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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Series Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Blaze Master X, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Speed duels feel gimmicky. I don't know what's so wrong with just standing on the ground and dueling like normal. Why do we always need motorcycles, flying disc, and such? But as far as the duels themselves go I'm not complaining. The game has slow down so it's easier to follow and for that I'm thankful. Arc-V got ridiculous with it's dueling speed and how to spam ace monsters. I miss the slower paced days of Duel Monsters and GX, duel wise.
  2. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Yea especially since speed duels don't seem much better than normal duels in terms of animation. Even the whole Skill plot device seems kind of iffy to me, much more convenient and gimmicky than Action Cards were in Arc V from my point of view.
  3. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    Gimmicky? Sure, seeing as of the three we've seen, two of them were uniquely tied to who used them (though it was at least noted that Hanoi has probably come up with their own, and as a Pro it is hardly a surprise that Go would as well for entertainment purposes). But more convenient? Than cards lying around the field for the sole purpose of being spammed for a myriad of different things, as opposed to one-off effects we're getting with Skills? Are you sure?
  4. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    When can anyone expect Yusaku to starting to like duelling non-Hanoi duellists? He is duelling Blue Angel after GO Ins-whatever its spelt so maybe he might start cooling off a bit. Anyway the episode was good.
  5. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    after rewatching the 3 first episodes and the 4th, the feeling i got from Vrains so far is confusion. Episode 4 was more clear but the first 3 had a lot of plots and, as far as i could understand, 3 different planes: The real world, the Vrains "lobby" and the Vrains dueling grounds. The last 2 may be the same, just separated by virtual space. But it's weird to jump between planes so fast and that's what confused me. In episode 1 you see people being killed in Vrains, so it' like the knights of hanoi delete the accounts when they kill people. Then in episode 3 SOL, the creator of Vrains apparently, can terminate the accounts of those who break the terms of service. So i guess the threat now is account termination, which is not even a problem to yusaku since he hacks his way in. But that doesn't mean he's just there because. He has established goals that i hope are well developed and i'm sure the sense of peril will come from it.

    Episode 4 "grounds" the series a little more. I really hate go's stupid yellow hair/hat but the rest of his design is cool. He's a great guy that is helping the orphanage he grew in. And his deck reminds me of 6sam, which i like a lot.

    As for the speed duels, i think the monster, backrow and inicial hand size limitation screws the strats a little, making the duels slower. The skills have the potential to be a little OP and i hope they won't be abused. I want to see regular master duels too.

    What i'm most interested in so far is ema and blue angel IRL since she seems to be way different than her avatar, just like yusaku and playmaker.
  6. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I like Go's design if only cuz it's different from the norm of what the main rival duelists usually wear. I like the fact that he brings the orphans presents as well and he reminds me of Crow a bit. I just think his wrestler shtick might get tiring. ^^;
  7. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    While I doubt he'll cool off completely, I'm hoping we'll see him show an interest in seeing this duel through even after the cage gets lifted.

    I'm guessing the overarching plot of him not finding enjoyment in duelling will last a fair bit longer, though. There'd be no point in giving him a trait like that in the first place if it were to get resolved this quickly.
  8. SoulSilverMstr411

    SoulSilverMstr411 Hikikomori

    Wow, this show is getting the clichés out of the way early.

    Protag's fat friend who can't duel for sh!t: Episode 1

    "But you still take the damage!": Episode 2

    Nightmare Fuel (Ignis f@#king eating that guy!): Episode 3

    A monster's ATK rises above 5000 - I guess it's not the milestone it used to be - causing the spectators to sh!t their metaphorical pants: Episode 4

    Subtle hints at the protag' and antag's dark and troubled pasts: Pretty much every episode so far.
  9. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I was mildly impressed when I saw that cuz it's still so early in the series and such a high ATK point value seemed kind of excessive to me, although I guess it was meant to be more of a testament to how strong of a duelist Go is meant to be. ^^
  10. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Episode 6-8

    Episode 6: アイドル! ブルーエンジェル - Aidoru! Burū Enjeru (Idol! Blue Angel)

    Zaizen Aoi works as a Charisma Duelist under the alias Blue Angel in LINK VRAINS. In order to gain recognition from her brother, Zaizen Akira, she publicly challenged Playmaker to a Duel in LINK VRAINS. However, Playmaker did not respond to her challenge. Instead, the one who appeared before her is Specter, who has disguised as her fan!

    Episode 7: ハノイの天使 - Hanoi no Tenshi (The Angel of Hanoi)

    Feeling that the Knights of Hanoi are behind Blue Angel, Yusaku decides to Duel her to find out her real intentions. However, Playmaker is gradually driven into a corner. Blue Angel's strong desire to be recognized by her brother has fueled her Dueling, and she won't hold back...

