Being an ancient pharaoh, you used to have to deal with serious stuff, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you, Yami.”

    So, who is this crazy guy? And is Yami going to laugh? Find out in the next chapter, “Do Not Laugh!”


    Don't worry, guys. The story get's funnier in the next few chapters. Bye!
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2005
  2. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    In our last chapter, Yami Yugi was going to play a game against a man. This mysterious man had one minute to make Yami laugh, and if he failed, then he would change Yugi's cards back from their original comedic style. Yami Yugi should have the advantage, since he used to deal with serious things as Pharaoh, but...

    Chapter 2-"Do Not Laugh!"

    A crowd had begun to form around Yami Yugi and the mysterious comedic man. Would this man make Yami laugh?

    "There's no way you can beat me, dude," said the man. "I'm an experienced comedian!"

    Yami Yugi was confident that he would win. "Do your worst, man. I'm not gonna laugh."

    "Okay, but if I win this," said the man, "I'm gonna... I'm gonna... SHAVE YOU BALD!"

    Yami Yugi gasped. "Bald?!" Then he thought of all of his red/yellow/black hair being cut off. "Egad! Well there's no way I'll lose now! And by the way, could you tell me your name?"

    "Only if you win..." said the man.

    >GAME START!< (Sorry, but I couldn't resist that line...)

    Yami Yugi closed his eyes so he wouldn't see anything that the man did, as the mysterious man yelled, "Hey! What makes you think you can close your eyes?"

    "Hey, you never said I couldn't!" said Yami.

    "Ooh, you’re good..." said the man, "but if you're so serious, then you don't really need to close your eyes, now do you?"

    "Ooh, good point!" said Yami, as he opened his eyes. "You're not so bad yourself."

    The mysterious man said, "Why thank you. HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! I only have 40 seconds left! You distracted me!"

    "I did?" said Yami. "Cool!"

    The man left, and in a second (literally), he came back in a tuxedo with a hat and cane and started dancing goofily (Is that even a word?). Yami Yugi just yawned.

    The comedy man danced faster, and he then got a pie and threw it in his own face! He even told lots of funny jokes, but Yami Yugi just stood there, but a few seconds later, Yami started to smile.

    "No...” said Yugi.

    The mysterious man began to dance on a unicycle while juggling balls really fast. "What do you get when you cross a pharaoh and another pharaoh?" he asked. "The answer is... two pharaohs!"

    Yami began to giggle, and then he began to shake.

    "Be strong, Yami, be strong," said Yugi.

    Now Yami had a clear smile on his face, was shaking, and his face started turning blue!

    "That's right... two pharaohs!" yelled the man. "Two pharaohs! Two pharaohs!"

    Yugi said, "You'll get shaved bald, remember?"

    Arguably, Yugi had a better chance of having a successful conversation with a brick wall. By now, Yami was smiling, with tears in his wide open eyes and with a blue face… not to mention how he was shaking like a jackhammer!

    "Two! Two! Dos! Dos! Two! Two! Whoa!” The man accidentally fell off the unicycle and got hit by his own balls.

    As for Yami, let's just say that that was the straw that broke the camel's back. "WAHAHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! EYAHAAHAAHAAHAAH!" Yami was pounding the ground with his fists while laughing so much, and he was crying heavily! "Omigosh! That was sooooooooooooooooooooo funny-AHAHA-“

    “If you stop now, maybe he won’t notice!” yelled Yugi, from the puzzle.

    As Yami laughed, he yelled without noticing, “I’m laughing! I’m laughing!”

    “HA! I made you laugh," said the man, "and that pharaoh joke wasn’t even funny! I was just desperate!”

    “Well, your cards don’t change. And you know what that also means…” said the man.

    Yami instantly got up and stopped laughing. “No…”

    Yugi and the mysterious man said at the same time, “Yes.”

    “But I wasn’t laughing, honest!" said Yami. "I was just… fake laughing! Yeah, that’s it. None of your jokes were funny at all, and"

    “Two pharaohs!”

    “BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" yelled Yami, who couldn't help but laugh at the guy's joke. The man got a razor out of his pocket and headed towards Yami.

    "No, please, I can explain!” said Yami, who began backing away, but the crowd has formed a circle, and nobody would let him leave!

    The crowd stared chanting, “SHAVE HIM! SHAVE HIM! SHAVE HIM!”

    “Guhuh Guhuh Guhuh!” laughed the man, who went closer to Yami.

    “Mercy! Mercy!” yelled Yami.


    “This’ll be good!” said the man, who turned on the razor.


    “What the-?!” Yugi yelled.

    Because Yugi didn’t have enough time to get away when the razor came to his head…


    Yugi’s hair fell on the ground.

    “And just so you can’t use this as a wig…” said the man, who lit a match and held it over the hair and droped it.

    Suddenly, Yugi turned into Yami, who instantly blew the match before it hit the ground and then he grabbed Yugi’s hair.

    Yami was angry. “You must NEVER shave a person’s head bald like that! And after all that hard work he did growing it!” After saying this, he turned into Yugi.

    “Look here, mister!” Yugi yelled while pointing at the man. “Change my cards back this instant!" The man held up a mirror at Yugi, who was now the one holding his hair. "Woooowwww… Yeah, it’s gonna take some getting used to, waiting for my hair to grow back…”

    “Y’see?" said the man. "I can’t change your cards now- you like your new look, so what makes you think you won’t come to like the card change?”

    “I do NOT like the card change!" said Yugi. “I don’t like my new look either!”

    The man grinned. “Or DO you?”

    Yugi took a moment to think, and then he said, “Nope.”

    “Well in any case, I’d better get going," said the man. "Guhuh Guhuh Guhuh!” He left through a just made space in the crowd.

    “…” went Yugi.

    Just then, Joey Wheeler came on the scene. He took one look at Yugi, and without knowing that it was Yugi, his jaw dropped open.

    “WHOOOA!” he said at Yugi. “You look just like my friend Yugi, clothes and all! The only difference is that your head’s shaved while his head isn’t. I gotta find him so you two can meet each other…”

    “I am Yugi…” said Yugi.

    “Oh……….." said Joey. He just stood there. “Well that saves me a trip to go looking for ya’…”

    Yugi just sighed.

    That night…

    “I am so sorry, Yugi," said Yami. "It’s my fault the cards were changed… and I laughed too much… and then I made you lose your hair.”

    “It’s okay, Yami," answered Yugi. "I would’ve done the same thing. And besides…" He then took off…the top of his head?!... and his real hair showed up! "I have this “top-of-head” wig on! That guy only shaved off a wig of a replica of my hair!”

    “Wow, Yugi!" said Yami. "But something still puzzles me…”

    Yugi said, “Oh, you want to know what that guy’s name was?”

    “Yeah, but also…" said Yami, "why do you have that wig, Yugi?”

    Yugi didn't know what to say. “Uh, well, you see…….”


    “…………………….. uh, hey Yami, wanna watch a movie?"


    Will Yugi and Yami enjoy the movie? Will Yugi tell Yami why he has a wig of his hair? Well, who cares? That's not the point of the story! What will happen to Yugi's cards? Will they ever change back to normal? Find out, in Chapter 3- "Party Time?!"


    Due to the fact that I'm going to be out of town of Saturday, I don't think I'll be able to post Chapter 3 until next week. I can't post it where I'll be, even though I'll have access to a computer, because the story's already on the computer at my house. The next few chapters were originally written in script form, so I'll have to change them when I get back.

    Somebody, please review!
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  3. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!

    Well, in the last chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh! C", (for those of you who were just curious to know what's been happenning recently) Yami Yugi faced a mysterious comedian man in a game where the man had a minute to make Yami Yugi laugh, and if he failed, then he would not only have his cards remain in their comediac style, (which is funnny) but Yami would get SHAVED BALD! (I'll just stop for a moment to let you guys laugh.) Anyway, Yami lost to the guy, but just when he was about to get shaved bald, he turned into Yugi! Yugi got shaved bald, and the man left. The new look wasn't so bad for Yugi, as it turned out that the hair that was shaved off was actually a wig! So Yugi's hair was safe! But now, let's continue the story.

    Chapter 3-"Party Time?!"

    There was still some summer left before school started, and contests were still going on all around town...

    "Y'know, Yami, this card change is weird," said Yugi. "The creatures look real funny. I wonder what would happen if they were played on a duel disk."

    "Speaking of duel disks, I wonder where Seto Kaiba is?" said Yami, who was in the puzzle at the time.

    "Yeah, I haven't seen him in a while, but he runs a company. I wouldn't be suprised if I didn't see him," said Yugi. "Yikes!"

    Just then, Kaiba came by, and he was in a fierce rage.

    "Hey, Seto Kaiba!" said a random little kid. "Can I have your autograph?"

    "Get a life, punk!" said Kaiba, pushing him aside.

    Just then, a bigger man came by, saying, "Hey, Kaiba! Can I have two of your autogaphs?"

    "No, but you can have a taste of my FIST!" yelled Kaiba, who was holding his right fist up, causing the man to run away, with the kid behind him.

    "Hey, Kaiba's anger made a 9.0 on the Anger Scale," said Yugi, "and that's bad!"

    Yami agreed. "Yeah, he usually isn't this angry at people, and he knows that every autograph that he would give would make him even more famous!"

    "I wonder why Kaiba's in a bad mood..." said Yugi.

    "It's because of his cards."

    Yugi turned around to see Kaiba's little brother, Mokuba.

    "Mokuba!" said Yugi.

    "Hey, Yugi," said Mokuba. "You better not upset Kaiba today."

    "Why not?" asked Yugi.

    "Because," said Mokuba, "somebody changed all of his cards from duel monsters to... to... COMEDY ENTERTAINERS!"

    "No way..." said Yugi, "that's what happened to my cards!"

    "Yeah, and I personally like the change," said Mokuba, "but my big brother doesn't." He sighed. "If you even pretend that you're the person that did this to him, he would tear you limb from limb."

    "Well why don't we do that?" said Yami. "After all, I can put another check mark on my list of funny things to see to happen to Yugi! And you're Yugi!"

    "You have a list?" thought Yugi to Yami. "Is that why you forced me to get shaved bald? So you would count that as one of the funniest things that would happen to me?"

    "Earth to Yugi..." said Mokuba.

    "Yeah, but hey! You didn't even end up being bald!" said Yami Yugi. "You had a wig on!"


    Mokuba was confused. "What?" he said.

    "Oh, um, uh, nothing!" said Yugi, sweating. "Nothing! Well, I hope you find out who the culprit is. See you later, Mokuba!" Then he ran off, leaving a confused Mokuba left standing in the dust.

    That night, Yugi went to a contest. He thought if he won, he would feel better. So, he went to a certain room in this theme park know as Kaiba Land. All he had to do was answer one trivia question, and he would win a party at the Kaiba Land Duel Monsters Party Place Thingy! (No, really, that's what it was called.)

    "Okay, Yugi, are you ready for your question?" asked this announcer guy who had black hair and a dark-red suit on with a brown bow tie and kacki pants.

    "I've been ready since the 47th time you asked me that," said Yugi, "which was 147 times ago."

    "Yeah, but hey!" said the announcer guy. "You might've changed your mind! Eh, kids these days. Okay, are you ready for your que-"


    "Okay, okay, okay, sheesh, man!" said the announcer. "Okay, now the question is... how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

    Yugi thought for a moment. "Um, uh... I dunno!"

    "Well me neither," said the announcer guy. "You automatically win!"

    "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" shouted the happy Yugi as he started doing cartwheels while an army of different colored balloons seemed to fall out of nowhere. At the same time, victory-like music began playing from out of nowhere as well.

    "Sheesh, Yugi," said Yami Yugi. "Back in my day, contests weren't that easy. I mean, what kind of idiot asks a trivia question that he doesn't even know the answer to?"

    And Yugi answered in this mind, "One that gives away FREE FOOD!"

    Yami Yugi grinned. "Then let's go thank that genius!"

    Yugi just sighed.

