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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Series Discussion Thread

Trainer Yusuf

Day 4 of V-Jump reveals for September, and our first legacy support in Battle of Chaos is Ghostricks:
We got our first Level 4 Ghostrick monster (who is of course a Fairy) and our first Ghostrick Link. Now you can summon Angel of Mischief like a regular Rank 4 Xyz Monster!

There will likely be another legacy archetype later today.
Edit: Nevermind, there isn't any other news today. Just another announcement for the cancellation of the events.

Edit: Day 5 of the reveals feature legacy support for Vampires:
They get both a Rank 8 and a Link-3.

We also have Rush Duel promos for the SEVENS Duel Disk.
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J. D. Guy

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Would have guessed they'd have double-dipped on Battle of Chaos reveals each day, but they didn't. What's more, they only reveal 4 cards Thursday and 3 cards Friday. ;(


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Our next main set for January 15th, 2022 is called Dimension Force. The name is a homage to ZEXAL era set, Generation Force, but this is more than likely our second ARC-V set.
Right. Time for NeoDude to play guess the archetype support and get it right again. Today I declare Odd-Eyes, D/D, or Supreme King.

Also considering that this is obviously a ARC-V pack we can assume that the next pack will be GX centric followed by ZEXAL, 5D's (got my Dawn of Majesty booster box like I said I would), and finally VRAINS. Just like the order of the first half of this series of packs.

J. D. Guy

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Right. Time for NeoDude to play guess the archetype support and get it right again. Today I declare Odd-Eyes, D/D, or Supreme King.

Also considering that this is obviously a ARC-V pack we can assume that the next pack will be GX centric followed by ZEXAL, 5D's (got my Dawn of Majesty booster box like I said I would), and finally VRAINS. Just like the order of the first half of this series of packs.
My guess is on Dimension Force being ARC-V. That said, I've seen a number say it could be GX or even ZEXAL. (Not sure if it's personal want/preference being worded a certain kind of way or some kind of sucky ARC-V hate.)


Also considering that this is obviously a ARC-V pack we can assume that the next pack will be GX centric followed by ZEXAL, 5D's (got my Dawn of Majesty booster box like I said I would), and finally VRAINS. Just like the order of the first half of this series of packs.
Wasn't Blazing Vortex our GX set? It had cards based on Chazz's Armed Dragon archetype after all.

J. D. Guy

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Wasn't Blazing Vortex our GX set? It had cards based on Chazz's Armed Dragon archetype after all.
You're right.

It vacillated between polar ends of the Yugioh series, sans VRAINS. So it started with Classic, the oldest series, then it jumped to the other end of the Yugioh series chronology to ARC-V, the most recent non-VRAINS series. Then it jumped to the second oldest series, GX, followed by ZEXAL, the second most recent (again, non-VRAINS). Then 5D's, then finally VRAINS.

So if they do the same, than ARC-V would be next.

Trainer Yusuf

Day 6 of V-Jump reveals, we have new Nordic support:

Nothing too important, but the new Tuner is a substitute for others.

There is one more monster slot between Nordics and Ghostrick Siren, so we are getting another legacy animé archetype, most likely an ARC-V one.

Previous news:
Remaining Lost Art Promotions of the year have been revealed.
OCG's October 1st, 2021 banlist has been revealed, and True King of All Calamities and Mystic Mine are banned. (Check the list for further stuff.)
First cards of the Rush Duel set, Deck Modification Pack: Chaotic Omega Rising!! has been revealed, but there is no pack art for the November set.

Edit: Day 7, but this is technically not a V-Jump reveal:
OCG side is getting another collectors' item called Ultimate Kaiba Set, which can be pre-ordered from September 21st to October 31st, 2021, and will release sometime in April 2022. It celebrates the 25th aniversary of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

It is a 61 card set, all Ultra Rare, featuring 58 cards Kaiba used that has been released to the OCG, as well as three new cards that weren't released to the OCG from the manga. They are:
*Attack Guidance Armor
*Life Shaver
*Magic Trick Mirror

For us in the TCG side, the set also features a reprint of Grappler, which is not yet released to the TCG.

Edit 2: http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/pvj0g10a
Looks like Reiji is going to be part of the initial ARC-V trio for Duel Links instead of Gongenzaka.

