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Yup i'm back you better put a helmet on and RMT!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by zandgaia, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    Well i'm back again in team-making and fighting ^^ well on to the team:
    At a glance:
    ;101; ;344; ;131; ;160; ;429; ;398;


    hasty nature
    (252HP, 6 att, 252 Spe)
    Thunder wave
    My lead and tha fastest taunter in-game, T-wave is for crippeling and also a combination of Taunt + T-wave causes switching which makes me scouting my oppents team AND crippeling even more with t-wave, Thunderbolt is for STAB and also when "luck" gets in and I get taunted i'm not going to explode. Explosion is to end with a big bang or when a threat what is hard to beat. Hasty nature to make sure i have the highest speed. This one is not open for switching!

    Calm nature
    (252 HP, 252 Spdef, 6 Spa)
    Stealth rock
    Rapid spin
    My Special wall + rapid spin + stealth rock support, it's unbelievable that this thing always get's stealth rock up (except against a swift swimmer/choice scarfer and friends. Rapid spin because i want to give more support and the commen things like: stealthrock/spikes/toxic spikes are in UU really common. Which makes Claydol a good spinner with his resistance to ST and immunity to spikes/toxicspikes. Shadowball for annoying rapidspin blockers, Earthpower for STAB. Moveset change can but no pokemon change here plz!

    Water absorb
    Bold nature
    (252 hp, 252 Def, 6 spdef)
    Heal bell
    A strange Psychical wall. Many peeps expect the special wall or special attacker well not this day! Heal bell for tha damn status which is 'round UU really much. Surf for main STAB and t-bolt + icebeam for boltbeam coverage. Not sure about this 1!

    Adamant nature
    (30 HP, 252 att, 228 spe)
    Dragon dance
    Ice punch
    Psychical sweeper, after 1 dance he can rip apart half a team. Waterfall for STAB, Icepunch for those grasses that ruin the fun also for flyers and especially altaria. EQ for a strong move which can hurt steels and friends pretty bad. I'm not sure about this crocodile here changes are welcome!

    Timed nature
    (110 HP, 220 speed, 180 Spa)
    Calm mind
    Usually send in when the oppent doesn't have a counter nor a psuedo hazer anymore, Then this thing uses Sub usually on the switch and the CM away till sub breaks... Usually 1 is already enough for 2 members atleast! Shadowball for STAB and together with HP-fighting a great coverage. May be changed!

    ;398;Staraptor;398;@choice band
    Jolly nature
    (252 att, 252 spe, 6 hp)
    Clean-upper/revenge killer can hurt lots of stuff, is usually my last resort. Bravebird + return for STAB, Closecombat for those darn steels/ice/rock that ruin the fun. U-turn for scouting and hits also psychics and especialy claydol hard!

    Edit: the main threat list:

    Defence threat list:
    Articuno - Easy one with rock down it can be killed easily otherwise: anything except claydol.

    Blastoise - Easy: mismagius + 1 CM, croco with + 1 DD, electrode if still avaible, lapras and staraptor every more.

    Chansey - Again easy one: Staraptor, croco, Electrode if still avaible with taunt+t-wave+explosion.

    Claydol - Claydol shadowballs, croco with icepunch/waterfall, mismagius with 1 CM can kill with shadowball, staraptor U-turn, lapras surf+icebeam, electrode taunt to screw it.

    Clefable - Easy again: Staraptor, mismagius HP fighting, croco.

    Cloyster - Go to lapras while waving a byebye. Staraptor can to, just like electrode.

    Cradily - Croco can if it has no grass attacks, mismagius is possible with a sub(for status) and 1 CM atleast, electrode may screw it with taunt+t-wave. Staraptor is also possible, lapras to....

    Dewgong - It will come and say goodbye in no-time except for claydol then.

    Drapion - Electrode screw if it's more defencely, claydol, lapras is possible, mismagius, croco AND staraptor agian...

    Gastrodon - Sigh....mismagius,croco or staraptor only may be a pain in trickroom otherwise: meh

    Grumpig - Claydol can shadowball, mismagius can to with a CM under ta belt. Croco can kill it, electrode can screw it and staraptor can end it.

    Hypno - See grumpig.

    Kangaskhan - How hard....mismagius, croco, staraptor.

    Lanturn - Electrode can screw it with taunt and can explode in it's face also: croco can do the trick also staraptor

    Lapras - Zzzz, electrode, mismagius, croco, staraptor.

    Mantine - Electrode is ta main option here also croco+staraptor and also lapras is possible.

    Meganium - Electrode=screwed, staraptor=dead.

    Mesprit - Claydol can switch in and shadowball it, electrode can screw again, lapras is a option, mismagius shadowball, croco can do the trick with a DD used, staraptor can kill it to.

    Milotic - Everything except claydol but without electrodes taunt a bit harder.

    Miltank - Bait for the electrode taunt+t-wave. Mismagius can come in, croco can kill it, staraptor can end it.

    Muk - Claydol.....also mismagius and staraptor can to.

    Nidoqueen - Zzzz. everything can kill it!

    Noctowl - Next! Duh the whole team can...except claydol again....

    Politoed - Electrode, lapras can switch in surf attacks, mismagius, staraptor.

    Porygon2 - Electrode may screw it, lapras can heal bell tha status from this space duck, mismagius/croco/staraptor combo.

    Probopass - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, lapras, claydol.

    Quagsire - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo

    Regigigas - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode may explode in his face.

    Regirock - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, lapras, claydol

    Regice - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, lapras, electrode.

    Registeel - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode, claydol.

    Rotom - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can taunt, claydol.

    Shuckle - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can taunt+twave, lapras, claydol.

    Slowbro - Mismagius and electrode otherwise a pain to beat.

