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Yugioh: The Best Deck I got.

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by pharaohguy530, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. pharaohguy530

    pharaohguy530 The one and only.

    Title says it all. This is what I have. Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Please rate it too.......There are some illegal cards, like CED: Envoy of the End, and monster reborn, so don't be suprised.
    Format: Super Monsters, Spells, Traps Deck. (If you don't understand, I'll re-edit)
    Deck: Monsters: (Including Ritual, effect and fusion)
    x1 Element Saurus
    x1 Ultimate Insect Lv. 3
    x1 Ultimate Insect Lv. 5
    x1 Kaibaman
    x1 Blue Eyes White Dragon
    x1 Royal Magical Library
    x1 UFOroid
    x1 Guardian Sphinx
    x1 Dark Magician
    x1 Dark Magician Girl
    x1 Gearfried The Iron Knight
    x1 Summoned Skull
    x1 Gamma the Magnet Warrior
    x1 Alpha the Magnet Warrior
    x1 Beta the Magnet Warrior
    x1 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
    x1 Command Knight
    x1 Chaos Emperor Dragon- Envoy of the End (illegal I know)
    x1 Archfiend of Gilfer
    x1 Black Luster Soldier (ritual one)
    x1 Obnoxious Celtic Guard
    x1 Pharaoh's Servant
    x1 Gagagigo
    x1 Pharaonic Protector
    x1 Winged Kuriboh
    x1 Buster Blader
    x1 Archfiend Soldier
    x1 The Fiend Megacyber
    x2 Neo The Magic Swordsman
    x1 Neo Bug
    x1 Takriminos
    x1 The Agent of Wisdom- Mercury
    x1 Freed the Brave Wanderer
    x1 Spirit of the Pharaoh
    x1 Skilled White Magician
    x1 Strike Ninja
    x1 Kuriboh
    x1 Mater Kyonshee
    x1 The Creator Incarnate
    x1 Ancient Gear Beast
    x1 Total Defense Shogun
    x1 Vorse Raider
    x1 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
    x1 UFOroid Fighter (fusion)
    x1 Dark Paladin (fusion)
    x1 Dark Flare Knight (fusion)
    x1 Flame Swordsman (fusion)
    x1 Axe of Despair
    x1 The Second Sarcophagus
    x1 The Third Sarcophagus
    x1 Swords of Concealing Light
    x1 Monster Reborn (illegal)
    x1 Fusion Gate
    x1 Cost Down
    x1 Riryoku
    x1 Offerings to the doomed
    x1 Sword of the Dragon's Soul
    x1 Double Spell
    x1 Black Luster Ritual
    x1 Question
    x1 Sage's Stone
    x1 Nitro Unit
    x1 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
    x1 Nobleman of Crossout
    x1 The Forceful Sentry
    x1 Graceful Dice
    x1 Raigeki (illegal)
    x1 Tribute to the Doomed
    x1 D. D. Designator
    x1 Call of the Haunted
    x1 The First Sarcophagus
    x1 Magic Jammer
    x1 Bottomless Trap Hole
    x1 Des Counterblow
    x1 Spellbinding Circle
    x1 Dust Tornado
    x1 Dark Mirror Force
    x1 Zero Gravity
    x1 Skull Dice
    x1 Spirit Barrier
    x1 Magician's Circle

    Thats my deck. Rate it please!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2006
  2. Raito

    Raito HADOUKEN!

    Read the stickied rules...

    Put your format at the top.
  3. pharaohguy530

    pharaohguy530 The one and only.

    Oops. Sorry. I'll go do that.
  4. Silver Arrow

    Silver Arrow i like bagels :D

    Um, illegal? Like smuggled stuff? I think not! The word is banned! Anyway, most is it is randm. And you have way too many cards.

  5. pharaohguy530

    pharaohguy530 The one and only.

    I know that. And SORRY! I was thinking "illegal" at the time.
  6. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    Please checks the rules of this forum. Thread title lacks Format.
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