    So Yugi Mutou invited his friends Duke Devlin, Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Ryou Bakura, Tristan Taylor, Marik Ishtar, Ishizu, and Odion. (Actually, Odion was the DJ.) Other random people were invited. Also, he invited Seto and Mokuba Kaiba...

    Duke was a black-haired teenager with dice earrings, and he had invented the game Dungeon Dice Monsters. Tea was Yugi's female friend with brown hair, and Bakura was a person who owned the Millenium Ring, which held the spirit of none other than... Yami Bakura! Both of them had white spiky hair, and Yami Bakura's was more wild than Bakura's.

    Marik had a rod, and with it was is bad side... Yami Marik! Their hair was white, too, but Yami Marik's was wilder. Odion was a bald man (except for the short black ponytail sticking out of the back of his head) served Marik, but they're more like buddies than a servant and a master in this story. And let's not forget Ishizu. She was Marik's older sister, and she owned the Millenium Necklace. All of these people were Egyptians with dark skin, and unlike Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura and Yami Marik weren't exactly good role models.

    Many people started dancing as the music started. Yami really wasn't into dancing because it just reminded him of what happened in Chapter 1, which started this whole problem.

    This included Mokuba. "C'mon, Seto, dance!" he said.

    "Kaiba doesn't dance," replied a grumpy-looking Kaiba. Wait. Doesn't he always look that grumpy?

    "C'mon," said Joey, "guys like you should dance!"

    "Dogs like you should go fetch some papers!" said Kaiba.

    "Oooooooooh..." said Tristan and Tea.

    "Actually, it's okay if you don't dance," said Mokuba. "I can understand. After all, ever since your cards-"

    This enraged Seto Kaiba, and so he picked up Mokuba by his shirt. "YOU HAD TO REMIND ME!" he yelled.

    "Ooh, what happened to Kaiba's cards?" said Joey. "Did he eat 'em?"

    "What did you say?" said Kaiba, still holding Mokuba's shirt.

    "I said, Seto Kaiba is just a big fat loser who EATS his cards for entertainment!" replied Joey.

    "Joey, don't!" Mokuba yelled.


    "Ugh!" said Kaiba, dropping Mokuba.

    "OW!" Mokuba said.

    Joey was still impersonating Kaiba. "GAHAHA! BWAHAHA! EYAHAHAH!" He saw a big and angry red-eyed Kaiba staring down at him.

    Mokuba shruged, saying, "I warned ya'!"

    "Um, uh..." went Joey, "nice hairdo, Kaiba, sir..."

    "That's MR. KAIBA to you, you punk!" yelled Kaiba to a scared looking Joey.

    "I'll go get some popcorn!" said Mokuba.

    "I'll go get my dice camera!" said Duke.

    "I'll go reserve a spot at the city graveyard," said Tristan.

    "And I'm gonna eat some of this 'pizza' I've heard so much about," said Yami.

    Joey grew even more scared, saying, "Uh, mercy, please, Mr. Kaiba, sir."

    "It's time to bring some DISCO into this place, y'all!" yelled DJ Odion.

    Everybody except Kaiba just stared at him.

    "What?" said Odion.

    "Hold on, Olaf!" said Kaiba.

    "It's Odion! Odion! ODION!" yelled Olaf, er, I mean, Odion.

    "Whatever," said Kaiba. "Listen, don't turn on the music just yet. Wheeler, I challenge you to a dancing contest, and if I win, I'll tear your cards in half, one by one."

    "You're on, Kaiba. But... I thought you said you didn't dance! Besides," said Joey, "what will happen if I win?"

    "I'll give you... I'll give you..." He thought for a moment. "I'll give you," said Kaiba, "MY BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON! You're not even close to being worthy enough to have it, but you're not gonna win it, anyway!"

    "Yeah, but Kaiba... I just said you just said that you don't dance!" said Joey.

    "Well, uh... I lied," answered Kaiba. "Anyway, the only thing that you'll ever be good at besides losing is an impression of mwa!"

    "I beg to differ, Kaiba."

    "You'll be begging me to stop tearing up your cards when you lose!" responded Kaiba.

    Odion just stared.

    "This'll be interesting," said Ishizu.

    "But who will be the referee?" asked Tea.

    "I can't be the referee," said Marik, "for I have to go to the bathroom!"

    "And I can't be the referee! Yami got indegestion," said Yugi, going to the bathroom.

    "I ate one too many slices," moaned Yami. "One too many... One too many..."

    "Not I," said Ishizu.

    "And not me," said Tea. "If I wanted to do that, I wouldn't've asked who the referee would be!"

    Just then, Mokuba got up and said, "I'll be the referee!"

    "YOU'LL JUST PICK KAIBA!" shouted everyone except the Kaiba brothers.

    "No I won't!"

    "I'll be the referee," said Bakura.

    "OKAY!" shouted everyone.

    "............." went Odion.

    "Let's go NOW!" shouted Kaiba.

    "Oh, oh, sorry," said Odion. "Now here's the hit tune 'Now That's What I Call Disco'!" So Odion had then started the music.

    "Hey, wait a minute!" said Tea. "I thought that disco had died."

    "It did," said Joey, "so this'll be it's funeral."

    "Hey, guys?" said Bakura. "I can't be the referee. I was voted in the yearbook 'least likely to know how to referee' in high school."

    "Perhaps I can referee this game."

    "HUH?" went everybody else.

    The voice they heard turned out to be the comedian that had challenged Yami to a game before! Oh my! So, who will win the dance contest? And who is this mysterious man, for crying out loud? Well? Aren't you gonna answer me? HELLO? WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING ME? Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm telling YOU the story! So you wouldn't know the answers! Well, tune in next time, for the next Chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh! C", which is called, "The Mad Card Changer Strikes Again!"

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  4. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Well, in the last chapter, (You did read the last chapter, right?) Yugi had invited his friends, including the Kaiba brothers, to a dance party at Kaiba Land. Kaiba was already steaming mad at the world because somebody had changed his cards into comedian monsters! So when Joey Wheeler teased Kaiba about the mystery of his cards' change, Kaiba had challenged him to a dancing contest, and who ended up being the referee? It just happened to be the man who had changed Kaiba's cards! (And Odion was the DJ.)

    Chapter 4- "The Mad Card Changer Strikes Again!"

    (Just to let you know, today's chapter comes from the classic Peanuts comic book,"The Mad Punter Strikes Again". Peanuts is a comic with the famous cartoon Charlie Brown, but I guess you knew that already. Okay.)

    "If I win," said Joey, "I want you to give me your Blue Eyes White Dragon card. That is, if you hadn't eaten it already."

    Kaiba grew a tad nervous, and then he said, "But if I win, I'll tear all your cards!"

    "Could you guys just dance?" said Odion. "I can't hear the song with all your yapping!"

    "NOW YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S TALKING!" yelled Joey and Kaiba at the same time. The they said to each other, "HEY, THAT'S MY LINE!"

    "NOW YOU ARE!" yelled Ishizu and Tea. "HEY, THAT'S MY LINE!"

    Joey yelled, "Kaiba!"

    Kaiba yelled, "Joey!"

    Tea yelled, "Ishizu!"

    Ishizu yelled, "Tonya!"

    Tea yelled, "It's Tea, Kaiba!"

    "I'm Kaiba!" replied Kaiba.

    "Ishizu!" yelled Tea.

    "Kaiba!" yelled Joey. "Tea!"









    Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, Tea, Ishizu and Joey all looked to see an angry Odion trying to hear his disco song. "Hey," he said, "I like this song."

    Then the mysterious comedy guy went, "READY? SET? BEGIN!"

    Then, a disco ball from out of nowhere started spinning around as everyone else watched the two duelists dance.

    "BOOGIE WOOGIE WOOGIE BOOGIE!" yelled Joey, who was dancing like a maniac.

    Marik, who was in the bathroom, where Yugi/Yami also was, came out of the bathroom and saw Joey and Kaiba dancing.

    "Ooh, I like this!" said Yami Marik.

    "Oh my goodness!" yelled Marik, who was in the real world at the time.

    "WOOP WOOP WOOP! *v* LIFE IS GOOD! (except for my cards, of course.)" yelled Kaiba, who started doing the Robot.

    "Oh yeah?" said Joey, who then started doing a dance called the Dark Magician-imagine him dancing!

    "Hey!" said Kaiba, who started doing the Blue Eyes. (What? You've never heard of the Blue Eyes dance? Get with the times, man!)

    Now here's when things started going wrong. Joey accidentally bumped into Ishizu while he was doing the Dark Magician, and Ishizu bumped into Tea. Meanwhile, Kaiba started doing the Obelisk, while Joey started dancing EVEN FASTER! In the process of Kaiba's dance, Kaiba's duel disk flew off of his arm and hit Odion, who went, "Oof!" causing his face to fall onto the disco record, scratching it.

    "HAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHA!" yelled Yami Marik. "Don't you see, Marik? Isn't this funny?"

    "Funny?!" yelled Marik to himself. "Tea and my sister are on the floor and Odion is out cold (I think)!"

    Yami Marik laughed some more. "He's not out cold, you idiot! He's just-"

    "Then why would he be scratching his favorite disco record?" asked Marik.

    "Why does he even have a disco record?" asked Yami Marik.

    And then Marik answered, "Yami Marik, if you're so smart, then why don't you try to outdance those two?"

    "That's a good idea!" said Yami Marik, causing regular Marik to sigh, and then transform into Yami Marik.

    Meanwhile, Joey danced and accidentally kicked Kaiba in the face, causing Kaiba to lose his balance and fall. But when he got up, he really started to dance crazily. Meanwhile, the mysterious man was rolling and laughing on the floor. Ishizu and Tea have got up, while Bakura was hiding under a table, as his Yami wanted to eat some pizza,(Dinner Theater!) and Yami Yugi and regular Yugi were still in the bathroom. Uh-oh! It looks like Kaiba has got up! He's headed straight towards Joey!

    "Ref, stop him!" yelled Tea. "He's going to hurt Joey!"

    "So?" said the guy. "Not my problem! And besides, I wanna watch this. Besides all that, I like this music!"

    Tea got angry. "Music?! What music? Odion's face is messing up the record!"

    "I know!" said the guy. Normally, I'd hate this music but today, because of him..."

    Meanwhile, Kaiba headed towards Joey with steam coming out of his nostrils when Yami Marik came aloong and pushed Joey aside and started tap-dancing! And Kaiba can't stop himself from running! Joey fell on the table that Bakura was hiding under and broke it, falling on Bakura. Mokuba began telling people to evacuate while Yami Marik screamed and ran out of Kaiba's path, causing Kaiba to run and crash into a wall. The comedian guy finished eating a banana while (Yep, you guessed it.) throwing the peel into Yami Marik's path. Yami Marik slipped on the banana peel and got up, thinking that either Tea or Ishizu put it there, so he started chasing them. Meanwhile, Tristan and Duke got back to the party to find the random people screaming and running away, so they run away as well. But then...

    "I'm going back!" said Duke. "After all, I got my camera." (By the way, Mokuba was so distracted from the dances, he never got the popcorn he had wanted.)

    Tristan sighed. "Nice knowing you dude. Oh my gosh! I gotta save Yugi!"

    Just for the record, that table that Joey fell on knocked over a candle from far away, setting the area there on fire, so Joey and Bakura began running around, looking for a fire extinguisher. When Ishizu and Tea were running from Yami Marik, they bumped into Joey and Bakura, and they all fell down, except Yami Marik who jumped up towards them before. Anyway, not knowing that they would all fall down, he jumped, flying over them heading straight towards the fire! Luckily, he hit the wall instead. The recovering Kaiba was now ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY, and he wanted... (dumdumdumdum) REVENGE! He accidentally tripped over the table with the record player just as Odion woke up (... from his SLEEP!) causing the whole table to fall over, destroying the record and the record player.


    Kaiba screamed like a girl and ran away.


