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Yu-Gi-Oh Grand Championship


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SO does anyone like this season of classic Yu-gi-oh?


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Joey > Everyone

That's all I got to say.


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Why are we talking about this? There's a Zexal thread but I'm sure you could bring up the original series.

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It was awesome as a kid, but thinking back to it now, it was rather pointless. It was all just so Pegasus could collect more Millennium Items to bring back his wife. A bit of a pointless excuse to start a tournament around children's card games.

But it was really the best season, in my opinion. But then again, it could be because 4KIDS kept showing repeats during the Atlantis season where it was supposed to be important to the plot of the show or something, and it bugged me so much, I stopped caring about it. Can't remember anymore, just like I can't remember IF the final episode was even aired.


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I watch it when I can. Didn't today though. O, and what the hell happened to Marik? I missed something...


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I used to watch it when I was kid, up to the last episodes. It's my favorite anime.

I watch it when I can. Didn't today though. O, and what the hell happened to Marik? I missed something...

He returned during the Ceremonial Battle arc of the anime.

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I watched it about 2 weeks before. Couldn't get caught up in the episode line. I also cannot believe Seto Kaiba's building was taken over by that mysterious duelist Joey faced. And that's about all I remember. I seriously need to wake up earlier for these shows again.


I just finished watching the Japanese episodes. I thought the Grand Championship/KC Grand Prix arc was boring compared to some of the other arcs. The duels were predictable and the new characters were stale. The only thing that I liked about this arc was that Yugi didn't duel as often, which gave other characters a chance to shine.


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Which was Grand Championship? I remember Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, the stuff with Noah, that Season with the dragons that I don't remember anything about, and the final one based on the end of the manga.

The arc before the Ancient Egypt arc, which was KC Grand Prix. I think. If the posts in this thread are anything to go by.

I honestly found the DM anime boring as a whole anyway compared to the manga (or I did once I started liking the spinoffs better), but Doma and KC Grand Prix were the most boring of the boring. The arcs based off the manga weren't quite as stale, IMO... though leaving out the early manga kind of screwed them up in the first season. :T


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The filler arc? Didn't like it.


The current filler arc? Yes, I'm re-watching it at the moment and the only reason it feels fresh for me is because I forgot it even existed. It's okay I guess. I mean, it's nothing spectacular. It's certainly better than the Atlantis arc which seemed to go on forever.


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im actually rewatching this season cuz i really didnt remember it very well, it isnt the best season but something that really piss me off is the villian the guy with the rose (sort of pegasus wanna be) nothing like marik and his facial expresions <<< (priceless)!