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Zak Attack's Trade Shop.

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Zak Attack XIII, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer

    Approved by Shuckle
    ~Zak Attack's Trade Shop!~
    Credit to ~rondeau

    I have a few guidelines to follow when considering a trade with me at this shop.
    #1: All SPPF rules and Trade forum rules apply here.
    #2: NO HACKS. I check EVERY poke i'm traded so I will find out if it's hacked.
    #3: Most all of the pokes here are "CLONES". I don't use Pokecheck to clone so none of the Pokes here have the Premier ribbons.
    #4: Most all of the Flawless pokes here are "RNGed" I don't consider RNGed pokes hacks so I will trade for RNGed pokes.
    #5: I ONLY trade on the 5th Gen games.
    #6: I don't trade .PKM Files, I only trade through the Wi-Fi Club.
    #7: I DON"T trade for any Pokemon that are listed as Public Files on pokecheck.org. However some of the pokes here may be or may one day be listed as public files on pokecheck.org. If you don't want to trade for pokes that may be a pokecheck.org public files you probably should check their site first or don't trade here.​

    Trade Ratio:

    1 for 1! Event for Event, Flawless for Flawless.
    I perfer to trade 1 for 1, meaning I don't trade more then one poke for any other one poke and I don't expect you to trade more then one ether. ​

    * = Shiny.
    ** = Events I obtained myself will have ** at the end of there listings.
    UT = Untrained.
    BT = Barely Trained.
    DW = DreamWorld.
    Flawless = 31/31/31/31/31/31 IV's.
    Near-Flawless = 31/X/31/X/31/31 IV's.
    NFT = Not for trade. These Pokes are only listed so you know not to Offer me the same one.
    EV = Effort Value.
    EV'd = Fully EV Trained.
    IV = Individual Value.
    JPN = Japaneses.
    NN = Nickname.
    RNG = Random Number Generated
    OT: = Original Trainer.
    NoK = Nintendo of Korea​

    [​IMG]Dreamworld Events:[​IMG]
    Click the White pokemon names for there Full stats and abilitys.
    All pokemon listed here have my OT: and are NN'able

    DW Vulpix
    Lv 1 Shiny Female
    Modest 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Heat Wave

    DW Exeggcute
    Lv 1 Shiny Male
    Modest 31/31/31/31/30/30

    Lv 1 Shiny Male
    Modest 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Heat Wave
    looking 4:
    Black & White lists:
    Click White names for link to there Shops.

    Mew_ & -Sarah for making my shops Banners.
    NoToRiousBrawL for Posting 2 great revues in my Shop, I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this pokemon trader!

    Japan The person not the country, for Scamming me and my friends.
    Last edited: May 24, 2012
  2. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer

    Edit for Sig.

    My Time Zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours

    :643:Black FC: 3267 5557 8631 :643:Used for Trading!
    :644:White FC: 4942 4684 3021 :644:
    :518:DreamWorld: ZakAttackXIII :518:
    :025ball:GTU: My Highest Score!:025ball: <-- Click for score.

    Userbars by Mew_ & -Sarah

    Edit for Sig.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2011
  3. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Check my shop for these:
    Jap UT Singing Pikachu (Jolly | OT:いえるかな)
    Jap UT 7-11 Giveaway Pikachu(Docile | OT:セブン)
    Jap UT Wi-Fi Cubchoo (Hasty | OT:ポケスマ)
  4. liam99

    liam99 Active Member

    im interested in 4 pokemon, would you like to visit my shop, perhaps we could do a 4 for 4 trade
  5. leppy420

    leppy420 Breeder/Event Trader

    hey are you still collecting dw females? and do you happen to have anorith slowpoke, poliwag, shellos, wailmer or luvdisc ut and in a dream ball?
  6. aaron11700

    aaron11700 Flawless HUNTERRR

    hey i can offer
    • 2008 TRU Dragonite Lvl50, UT, Mild Nature, Ability Inner Focus, OT:TRU, ID No:11088, Knows-Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Outrage, Dragon Dance.
    • 2008 Nintendo of Korea Darkrai Lvl50, UT, Modest Nature, Ability Bad Dream, OT: 한국닌텐도, ID No:11088, Knows- Roar of time, Special Rend, Nightmare, Hypnosis.

    for your
    Jap UT Pokémon Fan DW Mamoswine
    UT 2011 Worlds Championship Scrafty
    Jap UT Pokémon Black & White Guide DW Mudkip

    because the nintendo of korea Drakai worth 1 for 2 is it ok?
  7. I'd like the DW Gligar, in return I can EV train something or get you pretty much any Egg Move Poke.
  8. TVGuru

    TVGuru The Nightmare Begins

    TRU Arceus for your VGC09 Milotic?
  9. aeroblaster7

    aeroblaster7 New Member

    Dark Pulse Deino and Rock Blast Shellder for:
    UT 2011 Worlds Championship Scrafty(Event Ribbon) (Brave | OT:WORLD11)
    UT Befriend a Pokemon! DW Glaceon (Korean)
  10. Afwan

    Afwan <---Shiny Hunt!

    for fal2010 jap mew and tru arceus or alamos darkrai and michina arceus
  11. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer



    DW female section
    Flawless/Near-Flawless Section

    Bump! XD
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2011
  12. Elecktivire

    Elecktivire 10-5 PO Record

    Hey im offering you movie 11 victini lvl 100 Ev'd trained and shiny combalion lvl 100 Ev'd trained. For you Jap UT Pokémon Popularity Quiz DW Arceus
  13. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer

    I ONLY trade Events for UT Events or Flawless pokes...
    It's listed Under "Fair Trade Rules".
    sorry, Elecktivire....
    Can you offer any UT Events/ Flawless for my Popularity Quiz DW Arceus?
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2011
  14. Elecktivire

    Elecktivire 10-5 PO Record

    This is the event pokes I have
    Celebi Win2011 lvl 100 Ev'd train
    Movie victini 11 lvl 100 evd train
    Raikou gamestop shiny lvl 100 Ev'd train
    Deoxys defense form gamestop lvl 100 evd train

    Any of them interest you?
  15. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer

    Sorry friend, I only need UT Events...
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2011
  16. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    im interested in your UT 2011 Worlds Championship Scrafty

    i have dw togekiss ut
  17. Afwan

    Afwan <---Shiny Hunt!

    i got that korean rayquaza u wanted
    so for it then
  18. 10151993

    10151993 Summer Sun!

    about ninetails i have2 questions
    is it Nnable?(okami refferances for the win)
    and is it abilty drought?
  19. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer


    Shop is now Back Open

    Bump! XD
  20. VoluntaryGopher

    VoluntaryGopher New Member

    I want Ash's scraggy

    I have a UT wishmaker jirachi, adamant nature

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