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Yu-Gi-Oh! Set Abbreviations

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Here are the abbreviations for every set and promo for Yu-Gi-Oh, that I know of.

LOB: Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
MRD: Metal Raiders
MRL/SRL: Magic Ruler/Spell Ruler
PSV: Pharaoh's Servant
LON: Labyrinth of Nightmare
LOD: Legacy of Darkness
PGD: Pharaonic Guardian
MFC: Magician's Force
DCR: Dark Crisis
IOC: Invasion of Chaos
AST: Ancient Sanctuary
SOD: Soul of the Duelist
RDS: Rise of Destiny
FET: Flaming Eternity
TLM: The Lost Millennium
CRV: Cybernetic Revolution
EEN: Elemental Energy
SOI: Shadow of Infinity
EOJ: Enemy of Justice
POTD: Power of the Duelist
CDIP: Cyberdark Impact
STON: Strike of Neos
FOTB: Force of the Breaker
TAEV: Tactical Evolution
GLAS: Gladiator's Assault
PTDN: Phantom Darkness
LODT: Light of Destruction
TDGS: The Duelist Genesis
DB1: Dark Beginning 1
DB2: Dark Beginning 2
DR1: Dark Revelation Volume 1
DR2: Dark Revelation Volume 2
DR3: Dark Revelation Volume 3
DR04: Dark Revelation Volume 4
DP1: Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki
DP2: Duelist Pack: Chazz Princeton
DP03: Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2
DP04: Duelist Pack: Zane Truesdale
DP05: Duelist Pack: Aster Phoenix
DP06: Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3
DP07: Duelist Pack: Jesse Andersen
DPK: Duelist Pack Special Edition
DPCT: Duelist Pack Collection Tin
EHC1: Elemental Hero Collection 1
EHC2: Elemental Hero Collection 2
GX1: GX Duel Academy
GX02: GX Tag Force
GX03: GX Spirit Caller
GX04: GX Tag Force 2
GX05: GX Tag Force Evolution
GSE: GX Special Edition
UBP1: GX Ultimate Beginner's Pack 1
YDB1: GX Card Almanac
YG01: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Manga Promos
TYL: Make-A-Wish Foundation Promo
MOV: Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie Promo
GBI: GameBoy International: Egyptian God Cards
WC4: World Championship Tournament 2004
WC5: 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005
WC6: Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006
WC07: World Championship 2007
WC08: World Championship 2008
WCS: World Championship Series
WCPS: 2008 World Championship Series Tournament
CP01: Champion Pack: Game One
CP02: Champion Pack: Game Two
CP03: Champion Pack: Game Three
CP04: Champion Pack: Game Four
CP05: Champion Pack: Game Five
CP06: Champion Pack: Game Six
PP01: Premium Pack 1
PP02: Premium Pack 2
GLD1: Yu-Gi-Oh! Gold Series 1
YMA: Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Ani-Manga
LDPP: Light and Darkness Power Pack
NTR: Nightmare Troubadour
DBT: Destiny Board Traveller
CMC: Capsule Monster Coliseum
ROD: Reshef of Destruction
DOD: Dawn of Destiny
DDS: Dark Duel Stories
DOR: Duelist of the Roses
EDS: Eternal Duelist's Soul
FMR: Forbidden Memories
DMG: Duel Master's Guide
TSC: The Sacred Cards
PCJ: Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion
PCK: Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge
PCY: Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny
JMP/JUMP: Shonen Jump Magazine
SJC/SJCS: Shonen Jump Championship Series
MF01: Mattel Action Figure Series 1
MF02: Mattel Action Figure Series 2
MF03: Mattel Action Figure Series 3
SDD: Stairway to the Destined Duel
BPT: Booster Pack Tin Series
CT1: Collectible Tin Series 1
CT2: Collectible Tin Series 2
CT03: Collectible Tin Series 3
CT04: Collectible Tin Series 4
MP1: McDonald's Promotional Series 1
MDP2: McDonald's Promotional Series 2
EP1: Exclusive Pack 1
SP1: Sneak Preview Series 1
SP2/SP02: Sneak Preview Series 2
PT1: Pharaoh's Tour Promo 1
PT02: Pharaoh's Tour Promo 2
PT03: Pharaoh's Tour Promo 3
FL1: Forbidden Legacy 1
MC1: Master Collection Volume 1
MC2: Master Collection Volume 2
UE02: Ultimate Edition 2
YSD: Starter Deck 2006
SDY: Yugi Starter Deck
SDK: Kaiba Starter Deck
SDJ: Joey Starter Deck
SDP: Pegasus Starter Deck
SYE: Yugi Evolution Starter Deck
SKE: Kaiba Evolution Starter Deck
YSDJ: Jaden Starter Deck
YSDS: Syrus Starter Deck
5DS1: 5D's Starter Deck
SD1: Dragon's Roar Structure Deck
SD2: Zombie Madness Structure Deck
SD3: Blaze of Destruction Structure Deck
SD4: Fury From The Deep Structure Deck
SD5: Warrior's Triumph Structure Deck
SD6: Spellcaster's Judgment Structure Deck
SD7: Invincible Fortress Structure Deck
SD8: Lord of the Storm Structure Deck
SD9: Dinosaur's Rage Structure Deck
SD10: Machine Re-Volt Structure Deck
SDRL: Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure Deck
SDDE: The Dark Emperor Structure Deck
HL1: Hobby League 1
HL2: Hobby League 2
HL03: Hobby League 3
HL04: Hobby League 4
HL05: Hobby League 5
HL06: Hobby League 6
DL1: Duelist League 1
DL2: Duelist League 2
DL3: Duelist League 3
DL4: Duelist League 4
DL5: Duelist League 5
DL6: Duelist League 6
DL7: Duelist League 7
DL8: Duelist League 8
DL9: Duelist League 9
DL10: Duelist League 10
TP1: Tournament Pack 1
TP2: Tournament Pack 2
TP3: Tournament Pack 3
TP4: Tournament Pack 4
TP5: Tournament Pack 5
TP6: Tournament Pack 6
TP7: Tournament Pack 7
TP8: Tournament Pack 8
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