Edit 3:
Pack artwork for Chaotic Omega Rising!! has been revealed, and it features Gakuto and Romin. This is the first time Gakuto was showcased in a main Rush Duel set (Romin was previously in Dynamic Eternal Live!!).
And we have two Legend Cards for Extra Transcendent Pack, Graceful Charity and The Warrior Returning Alive.

Edit 4:
We also have Yuka Goha's ZEXAL parodies for Chaotic Omega Rising!!

Edit 5:
Day 8, we got more Abyss stuff:
We have 5 cards for Icejade, including a Level 10 boss monster, 2 cards for Swordsouls (including a Synchro), 1 card for the Branded.

There are two card slots between Timaeus and Cosmocrix, so we are going to get another archetype for the Abyss lore.

We also have the full list of 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles. Most important thing is, we now have Crossout Designator in the TCG.

Edit 6:
Final cards of Extra Transcend Enhancement Pack are here, and they are Cannon Soldier, Giga-Tech Wolf, and Labyrinth Tank. Regular Cannon Soldier is still banned in the OCG, remember.
Full list of the set can be seen here.

Edit 7:
Today's World Premiere Pack 2021 reveals are the Japanese versions of Beaufort and Breath of Acclamation.
TGS stream will be on September 30th, at 7 pm JST, focusing on the Master Duel game.

Edit 8:
Gongenzaka still doesn't have a blurb in Duel Links, but he has drop rewards. So does Shingo, but his initial drops are focused on Yosenjus with one Abyss Script spell.
We also have the reference artwork for Metallion Asurastar.
Edit 10: https://ygorganization.com/reference-art-metallion-asurastar/ The YGOrganization article about the reference art.

Edit 9:
We also also have the V-Jump promo's initial blurb.

Edit 11:
Next OCG Structures promo has been revealed, and it is the Rank 4 Xyz Monster for Starry Knights.

Edit 12:
Effects of the new cards from the Ultimate Kaiba Set have been revealed. OCG version of Magical Trick Mirror supports Obelisk the Tormentor.

Edit 13:
Full leaked drop lists for Yuya, Yuzu, Gongenzaka and Shingo are here:
*Yuya's drops includes non-Pendulum Magicians.
*Yuzu's drops includes Heralds.
*Gongenzaka's drops includes Ninja and Shien related cards, as well as other Japanese warrior-style cards.
*Shingo's drops also includes Monarch support, but is heavily focused on WIND support for Yosenjus.

Edit 14:
We have reference artwork for Luke's Dragiastar F.
Edit 15: https://ygorganization.com/reference-art-for-superstrike-dragon-dragias-f/ YGOrganization article.

For new merch, there is going to be an online Kaiba Corporation Store.

Edit 16:
Meteonis Drytron won the sleeves poll, with Whirlwind of Gusto coming in second place. Both will have their sleeves released, with Drytron coming first.

Edit 17: https://ygorganization.com/byebarrage/
TCG's October 1st, 2021 banlist is here.

Edit 18: https://ygorganization.com/ohsssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt/
First batch of Yujin's cards have been revealed. It includes a Rush Duel Legend version of Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, and a Rush Duel version of Takriminos.

Also, previous reference artworks:

Edit 19:
Gakuto has a Level 9 Fusion of Yameruler, and it is a new type, called Celestial Warrior. (It is also one of the cover cards for Chaotic Omega Rising!!)

Edit 20:
Romin has a Level 9 Fusion of CAN D, and it is a new type, called Omega Psychic. (It is also the other cover card for Chaotic Omega Rising!!)

Edit 21:
OTS Tournament Pack 17 has been revealed.
Edit 22:
Final World Premiere Pack 2021 reveal is Periallis.

Edit 23:
Menzaburo got his own Fusion support. There isn't anything special, though. (Hunt and Kaizo got their own Fusions in the previous set.)

Edit 24:
ARC-V World Trailer is out, and confirms Gongenzaka and Sawatari as part of the initial four. Yes, unlike previous worlds, there will be four characters, not three.
Reiji is revealed to be October's unlock.

