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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Series Discussion Thread


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Bad news to those who live in Europe and Oceania. Cyber Strike and Synchro Storm have been delayed to 7th October and 20th January respectively. Konami why do you have to make me wait until the new year for my new Speedroids?

Da link...: https://ygorganization.com/tcg-european-run-territory-delays/


Now America has the delays too. But you get the sets a day earlier than us European's.

Another update:

Remember when Dragons of Legend 2021 was announced?
Konami: "We've ran out of naming ideas!"
Well now Konami have came up with a name for the set. Brothers of Legend.
Link: https://ygorganization.com/dontjustplaykuribohbecomebrotherswithkuriboh/
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Today's updates:

Day 5 of V Jump reveals features Penguin support, based on the monsters in Penguin Brave's artwork:

The final cards for Animation Chronicle 2021 are leaked:
New cards are:
*Penguin Sword from Crump's Deck.
*Summon Storm from Sky Scout's Deck.
*Toy Parade from Sora's Deck. (artwork also features bunch of currently unprinted cards.)

Reprints are:
*The Great Emperor Penguin
*Number 34: Terror-Bytle

And this is it for this year's animé prints, until the end of year sets that is. If we get another Selection 10 we might get another unprinted archetype, and Premium Pack 2022 will likely feature a few animé cards, but except them we will be back to Rush Duels soon.

Edit: https://ygorganization.com/sorakocomebackplz/
Details of SEVENS Season 2 has been revealed, including the new antagonists.

And yes, this is also finally confirms SEVENS will indeed retain the seasonal structure of the previous series.

Edit 3: https://ygorganization.com/rd-kp06-a-couple-of-bosses/
Cover cards of the new Rush Duel set. No words from the new gameplay gimmick yet.

Edit 4: https://ygorganization.com/dridentstocksdownfrewallstocksup/
New OCG banlist changed have been revealed.

Edit 5: https://ygorganization.com/lostintheheatofitall/
Lost Sanctuary R' first cards are revealed, and they feature:
*A Level 10 Synchro Hyperion
*A DARK retrain of Hyperion
*And The Agent Neptune.

And yes, Neptune's effect officially makes Hyperion its own archetype.
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This year's Collection Pack/Animation Chronicles was a sweet one!

Also, it's been a good while since they've held off this long to release the Cover Card for a Core Booster Pack.


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Well season 1 of SEVENS is over and it was alright. I wonder what season 2 will bring us, please add the extra deck types, and hopefully the series will get better. Also is Otis an alien with the reveal of the new Goha villains?

And now onto the stuff everyone loves the card game news:
Strucutre Deck: reprints https://ygorganization.com/doyouknowwhatonomatopeiameans/
V-JUMP promos: https://ygorganization.com/thebestdefenseisreducingyouropponentslptozero/
I haven't watched sevens but I saw the poster and, huh, guess this is another Zexal II situation?


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Alright before I can speculate something on the Goha siblings let me just say this about the first episode of season, this is why we don't have idiot rivals win tournaments! I would've want to rant about the season 1 finale but I didn't. Seriously if there's one thing about Luke that I hate and that is his ego. That's why I hate Silvio so much. Thankfully the only redeeming factor about Luke is that he actually wins duels.

On to the topic at hand about the Goha siblings considering we're getting a turbo duel in the next episode and a new Utopia-ish monster in the opening (please be an Xyz monster SEVENS!) does anyone think that they might have decks or duelling styles similar to previous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists?

And finally we have the banlist changes. If you're a Magician user you'll like this one.
Banlist: https://ygorganization.com/tcg-forbidden-limited-list-june-2021/

Trainer Yusuf

Though the July event character hasn't leaked yet (Quattro's unlock will technically will be in July, but we will likely get another proper character for late July), Declan Akaba's character info has leaked into Duel Links:
So he will likely be one of the first unlocks after ARC-V world releases in March. (This also reconfirms ARC-V will be indeed the next world for later this year.)

Previous news:
TCG related:
TCG version of Burst of Destiny is coming on October 22nd, 2021, so main sets will return to the schedule unless Indian variant screws things up (it will). TCG version will continue the World Premiere Insect theme from TCG Dawn of Majesty.

Rush Duels:
Next Battle Pack is featuring a Rush Duel version of original Dian ****, as well as Rush Duel versions of classic Normal Monsters like the previous one, including Volcanic Rat.

Dark Magician Girl and Egyptian Gods are getting figures from Kotobuyika.

DSoD Kaiba is getting a figure from Megahouse. Their previous poll winner monster remains unknown.

Edit 1: http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/pvj0g10a
Supreme King Jaden's ID has been leaked, but we don't know if he will be next month's character yet.

Edit 2: https://ygorganization.com/sowhendowefinallygetkibouohasatheme/
Our final new card for Overlay Universe is Utopic Astral Hope, an Astral version of Utopia. It supports the Number Spell/Traps (which are now a separate archetype from Number Xyz Monsters.)

Edit 3: https://ygorganization.com/burst-of-destiny-jp-poster/
Burst of Destiny's cover monster's name is confirmed to be Borrelcode Dragon.

