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Yu Yu Hakusho


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I really love this anime, one of my favorites. Hiei is my favorite character, but i aslo like Kurama and Genkai alot


Tsun in the streets
I was awesome, I only remember the Sprit Gun though.

Mimori Kiryu

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Ah, YYH. A show that really introduced me to a lot of other anime on at the time. I wasn't ever obsessed with it like my friend and current boyfriend are but it's a great series nonetheless. My favorite character was probably either Kurama or Yusuke, I haven't really watched the series in about a couple of months.

I know when the last DVD came out, my friend made me watch the last episode. I never realized how close anime producers can push a happy ending back. >>;

My roommate has the whole series and some VHS tapes she gave me. I only have one boxset of early on episodes before the first Dark Tournament.


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It was never Togashi's idea to end it so soon. The man happened to be too sick to finish YYH properly so he came up with a way to end the final arc early. Not that manga authors have any control over how long their animes end up being.

Wikipedia lied to me, then.

Any ideas of what he had planned?


I wish Yuyu Hakusho could come back in a blaze of glory. It was so great... ah, but maybe I'm just being nostalgic. I love that show so much but I don't think a sequel would do very well. Nothing could ever compare to the original. Too many priceless moments. XD


Hmmm. Level E, huh? I've only heard good things about that. I may have to look into it.



Anyway yes. I did like their friendly rivalry when the character debuted.

I'm still sad that I never got to see the silly face that Kurama made. It was only implied. XD


What a drama llama.
I'm still sad that I never got to see the silly face that Kurama made. It was only implied. XD

I wanted to see it too! :(

Nah but there's probably a look alike running around. The cast looks wise makes an easy comparison to YYH counter parts though.

Try looking at volume 8 of Hunter x Hunter, chapter 69. There's Hiei, Kurama, and Sailor Moon as action figures xD

Then volume 10, chapter 85. Hiei plusshhiieee


obsession gives you vast knowledge.


I just want the current arc finished because I just know we're getting a badass OVA series once it's done.