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Yugioh Zexal

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by cohenmarioman, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Ravenous14

    Ravenous14 Elite Trainer

    Yugioh cards are purple with a white border on the back in the future

    fantastic! hahaha

    I hope these new Excess summons or whatever change the game on a good scale, like synchros in 5D's

    maybe something the equivelant of DSF greatness lol (doubt it)
  2. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    Nah, that is just how he draws them. The anime from the preview shows otherwise.

  3. TsukiMirage

    TsukiMirage Rikudou Master

    That preview was pretty nice. Don't quite get the eye piece thing though.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  4. Short Wing

    Short Wing Home of the Braviary

    Preview was cool. Zexal - interesting name choice from GX and 5D's.
    Yuma another main character with a name starting with 'Y' and an over the top Hair style.
    I just hope the whole series doesn't take place at a school.
    The description's pretty vague now, but I have hope - when I heard 5D's would have card games on motorcycles I had my doubts but it turned out well.
    Maybe that scouter thing allows him to see Astral, since Yuma's wearing it when they're together in the duel.
  5. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    Oh, he is confirmed to be 13.
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I'm disliking the new protagonist more and more each day haha. There's something about his eyepiece that I really dislike. I also noticed that his necklace has something on it that resembles the Millenium Puzzle. I don't know if that was added to his design on purpose, but it seems sort of unnecessary for him to have all those accessories. I like the upgrade done to the trading cards in the anime from the look of that image we got, but that's about it. I'll probably warm up to this once the anime actually debuts.
  7. weirdamanda

    weirdamanda What a drama llama.

    I'm glad someone else saw that! I looked at it and thought, "Millenium Puzzle reference?"
  8. Short Wing

    Short Wing Home of the Braviary

    I thought that's what it looked like too. Not gonna lie, he is heavily accessorized, but it will be interesting to have a younger protagonist. I wonder if that means he will be weaker than Yugi, Jaden & Yusei initially were at dueling.
  9. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    Heck, the whole first issue was basically like the first issue of Yugioh. Yuma shows some girl his necklace, yugi showed Tea his puzzle.

    Oh, and I am taking a guess that the necklace is some key to the door we saw in the trailer.

    Also, it was mentioned Yuma isn't so strong, but he is determined to win no matter what. So I guess that means he will have trouble getting into the game.
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I'm pretty sure that the new protagonist will be pretty skilled from the start, just like all of the protagonists before him. It would be pretty bad if he went ahead and lost several duels at the start of the anime. I'm wondering how the new guy's age will affect his personality. Anyway, that necklace thing is still giving me Yugi-vibes but I'll ignore it for now. I really like the new protagonist's hair though. It's sort of like a combo of Yusei's hairdo and Yugi's hairdo, so that can only work for the new guy.
  11. Black Moon

    Black Moon Member

    I'm wondering what that eye piece is. Maybe it has something to do with Astral. Maybe it gives him the ability to see the opponents power level. *everyone starts booing* Oh, come on! I can't be the only one who thinks it looks like a scouter!!!

    On another note, I've been looking at some of the characters and there's a girl named Kotori with kinna greenish hair. The only preview image I found was this:


    But why do these characters look so familiar... Huh... Maybe...?:


    -_-" Me thinks Kazuki was watching Bakugan. Especially when he did the outfits.

    On another hand, I think Kazuki's actually helping with the story on this one. In which case, I'll give it a try. Heck I'll give any Yu-Gi-Oh! series a look-see. As long as we don't have another GX repeat.
  12. Short Wing

    Short Wing Home of the Braviary

    Those two girls don't look anything alike to me.
    That's what I thought too. Because in the preview Yuma has it over his eye when Astral is next to him. So he is confirmed to be not that strong, hopefully he struggles to win his duels, but I don't want to see him losing left and right.
  13. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    They don't look anything alike. Also, the Bakugan girl would most likely be against the new Law that passed. Midrift on a young girl? No way. And besides, no one can out crazy Takahashi in designs, those Bakugan characters look rather tame compared to Yuma.

    The scouter device lets you see the solid vision, since the duel disks, or duel gazers or whatever don't seem to use holograms. Perhaps it has to do with a loss of Duel Energy due to realization of the future of 5Ds.

    The Bakugan guys have some affection to midriff, even the main character has one. Yuma does not.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  14. kusari

    kusari Raptastic

    holy crap. that law passed. damn it japan. the one thing you're known best for you just banned.

    the eye-piece does make Yuma look like he could be working with Raditz and Nappa but the solid vision viewing does sound plausible.
  15. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    It is confirmed you know about what I said. The scouter lets them see the holograms. The other part is speculation though, about why.
  16. Black Moon

    Black Moon Member

    Well it may be that I don't really watch Bakugan. I just looked at Yuma's outfit and it reminded me of Dan's. :/ Sorry to cause a stir.

    Also, if the manga scans have furigana, I could probably give translations a shot if anyone can send me the scans. Or a link to the scans for that matter. I took two years of Japanese. It would be my first translation, but I've got to try to give it a shot sometime.

    Okay, actually I think I just found them. I'll work on trying to translate them for you guys and if I get one finished I'll give you guys a link.

    And I read what's been announced about Exceed Summons and it seems ridiculous to me. I mean, it's like Synchro Summon, but the material monsters don't go to the grave. Actually, it's exactly that.

    So, they basically did away with the hologram projection technology on things like the 5D's disks? Amusing, to say the least. I can see how that would lighten the weight of the disk.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2010
  17. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    The preview was kind of boring. Yuma doesn't all that interesting judging from the preview but it's only a preview so whatever. The animation looked like it always has for the series (Not that that is a bad thing) so I won't be annoyed by that.

    Sadly, the preview is slowly killing my chances of dueling in space.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2010
  18. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    Dueling in the Parallel World is becoming more plausible.
  19. kusari

    kusari Raptastic

    so i don't think anyone has said this yet but we have a confirmed Excess Card.

    It is owned by Ryoga and is named "Aero Shark."
  20. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    Ah, I go to Janime, I forgot to mention it.

    Don't know why people are calling it Excess. It is either Exceed or ExceeZ

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