    Just then, Mokuba found the fire extinguisher and put out the fires while Tea, Ishizu, Joey and Yami Marik got up. Then, Yami Marik got out his Millenium Rod and was ready to mind control everybody, (which is what he should've done in the first place if I was him!) but he accidentally threw the rod instead! Duke was recording all of this while Tristan ran in and tripped over Joey and Kaiba. Kaiba got up and threw Tristan at the support beam while Yami Yugi came out of the bathroom. The rod hit Joey on the head, by the way, and then Yami saw that man.

    "You..." he said. "You're that guy who changed my cards!"

    "Hey, he probablly changed my cards, too!" said Seto Kaiba. "What do you have to say for yourself, young man?"

    The mysterious guy just asked, "What? Is the fun over? AHAHAGUHAHAHGUHUH!"

    "Hey, big brother..." said Mokuba, "since Tristan hit and broke the support beam, nothing's supporting this room, so-"

    The room started shaking as everybody ran for their lives! Luckily, everyone got out of the room before it collapsed. Yami Marik had even found his Millenium Rod! As everyone was thankful that they were all alive, Kaiba's jaw had dropped as he saw the Party Place in ruins. Then he remembered the man.

    "CHANGE MY CARDS BACK NOW!" he yelled.

    "Never!" said the guy.

    Yami changed back into Yugi, and then Yugi said, "Y'know, if it wasn't for you being the referee (if that's why you were here because I didn't invite you) the contest never would've begun. And I only started this party because you changed all the looks of my cards!"

    "Yeah!" went everybody else except the mysterious guy.

    "Well," said the mysterious guy, "if you would just appreciate comedy, then I wouldn't have to do all this."

    "This is your fault, since you didn't even try to stop anything crazy going on!" said Tea.

    "Can't you guys take a joke?" said the guy.


    "Man, if you don't like comedy," said the guy, "then I think I'll just take it elsewhere. Later. And don't forget my name- Marlin!" Then Marlin left.

    "Hey, Kaiba," said Joey. "I bet your Blue-Eyes card was changed so it wasn't even worth the value! I don't want it anymore! Kaiba? Kaiba!"

    "Brother?" said Mokuba.

    "That guy...that guy will pay for what he did..." said Kaiba.

    Everyone else was silent.

    Then Kaiba changed his mood. "But first, let me get some pizza!"

    Everyone else fainted, except Yami, who nearly threw up from all of the pizza slices.

    Well, there you have it folks! What will Marlin do next? What will Kaiba do next? Find out, in the next chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh C", which is known as, "Marlin, Yet Again?", so see you next time!

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  5. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Well, in the last chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh! C", Joey and Kaiba faced each other in a dance contest which was refereed by Marlin, a man responsible for changing both Yugi and Kaiba's cards into comedy entertainers, at the Kaiba Land Party Place Thingy. Loving comedy, Marlin did not stop the contest when things were going haywire. Odion's face scratched his favortie disco record, Yami Marik pushed Joey onto a table and broke it, causing a candle to fall and set that area on fire, and Tristan fell on Kaiba, who threw him at the place's support beam causing it to collapse! Luckily, everybody made it out on time, but Marlin had already left the area to take his comedy elsewhere. Will they ever see him again? Find out-today! (You're not going anywhere, are you?)

    Chapter 5- "Marlin Again?"

    The next morning, Yugi had stayed at his Grandpa's game store, wondering what he was gonna do with his cards...

    "I wonder what I'm gonna do with my cards?" said Yugi.

    See, I told you. But hey!

    "............" went Yami.

    "I don't even know if I'm gonna use them anymore..." said Yugi.

    ".........." went Yami.

    "I've got to, though," said Yugi. "They might be cards with different names and have different pictures on them, but they're still my cards..."

    "................................." went Yami.

    "Yami, are you gonna say anything?" asked Yugi.



    "Oh, um, I'm sorry, Yugi," said Yami. "I was just thinking about that pizza. By the way, do you know what happened, last night? I heard some crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and crashing and screaming and a face scratching a record and-"


    "Oh, sorry," said Yami Yugi.

    Yugi went on. "The point is, Yami, that some evil guy is changing people's cards. Well, he's at least changed our cards and Kaiba's cards."

    "Gee..." said Yami, "but you know, it's not the cards, but what's on the cards, and on the cards...oh, I see your point."

    Just then, Joey comes in the game store.

    Joey saw Yugi and yelled, "HEY YUGI! Guess what? That Marlin guy has changed all MY cards as well as yours and Kaiba's! (Not that I care about Kaiba's cards or anything...)"

    "Are you sure, Joey?" asked Yugi.

    "I know it!" yelled Joey. Then he looked at the game store cards on display. "Oh my goodness! Look at all of your Grandpa's cards on sale! They now look like ours!"

    "O.O" went Yugi, for all the cards had weird names on them. The "Judge Man" card said "Comedy Man" on it! The "Monster Reborn" magic card now said "Comedy Reborn" on it! And so comedy on and so comedy on.

    "When will it end?" moaned Joey.

    "Probablly never," said Yugi, "unless we stop him."

    "Ugh...Grr..." went Joey.

    Just then, the phone rang.

    "I'll get it," said Yugi. Mokuba was on the phone.

    "Hello, Yugi?" he said. "It's Mokuba!"

    "Yeah, I know," said Yugi.

    "But how do you know?" said Mokuba. "Are you psychic or something?"

    "NO! I just recognize your own voice," said Yugi.


    "So what is it?" said Yugi.

    "Listen. That Marlin guy has changed all my cards, just like you and my big brother, Seto!"

    "And Joey," said Yugi.


    "So what's your point?"

    "Well, nothing really," said Mokuba. "Just thought you should know."

    "Oh, well, I'm sorry to hear that," said Yugi. "Good-bye." Then they both hung up.

    The phone rang yet again.

    Yugi answered it. "Hello?"

    "Who is it?" asked a curious Joey.

    "It's Tristan," said Tristan.

    "It's Tristan," said Yugi, "and the last one was Mokuba, who said his cards were changed just like ours."

    "Listen Yugi," said Tristan. "My cards were changed just like you and Kaiba and Tea."

    "And Joey and Mokuba."

    "Whatever," said Tristan.

    "Hey, wait a minute," said Yugi. "What do you mean, 'and Tea'?"

    "What do you mean, 'and Mokuba'?"

    "Not to mention Joey."

    "I know! I said 'Whatever' to that."

    "Oh yeah."

    "Answer my question!" yelled Tristan.

    "But did Tea's cards get changed, too?" asked Yugi.

    "And Marik's and Bakura's and Ihungryzu's!" said Tristan.

    "Don't you mean 'Ishizu'?" asked Yugi.

    "Yeah, what'd I say?"

    "Tristan..." started Yugi.

    "That's what I said?" asked Tristan. "That's not what I said!"

    "No," said Yugi. "I mean, you said 'Ihungryzu'!"

    "No, you said 'Ihungryzu'!"

    "Because you said it!" said Yugi.

    "Oh, yeah," said Tristan. "Well, I was hungry. Byebye!"



    "What do you mean, 'Ishizu and Marik and Bakura'?"

    "You forgot Odion."


    "Uh, Yugi..." said Joey.

    "SHUT UP!" Yugi yelled.


    "Oh, I forgot to mention," said Tristan, "Odion's cards were changed, too."

    "You just mentioned it," said Yugi.

    "But let me get this straight," said Tristan. "You and Kaiba and Mokuba and Joey and me and Tea and Odion and Ishizu-"

    "...and Marik and Bakura?" said Yugi. "Yes! We've all had card changes, and not only us, but all of my Grandpa's cards! Infact, I wouldn't be suprised if others have had card changes!"


    "So you see," said Yugi. "I think we should go find this guy or something. Uh, Tristan? Tristan!"

    "Yeah, I know...it's happened to Yugi, Mokuba, and Joey, too...um...yeah...REALLY? No way! Uh-huh..." said Tristan, apparently to someone else. "Oh, I'm sorry Yugi, I was just talking to Tea. She said that lots of people have gotten card changes unexpectedly."

    "That Marlin creep must've done it!" said Joey.

    "Joey?" asked Yugi.

    "Hi, Yugi, I'm at another phone!" yelled Joey.

    "Hi, Joey!" said Tristan. "So what are we supposed to do?"

    "Yeah, what should we do about our cards?" said Yugi.

    "I meant what to do about Joey," said Tristan/


    "Hey!" yelled Joey.

    "We should make a wanted poster of Marlin so the police can capture him!" suggested Yugi.

    "But how are we gonna do that?" asked Joey.

    Tristan answered, "Maybe, I'll ask my girlfriend."

    "YOU DON'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!" yelled Yugi and Joey.

    "Don't remind me..."


    "Yeah!" yelled Yugi.

    "I never said that."

    "YES YOU DID!" Yugi and Joey yelled.

    "Oh yeah," said Tristan. "I must've been hungry again."


    "No way, man, hungry for pizza!" said Tristan.

    "ALL RIGHT! WHO SAID 'PIZZA'?" shouted an angry Yami, thinking of his indigestion.

    "SHUT UP!" yelled Yugi.

    "Man, what'd I do?" said Joey.

    "Not you, you idiot!" said Yugi. "I was talking to Yami!"


    "Man, what'd I do?" said Yami.

    "I'm a boy!" Yugi thought in his mind.

    "Oh yeah."

    "YUGI!" yelled Joey and Tristan.


    "CONVERSE!" they yelled.

    Yugi said, "WAIT!"

    Joey said, "WHY?"

    Tristan said, "BECAUSE!"

    Yugi said, "YES?"

    Joey said, "HEY!"

    Tristan said, "SHEESH!"

    "Hello!" yelled Yami.

    "SHUT UP!" yelled the other three.

    "Why'd you greet us just now, Yugi?" asked Joey.

    "I didn't do that!" said Yugi. "That was Yami!"

    "We can't hear Yami!" said Tristan.

    "How can we hear Yami?" said Joey. (How did they hear Yami?)


    Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Yami all stopped talking at once. Yugi knew who it was.

    He happily yelled, "Operator!" ^v^


    "Yeah, Yami!" said Yugi.

    "I'm no hooligan!" Yami responded.


    Yugi, Joey and Tristan just stared.

    "You want a piece of me?" asked Joey.

    The operator then said, "QUIET, YOU FOOL! Guhuh Guhuh Guhuh..."

    "Hey, wait a minute... that laugh..." said Tristan.

    "Uh-oh..." said the operator (?).

    "You're not the operator!" yelled Joey.

    "Um, well...gotta go!" the mysterious caller, who hung up.

    And then Tristan, Joey, and Yugi all knew what it was and said the name at the same time.


    Whoa! What a suprise! Well, not for me, anyway, for I had planned this, and not necessarily for you, because of the title of this chapter. What will happen next? Find out in the next chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh! C"!

  6. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Well, in the last chapter, Yugi, Tristan, and Joey had called each other and had talked about the card changes of themselves, and now, Tea, Kaiba, Ishizu, Odion, Marik, Mokuba, and lots of other people. They had planned to make a wanted poster for Marlin, the man responsible for changing the cards into cards with comedy monsters. The only problem was that Marlin heard their conversation and now knows what they're planning. (Well, I didn't actually write that, but hey! You can tell that from the last chapter. Okay.)

    Chapter 6- "I Was a Teenage Chicken!"

    Yugi, Tristan, and Joey were silent as they had realized that Marlin was the one on the phone. But if that were true, it would mean that he was...

    "Man, that guy must've listened to our whole conversation!" said Joey. "Infact, I know he hung up, but I wouldn't be suprised if he just faked it or something!"

    "Yeah..." said Yugi.

    "But if he could hear us talking before he called us," said Tristan, "then either he's at the operator's office, or he's..." His eyes grew big. "He's in one of our HOUSES!"

    "Guhuh Guhuh Guhuh!" said a voice.

    "MARLIN!" Yugi, Tristan and Joey yelled.

    "I heard that from somewhere in MY house!" shouted Yugi.

    "There! I see him!" said Joey.

    Yugi and Tristan said, "WHERE?!"

    Joey, who was upstairs in Yugi's house, said, "He's in your room, Yugi!"

