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Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D and Yu-Gi-Oh GX Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by darklord18, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    sorry but if I remember correctly this isn't the place for this. I give you a warning. (hope this isn't against the rule.)

    well I might as well answer the topic.

    What would your shippings do for Easter together?

    Blair x Jaden well I don't know maybe Blair trying to cook him food. while Jaden would tag team with Blair to duel Syrus and That dino guy. (I could never spell his name.
  2. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~


    And :(, I was just joking.

    ooh, a topic :p

    What would your shippings do for Easter together?
    Ooh, that's a good one. Jaden would probably throw an Easter tag team tournament that he and Alexis would be tagged up with. xD
  3. aaaaaaa, Yu-Gi-Oh? My new fandom which I can't stop watching? Yay!!
    (I've only just finished Duelest Kingdom, i'm so out-of-the times)

    What Yu-Gi-Oh shippings do you like and why?

    PuzzleShipping (Yuugi x Yami no Yuugi)
    Ahhh! Tadashi got me into this one. It's also my Yu-Gi-Oh OTP.
    Best. Yaoi. Pairing. EVAR. Yami/Hikari love always has me drawn to pairings, and the fact that these two share a body strengthens their relationship even more.
    This is actually the first pairing I read smut about. I couldn't sit through lemons before, but this pairing gives me the strength. <3

    Arrogantshipping (Mai x Seto Kaiba)
    Yes, I think these two would work together. Their attitudes are similar, and Mai seems like the kind of girl that would try to conceal that she's a Kaiba fangirl by trying to make him jealous, perhaps?
    Kaiba is a dark guy, so I think he would try and hide his feelings about her. Maybe she DID sleep with Kaiba to get her Locator Cards. abridged reference

    Revolutionshipping (Anzu x Yami no Yuugi)
    Episode 53, man. Little Ms. Anzu seems to have a thing for Yami. She treated that entire episode as a sort-of date, no? The abridged series helps too.
    Yuugi? I think i'm pregnant. And Yami's the father!

    Buddyshipping (Katsuya x Hiroto)
    Aw, these two are like, the best of friends. I like how they "bond" together, and even though they used to bully Yuugi, they work together nicley as a team.

    Trapshipping (Yami no Bakura x Yami no Yuugi x Ryou x Yuugi)
    This may just be the hottest poly ship ever. Both light and dark sides together make for an amazingly sexy ship. What shall Yami no Bakura and Yami no Yuugi do to their younger counterparts? :O <3333

    Mnemoshipping (Yami no Yuugi x Malik)
    Hawt bishie yaoi ship alert! Both are sort of dark, shady characters, and they seem to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Seems like a good pair to me.

    Grandpa x Black Luster Soldier
    Purely for the lulz.
    Oh Black Luster Soldier, no one must ever know of our forbidden love...

    I also fangirl for Yami 'cause he's so damn sexy. 8D <333333
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2009
  4. Kurloz Makara

    Kurloz Makara Red Death

    YES!!! A place to vent my inner Yugioh! fangirl!

    The pairing that is my ABSOLUTE favorite is Puppyshipping. Katsuya and Kaiba's constant arguing has to be a clue that they have the hots for each other. ^_^
    Whenever I read Puppyshipping fics, I always search for the ones with lemon. I can't stand the lighter stuff. If I read something with them just kissing (no dirty stuff), I get bored.

    My second is Bakura x Ryou. They're just so cute together.

    Third is Hiroto x Otogi. Again, it's a cute pairing.

    I have one Het pairing: Serenity x Kaiba.

    ....What? I have a strange mindset.
  5. Wired

    Wired ... In America!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster
    Mutou Yugi x Mazaki Anzu
    Pharaoh Atem x Mana
    Priest Seto x Kisara
    Priest Mahado x Priest Isis

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX
    Yuki Judai x Tenjoin Asuka
    Yuki Judai x Saotome Rei

    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
    Fudo Yusei x Izayoi Aki
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2009
  6. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Dang, we need some topics, or else this thread won't live long :(

    What episode/s manga chapter/s best represent your favorite pairing/s? Explain why.

    Well, my favorite ever is PuzzleShipping, and lucky for me, there's quite a few episodes that reflect it for me.

    Duelist Kingdom Arc
    Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (part 3 and 4): This is in Duelist Kingdom, where the two of them take turns using the "mind shuffle" to render Pegasus' Eye useless. Yuugi collapses from fatigue, and Yami has a breakdown. Oh, it made me want to cry XD Yami then proceeds to obliterate Pegasus.