Edit 4: http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/kzm28i97
July character is indeed Supreme King Jaden, and Trey will be a roaming character, which means he will likely be unlocked in August.
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Though the July event character hasn't leaked yet (Quattro's unlock will technically will be in July, but we will likely get another proper character for late July), Declan Akaba's character info has leaked into Duel Links:
So he will likely be one of the first unlocks after ARC-V world releases in March. (This also reconfirms ARC-V will be indeed the next world for later this year.)
OK I don't play Duel Links but I know they use Speed Duels. So how are they going handle Pendulum summoning since the Pendulum zones are in the spell and trap zones? Reintroduce the Pendulum zones perhaps?


Right we have the full decklist for the Utopia structure deck. And all I can say is this looks promising.
Decklist: https://ygorganization.com/sd42-complete-contents-list/
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All of the cards for King's Court have been revealed. In addition to the support for Three Musketeers of Face Cards, it also features a card that supports Magnet and Magna Warriors, as well as one card based on XYZ-Dragon Cannon's attack name in the animé.

Imports are generally from 2020 Premium Pack(released in 2019), but also feature two remaining cards from Prismatic God Box and the new Number F0 from 2019 Legendary Gold Box.

Edit 2: https://ygorganization.com/ocg-tournament-pack-2021-vol-3/
OCG Tournament Pack's contents have been revealed, most interesting thing is Vessel for the Dragon Cycle, which suggests there will be new Wyrm and/or Tenyi support in Burst of Destiny, and Symphonic Warrior Guitaar.

Other interesting cards are generic Extra Deck monsters, which could be support for a new archetype (most likely the next Abyss storyline one, as it will likely be the Synchro-based archetype) or a bunch new Level 2 monsters (for Sky Cavalry Centraurea). But they are most likely support for the next Deck Build Pack.

Caterpillo Zomyoji's Rush Duel cards have also been revealed.

Edit 3:
(Mostly) cover card artworks of Deck Build Pack: Grand Creators have been revealed.
Last card isn't technically the cover card, but a card that showcases the cover monster.
There are also two more monsters on the pack, which suggest we are increasing new archetypes/support from 3 to 5.

Edit 4: Today's reveal is a retrain of Man-Eater Bug. Translation is pending, but it is another Flip monster like the previous two.
Translation's here, it is pretty cool.

Edit 5:
Next Rush Duel set is Deck Modification Pack: Chaotic Omega Rising for October 30th, 2021. Bear in mind, this set will be after the new gimmick's release in September.
Previous news:
Sunseeds are now an official archetype.
Final Starry Knight from Starry Knight Ceremony's artwork has been revealed. There will likely be two more much later, since they seem to be alluding to the seven stars in the Book of Revelation.
Edit 6:
Our first V Jump reveal is new Reptilianne support. Yes, apparently V Jump reveals are for this week, not the next.

There may likely be another legacy archetype reveal later today.

Edit 6:
Next stream will be on June 11th, 12 PM JST. It isn't directly a Burst of Destiny stream, it will be clearly focused on it.
If the next legacy archetype isn't revealed by the end of this week, the stream might be it. We'll see.

Edit 7:
Day 3 is more Despian/Branded support. Not much new stuff here, other than the fact that it confirms Flundereeze will be the only new non-Abyss Lore archetype.

Edit 8:
Our new archetype is Icejades who serve as generic WATER/Aqua support. They should be related to the Abyss-lore somehow considering their slots, but we don't know how.

The real new Abyss archetype should be revealed in Friday, which means the stream will be mostly about the Rokket/Borrels.

Edit 9:
Final support for today are Fusion Monster/Spell support for Ursarctics. Translation will come later.

Edit 10:
Translation is here. Yes, apparently both cards support both Ursarctic and Drytron.

Edit 11:
Day 4 is Xiangjian, a Synchro archetype composed of Wyrm monsters that use Tuner Tokens.

Turns out Swordsmaster of the Bewitching Iris is actually part of this new archetype.

With these cards revealed, all Abyss storyline slots and all early Spell slots have been covered, which means remaining Rokket/Borrel support will be Trap cards. Not sure what will the Friday reveal now, though.

Edit 11: Nevermind, there is one Main Deck monster for Abyss between Xiangjian and Icejade. Not sure what it will be.

Edit 12:
YGOrganization finally posted this, but yes, there is a stream for Friday as well, before the Sunday one. It features Revolver's VA.

Edit 13:
Revolver support is here:
*Borrelcode is a Link-3 counterpart to Decode Talker and supports Topologics.
*New Rokket is a Tuner.
*Revolver has two Traps, one for Topologics, other for Magic Cylinder (no really).
*His new supports support Cyberse, Dragon and Machine cards.

Edit 14: Other assorted news:
Secondary animé legacy support is for Destiny HEROes.
New Level 10 monster.
DARK Retrain of Machina Force.
Other news.
And the original video link:

Edit 15:
Sunday stream has been concluded, and here's the tidbits:
We have a Ritual retrain of Sonic Bird and his Ritual Spell.
Our final Link is Evil Twins' rivals.
Other general info from the stream.
And the original video link:

Yesterday's reveal was Zoroa's combination with Vafram, to follow on Rilliona from Lightning Overdrive:

Edit 16: https://ygorganization.com/sodowegofortheinnerdwarvesortheouterdwarvesnext/
We got more Agent support, including an in-archetype Link monster and an in-archetype Synchro based on Pluto.