    "WHAT THE-?!" shouted Yugi.

    Remember by the way, Yugi was at the Game Store, Tristan was at his house, and Joey was inside Yugi's house upstairs, near Yugi's room.

    "EHEHEHYAHYA!" laughed Marlin.

    "Come back here, you little freak!" shouted Joey, chasing Marlin. Whoa!" Just then, Joey tripped on Yugi's skateboard!

    "Gahah!" went Tristan, still listening to Joey.

    "I'll bring you guys all the news with this phone!" said Joey.

    "Are you using the cell phone while running to my room?" asked Yugi.

    "No," said Joey. "I'm using one that is plugged in."

    "YOU IDIOT!" yelled Tristan.

    Yugi said, "If you're using a phone that is plugged in while running then-"

    Then, the wire from the phone that Joey has broke!

    "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted Joey, who was getting shocked by the broken wire.

    "Did you get shocked or something?" asked Tristan.

    "Joey! Are you okay?" shouted Yugi. "Joey? JOEY!"

    Then, Tristan and Yugi went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    Meanwhile, a blackened Joey found Marlin jumping on Yugi's bed.

    Joey was mad ."I've got you cornered, you-OH MY GOODNESS!"

    Yugi's wall has these things writen on it: "MARLIN RULEZ", "COMEDY RULEZ", and "COMEDY MONSTERS RULEZ"!

    Joey just stared. What were Comedy Monsters, anyway?

    "Ya' like it?" asked Marlin. "It's my new game. Say bye-bye to Duel Monsters and hello to Comedy Monsters!"

    "LIIIIIIIKE IIIIIIIIIIIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO LIKE!" shouted Joey, who shook his fists. "PUT 'EM UP!"

    "Never!" said Marlin.

    "What's the matter?" asked Joey. "Are you a chicken? BAWK BAWK BAWK BABAWWWK!" he taunted.

    Marlin got out a Comedius chemical laser gun. "No, but you are!" he said, as he used the laser gun to zap Joey.


    This caused Joey to shrink, grow a beak, and completely transform into... a chicken with his hairstyle and clothing!

    "Balk Balk?" said Joey. Then he thought, "Oh no! I'm a chicken! I gotta tell Yugi somehow!"
    "I wonder what's going on with Joey..." wondered Yugi.

    Just then, Joey the Chicken flew out the window to get to the entrance of the store, so Yugi could help him. (Still, he could've just asked Marlin to change him back, not that Marlin would've.) But at the entrance...

    "Hey everybody!" said a hunter, leading a hungry mob. "It's a chicken! Let's kill it and cook it!"

    "BABAAAAAAAAAAAAALK!" shouted Joey Chicken.

    "Prepare to get cooked!" said the hunter, who got out a laser gun- regular guns are too violent. Plus, lasers are funny!

    Joey Chicken managed to open the door, (somehow) and then Yugi saw him. Meanwhile, the hungry mob had torchlights and lasers with Joey Chicken as their target, who just closed the door after being inside the store.

    "Aaaaaaah... (thinking) Safe at last..." he thought. Boy, was he wrong. You see...

    Yugi said, "Gee...all this stress sure makes me hungry..." Then he saw Joey Chicken. "WHOA! Omigosh! It's a real chicken! A perfect meal!"

    "Balk?" said Joey Chicken.

    Yugi got out a knife and fork from out of nowhere. "And I'm gonna eat it raw!" he said. (Eww...)

    "No, Yugi! Not you too!?" thought Joey Chicken.

    "FOOOOD!" shouted Yugi, drooling.

    Joey Chicken ran into the big city, while watching out for cars, and a hungry mob that was getting bigger heading towards him.

    Meanwhile, at the park, Seto Kaiba and Mokuba Kaiba were putting up wanted posters of Marlin, in hopes of getting revenge. There was a $10,000 reward awarded to the person who had captured him, and so they had also decided to help out with the search, so they wouldn't have to give any money to anybody.

    "But Seto," said Mokuba, who was hanging up a poster, "are you sure that people will recognize this guy with one of MY drawings?"

    "Compared to mine," said Seto Kaiba, "your drawing of Marlin is our only hope."

    "GET THAT CHICKEN GUY!" said the mob and Yugi, headed towards them.

    "Huh? What's that?" asked Mokuba.

    "Chicken guy?!" said a confused Kaiba.

    "BALK BAAAALK!" shouted Joey Chicken, who ran past them.

    "Hey, check it out, Mokuba...it's a chicken version of Joey Wheeler," said Kaiba, pointing at Joey Chicken.

    "You're right," said Mokuba, who finished putting up the last poster. "Hmm..."

    "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." said Kaiba and Mokuba at the same.

    Just then, Yugi and the mob were only 3 yards away from Kaiba, who then yelled, "Hey...stay back!"

    "What do you mean, big brother?" asked Mokuba.

    "Not you, them!" said Kaiba, pointing at the mob and Yugi.

    The mob (and Yugi) ran over Kaiba and Mokuba, and they got caught up in the crowd.


    Meanwhile, Joey Chicken was still running, wondering what had happened to Marlin, and if Comedy Monsters meant anything when he came to...

    "A CLIFF!" he thought.

    He was right! And it was a long way down. What will happen to Joey Chicken now? Will he stay a chicken forever?

    "There it is! GET IT!" shouted the mob, which ran towards Joey Chicken, who had nowhere left to run!

    Well this doesn't seem good. Will Joey jump off the cliff? Or will he get cooked? Well, guess what? I'll tell you. Okay, are you ready?


    He jumped off the cliff!

    Find out what happens next in the next chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh C"!

    PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you.
  7. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Last time you recall, Joey Wheeler had spotted Marlin, the comedian man who is responsible for turning all the monsters on the cards into comedy entertainers, in Yugi's room. Being a comedian, he used a laser gun to transform Joey into a chicken, causing him to run to the entrance of the Game Store to see if Yugi could help him, but ended up being chased by a hungry mob, which included Yugi. Also, the Kaiba Brothers had also got caught in the big mob. So when Joey Chicken was trapped at the edge of a steep cliff with the hungry mob of people ready to cook him...


    ...he jumped off the cliff! Will he survive? Will he ever change back? Find out... today!

    Chapter 7- "Joey Chicken VS The Hungry Mob!"

    A mob man panicked. "He jumped off the cliff!" he exclaimed, as the mob and Yugi reached the edge of the cliff.

    "Are we really desperate enough to jump off the cliff with it?" asked a mob woman.

    The Hungry Mob thought for a moment and then went, "YES!"

    "Let's get that chicken!" said the hunter guy from Chapter 6. Then the whole mob jumped off the cliff, and since Kaiba and Mokuba were in the middle of it all...


    Meanwhile, Joey Chicken has found a twig on the cliff to hang on...

    "Phew, I'm alive. Nothing can stop me now!" he thought as he watched the mob fall past him, farther and farther down the cliff.

    "GET THAT CHICKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" shouted the hungry mob, who didn't seem to notice that their chicken prey was now above them.

    "Heh heh...I feel sorry for those idiots," thought Joey Chicken. And then he remembered something. "Hey, wait a minute! Yugi's in that crowd! I'm coming Yugiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" So he let go of his twig.

    Unfortunately their was a slight error in Joey Chicken's idea to rescue Yugi...

    "What am I doing?" he thought. "I'm a chicken now! How can a chicken save a falling human?"
    So basically, Joey had lost his only chance of survival in vain. What was he to do now? Well, let's find out.

    Yugi then spotted Joey Chicken. "There's the chicken!" he said, poining upward. "Let's kill it and cook it!"


    "BALK BAAAAALK!" shouted Joey Chicken, falling towards the mob.

    Luckily, they all landed, and so Joey Chicken ran towards the beach area, and he found some rocks. He deciced that he would spell out a message that Yugi would hopefully read. But he was running out of time. He did manage to write: "I'M NO CHICKEN! IT'S ME, YUGI!"

    "This has to work! It has to! It has to!" thought Joey Chicken, who then saw the mob and ran away.

    Just then, a strong wind came along and managed to move all the rocks around, and if that wasn't bad enough, they now spelled a new message: "CHICKEN OVER HERE--->", with the arrow pointing at the hiding spot of Joey Chicken!

    Yugi saw the writing, and he moved his finger towards the chicken, and he said, "Hey, it's the chicken guy! GEEEET HIIIIIIIIM!"

    "BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALKU!" the chicken shouted before he ran away.

    "Y'know, if I didn't know better," said Kaiba, pondering, "I'd say that that chicken WAS Joey!"

    "Give me a break!" thought Joey Chicken.

    Joey Chicken ran away from the beach, and the mob followed. Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba still couldn't get up, and they started complaining about where they were at the top of the mob being dragged along by force. Joey Chicken still ran for his life wondering what to do. He turned to the right and dodged lots of shots made by the laser guns.

    Watching from a tree, Marlin, the comedian man, laughed at Joey Chicken for his foolishness. It appeared that Joey Chicken was getting tired of running, while the mob wasn't even close to being tired! (Hunger can do that to you.) Will he survive? Find out now!

    "KYAAA!" thought Joey Chicken. "I gotta find that Marlin guy! But where could he be?" Right after he said that he looked up and saw Marlin.

    "HELLO!" Marlin exclaimed, with a big ol' smile across his face.

    "Oh," thought Joey Chicken, who managed to get up in tree that Marlin was in.

    "I see you're still alive..." said a grinning Marlin, who watched the hungry mob pass the tree and leave the area.

    "Listen you!" shouted the angry Joey Chicken. "CHANGE ME BACK THIS INSTANT!" Then he paused and went, "Hey, I can talk!"

    Marlin then said, "Correct, Jerry."

    "It's Joey!"

    "Whatever," said Marlin. "Now look, dude, the chicken I turned you into talks every once in a while." Then he sighed. "All right, I think you've had enough." He got out his Comedius laser gun. "I'll change you back into a human being." So, he shot Joey Chicken with the gun, causing him to turn back into a human.

    "Uh...thanks...I think," said Joey, who wasn't blackened anymore. But then again, he lost his blackness from the Chp 6 shock when he turned into a chicken.

    "Sayonara!" Shouted Marlin, who jumped off the tree right before the branch broke off of the tree.

    "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted the falling teenager, Joey. Crash! "Ouch," he went. Suddenly, he saw Yugi coming back.

    "Hey Yugi," he said.

    "Joey! You're alive!" shouted Yugi, with tears in his eyes. After wiping them, he said, "Boy, did you miss it! There was this chicken, and I was trying to kill it and cook it! By the way, you haven't seen it have you?"

    "Should I tell him?" Joey wondered, and then he said, "NAH!"

    "Nah what?" asked a puzzled Yugi. (Hey,puzzle!)

    "Nah nothing," said Joey. "C'mon, let's go home."

    "Okay!" said Joey.

    Meanwhile, Honda was still at the phone back at his house. (Okay, so his name's Tristan, but hey! Honda's his original name!)

    "Hello? Yugi? Joey?" he said. "Hello? Hello!"

    So that day, Yugi had helped Kaiba and Mokuba make wanted posters (after the mob had unintentionally threw Kaiba and Mokuba off of the mob). Now Kaiba was still frustrated about the Kaiba Land Party Place Thingy that collapsed, (in Chp.4, for a reminder) so he was still in a bad mood. He was getting in a better mood than before, and he apologized to Mokuba for any problems he has caused while being in that mood. Meanwhile, Yami Marik, Yami Bakura and Joey were having a meeting on what to do. Odion was babysitting some kids to get enough money for a new record player and disco record (since the first one broke in Chp.4) as Ishizu was looking for him. Duke was with Tea, and they were making their own wanted posters to cover more ground.

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU were a CHICKEN?" said Yami Marik, who also had tears in his eyes.

    "Shut up, Yami Marik!" shouted the insulted Joey.

    "That's Mr. Yami Marik to you, Chicken Boy!" countered Yami Marik.

    "WHAT? CHICKEN BOY?!" yelled Joey.

    "BALK BALK BALK BALK BALK!" shouted Yami Marik, imitating a chicken while walking closer to Joey. Yami Bakura just watched.