    Battle City Arc
    The Mystery Duelist (part 2): Wherein the Puzzle is stolen, and Yuugi duels against a brainwashed Bandit Keith. The building is then set ablaze, and Yuugi refuses to leave without the puzzle. Luckily, he didn't die in the fire XD

    The Past is Present: Favorite episode ever! The Japanese dialogue is cute, but the dub is cuter. Yami... puts his hands on Yuugi's ^^ I DON'T CARE IF YAMI'S A SPIRIT! It was sooooooo cute! <3

    Battle Ship Arc
    The Dark Spirit Revealed (parts 1-2-3): The entire episode is Yami vs. dark Bakura, with their 'hosts' as bait for the Shadow Realm. Yami was so scared to do anything drastic because he didn't want to risk losing Yuugi <333

    Doma Arc
    Legend of the Dragons: The infamous hand-holding incident. They get swept into this room and unlock this dragon warrior... while holding hands, baby!

    Fate of the Pharaoh (parts 2-3): Yami gets caught up in an Orichalcos duel and plays the Seal, despite Yuugi's constant protests. Not exactly his finest hour, but Yuugi was looking out for the pharaoh!

    Trial by Stone: Wherein Yuugi sacrifices himself to the Seal of Orichalcos (since Yami lost the duel). Said pharaoh proceeds to have a breakdown, followed by extreme anguish and a lot of tears. I freaking cried my eyes out ;;

    On the Wrong Track (parts 1-2-3): The gang gets on a train to... somewhere. Yami has an emo moment in the train <3 The train is split, and Yami duels against Weevil. He plays like crap, then Weevil tricks Yami into believing he has access to Yuugi's soul. Yami finds out it's a trick, and proceeds to thrash Weevil. Again, not his finest hour, but damned if it wasn't funny to see Yami suffer the wrath of his loneliness without Yugi <3

    Self Destruction: Yami duels with a manifestation of Yuugi. Oh damn, their dialogue at the beginning was just rich. Non-Yuugi generally screwed around with Yami's head the entire time, then proceeded to vanish. Mean, mean trick on Yami, oh yes.

    Too bad their reuniting wasn't as epic as I wish it had been =\ Probably off-screen smooches, yeah.

    Memory Arc
    The Final Duel (parts 1-2-3-4): Yuugi is chosen to battle with Yami - his final battle before being able to cross over into the spirit world. Yami pulls out all the stops to put Yuugi's abilties to the test. In the end, Yami is defeated, and Yuugi is devastated by the win, because that means that Yami will no longer be with him. Yami cheers him up, and there's a very tearful goodbye as Yami departs forever. But I just know that they'll both cherish their fondest memories of each other <3333

    So yeah, them's my episodes ^^; I wanna hear what everyone else has to say~
  7. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    I finally post. 8D

    What Yu-Gi-Oh shippings do you like and why?

    Yu-Gi-Oh / Duel Monsters

    PuzzleShipping (Yami x Yuugi) - My first BL/Slash/Yaoi love. I just thought one day that they were adorable together and read a couple fics... BAM! Instant realization!

    PuppyShipping (Seto x Jounouchi) - My second BL/Slash/Yaoi love. 8D Bonkotsu, Puppy, Master...gosh I was totally all over fanart and fanfics for this couple.

    WishShipping (Jounouchi x Yuugi) - <3 "I wish for a friend." Jounouchi was the friend that Yuugi wished for. He has saved Yuugi in a lot of situtations and it's so adorable. <3
    DragonShipping (Yami x Jounouchi) - Oh gosh. xD I loved this. I also heard that Yami likes to talk to Jounouchi in the manga.

    I really loved pairing Jounouchi & Yuugi off with people. xD


    AnikiShipping (Judai x Sho) - I always loved the best friends love. From what episodes I've seen, they really look out for each other. :D

    Haou Judai x Judai - ....I have a thing for Yami x Hikari relationships. -shot-

    Judai x Asuka - xD Gosh the Tennis episode for Asuka's hand...was just lol. I guess I like this pairing. :3

    -haven't seen a lot of episodes-


    Yusei x Ruka - 8D Yes I'm a Yusei x Ruka Shipper~ I really love how they interacted from what episodes I've seen. I really loved how the first time we like saw Yusei smile was knowing that Ruka was alright after that duel in the tourney. :3

    Jack x Carly - Aww~ I really like this shipping. It's adorable! I love how they've interacted and how Carly told Jack to go on the right path.