Edit 25:
Remaining World Premiere Pack 2021 cards with their Japanese names are here.
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I'm sorry but I freaking hate visiting YGOrganization these days. They keep posting updates for Rush Duel card sets despite hardly anyone giving a damn about that game since it's exclusive to Asian markets. Like can they please stop and just focus on the regular TCG instead of wasting space on their front page. :mad:

Ok rant aside I'm surprised it took so long for them to print Life Shaver. I know Kaiba used it but it would make more sense being printed in a Yugi collection since he was the one who actually owned the card.

Trainer Yusuf

Today's news:
Final OCG Tournament Pack of 2021 is here. There are a lot of interesting stuff here, so feel free to speculate.

Remaining Rush Duel cards for Yujin are here.

Today's Battle of Chaos reveal feature a DARK Synchro retrain of D.D. Warrior. Translation pending.
Edit: https://ygorganization.com/ddwarriorbutbigger/
The translation.

Other stuff:
Yuzu's Duel Links quotes confirm Sora will be in Duel Links soonish.
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Before Yusuf can do it. I'll post the Master Duel stream right here.

Also did anyone recognise that Yugi vs Kaiba reference in this weeks episode of TheLukema- err I mean Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS? And good god the cringe is over, for now at least.

Trainer Yusuf

Not sure if we are in the V-Jump reveals now, but either, day 1 reveal is Secret Shiny Box:
It is a randomized set that will feature 2 new promo cards for Sky Strikers, Witchcrafters, and Mayakashis each, alongside new merch for each archetype. We don't know if the set itself will solely focus on the three archetypes (most likely not). It is coming on December 25th, 2021.

Edit 1:
Details on Cross Duel. It is a highly restricted form of Tag Duels. All Effect Monsters are Normal Monsters here, with new flavor text.

Previous news:
After its DARK retrain in Phantom Darkness, Nephthys now has a Chaos retrain.
Kachidoki got a new card, as implied in the most recent Tournement Pack.
New DARK Rank 2 Xyz Monster.
We have a DARK Tuner retrain of The Agent Venus.
New Level 7 WIND Synchro.

Master Duel stuff Neo didn't mention:
Game will release sometime in January-March 2022.
Gems from Duel Links will be there, but we don't know their details.
Game will feature single-player storyline mode, based on Duel Terminal and World Legacy lores.
Demos of the storylines.

Rush Duel news:
Next promo is a higher-level retrain of Cyber Falcon. Original one was released in a previous Battle Pack.
Switch game is getting (free?) updates for later sets. No Fusions yet, though.
Battle Pack 3 features bunch of old cards, most importantly Flame Swordsman and its Fusion Materials.

Edit 2:
Day 2 of V-Jump reveals, we finally have our secondary archetype for Battle of Chaos, Dinoruffia:
It is a Dinosaur archetype, focusing on Fusion monsters. They only have Trap cards as back row support, and only have Normal and Counter Traps so far.

Tomorrow should be the remaining Abyss storyline stuff.
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So they just revealed a new archetype called Dinoruffia that are basically men/women in reptile suits and a robotic flying pterodactyl but they're Dinosaur types. Wtf? It's Inzektors all over again.

Trainer Yusuf

Day 3 of the reveals, we have the first batch of cards for Duelists of the Abyss, as well as the pack cover:
First batch of cards feature retrains of Mako's Normal Monsters, and a new retrain of Fortress Whale. This batch also includes a retrain of Fiend Kraken, which is currently unreleased in the TCG.

Cover art features Nasch with what seems to be a retrain of Number C101: Silent Honor DARK.

We will likely get more Battle of Chaos later as the daily Twitter reveal.

Full TCG list of SD: Cyber Strike is also here.

Edit: Day 3 part 2, we have bunch of generic cards:
Nothing major (but good cards nonetheless), but it seems the Level 2 support we expected in Burst of Destiny is here instead.

Edit 2: https://ygorganization.com/thissureisthestartofascifihorrorflickwheretheblackguydiesfirst/
Day 3 part 3, our daily reveal is a new Level 1 Myutant. Turns out they were knock-off Symbiotes.