    Episode 8: 風を操りし者 - Kaze o Ayatsurishi Mono (The One Who Commands the Wind)

    no summary yet

    So Blue Angel's formal debut has her most likely being brainwashed (or should I say, vrainwashed lol) by the bad guys. What a nice debut :rolleyes:

    well........looks like that's yet another cliché out of the way early.

    And oh, no episode on the last week of June.

    EDIT: Episode 5 has aired, and...........


    He Summoned a total of 4 (FOUR) Link monsters in the Duel, 3 of them IN A SINGLE TURN.

    Link Spider, Honeybot, Link Bumper (he got this one via Storm Access), and Decode Talker.

    And it also proved he already has Link monsters before he got Decode Talker (Link Spider and Honeybot), meaning now there is an obvious reason why he has Stack Reviver in his deck.

    Go lost the Duel, of course. And it was because Decode Talker can attack three times thanks to Link Bumper's effect, while Gouki Great Ogre can only protect itself two times in a Speed Duel. As a result, Cyberse Annihilation burned all of Go's remaining LP away.
  11. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    So Aoi's dueling next which is good cuz I like her deck from what I've seen so far. I didn't know that she was related to Akira tho since I didn't keep up with the preliminary VRAINS info much a few months back, but this is interesting to me.
  12. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    I never thought that Yusaku would use EVERY Link Monster from the starter deck. This never happened with Yusei and Yuma, they never used any of the extra deck cards from the first starter decks of their respective eras other than their aces Junk Warrior (from 2008) and Number 39: Utopia (from 2011). Yusaku's deck is quite interesting after this episode for me.
  13. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Into the Vrains episode 5! I actually didn't like this episode as much as episode 4. It wasn't a bad episode though. But the duel was just kinda, eh? The duel was nice but not as interesting as I thought it would be and more along the lines of what I expected and no surprise. Those kids crack me up. They love Playmaker then turn on Go. Then they love Go and turn on Playmaker, it was hilarious. But at least they stayed true to one side by the end of the duel. The ending was sweet. Go's just a big ole softie. But who was he talking too on his duel disk? Does he have a AI thingie as well? And we're already setting up future team to defeat the Hanoi knight guys... possibly anyway.
  14. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Wow I was impressed that Yusaku Link summoned four times in one episode and him winning was a surprise as well cuz I thought he'd lose as a way of making Go seem like a hurdle that he'd need to overcome. I liked how Go's duel disk can talk too.
  15. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    Lol, so Gou lost like a chump, though it was cool how he wasn't too bothered. I hate that announcer dude, though. He makes Nico look good by comparison.
  16. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    I was surprised too. Now this can go both ways: either aoi's gonna become yet another damsel in distress for yusaku to save, being very shy and becoming a plot point for SOL and yusaku joining forces or and more interestingly aoi's gonna be one of the most driven characters, taking initiative in joining yusaku for the fight against hanoi so that her brother will pay attention to her again. She'll be like shark was when they went after rio. I hope we'll finally get a proper female duelist who will keep dueling alongside Go and yusaku.

    As or the episode i thought this was the one when yusaku was gonna summon his dragon but i was wrong. Still, good strats by allowing his LP to go bellow 1000 to activate his skill. Summoning all 4 link monsters was cool and his beatdown until Go was out of tributes was good. I liked that he didn't log out and kept dueling and especially Go's reception by the kids. He reminds me a lot of Gauche/Nistro.
  17. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Worst case scenario they "Crow" Aoi/Blue Angel which would be a crying shame. A girl has never been part of the dueling trinity before so I hope she is the first. I don't even care if she's made to be weaker then Yusaku and Go. Joey was my favorite of the original dueling trinity. Just please don't "Crow" her. It would be great to see her duel alongside Yusaku and Go on equal footing against the bad guys throughout the series.
  18. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    Firewall Dragon seems fated to see its first appearance be against the Knights of Hanoi (maybe even Revolver himself, if Yusaku gets to have some form of duel against him anytime soon), so I wasn't too surprised to not see it yet. All the more so if it really is the Stardust Dragon to Decode Talker's Junk Warrior.

    This episode was pretty much everything I wanted where Yusaku is concerned. I knew the duel wouldn't be inconclusive, but I was really hoping he'd keep the duel going by choice.
  19. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    I can see the parallel. just like yusei, he has his first ace not being a dragon and later on getting it. The difference is the rival this time. I see Go being more of a competent joey than a full out rival. Maybe Aoi will become the shark/kaiba/jack/kaito of the trio, becoming SOL's top soldier and joining yusaku only when necessary, which comes with a 180 turn on her blue angel character. I'm still excited to see ninja girl and if she has the skills that they hint at.
  20. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    I've been assuming that Revolver is the rival, given that he's the head honcho of the group Yusaku is gunning for. If that's he case, a clash between them being what brings out Firewall Dragon would be perfectly in line with the 5Ds parallel.

    I'd love it if I'm wrong and Aoi somehow ends up being the rival, but I'm not holding my breath.

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