Looks like the individual moons of The Agents and the dwarf planets will be the next phase for The Agents.

The new Normal Spell is based on the fountain of the Sanctuary in the Sky.

Edit 17:
Our first World Premiere card for Dawn of Majesty has been revealed, and it confirms our new Insect archetype is named as Beetroopers.

Edit 18:
Today's Burst of Destiny reveal technically supports Isao Kachidoki/Iggy Arlo's Star Warriors. But it is still just a generic Trap Card.
Today's actual V-JUMP reveal was Outburst Dragon's effects.

Edit 19:
Our first Deck Build Pack: Ancient Creators archetype is P.U.N.K., a Psychic-focused archetype. Their boss monster is a Sea Serpent. Specifically our first Level 11 Sea Serpent.

Other reveals of today:
We have the new Ecclesia, who is a Tuner.
We have Goha sibling Yuro's monsters for Fierce Thunder Storm in Rush Duels.

Edit 20:
A bunch of the remaining cards have been revealed.

Edit 21:
Final Burst of Destiny card has been revealed.
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New Destiny Heroes, sweet. Konami can we please have our Elemental HERO News and Flame Wingman fusion soon.


Trainer Yusuf

We have a new stream for July 20th, apparently it will be Duel Links and OCG/TCG related. Probably for the ARC-V world primarily.

Today's V-Jump reveals were characters for the Switch game's storyline.

There is another Rush Duel promo featuring Yuga's key monsters.

(Last card of Burst of Destiny is in the previous post's spoiler.)

We have the first new cards of August Rush Duel Structure Decks:

Edit 2:
The link for the Japanese stream.

Edit 3:
News tidbits are:
*Rush Duel Switch game is going to be released for North America and Europe in Fall.
*ARC-V is coming to Duel Links.
*Master Duel simulator is finally coming to all platforms. Date is unknown.
*There will be separate game called Cross Duel for 4-player gameplay. There are no details yet.

We also have Kaizo's cards.

Edit 4: https://ygorganization.com/tcg-the-grand-creators/
TCG version of Grand Creators is going to be released on December 3rd, 2021. It is also going to feature the World Premiere Inzektor card from the Create-A-Card poll.

Edit 5: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Deck_Modification_Pack_-_Fierce_Thunder_Storm!!
All of the cards of Fierce Thunder Storm has now been revealed.
We also have a bunch of reprints for Lost Sanctuary R.

Edit 6: https://ygorganization.com/butcanitfirewhileitflies/
We have the artwork of one of the archetypes for Grand Creators, previously seen in the cover.

I guess the hawk, the witch and the rock guy are part of the same archetype, since the blurb is similar to the OCG one from prior.
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We're getting the Rush Duel game in the autumn? Does this mean that the SEVENS dub is coming soon?

We now have Japanese merch with the English names, so probably.
New summoning mechanic is apparently a form of Fusion Summon, but it isn't your traditional Fusion Summon.
It is also a new Type called Cyborg-Type, it probably won't carry over to the OCG.
Trey is coming to Duel Links in August.

Edit 2:
More details on Metallion Asurastar:
*It is the first Level 9 card for Rush Duels (we already have support for those). All Rush Duel Fusions might be Level 9, just like how all Maximum Monsters are Level 10.
*It requires specific Fusion Materials, like older Fusions.
*Color scheme is the same as OCG/TCG Fusions, even though the Fusion Spell is different (its artwork is flipped Polymerization, but it can only use materials on the field.)
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Well then. Took SEVENS long enough to bring Fusion Summoning back. Yugo. Fusion. What's the difference. And with Cyborg types are we having mix-and-match types like Dragon Man, Cyber Beast, Winged-Fish, Mutant?

Trainer Yusuf

Today's updates:
We have all the Beetrooper monsters. Turns out they are a Link-based archetype, also featuring our first Lİnk-4 Insect.
We also have rest of the World Premieres. Includes a younger version of Mudragon and a Synchro version of Night's End Sorcerer.
We also have the Legend Bonus cards for the Rush Duel Structure Decks. They are all remakes of classical cards.
We also also have reprints for Lost Sanctuary R.

From two days ago:
Synchro Storm has been delayed further by a week.

Rest of the cards from the 2019 LINK VRAINS Duelist Set are part of the TCG version of Dawn of Majesty, alongside three cards from the 2019 Promotion Pack.
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Looks like my summer vacation is.....over
According to the sixth opening of ARC-V, his name is actually Hugo.
eh, tbh I wouldn't trust the romanizations much, considering they gave us gems like Ute and Joeri as well


Grass type FTW
eh, tbh I wouldn't trust the romanizations much, considering they gave us gems like Ute and Joeri as well
I dont know about Ute, but some names that start with the letter "I" or the letter "Y" for some reason start with the letter "J" in english
for example:in hebrew Jerusalem is spelled "Yerusalem" so that could explain Joeri.