Edit 3:https://ygorganization.com/baddecksneedlovetoo/
Bunch of Legacy support is here:
*The DARK version of Neiroy is here.
*Another DARK Simogh, this time a Level 4.
*Lady of Lament is now officially an archetype.
*A new Ogdoadic Spell.
*And a new Ursarctic Spell.
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J. D. Guy

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So, I was guessing that they wouldn't do another round of Mako here. Indeed, I was rather positive of it. Turns out, while Barian!Shark/Nash is the cover card, Mako is still one of the 3 Duelists.

And as usual, they revealed 6 of the 7 cards, withholding 1. Looks like the space implies it to be a new Legendary Fisherman.

Anyway, Mako being the second slot means no Rio, sadly. (She could have seriously used those 7 new cards for her character Deck.) This means that Blue Maiden's Marincess should be the most likely candidate for the third theme.

So they just revealed a new archetype called Dinoruffia that are basically men/women in reptile suits and a robotic flying pterodactyl but they're Dinosaur types. Wtf? It's Inzektors all over again.
I... uh... Well, I rather like the aesthetic, myself. :oops:

Trainer Yusuf

There are no reveals for Day 5, but we got the new Stream info:
Stream is for Sunday, October 10th, 8 PM JST (7 AM ET, for US viewers).

This set's guest star is Yoshimasa Hosoya, Reiji Akaba's VA. But like in the previous stream, I should mention he also voiced Grady in 5D's and Quattro in ZEXAL, so instead of new D/D support as YGOrganization expecting, we might end up with another Dark Honest situation.
Edit 3: Rechecked the official press release, they credit him for Reiji. Thanks, Konami.

Stream will be here:

Edit: Other stuff from today:
Amabie-San is getting a rerun for Japan Tournament. (There is no article for this on YGOrganization)
Edit 2: https://ygorganization.com/ocg-yu-gi-oh-japan-championship-2021/ The article is here.
Goods from 3rd United Duel Tournament feature a high rarity Mystical Elf.
Today's generic Spell is New Clear World.
Edit 4:
Day 6, our first reveal is Skilled Chesnut Magician, which supports Kuriboh monsters and Multiply.
Edit 5:
Day 6 part two, we got new Magnet Warrior and A-to-Z support.
Edit 6: https://ygorganization.com/magnetreversethisout/
The translations are here.
Edit 7:
Today's generic Trap supports Monster Reborn. Obviously this is another Marik support.
Edit 8:
Liveposting the stream:
*Floowandereeze Quick-Play Spell is revealed.
*New Level 4 D/D Pendulum and Normal Trap have been revealed. Effects unknown. Also new Rank 10 D/D/D Xyz.
*Dark Contract Field Spell has been revealed. D/D now has 4 cards.
*Normal Trap is part of D/D/D archetype, not Dark Contract.
*New Blue-Eyes support includes a Lord of D. retrain, a Blue-Eyes Fusion Spell, and another Critias Fusion. Correction: It is actually Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon.
*There is also a new Main Deck dragon seemingly based off Neo Kaiser Glider. Correction: It is called Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon.
*There is also a Continuous Spell for Blue-Eyes.
*Amorphages now have a Level 9 Fusion.
*Stream is over.
*Lord of D. retrain is called Lord of D. -Dragon Dictator-, Blue-Eyes fusion is called Ultimate Fusion, and the continuous Spell is named Illusion of Blue-Eyes. Amorphage Fusion is called Guardian Chimera.
***Floowandereeze: https://ygorganization.com/thebeginningofawonderfuladventure/
***D/D: https://ygorganization.com/peopledreamingofritualdddblowntheheckout/
***General stuff:https://ygorganization.com/ocg-yu-gi-oh-ocg-times-october-10-general-information/
***Blue-Eyes: https://ygorganization.com/thereturnofcardsfromtheanimeinmainsetskinda/
***Guardian Chimera: https://ygorganization.com/thoughyoucanmakeitwitheatosgrarlandkayest/
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Wow. They actually made Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon into an actual card. I think this is going to be another booster box purchase for me. Since I also play a Blue-Eyes deck and basically all of the anime archetypes this booster includes.

And since D/D cards are in this booster that probably means Odd-Eyes is main archetype in Dimension Force.

Also I don't know if it's just me but we seem to get new Blue-Eyes cards every couple of years?