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Yu Yu Hakusho Shippings

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by 134, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. 134

    134 Sad and angry.

    G H O S T [FONT=&amp] F I L E S

    Welcome to Ghost Files! Here, we report on matters of love -- files of the heart, if you will. Sort of like a... Spirit World gossip column. This thread is for the discussion of all pairings from within the Yu Yu Hakusho canon, including both manga and anime continuities.

    A few suggestions...

    • [*=1]Keep it civil! Don't say something about someone else's OTP that you wouldn't want said about yours.
      [*=1]Try to limit discussion of crossover pairings. Mentioning that you ship a crossover is fine, but Yu Yu Hakusho should remain the dominant topic of discussion. Otherwise, what's the point of a Yu Yu Hakusho thread?
      [*=1]Be considerate of others when discussing spoilers. Yu Yu Hakusho is a fairly old series. Generally, spoilage shouldn't be an issue, as most people whom discuss it have been long acquainted with it. However, if you know another member is currently watching the series for the first time, consider tagging spoilers. Yu Yu Hakusho is a great anime, and others should have the opportunity to discover it for themselves!

    I'll begin the conversation...

    My Yu Yu Hakusho OTP is Hiei x Kurama. It's my most enduring ship, and I've sailed it for probably close to a decade, now. I also sometimes ship Yoko Kurama x Karasu. I'm not entirely sure how to reconcile these two pairings, as I don't typically polyship; I have multiple theories involving the Youko Kurama/Shuichi Minamoto divide, and whether or not I ship Yoko x Karasulargely depends on which one I'm working with.

    More and more I find myself feeling obligated to ship canon pairings, and I even ship some pairings now that I used to actively oppose. I think it's because I'm so fond of the anime as a whole; over the years the characters became like friends, and I became happy for their happiness, even if it wasn't my own.

    My romantic nOTP is Hiei x Mukuro. I won't elaborate on it much, since I don't want to put down someone else's OTP. I do really like Hiei and Mukuro as a platonic pairing, though; I think together they form the family that neither of them had, growing up.

    My favorite utterly baseless pairing is Genkai x Mukuro. There isn't much reason behind it, other than I think it would be cute, and sad, and funny, and all the things that make a pairing perfect . . .

    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
  2. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Ooh. Never rly thought about any shipping in the show even if I watched this as a kid. But now since ya mention it, i might like Yusuke x Kuwabara. Typical main character x rival xD

    Oh yeah I like Hiei x Kurama aswell since Hiei is all cold and Kurama is like making him open up. Its cute:3
  3. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    HAHA, I remember all those shipping Wars that went down, I didn't get the Yaoi vibe but that's me. Only Yaoi thing I got was the relationship between Yusuke X Kuwabara, they shoved so many hints of that pairing in the show but both had female love intrests so I knew that pairing would never happen.

    I did kind of like Kuwabara X Kurama due, Kurama respected Kuwabara and hung out with him a lot during the Dark Tournament arc and rescue Kuwabara arc, I'm not shallow, I don't ship characters due to them being pretty, I know a lot of fans that don't like Kuwabara's character due to his looks which is a shame.

    But once upon a time I used to ship Yusuke X Botan before I knew which pairing the series heading to.

    As time went on I got used to the idea of Yusuke X Keiko and I was rooting for Kuwabara X Yukina, don't know what became of that pairing but I read the manga ending seemed like it ended on a good note.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
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