    Yusei x Aki - ...Well after seeing more episodes, I think it's alright ship. I still love Yusei x Ruka more. :3

    -watching more 5Ds later-
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2009
  8. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    rofl no one liked my topic :<

    *drowns her sorrows in picspam*

    Rebecca x Yuugi (of which I do not approve)

    Yami x Téa (of which I really do not approve)

    A page from the manga... Yuugi x Joey (swiped from here)

    I think this is called ThiefShipping

    And of course some PuzzleShipping <333 (Yami's gonna kick someone's butt for looking at Yuugi X3)
  9. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    ilu Tadachi~

    omgomgomg~ The WishShipper inside me is squealing with joy from that manga scan. I wondered if that was true every since I saw an anime screenshot with the subtitle, "I love/like you." Coming from Janime, I'm just overjoyed that it was canon~ <3


  10. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    I've got a few ships I like on Yugioh

    Original Yugioh

    Yami/Little Yugi
    Tristin/Joeys sister {Forgot her name sorry}




  11. deathseer

    deathseer Oh, u mad bro?

    YuseixAki looks really cute.

    It seems Aki needs Yusei to save her from herself. Wherever she is about to fall. He is there to pick her up. It was apparent in their first duel in the Fortune Cup. But later on they just looked like they need each other. When she broke down in the hospital Yusei was there to help.

    Hate pairing my Aki with him but I guess its cool. Yusei wins as main character hands down. Its one of the few if not only Yu-gi-oh Shippings I support
  12. SatoHaruForEver

    SatoHaruForEver New Member

    First, I'll be using Japanese names. Second I don't really like any Duel Monster pairing aside from Yami/Anzu(Tea) and Varon/Mai.

    Spiritshipping (Johan/Jesse and Juudai/Jaden)
    Fianceshipping(Juudai/Jaden and Asuka/Alexis)
    Foolshipping(Manjyoume/Chazz and Asuka/Alexis) Side note: I hate the dub names, so I'll use Jap names. Live with it.
    Proshipping(Ryou and Edo)
    Idolshipping(Fubuki and Ryou)
    Maskshipping(Yusuke and Fubuki)
    Evashipping(Asuka and Rei)
    Kenzan and Rei (Don't remember the shipping name)
    Selfshipping (Haou and Juudai)
    (Dark)Spiritshipping (Haou and Yohan)
    Angelshipping(Manjyoume and Shou)
    Royalshipping(Ryou and Asuka)
    Heroshipping(Juudai and Edo)
    Dreamshipping(Johan and Asuka)
    Kouyou and Juudai (Manga)
    Professor Hibiki and Juudai (Manga)
    David Rabb and Reggie(Manga)
    Rivalshipping(Juudai and Manjyoume)(Manga only)
    Johan and Edo (Forgot shipping name)

    Spoiler included if you only watched the dub. Be prepared.
    Crow and Aki (OTP)
    Kiryuu and Yuusei
    Yuusei and Crow
    Jack and Crow
    Jack and Kiryuu
    Yuusei and Bruno
    Bruno and Sherry (Note: Dub watchers don't know them)
    Yuusei and Bruno
    Bruno and Crow
    Jack and Bruno
    Jack and Mikage (OTP)
    D. Carley and D.Kiryuu
    Yuusei and Sherry (OTP)
    Kiryuu and Aki
    Sherry and Aki
    Divine and Aki (OTP)
    Jack and Andore (Very big character spoiler)
    Andore and Yuusei

    Starshipping (Yuusei and Juudai)
    (Soul) Starshipping (Yuusei and Johan)
    Kaiba and Jack
    Jack and Manjyoume
    Yuusei and Asuka
    Asuka and Aki
    Juudai and Aki
    Yuberu and Aki
    Yuusei and Anzu
    Yuusei and Yami
    Yuugi and Asuka
    Yuugi and Aki
    Bakura and Kiryuu
    Malik and D.Kiryuu
  13. Lawnmowergirl

    Lawnmowergirl Fangirl =/= Weeaboo

    Here's my list:

    -Priest Seto x Kisara (I forgot the shipping name DX)

    All of my ships are ones that, at least to me, seem to make a certain amount of sense (as in, they're not crack pairings or unreasonable weirdness, even if they may not be canon or whatever). Well, except for maybe ShrimpShipping (it's kind of a joke anyway) and TrustShipping (which is my Yu-Gi-Oh! OTP, by the way).

    And I don't ship Ryou with anyone because I want him for myself. XP
    Although I must admit I kind of have a soft spot for AngstShipping.
    Last edited: May 30, 2010
  14. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Sorry guise, but this topic was bumped so therefore it's closed.
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