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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Blaze Master X, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    While not exactly that, something similar already happened and they made a big deal about it, even giving it a specific name, which escapes me right now.
  2. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    A Link monster whose effect only works in certain zone(s) does not exist yet, but Yusaku, Revolver, and Spectre have perfomed "Link Climbing", spamming Link monsters which are then used as materials to summon a bigger Link monster.

    And both Revolver and Yusaku have performed Extra Link, although Revolver is the one who made the true Extra Link, Yusaku just took advantage of Revolver's Link monsters in both EMZ having a Top arrow (Congrats Revolver, you've just played yourself) to create his own Extra Link.

    Emma actually did a similar misplay before in her Speed Duel against Yusaku - placing her Link, which has a Bottom and Bottom Left arrows, on the Right side EMZ instead of Left side EMZ.

    The Left side EMZ was empty at that time, so she could have chosen the Left one, which would have made both of her Link's arrows usable.

    The unusable Bottom Left arrow ends up being irrelevant to the remainder of the Duel, but making both usable still would have been a better play.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  3. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    Boman's getting screwed big time. He's probably a great duelist on his own but getting a perpetual promise of getting your memories back just to reset them every time the objective is completed is messed up. And this is the guy who made jin's life even worse. A victim attacking a victim, neither responsible for whatever happened to them.

    So the wind ignis is there in the restricted section. I wonder who the human is... Speaking of which, i think Jin's ignis is possibly the light one. Spectre's ignis is probably the earth one (having a tree as the ace monster is a good clue), leaving the water and wind humans left. Maybe blood sheperd is the wind ignis's human since his deck is all about planes.

    And also, good thing we're seeing Go's motivations, he really needs to build his character because the plot moved on past him. Looks like we're getting a look at his past and the cause for his crave for success.
  4. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    Where the heck did those Dinowrestlers come from? Is anyone guessing Go is going to hybrid his Gouki's with this new deck? (I would've use Gore instead but I couldn't resist)
  5. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    I though that still image that shows for a brief second in the opening was someone other than soulburner but i was wrong. We got his motivation and what a tragic one at that. I hope Go's not a one and done for this arc, same as the other 2 hunters, i want at least a duel from them.

    And the plot's moving forward at a speedy pace, playmaker vs blood sheperd is already happening and i though it was still a long way from now. But i guess this could be just that 1st encounter where something unexpected interrupts them.
  6. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    FINALLY SOMETHING FROM THE EXTRA DECK THAT'S NOT A LINK MONSTER!!! Sorry I got a bit excited there, I was getting sick of Link monsters. Its a good thing that Yusaku's deck is becoming more diverse, hopefully he pulls out a Synchro or an Xyz monster in the future. But an evolutionary Link summon is what we really want.

    Anyway the duel was OK until Cyberse Clock Dragon showed up and relieved many people like me that VRAINS is not all Link monsters. Also who likes Blue Angel... err I mean Blue Girl's new look?
  7. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    I must say our main cast from season 1 are really upping their game with new surprises, Yusaku's got himself a Ritual and Fusion Cyberse monster, Gore has decided to ditch Gouki's for Dinowrestler's and now Aoi has her own fusion monster. Soulburner's deck is also getting interesting too with a fusion of his own as well. I'm starting to notice its becoming similar to Yusaku's deck this season, maybe a bit too similar.

    Now its V-Jump time everyone, unless you're watching the world cup

    Soul Fusion cards

    Soulburner's cards: https://ygorganization.com/salamanderssoulmigrationandsolomonthegreatequal/
    C's that no one, unless they like the meta cares about: https://ygorganization.com/riseoftheroach/
    A new Thunder Dragon fusion and a new Galaxy-Eyes Link monster: https://ygorganization.com/thunderandgalaxy/
    Yusaku's cards + Cyberse Clock Dragon is the cover card: https://ygorganization.com/ticktocktothe13thhour/

    Other stuff

    Hidden Summoners cover card: https://ygorganization.com/thepowerofnephthysisinlinksandrituals/
    Structure deck stuff: https://ygorganization.com/defconspool/
    More structure deck stuff: https://ygorganization.com/pleaseusecodetalkersandcybersewerebeggingyou/
  8. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    I don't believe Bohman for one second. We know his memories are being implanted and therefore, he's being fed whatever they want. Who're they? I have no idea but i suspect the higher ups/shadow figures at SOL may be involved. Or maybe it's a rogue and unknown force instead. And his "brother" (if he really is his brother) is on it. What an intriguing duo.

    The duels so far have been great. Everyone upgraded their decks and blue girl's deck was the best one.
  9. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    Bohman being the real Yusaku, I never brought it in the slightest considering he got toyed by whoever the evil dude is. Also with Hanoi now returning I wonder what their role will be. Find out of the identities of the new baddies like what Yusaku and Takeru are doing, and if they do will they fight against or team up with them?
  10. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    Filler episode aside, i never thought an ignis would be responsible for the backdoor on the Vrains and the one behind Bohman. Maybe it's the light ignis, what i think is jin's ignis, trying to become one with his counterpart by stealing his consciousness. I said it before and i'll say it again, poor Jin, he's just trying to recover but he can't catch a break.

    Also, just to remind you, there's still that white haired guy that looked like Jin, who went nuts when he found who playmaker is and we never saw him again.
  11. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    Man this forum has been quiet for a while but yeah next week we've got a flashback back episode. A very interesting one that really needed to be explored.
  12. Nodqfan

    Nodqfan Well-Known Member

    Soulburner got over his trauma way too quickly in my opinion, it should have been a defining character moment for him to overcome the obstacles of his past but nope he was just acting and I was left disappointed. Next week looks promising though and Kusanagi's avatar in Link VRAINS reminds me of Red for some reason.
  13. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    Such a big middle finger moment to the audience too, just when we were expecting character development but nope Takeru dealt with his trauma already. At least it was funny that he trolled Blood Shepard however.
  14. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    Huh, wasn't expecting a two parter flashback. It was cool to see yusaku's old deck and that he already knew his yugioh pretty well, going for the good quick-play spells.
  15. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    So I guess the next episode will explore how Yusaku gets his Cyberse deck. Maybe Takeru can bring up how he got his Salamangreat. Also what's interesting about Yusaku's deck is that the contents are similar to the starter deck from last year. Just like how most Yusaku decks are built from, ditch the generic cards (non-Cyberse related) and add the important cards.
  16. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    I never expected a serious duel puzzle to be in the anime. That was a cool flashback. Next time, queen is back. I love her.
  17. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

  18. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    Talk about plot! Now this is what i was waiting for, for Vrains, for a long time. No Aqua and no humans of her, lightning and windy. One of them is the counterpart of Jin and what i think is most unlikely, i think Aqua is Jin's ignis. There' no other characters of yusaku's age so far that were introduced. But wow, this has become a tense situation all of the sudden. This is becoming very interesting.
  19. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    Varis (the dub's on now so I will refer to Revolver as such from now on) and Yusaku have Synchro's now. The episode title "Tuning Bullets" was a good hint. They are Borreload Savage Dragon for Varis (cover card) and Cyberse Quantum Dragon for Yusaku.

    Effects in the link: https://ygorganization.com/wtfilovesynchronow/
  20. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    Those reveals! And the brutality! I figured Jin was lightning's partner but what's bohman's role in all this? Who's aqua's partner? No wonder Blood shepherdhates AI so much. And he doesn't even know his AI partner was the one responsible. This is turning way more interesting than i thought. And SOL is not even involved yet. Vrains is becoming my favorite yugoh series.

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