    Spiritomb - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can screw it(againagain) lapras is also a option

    Torterra - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo after a RP it's harder to beat, lapras is also possible.

    Umbreon - zzzz: mismagius/croco/staraptor combo

    Uxie - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can taunt+twave and claydol can shadowball but still annoying.

    Walrein- mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode+lapras is possible.

    Weezing - Aye a bit harder to take but: electrode+mismagius+staraptor can beat it.

    Offensive threats:

    Absol - Mmmm with sucker-punch it can be annoying but: electrode can taunt+t-wave and: mismagius/croco/staraptor combo

    Altaria - Zzzz lapras, electrode zzzzz.

    Ambipom - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can t-wave it which can screw it on second turn when it's a lead.

    Arcanine- mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode t-waves, claydol earthpowers, lapras surfs.

    Azumarill - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode t-wave, lapras. only annoying if it's a choiceband+aquajet set but lapras can handle that.

    Blaziken - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode-t-wave, lapras, claydol

    Camperupt - To slow to do something only in trickroom a change to do a bit damage.

    Charizard - to frail to get in if stealth rock is up otherwise: electrode, lapras and the famous: mismagius/croco/staraptor combo

    Crobat - Electrode can taunt+t-wave if lead lapras can get in and staraptor may end it later.

    Entei - See: whole team.

    Espeon - Electrode may t-wave+taunt if it's CM or batonpass set but when choicespecs: staraptor+croco+mismagius.

    Feraligatr - See: mismagius, staraptor, electrode and lapras.

    Floatzel - see above.

    Froslass - EVERYTHING except claydol.

    Gallade - Easy without shadowsneak even easier.

    Glaceon - See: whole team.

    Hariyama - It comes, it looks, it will get called back.

    Hitmonlee - Only choicescarf can be pain but with prediction of a CC: mismagius can get in.

    Hitmonchan - See: everything except lapras.

    Hitmontop - See hitmonchan

    Honckrow - Suckerpunch sucks but easy to take down with everything.

    Houndoom - croco/staraptor combo, electrode, claydol, lapras, mismagius only when it's speced in flamethrower or so.

    Jynx - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode to, claydol can kill it also.

    Kabutops - everything except claydol.

    Leafeon - staraptor, electrode or mismagius, lapras only with luck. just like croco.

    Lickilicky -mismagius/croco/staraptor combo. electrode to.

    Linoone - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, claydol to.

    Luxray - Everything 'cept lapras croco with a bit of luck with 2 DDs.

    Magmortar - Everything. Lapras may have it a bit diffecult.

    Manectric - Staraptor with luck, claydol is the main counter.

    Marowak - Easy. With trickroom: hard.

    Medicham - Staraptor is faster all my sweepers are faster.

    Mismagius - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode, lapras.

    Nidoking - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, lapras, claydol.

    Ninetales - Everything only lapras may have a hard time.

    Omastar - Everything it's to slow.

    Pinsir - Everything 'cept lapras if it's locked in a fighting move or so.

    Poliwrath - Zzzz only a bit of hard behind a Sub.

    Primeape - Choice scarf is hard to beat otherwise pretty frail due to his low defences.

    Raikou - Claydol, staraptor if not behind a sub nor it has a choice scarf, electrode can be a option to the CM set.

    Roserade - Staraptor kills it, lapras can heal the sleep of this thing and can icebeam, croco can kill with a bit of luck. Electrode is a option.

    Sceptile - Mismagius, staraptor, electrode, lapras/croco only with luck.

    Scyther - Staraptor, electrode can status, croco can kill it, lapras can do something to it to.

    Sharpedo - Everything except claydol only aqua jet isn't fun.

    Shaymin - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, lapras can have luck to, electrode.

    Slaking - Prediction of missy with truant + t-wave of electrode, staraptor can kill it to.

    Staraptor - Anything except claydol.

    Swellow - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode, lapras.

    Tauros - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can status.

    Typhlosion - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode can status, claydol + lapras is an option.

    Ursaring - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode to.

    Venusaur - Mismagius, staraptor, lapras, electrode.

    Zangoose - mismagius/croco/staraptor combo, electrode status, claydol resist CC.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2009
  2. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    cmon peeps rate plz :( is my team that bad? It works...
  3. DialgaMan

    DialgaMan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for yelling me out, I was trying to help.
    And I was not asking anything at all.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2009
  4. Addie

    Addie (•✖•)

    Electrode needs Light Screen, to help your set-up sweepers actually set up, as you aren't using Substitute on Gatr. This will also help deal with your massive Raikou and Roserade weakness. You also are completely walled by Registeel. To help fix this, I propose a change. Replace Claydol with Registeel. To handle your Registeel wallishness, I suggest changing Gatr or Lapras to Choice Specs Typhlosion, which can easily handle it and tear down the walls of UU.

    Registeel @ Leftovers
    Ability: Clear Body
    EVs: 252 HP / 54 Atk / 200 SpD
    Nature: Careful (+SpD, -SpA)
    - Stealth Rock
    - Iron Head
    - Earthquake
    - Thunder Wave

    Sets up Stealth Rock like Claydol, but also handles those fast sweepers your team can't really touch with Thunder Wave. Iron Head takes down Shaymin and Mismagius, whilst Earthquake handles Roserade and Raikou. The EVs give a solid Special Defense bias, while also giving you enough Attack to 2HKO Raikou and break Mismagius's Substitutes.
  5. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    Diaglaman: You don't get it There is the HP stat and HIDDEN POWER and don't ask dumb questions

    Addie: I will think of it but the popularity of Raikou and Roserade are going down. I will wait for more rates first, and also: i keep claydol his a rapid spinner number 1

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