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Yu gioh fan club

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Peter Harrison

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Welcome! This is a thread for all Yu gioh fans to discuss the Yu Gioh Anime, card games and games and dvds and anything related to the Yu Gioh series.

1. No spamming
2. No bashing other members
3. No plagiarized stuff
4. No inappropriate stuff

Question : What is your favourite part of Yu Gioh?

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Psyched Up
Staff member
Favorite part in what? Anime? Card Game? XD There are so many good ones it's hard to say.

And since the old one is closed after the forum change, then maybe, if the others from the old Yugioh Club are still around, we can go in this one instead :D


Hey i am happy to see a revival of the club! Even if its in a new spot.

Favorite part of Yugioh?
Definitely the memories of going with my dad to buy packs and trading with others in high school. Dueling too and there's the original series and gx that i would watch after school.

I love to build strange decks and keep them within one theme. My favorite archetype is guardians although yes i know they are bad.


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Brings me back good memories of when the first club was a thing :’)

Fav thing about Yugioh? Easily building decks and testing them out at locals
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