    "Do you wanna piece of me?" shouted Joey, directly in Yami Marik's face.

    Finally, Yami Bakura spoke. "You idiot!" he said to Joey. "Have you forgotten that he has the Millenium Rod? He can control your mind, you fool!"

    "That's true, Yami Bakura," answered Yami Marik, "but I've found a better way to use the Millenium Rod. I can use it to smack Blondie here upside the head!"

    "EYAAAAAH!" shouted Joey, screaming like a girl and running away.

    "Come back here, CHICKEN BOY!" shouted Yami Marik, running after him. "Now you're being a chicken by running away from me!"

    Just then, a guy from the hungry mob, who was still after Joey, the former chicken, heard Yami Marik's words. "Chicken?" he said. "Where?"

    "Over there! I think!" said a little girl, pointing at Yami Marik and Joey. "Those two running guys must be chasing it!"

    The Hungry Mob ran after them, shouting, "GEEEEEEEET IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" The mob ran over the two of them, and they got caught in the mob as well.

    Eventually, the Yugis, the Mariks, the Bakuras, the Kaiba Bros., Joey, Tristan, Ishizu, Duke, and Tea all got caught in the mob. The kids that Odion was babysitting were too busy trashing up their house (they were 3-year-old twins, and they weren't known for their niceness, because they didn't have any niceness to be known for!) to notice, and Odion was fast asleep to notice as well. (Those twins had also managed to wash off the Egyptian tattoo on his face! On the other hand, who'd trust a guy like him to babysit toddlers looking like that?)

    "I command you guys to release me this instant!" shouted Yami Marik, holding up his fist.

    "They can't hear you, bub," said Marik, in the rod (well, sort of). because they are distracted by a chicken that doesn't exist anymore."

    That is correct, regular Marik, and this mob has been on the hunt for hours.

    "What should we do now?" asked a bored Kaiba.

    "Wanna play Dungeon Dice Monsters?" asked Duke.

    "NO!" shouted everyone else in the mob.


    "Stop the ride, I wanna get off!" shouted Bakura, in the ring.

    "GET THAT CHICKEN GUY!" shouted the people in the original mob.

    "Can you guys just SHUT UP?" shouted Joey. "That chicken obviously escaped with its life, so why can't you guys just move on with your lives?"

    "BECAUSE WE'RE HUUUNGRYYYYY!" the mob replied.

    "Oh brother," said Yami Bakura.

    "Do you think the Pharaoh will be able to help us?" asked Tea.

    The hungry mob ran through the streets and into traffic and saw a speeding car headed in their direction.

    "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" they went, and they all turned around.

    "Let's go on the tracks!" shouted Yami Marik, pointing at the train tracks.

    "OKAY!" shouted the mob.

    A stupid idea, as when they got there, they saw a train coming from the right.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the mob shouted, so it went in the opposite direction, which was left.

    Uh-oh! Another train was coming in the other direction!


    And who was the driver of the second train? It was none other than... Marlin! And, the crossing arms have already gone down and blocked everyone from the streets! Now, no cars could pass, but the crossing arms were also inconveniently too tall to climb! So what will happen to our heroes? (Not to mention our former villians, too.) Will they survive? Will Marlin be able to escape the collision in time? And will Odion get a new disco record? Not to mention, a new tattoo? Find out in the next chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh C"!

  8. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Last time, you remember, Little Red Riding Hood went in the house with the Big Bad Wolf and then she- oops, sorry, wrong story. Now, in the last chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh C", Joey Chicken managed to survive the fall off the cliff and had Marlin, the guy who had changed a lot of people's cards, turn him back into a human. Later, the mob that had chased him when he was a chicken was still looking for him, because they thought he was a regular chicken! Soon, the Yugis, Mariks, Bakura's, Kaibas, Tea, Duke, Ishizu, Joey, and Tristan were all caught in the mob, but not Odion. He was fast asleep instead of babysitting two toddlers to pay for a new disco record. However, when the mob tried to dodge traffic, they got trapped on some train tracks, and then two trains from opposite directions were going to collide with each other! And Marlin was the driver of one of the trains! Will this mob survive? Find out...today!

    Chapter 8- "The Great Train Comedy!"

    The trains went closer and closer to each other, as everyone in the mob reacted.

    "Eyaaaah!" went Yugi, who was out at the moment.

    "What do we do?" asked Joey.

    "I don't know!" responded Tristan.

    Meanwhile, Yami Yugi said, "Yugi, change into me! I've already died, so it's okay if I get hit!"

    Then Yugi said, "Okay," and then he transformed into Yami.

    "Oh, I wish my Millenium Necklace could tell me what will happen next," said Ishizu, looking at her future-telling Millenium Necklace.

    "Forget it, I wouldn't want to spoil the ending," Yami Marik responded.

    "Forget the ending!" shouted Yami Bakura, who could barely breathe because of all of the people squeezed together. "I wanna live!"

    "I want my mommy!" said Duke, crying.

    "You want HER to suffer with you?" shouted Yami Yugi.

    "What do we do, Seto?" Mokuba asked his brother.

    "There's only one thing we can do, Mokuba," Kaiba responded. Then he shouted, "Listen up everybody! We must scream and run around in circles!"

    "OKAY!" went the mob. So everybody screamed and ran around in circles.

    Yami Marik, who fell from the top of the mob, started getting trampled by the running people. "I've got an idea!" he said, when he finally got up. "Pharaoh, I need to use your Millenium Puzzle for this plan."

    "No way, Jose!" shouted Yami Yugi, covering the puzzle with his hands.

    "It's Yami Marik!" shouted Yami Marik.

    "You mean Mr. Yami Marik!" Joey pointed out.

    "Exactly!" responded Yami Marik. "Pharoah, don't you want to live?"

    "Yes," answered Yami, "but I've already died."

    Yami Marik snapped his fingers in frustration. "Darn! I forgot!"

    Finally, the trains meet each other, but did they crash? No! Instead, they passed right through each other and the entire mob! Wahoo!

    "Did they...pass each other?" said Yugi, who was inside the puzzle.

    "If they passed each other," said Yami, thinking out loud, "then that must mean, they were...holograms."

    "Whadd'ya mean?" asked a man from the mob.

    "He's right," replied Yami Marik. "There's just no other explanation."

    "HUH???????????????????????" went the rest of the mob.

    "So we did all that worrying for nothing," concluded Yami.

    "Gee..." said Yami Bakura.

    "And now," said Yami, "the crossing arms are going back up, and we are free to go on the street, where the cars are in front of us, and the cars are starting to move, and THE CARS ARE HEADED TOWARDS US SO WE SHOULD RUN!" Everybody ran in circles. "NOT IN CIRCLES!" Yami yelled. So everybody ran on the tracks, away from the street.

    Also, all of the Yu-Gi-Oh cast members managed to get out of the mob, but they ran anyway.

    "You see, Mokuba?" said Kaiba. "I knew we'd be safe the entire time!"

    "It was your idea to scream and run around in circles!" Joey pointed out.

    "But was Marlin a hologram too?" said Tea, pondering.

    "You've guessed well, Tea," said Marlin, but from where?

    "Where's his voice coming from?" asked Mokuba, looking carefully in every direction.

    "It's coming from that train headed in our direction,” said Kaiba, pointing to another train, “and we're still on the tracks because ran on them to escape from the coming traffic!"

    "YAAAAAAAAAAH!" went the mob.


    "I don't have a life!” Yami pointed out. “I died!"

    "Oooooooooooooooooh," went all of the members of the mob except the main Yu-Gi-Oh cast.

    "RUUUUUUUUN!" shouted Tea at the top of her lungs. Everybody ran on the train tracks to escape the train. Sadly, even though they were running away from the train, because they were on the train tracks, they were still on the train’s path.

    "Hey,” said the mob guy, running, “maybe we'll even run into that chicken again!"

    And the Yu-Gi-Oh characters yelled, "FORGET ABOUT THAT STUPID CHICKEN!"

    "Stupid?!" went Joey.

    Kaiba turned to him. "Unless you care about that chicken that had a striking resemblance to you, I suggest you don't say anything."

    "Chugga chugga chugga chugga WOO WOO!" went Marlin, who blew the train whistle.

    "YOWZAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" went everybody in the mob.

    "Did you really think I'd be stupid enough to drive a train in which I knew it would collide into another train?" Marlin called out one of the train’s windows.

    Just then, Joey stopped. "Hey, what are we running for?” he said. “This train might just be another one of Marlin's holograms!"

    "But Holo-Marlin was in that other train!" said Tea and Duke.

    “So there might be another one,” responded Joey, as everyone else slowed down. “It could happen. I mean, don’t you think it’s possible that there could be two Marlin holograms?”

    “No, this one’s the real deal,” shouted Marlin.

    “But how do we know that?” asked Joey.

    "And why are we stupid enough to run away from the train yet in the path of the train?" asked Yami Yugi.

    Just then, Yami Marik turned around to Yami. "Who are you calling stupid?" he said.

    "I'm calling you stupid, STUPID!" answered Yami. Everyone else ran away as the train went closer.

    "You wanna piece of me?” shouted Yami Marik. “Do ya?"

    "No, Yami M,” said Yami Yugi. “Violence from fighting is not the answer!” He turned on his duel disk, shuffled his card deck, and put the deck in the disk. “Let us duel to solve the crisis!" he said.

    "Okay, but if I win, I'll take your puzzle," said Yami Marik, putting his deck in his duel disk after shuffling it is well. Meanwhile, the train came closer and closer as everyone else was long gone (still on the track, of course).

    "Done!" went Yami Yugi, drawing five cards to start the duel.

    "What are you doing, Yami?" asked Yugi, from the puzzle.

    "What's wrong, Aibou*?" asked Yami. The train was now only a few meters away, and then Yami Marik noticed it, screamed, and ran away. (*Aibou means "Partner")


    "Train!?” said Yami, confused. “I forgot! Oh, well, I'm already dead anyway, so-"

    "YAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" shouted Yugi, in a panic.

    "Okay, okay, okay,” said Yami Yugi, sighing and putting up his cards and duel disk. “Kids these days. Do they ever stop nagging? Sheesh!" Then he ran away, just in time.

    "Put your back in it, please!” shouted Yugi, as Yami was running in the direction towards the other members of the mob. “We're gonna get hit by Ol’ Choo-Choo!"

    "Yugi, I'm running as fast as I can!" responded Yami.

    "I'd hate to see you in the Olympics, Yami," said Yugi.

    Meanwhile, everyone else was farther away...

    "Where is that Yugi?" said Tristan, looking back.

    "Wasn't he behind us?" asked Tea, as Yami Marik caught up with them.

    "Oh, I think he's dead,” Yami Marik said, though he didn’t seem to care. “Actually, the Pharaoh has already died, so-"

    "We've just gotta go back there!" shouted Joey and Tristan, stopping.

    Just then, everybody in the mob stopped, and Ishizu said, "You go on ahead. I'll find us a place to stay off of this track."

    "I'm gonna save his puzzle and the Egyptian god cards,” said Yami Bakura. “After that, I don't care what happens to him." Then he started back.

    "I'm gonna help Joey and Tristan!" said Duke, running towards Yami Bakura, even though Joey and Tristan didn’t start running yet.

    "Then I'm gonna help Duke help Joey and Tristan," said Tea.

    "Y'know,” said Ishizu, “I'm going to help Tea help Duke help Joey and Tristan."

    The mob guy, named Travis, turned around. "Then I guess I'll help Ishizu help Tea help Duke help Joey and Tristan."

    "In that case,” said the mob girl, named Sally, “I'll go help Travis help Ishizu help Tea help Duke help Joey and Tristan."

    "Fine,” said Travis the mob guy. “Then I'm just gonna go help Sally help me help Ishizu help Tea help Duke help Joey and Christian."

    "It's Tristan," said the annoyed Tristan.

    "Whatever," replied Travis.

    A hunter guy said, "Then I'll go help Travis help Sally help Travis help Ishizu help Tea help Duke help Joey and Steven."


