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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Series Discussion Thread


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Bad news to those who live in Europe and Oceania. Cyber Strike and Synchro Storm have been delayed to 7th October and 20th January respectively. Konami why do you have to make me wait until the new year for my new Speedroids?

Da link...: https://ygorganization.com/tcg-european-run-territory-delays/


Now America has the delays too. But you get the sets a day earlier than us European's.

Another update:

Remember when Dragons of Legend 2021 was announced?
Konami: "We've ran out of naming ideas!"
Well now Konami have came up with a name for the set. Brothers of Legend.
Link: https://ygorganization.com/dontjustplaykuribohbecomebrotherswithkuriboh/
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Today's updates:

Day 5 of V Jump reveals features Penguin support, based on the monsters in Penguin Brave's artwork:

The final cards for Animation Chronicle 2021 are leaked:
New cards are:
*Penguin Sword from Crump's Deck.
*Summon Storm from Sky Scout's Deck.
*Toy Parade from Sora's Deck. (artwork also features bunch of currently unprinted cards.)

Reprints are:
*The Great Emperor Penguin
*Number 34: Terror-Bytle

And this is it for this year's animé prints, until the end of year sets that is. If we get another Selection 10 we might get another unprinted archetype, and Premium Pack 2022 will likely feature a few animé cards, but except them we will be back to Rush Duels soon.

Edit: https://ygorganization.com/sorakocomebackplz/
Details of SEVENS Season 2 has been revealed, including the new antagonists.

And yes, this is also finally confirms SEVENS will indeed retain the seasonal structure of the previous series.

Edit 3: https://ygorganization.com/rd-kp06-a-couple-of-bosses/
Cover cards of the new Rush Duel set. No words from the new gameplay gimmick yet.

Edit 4: https://ygorganization.com/dridentstocksdownfrewallstocksup/
New OCG banlist changed have been revealed.

Edit 5: https://ygorganization.com/lostintheheatofitall/
Lost Sanctuary R' first cards are revealed, and they feature:
*A Level 10 Synchro Hyperion
*A DARK retrain of Hyperion
*And The Agent Neptune.

And yes, Neptune's effect officially makes Hyperion its own archetype.
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This year's Collection Pack/Animation Chronicles was a sweet one!

Also, it's been a good while since they've held off this long to release the Cover Card for a Core Booster Pack.


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Well season 1 of SEVENS is over and it was alright. I wonder what season 2 will bring us, please add the extra deck types, and hopefully the series will get better. Also is Otis an alien with the reveal of the new Goha villains?

And now onto the stuff everyone loves the card game news:
Strucutre Deck: reprints https://ygorganization.com/doyouknowwhatonomatopeiameans/
V-JUMP promos: https://ygorganization.com/thebestdefenseisreducingyouropponentslptozero/
I haven't watched sevens but I saw the poster and, huh, guess this is another Zexal II situation?