    "So?" said the hunter.

    Mokuba then said, "Then I guess I could help the hunter help Travis help Sally help Travis help Ishizu help Tea help Duke help Joey and Pikachu."


    Everyone stares at Kaiba, who said, "Oh, all right, I'll go help Mokuba help the hunter help Sally help...um, er, where are we again?"

    Everyone in the mob groaned.

    "You don't have to help me, if that's who you were going after!” said the arriving Yami. “I'm back!" Just then, Yami Bakura came back, and so did everyone else who ran after Yami.

    "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" went everyone else.



    Whoa! Will our heroes and villians survive the train? Will Odion ever get a new tattoo? Will everyone ever pronounce correctly the name belonging to Gretchen?


    Oh, sorry. Well, find out, in the next chapter of...um, er, what story is this?...No, I'm kidding! So, find out in the next chapter of...ah, you know this story.

    Guys, if nobody's going to review, I'm just gonna find a way to end this story early (which is really too bad, considering the fact that the characters are eventually gonna go to ja- never mind.).
  9. Catapult Turtle

    Catapult Turtle AbLªh GenerªL

    Don't stop the fan fiction!

    It's pretty good and I've laughed more than once. The only thing you could change is adding little bits of detail i.e. what the train looked like (I'm picky like that). Keep going, I'm interested in how the plot's unraveling now. I give it a 9/10. People could use more fan-fics like these.
  10. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Squirtle Girl.

    Last time, you remember, Yugi and his friends, not to mention a hungry mob, were all running from traffic when they got caught bewteen two trains. It just so happened that they were just holograms made by the comedian Marlin, famous for changing the Duel Monsters cards. When they ran on the tracks to avoid more traffic, they had happened to notice that a real train was coming from behind them, and Marlin was the driver! So when Yami Yugi had caught up with his friends and the mob, with the train still behind him...

    Chapter 9- "The Train Revelation!"

    "RUN, EVERYBODY, RUUUUUUUUUN!" shouted Tristan, causing everybody except him to run from the red train that was coming towards them.

    Tea stopped and turned around. "Tristan, what are you doing?” she said. “Hey, I got your name right! But what are you gonna do about the train?"

    "I'm going to punch it out!" shouted Tristan, balling his right hand into a fist. (Sound familiar? Maybe if you take a look at one of the Duelist Kingdom episodes...)

    Yami Yugi turned around and shouted, "ARE YOU MAD?"

    "Nah, but thank you for asking," replied Tristan.

    Yami Marik got out his Canon camcorder and said, "Ooh, let me record this!"

    The hungry mob shouted, "RUUUUUUUUN!"

    "NEVER!" shouted Tristan, getting ready for his Punch of Doom.

    "HONK HONK!" shouted Marlin, grinning.

    "Here I go!" said Tristan.

    Yami Bakura only yawned from boredom as he ran and then turned back to look at Tristan.

    "EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted the determined Tristan, throwing his fist at the train.

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Yami, Yugi, Tea, Bakura, Ishizu, Joey, Marik, Duke, Mokuba, and the original hungry mob in slow-mo, dramatic voices. The two evil Yamis just stood there, one recording the moment and the other just plain old bored. Kaiba was just like Yami Bakura.


    “O.O” Tristan just froze, after punching out the train.

    Little did he know, the so called "realistic train" was really a realistic train balloon! Meanwhile, the hungry mob was running, and they made it safely off the tracks. They gave up catching the chicken when they discovered that they were near a famous sushi restaurant, and were never heard from again. (Well, you aren't gonna hear them again from me at least...)

    "It’s just a... balloon?!” Tristan finally responded. “This is just like what happened at Duelist Kingdom!"

    Yami Marik stopped recording. "Oh, sure, I wanted to see the pointy-haired-yet-less-as-pointy-haired-as-Pharaoh guy suffer from the hitting of the choo-choo! So what happened at this Duelist Kingdom you speak of?"

    "Yeah, was it more interesting than this, 'cause what just happened was BOOOOOOOOORING," said Yami Bakura.

    Bakura said, from the ring, "Don't you remember when I was in that cave with Yugi, Tea and Tristan?"

    Since nobody else except Yami Bakura could here him, Tristan started talking. "Once, I was in a cave with Yugi, Tea and Bakura. We were running from a big boulder and Bakura got run over by it and I punched it out and it turned out to be a balloon and-"

    "STOP SAYING 'AND' YA’ LITTLE RUN-ON FREAK!" shouted Yami and Tea.

    "Oh, yeah, I remember,” said Yami Bakura, in his mind, “but I didn't try to protect you, which I would've done so I would still exist in this world, because I had a feeling that you would be safe, Bakura."

    "You see, Yugi?” said Yami Yugi through his mind. “We wouldn't have died from a train balloon."

    "I could've suffocated!" shouted Yugi and Bakura.

    Just then, Marlin came off of a section of the train balloon and started marching p to everyone, shouting, "HOHO! HAHA! GUHUH GUHUH GUHUH! HOHO! HAHA! GUHUH GUHUH GUHUH!"

    "What was that supposed to be, some kind of battle cry?" questioned Joey.

    Marlin started laughing and pointing at them. "GYAHYAHYAHYAHYA! You should've seen the look on your faces when you saw that train coming! But didn't I tell you that it was a real train? Well, it was a real train- a real FAKE one!"

    "Grr..." went Ishizu, growling.

    "However,” Marlin continued, “I am kinda disappointed that the balloon popped thanks to SOMEBODY whose name I won't mention. Actually, I don't even know which it is! You guys kept calling him different names!"

    “But like I’ve been saying,” Tristan pointed out, “it was Tristan!”

    "So how come your balloon didn't pop along any tall rocks or such?" Joey asked Marlin.

    Marlin just said, "Hey, it just doesn’t do that!"


    "So anyway,” continued Marlin, “you owe me big time for that balloon incident. That balloon wasn’t supposed to pop yet!"

    "YOU owe us for our cards,” reminded Kaiba, pointing at Marlin. “Now you change them back this instant!"

    "Sorry, but the cards will remain the same," said Marlin, straightening his glasses. (I guess I should’ve told you that he was wearing glasses 8 chapters earlier, huh?)


    "Um, uh... well, yes," answered Marlin.

    "Oh… okay,” said Kaiba, looking confused. ”Well, how much money do you want me to give you in order to change my cards back?"

    "DOUBLE the amount that you have," Marlin challenged.

    "Ooh, he's good," said Kaiba.

    "But Marlin, we don't have that much money,” said Mokuba, “and we NEVER will.” He paused for a moment. “Actually, all we need is the same amount of money again, and-"

    "Then, I would still want double the amount that you have,” interrupted Marlin. “Let’s say you had two dollars. I would want four, but if you got four, then I would want eight because it's double. However, if you got eight more dollars, then I would want sixteen...DUH!"

    "CHANGE MY CARDS BACK THIS INSTANT!" shouted Joey and Tristan, running towards Marlin.

    "But I haven’t even changed all of yours yet!”

    Tristan and Joey stopped running. “WHAT?” they said, looking at each other.

    "Well then,” said Tea, “who are you missing?"

    "Hmm, now let's see then...” said Yami Bakura. ”Who got their cards changed? I know! Whoever got their cards changed, say 'Aye'! Aye!"

    Joey, Tea, Tristan, Yami Marik, Ishizu, Kaiba, and Mokuba all said, "AYE!"

    "Aibou!*" shouted Yami, winking. (*Don’t you guys remember? That means “Partner”. Sheesh!)

    "So who is left?" asked Joey.

    "That's what I'd like to know,” said Yami. “Let's see, I raised my hand, covering for me and Yugi, and so did Joey, and Tea, and Kaiba, and Mokuba, and Ishizu..."

    "Not to mention Tristan, Bakura, and Marik..." reminded Duke, “covering their Yamis, too.”

    "And Odion, even though he's not here..." said Tea.

    Meanwhile, as she was saying that, in a house in Domino, a fast asleep Odion was unaware that the children he was supposed to be babysitting were wrecking the house, and the parents of the children were driving home from their date. Little did the children’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.Thompson know, the toddlers had also managed to wipe off Odion's facial tattoo!


    "You do?" said Yami.

    "Who?" said Ymai Bakura.

    "Marlin!" shouted Duke.

    "HUH?" went everyone else.

    "Oh, sorry, I forgot to say so,” said Marlin, “but I changed my cards as well."

    "Oh," said Duke.

    Tristan said, "Then it could only be...Red Herring!" (from "A Pup Named Scooby Doo")

    "Wrong cartoon, Tristan," said Duke, slapping him.

    "Gee...I could've been right..." said Tristan.

    "I wonder who it could be,” said Duke Devlin. “Hmm..."

    Everybode Else Except Marlin and Duke, Of Course, said, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...HUH? O.O” They all looked at Duke Devlin.

    "What? Was it something I said?” asked Duke, puzzled. “Well what? What'd I say?"

    "Duke,” said Yami, "we think we know who that person is..."

    "You do?” asked Duke. “Who?" Everyone else started walking closer to him, but no one noticed how Marlin slipped away, with an evil-looking grin on his face...

    Well, this certainly is a surprise. Which one of these Yu-Gi-Oh characters is the person? (I think you already know, but just incase...) Find out, in the next chapter of...(dadadadaadadaaaaaa) "Yu-Gi-Oh C"! In the meantime, I'm off to do some non-writing-YuGiOhC stuff. See ya!

    Please send more reviews, everyone!
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  11. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Well, last time, you remember, Yugi and his friends were running from a realistic-looking train driven by the comedian Marlin, and when Tristan tried to punch it out, it popped, as it turned out to be just an ordinary balloon. (Well, not completely ordinary, as you do not randomly see extremely big balloons unless there's a carnival or something. Anyway, back to the story.) When everybody demanded to Marlin that they wanted their cards changed back, Marlin mentioned that somebody didn't get their cards changed back. Odion was still sleeping instead of babysitting when everyone else figured out who that one person was. And it turned out to be...

    "Duke,” said Yami, “we think we know who this person is..."

    "You do?” asked Duke. “Who?"

    Everyone else started walking closer to him, but no one noticed how Marlin slipped away, with an evil-looking grin on his face.

    Yami Yugi took a deep breath and started. "It...is..."

    "YOU, DUKE!" finished everybody else.

    “Hey, I wanted to be the one to say that!” shouted Yami.

    Chapter 10- "Duke The Victim"

    "WHAT?” exclaimed Duke, pointing at himself. “ME?!"

    Everyone just stared at him.

    "Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention,” said Duke, “my cards were never changed. DID YOU HEAR ME, MARLIN? MARLIN?"

    (crickets chirping)

    "What?” said Yami. ”He's gone!"

    "That creep! He vanished!" shouted Joey.

    "Aww...” moaned Yami Marik, looking at his Canon, “and I get that on camera ‘cause I stopped recording already..."

    "Forget about your stupid camera,” Yami Bakura rudely said. “What about our cards? Or, at least, my cards?"

    “You mean, Bakura’s cards,” Tea corrected for Yami B.

    “Okay then. Our cards,” was Yami Bakura’s only response.

    "And what are we gonna do about mine?" asked Duke, getting nervous.

    "Maybe we could use them in a plan to change our cards back," shouted Yami Yugi.

    "I have a suggestion,” Yami Marik informed everyone, “but I need the Pharaoh's Millennium Item first. It is necessary for my plan."

    Yami Yugi was annoyed. "Again, Yami Derrick?"

    "It's Marik," Yami Marik said.

    "I know,” said Yami, “I just like the name Derrick better. I've always wanted to call you that."

    "Well, I suppose you could call me Eric," said Yami Marik, thinking aloud.

    "Okay, then Eric it is, Yami Eric," said Yami.

    "YOU GUYS!?” shouted Joey and Tea.

    "Sorry," anwered the two Yamis.

    "Oh no! I said sorry!” shouted Yami Marik. “I'm turning good! OMIGOSH, SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEE!" He started screaming at the top of his lungs while running around in circles around everybody until Yami Bakura slapped him in the cheek.

    "The point is that our cards are being changed, and so we've got to protect Duke’s cards. It should help us a little bit if we can keep one of our decks free from the comedian change."

    "You're right, Tea,” said Joey, “and I know just how to do it. We'll have a sleepover at Duke's house!"

    "But my dice house doesn't have enough room for us all,” said Duke, “but we can do it somewhere else. And I can bring my deck with me."

    "Hey I know,” said Ishizu, who hadn’t spoken in a while, “how about at Kaiba Land?"

    "Sister,” said yami Marik, “why do you suggest there?"

    Ishizu said, "Because it is run by Yugi's good old friend Kaiba."

    "I’m not his good old friend,” grumbled Kaiba.

    "So anyway, what do you think, you guys?" Ishizu asked to everyone.

    "Hey, now that doesn't sound like a bad idea,” said Joey, “but how are we going to suggest to Kaiba that we'd want to do this?"

    "Hello, I'm right here," reminded Kaiba.

    "And so am I!” shouted his little brother, Mokuba. “We'd be happy to let you guys have a sleepover at our theme park!"

    "What?” shouted Kaiba. “But Mokuba..."

    "But nothing, Seto,” said Mokuba. “Don't worry, nothing bad's gonna happen with our advanced security."

    "If our security’s so advanced, then how come our company got taken over by somebody in the first chapter?" asked Kaiba.

    “Um, uh, I don’t know,” Mokuba answered.

    "And if it's so advanced,” Joey asked, “then how come nobody stopped that Marlin guy from coming to referee that dance contest? And who won it, by the way? Me, right?"

    "Kaibaland, eh?” said Yugi from the puzzle right while Joey was saying that. “Gee, that sounds fun! Can I take over, Yami?"

    "Why, sure, Yugi. I've run out of things to say, anyway." Yami transformed back into Yugi.

    "All right, fine then,” said Kaiba, “but I don't want Wheeler barfing on any of the equipment."

    "Not even the trashcans?" asked Duke, fiddling with his dice earrings.

    "Nope. Sad, huh?” said Kaiba. “Well, maybe to you it is, but-"

    "Oh goody, I'd love to come!" shouted Yami Marik.

    "And me too!" said Yami Bakura.

    “WHAT?” said Bakura and Marik, who were listening the whole time.

    Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea, Duke, Ishizu, Kaiba, and Mokuba all just looked at them.

    Yami Marik and Yami Bakura just said, "What?"

    "It's just that...you're...evil," Kaiba pointed out to them.

    “But, we’re people too!” said Yami Marik with a puppy-face frown on his face, "and Kaiba, man, I'm your biggest fan! I just adore your theme park. In fact, the only reason I really wanted to enter your Battle City tournament a while back was not to steal the Pharaoh’s Millennium Puzzle, but because I was so obsessed with entering YOUR tournament!"

    "Heh. Well...now...you can't argue with that logic," Kaiba mentioned, smiling a little.

    Yami and Yugi rolled their eyes. "Oh brother," they said at the same time.

    And Yami Bakura, also in puppy-face mode, said, "Yeah, Seto, man. It's cool. We're buddies, aren't we?"

    "Um, uh, no," said Kaiba.

    So Yami Marik and Yami Bakura started bowing Kaiba saying, "Please, Seto Kaiba, sir. You're my heeeeeeeroooooo!” They both turned to look at each other. “Oh, hi. So, he’s your hero too.” They continued bowing, and then turning back to Kaiba, they said, “Kaiba, WE LOOOOOOOVE YOOOOU! We're not worthy!"

    "Then go be not worthy somewhere else!" interrupted Joey.

    "Shut up, Wheeler,” said Kaiba, punching Joey in the face. Then he turned to the two evil Yamis. “Listen you guys, you can stay."

    Yugi, Yami Yugi, Joey, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu, Tea, Tristan, and Duke went, "KAIBA!?!?!?!?!?"

    "What?” asked Kaiba. “It's okay, you guys."

    "Yeah, don't worry about it," said Mokuba.

    Yami Marik started crying. "Oh, thank you. God bless you, Kaiba."

    "Yeah,” Yami Bakura said, also crying. “You won't regret it."

    "But they're EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIL!" Tristan yelled, jumping up and down.

    "How can you not regret letting an evil villain come to a sleep over?" Tea shouted, pointing at Yami Bakura.

    "Um, well, I retired," said Yami M.

    "Yeah, me too," Yami B said.

    "Retired from what?” asked Yami . “Yami Marik, you just said that the only reason you entered in that tournament was because of Kaiba, yet you still ask me for my puzzle!"

    "That puzzle does look valuable,” Yami Marik lied, “but it was just an excuse just to get into the tournament."

    "Oh SUUUUUUUUURE it was," said Yami Yugi.

    "You want a piece of me, Yami Marik?" shouted Joey.

    "Then why were you sending people to the Shadow Realm?" asked Yami.

    "There is no Shadow Realm in the Japanese version of the show,” said Yami Marik. “All of those Shadow Realm things were just projections."

    "Ooh, he's so good," said Yami Yugi.

    "I better hurry and get home to get my deck before Marlin gets it!’ shouted Duke. “No wait, I have it right here, in my pocket."

    "Okay guys,” said Kaiba. “Let's hurry up and go to KAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIBAAALAAAAAAAAND!"

    "What is it, Seto?" asked Mokuba, noticing Kaiba’s shout.


    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted everyone, and they all managed to run away from the real train.

    So that night, it was settled at Kaiba Land that there would be a sleepover. Unfortunately, there was no real place to sleep, so Yugi and his friends had decided to just ride on the rides. They went from roller coaster to roller coaster. Duke had also tried the Blue Eyes White Dragon roller coaster to keep himself awake. And it worked. Until...

    "Guys, I'm not so sure about this,” said Duke Devlin. I'm getting a little queasy..."

    "Sorry,” said Yugi, “Duke, but we need to keep you awake."

    "I'd rather be unconscious," said Duke, rolling his tired eyes.

    "Maybe you should try a different ride," Joey suggested to Duke.

    "Nah,” said Duke, yawning. “I think I'll sleep in, tonight."

    "It's your money," reminded Kaiba.

    "Besides,” said Duke, “how can Marlin manage to change my cards when there still in my pocket? You'd think I'd notice.” He then took his cards out to look at them. Then he said, “There, you see? There's nothing wrong with them."

    "Not yet," said Joey.

    "Exactly, Duke,” said Tea. “You’d better watch out."

    "She's right,” said Ishizu. “After all, you're the only one left whose cards didn't get changed."

    "Yeah, I know...” said Duke putting the cards back in his pocket, “and thanks, you guys."

    "No problem,” said Joey. “That's what friends are for, right?"

    "Of course not," said Tristan.

    "HUH!?!?" went everybody else.

    "Friends are for borrowing items and never expecting them to expect you to give them back," said Tristan, pointing at himself.

    Joey gasped, and he said, "So that's why you haven't given me back my Mr.FunnyFunny teddy bear!"

    “O.O” went everyone else except Tristan and Joey.

    "Not that I have one or anything," said Joey.

    "Look, the point is, guys,” said Duke, “that we must protect the cards at all costs."

    "I know, Duke,” said Yugi, “but you don't seem very interested about this whole thing."

    "Don't worry, you guys,” said the tired Duke. “I am interested, really!"

    "In that case, let's continue, shall we?" said Tea, excited.

    Duke yawned, and said, "Yeah...sure, whatever." Then he dropped his head down and fell asleep.

    Joey and Tristan just looked at each other. Then they said, "Let's take him to the Obelisk Ride of Horror."

    So Joey and Tristan managed to take him to that ride. What was this mysterious ride? I forgot the name, but it was that ride where you're in a chair, and you're strapped in it, and a contraption takes your chair and others up to a very high point, and then you can see your surroundings, and then all the chairs fall down hundreds of yards to the ground, and then it goes back up and down and all that. I've never been on one of those rides, because it looked too scary. I really hope you know what I’m talking about. If you do, could you tell me what type of ride it’s called? Anyway, as the sleeping Duke was put into a red chair, he didn't seem to notice that the blue ride was going up. Luckily, he was strapped in safely. Finally, the ride was at the top...

    The groggy Duke yawned. "Ah, what a wonderful dream,” he said, as the ride stopped. Then he looked down at the ground-which was as high as the empire state building! That;s about 100 stories tall! “O.O EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" To make matters worse, that was when the ride fell.

    Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea, Ishizu, Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura, Ishizu, and Bakura shouted, "GO DUKE GO!"

    "Oh my goodness gracious!" shouted Marik.

    Yami Marik sighed. "If only the Pharaoh was in his place."

    Meanwhile, Duke was still falling, screaming at the top of his lungs.
    But just then, a wind came by Duke, and thanks to the wind, not to mention the speed of Duke's fall, his deck flew out of his pocket!


    See? I told ya. Oh well. So, will our hero, Duke, ever get his cards back? Or will Marlin get them first? And will somebody shut that dude up? Maybe. So find out in the next chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh! C"!
  12. no offense i dont kare bout this plot unless there is a duel and no offense it sucks without a duel
  13. Ditto! Why isn't there a duel? Thats the point of Yu-gi-oh and all the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ect what is the point? Its so pointless! Put a duel and stop with the

  14. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    This story is more about getting the cards changed back then something like a tournament. But don't worry, the changed cards will be used in more than one duel. I can guarantee that there will not be any duels for at least the next 8 pre-written chapters.

    Also, I am gonna delete most of the "AAAAAAAAAH" from the next chapter, which is coming soon.
  15. Torrence

    Torrence Guest

    But I feel that there are some Plot holes like err. i can't desciribe But i will read further
    But nice one with the Don't laugh, very real. Last year in Singapore Newspapers, Someone died Laughing after winning lottery
    Great Tale It should be on TV! Hey do give comments on my fics too

    Raptor and Raptor 2
  16. You shouldn't advertise your fic on someone elses! Its rude!
  17. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    By plot holes, if you mean lack of description, then yes, I need to work on that. Also, I'm actually not going to edit out Duke's "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH", even though this one's longer, but only because it only happens one more time. (And, since Chapter 12 wasn't originally pre-written in script form, it won't take long to put in this thread. Anyway, here is Chapter 11.

    And now, before the next chapter, here's the actual driver's license test that Yami Marik had to pass in order to get a driver's license! It was found in the bottom of Yugi's trash can. Each of these 10 questions was worth 10 points.

    1. If you want to start the car, but it needs some gas, what do you do?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    2. What do you do when you want to start your car?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    3. What do you do when you want to stop your car?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    4. If you're driving and you come across a stop sign, what do you do?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    5. If you want to park and you come across two parking spots, yet one of them says that it is reserved for Egyptians only, what do you do?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    6. What do you do when you notice how you're driving at 70 miles an hour when the speed limit is only 40?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    7. If you see the police coming after you, what do you do when you're driving a car?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    8. What do you do when you drive somewhere, and you see a sign that tells you to turn around because the road you're driving on is an unfinished road that leads to the edge of a cliff?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    9. What do you do if you're driving and the traffic light is on red?
    I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    10. If you're driving and you've just started the car and you go above the speed limit and the police is after you and you come across a fast food restaurant, then what do you do?
    I send those foolish policemen to the Shadow Realm, get some grub, THEN I take the Pharaoh's Millenium Puzzle.

    CORRECT: 0/10
    SCORE: 0/100


    Well, last time, you remember, we, um, uh, where are we again? (I got this from "Rocky and Bullwinkle".)

    Tristan: "What? You don't remember? What kind of writer are you?"

    Joey: "Well, let's tell him, guys."

    Tea: "Okay, this is Kaiba Land."

    Yugi: "Yes, and we're here because some nutcase named Marlin has been changing our cards into comedy entertainers."

    Kaiba: "Yes, and they're staying here for a sleepover to protect that Duke Devlin's cards, because only his didn't seem to get changed."

    Yami Marik: "Don't forget about us."

    Yami Bakura: "Yeah, we came, too."

    Kaiba: "Uh, oh yeah."

    Mokuba: "But don't worry guys, these two won't cause any trouble around here. We'll make sure of it."

    Ishizu: "Good."

    Mr. and Mrs.Thompson: "And we're driving home from our date to let Babysitter Odion get his pay for being such a good babysitter to our children."

    But Odion is really-

    Mrs.Thompson: "A good babysitter? Yes, hon, we just said that."

    Mr.Thompson: "But honey, I'm your hon."

    Duke: "AND MEANWHILE I'M FALLING ON THE OBELISK RIDE OF HORROR BECAUSE OF SOME CERTAIN SOMEBODYS THAT TOOK ME HERE WHILE I WAS ASLEEEEEEEEEEP! AND MY DECK IS MISIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! IT FLEW OUT OF MY POOOCKEEEEEEEEEET!" (Do you know the ride where you're in a chair, and it goes really far up, then in falls? Well this ride goes up to the height of the Empire State Building! I think that's like 100 stories or something real tall.)

    Oh yeah, now I remember. Actually, I knew all along. I was just seeing if you were paying attention, and-


    But what about your deck?

    Duke: "Oh, yeah. Then I'll get that back, too."

    So, after months of waiting,(if it was months after you read the last chapter) you are about to find out what happens to Duke. In...



    The Yu-Gi-Oh characters looked up in the sky.

    "Look up in the sky! Is it a bird?" said Joey.

    "Is it a plane?" said Yugi.

    "What's a plane?" asked Yami.

    "No, it's SUPERMAN!" shouted Mokuba.

    "Man, you people are blind," said Tea.

    "No..." said Tristan, "is that...Duke's deck?"

    "Yeah... is it?" asked a puzzled Ishizu.

    And his deck it was, and it was falling at an incredibly slow rate, and because there wasn't anything like a dice rubber band or anything like that to hold the deck together, all of the cards spread out.

    "Oh no!" shouted Tristan.

    Oh yes...and to make matters worse for that loser, Duke, all of his cards had went to the hiding spot of Marlin what's-his-last-name, who was inside a cabin-like place, and was building a device, using the legendary material, Comedius, which would be a laser gun that would zap all of Duke's cards into comedy monsters.

    "Heh heh...with this device," said Marlin, "I can...oh, wait, the narrator said that already."

    Yeah, sorry.

    "Hey, what's that?" said Marlin, looking at Duke's cards coming into an open door of the little hideout.

    "OH NOOOOOOOO!" Duke shouted, knowing Marlin's hideout when he saw it, for it said "MARLIN'S TOP SECRET HIDEOUT" on the top of it.

    "These must be... that Duke Devlin's cards," said Marlin, holding the cards and looking through them... "These cards are all normal cards. They must be Duke's! I can change 'em now! HOORRAAAAAAAAAY!"

    So that was what he did, and in the meantime, Duke was still falling, but just then, the ride had abruptly stopped 1 foot above the bottom of the ride, then, it went all the way back up again!

    "Huh?” he wondered. “What's going on?"

    To answer your question, Duke, Marlin had finished the card change and was now using the Comedius laser to stop and restart the ride, and unfortunately for lonely Duke, Duke was alone at the time. (Nobody seemed to want to go on the ride at the time.) Actually, there were some people. However, nobody seemed to care about Duke's dilemma. Now, the ride was frozen again, but this time, it was at the top.

    "Look, Daddy, I can see our house from here," said a riding little girl named Suzie. Suzie was a blond-haired girl with pigtails, and she was one of the riders who weren’t intimidated by the large height. (Actually, the only person on the ride who was nervous was Duke, only he wasn’t nervous. He was just terrified!)

    Suzie’s dad said, "I know, honey. Wave to Mommy." (The mom wasn't at Kaiba Land at the time.)

    "Hi, Mom!" shouted the little girl, waving at her mom, who was at their house far off. (Little did they know, the mother was asleep in the house. It was nighttime, you know.)

    "Gimme a break," said Duke, puzzled at why nobody else seemed worried about looking down at a 100 story height.

    "C'mon, Pop,” said the riding older brother named Bobby. ”Why won't this ride go down?" Now Bobby was a taller boy with black hair, sitting on the right side of his father.

    "It's probably because were supposed to be intimidated by the long drop," answered the same father from earlier, “but it doesn’t seem to be working. It certainly is a nice view, though.”

    "The long drop?!" said Bobby and Suzie together.

    That Dad answered, "Yes, the long droooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!"

    For at that moment, the ride went all the way down to the bottom at the same speed as when they were moving before. Then it went up to the top and down to the bottom and up to the top and down to the bottom and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and, uh, well... you get the picture, until finally, it stayed up! Up, at the very top, it stayed.

    "Well what are we supposed to do now, Pop?" asked Bobby.

    "Well, Bobby,” replied the dad, “I think we're supposed to jump off the ride."

    Bobby and Suzie shouted, "Okay!" Then they unbuckled their seatbelts, giving up their protection from the gusty winds at that height. Why, one false step now, and DOWN YOU GO! Okay now, back to the story.

    "Who should jump off first?" said a teenage boy named (randomly chooses a male name) Simon.

    "I know, let's play Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo to decide!" suggested an old man we’ll call Grampa Rider. Now this grandfather was the father of the father of Bobby and Suzie. Surely an old man like him would keep off of a scary ride like this one, but then again, so would a little girl, right? Okay then.

    "Okay!" said everyone except Duke.

    "Starting from me...” said Grampa, unbuckling his seatbelt to point at everyone, “eenie meenie minie mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers, let him go, eenie meenie, minie mo, my late mother told me to pick someone and you are it!" Saying this, he ended up pointing at none other than Duke Devlin.

    "WHAT? ME?! WHADDYA MEAN ME!?!?!?" shouted Duke, pointing at himself like in the previous chapter.

    "That's right!" said Grampa, smiling.

    A mother rider (this other mother who has a different family) said, "Correct!"

    "But… I don't want to," said Duke.

    "Well, I'm afraid you don't have any choice,” said the husband of that wife. “You're it."

    Then, all of the riders unbuckled their seatbelts, slowly walking towards Duke, chanting, "PUSH HIM OFF! PUSH HIM OFF!" Duke tried to back away, but he couldn’t do it without falling off. He was trapped y the people! There was an equal number of people on each side of Duke. Then, they pushed him off.

    Duke screamed even longer this time.


    Duke fell all 100 stories or whatever the height of the Empire State Building is. Because this is a climatic scene, and because I don't exactly know what will happen to him, I'm going to end this chapter of the story right here. So will Duke survive? Find out, next time!
  18. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    And now, here's something else that was found. A baby video of the Dark Magician! Because you can't actually see it, here is a script of the first few minutes of it.

    Dark Magician Mother: "Here we are. It's the Tuesday after the Dark Magician's 1st birthday, and I'm the recorder! C'mon now, Baby Dark Magician. Smile for the camera."

    Baby Dark Magician: "GAGAAH!" (smiles)

    Dark Magician Mother: "And now he's playing with his wand. No, baby, don't point that towards the camera! WAAAAAAAAAAIT!" (zap)


    So there you have it! Okay, now back to the story.


    Well, last time, you remember, Duke had gotten pushed out of the Obelisk Ride Of Horror, when it was around 100 stories tall. He was at Kaiba Land because he was having a sleepover there with his friends to protect his cards from being changed by Marlin, which was in vain, by the way, because Marlin had managed to get those cards and change them into comedy monsters.

    Chapter 12- "Will Duke Survive?"

    Meanwhile, at the Thompson's residence, the babysitter, Odion was sleeping peacefully when suddenly, he woke up. The problem was that he woke up to an angry Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, who were mad because while he was sleeping, the toddlers he was supposed to watch have messed up their house badly (as if a tornado had went through it). Suddenly, Odion noticed that his tattoo was missing!

    "Did you toddlers wash it off?" he asked the kids. "Because, now I have to get one all over again! By the way, now I'll never get a new disco record!" He started crying.

    "Disco record?! We have tons of disco records that you can have because we don't want them anymore," said Mr. Thompson.


    "Sure," answered Mrs. Thompson. "But, you have to help us clean up this mess first!"

    "I will!" Odion instantly got up and helped.

    Getting back to our main topic, Duke was still falling off the ride at a 100-story drop, while his friends below were watching from below.

    Joey was watching from a good view. "Hey, guys, it looks like Duke is practicing sky-diving."

    "But when did he get a parachutte?" asked Tea.

    Tristan sighed. "Maybe he got one when we weren't looking," he guessed. Morning came.

    "SOMEBODY HEEELP MEEEEE!" he yelled.

    Tea was confused at what she just heard, which explains why she said, "What did he say?"

    "Hmm," said Ishizu. "I think he told us that he was 100% fine and that we are free to leave and do something else and that his deck will be fine."

    "Okay," said Tristan and Joey, and so everybody left.

    Well, this looks bad for Duke? Will he lose his life right here? Find out in the next chapter of..............................HAHAHAHAHA! Thought I would end this chapter right here, huh?

    "There must be a way to save myself," said Duke, "but how?"

    Luckily there was a trampoline that somebody had put at the exact spot that Duke would fall on! When Duke realized that, he said,

    "Great dice! (instead of "Great Scott"...who's Scott, anyway?) Now I don't have to do anything!"

    But unfortunately for Duke Devlin, he had made one slight miscalculation when the wind became strong enough to blow him right beside the trampoline. Also unfortunately, nobody seemed to notice him either! But would this be the end of him? No, because he's a cartoon!


    He landed face first, smack-dab on the cold hard street BESIDE the trampoline.

    "This hurts..."

    Meanwhile, Yugi was just finished watching a movie about a boy watching a movie about a boy watching a movie about a boy watching a movie about a boy watching a movie about a boy watching a movie about-wait, you get the idea, right?-when all of a sudden he saw a trampoline beside a teenager with dice earrings trying to get up from the 100 story fall that he just experienced.

    "OH MY!" Yugi shouted. “THAT’S…”

    Duke just groaned.

    Yugi was shocked to see what he saw. "THAT’S… A TRAMPOLINE!" Then Yugi started jumping on the trampoline paying no attention to Duke Devlin who had just got up.

    "Yuuuugi..." he said, as Yugi stopped jumping and then saw Duke. "DUKE!"

    Duke had a big, crimson-red bruise on his face, gotten from the fall. "Yuuuugi...” he moaned, weakly, “I need..."

    "What do you need, Duke?" asked Yugi, with tears in his eyes.

    "I need...I need..."

    "You need?" asked Yugi, sobbing.

    "I need..."


    "I need..."


    "I need-"




    "I need..."said Duke, "I need...TO GET ON THAT TRAMPOLINE!" And that's when he jumped on the trampoline. Then Yugi joined him on the trampoline.

    Then Joey came to jump with them.

    Then Tea came.

    Then Ishizu came.

    Then Yami Marik came.

    Then Yami Bakura came.

    Then Tristan came.

    Then the policemen came.

    Yugi noticed the five blue-uniformed men and said, "Um, uh, what can we do for you, officer?"

    The policeman responded in a serious tone (DUH), "You guys are all under arrest."

    "Then I'll just mind control you with my Millennium Rod!"said Yami Marik, but the rod got taken by the policeman, who said, "Hmm... you dared to threaten us with a deadly weapon?"

    "Well, it's not deadly, but-"

    "BUT NOTHING!" yelled the policeman. "Now, all of you guys are under arrest." Then, the policeman handcuffed everyone and then swallowed the key whole. (You see, where they lived, they had keys that can dissolve in your mouth.)

    Well it doesn't look like Yugi and his friends' cards are going to be changed any time soon. So with Duke's cards finally changed, what will happen now? Will Yugi and his friends have to go to jail? And what did they do, anyway? Find out in the next chapter of "Yu-Gi-Oh! C"!!! So long, now!

    Now do you know how anoying that is? Well I guessing Duke lives!
  20. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, I'm not doing the screaming thing again. And Duke does live. The next chapter's coming very soon, guys.

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